Headlines are without doubt THE most important part of an article.  A great article will never be read if it has an unappealing headline – it’s that important.

You can SERIOUSLY turn your business round with the use of effective headlines. They can greatly increase readership of your materials, reduce bounce rate, increase clicks on your adverts, and improve social media interactions. Knowing how to write great headlines can make or break an online business.

Here are some ideas to help you create those eyeball catching, attention grabbing headlines…


Point out the benefits

Telling people specifically what they can gain always arouses interest. “How You Can Make $100 A Day Affiliate Marketing”. A lot of people would like to make $100 per day internet marketing, and so will be interested.


People quickly want to know ‘what’s in it for me’. The quicker you relay this, the more likely they will be interested. Don’t beat about the bush and ramble on about other things first, get straight to the point, and simple is usually best. However you should always make sure you deliver on your promises. Otherwise people will quickly click off, increasing your bounce rate, and decreasing your credibility.


Using numbers

Headlines such as “3 Simple But Powerful Weight Loss Tricks” can also engage curiosity. People want to know what specifically these 3 methods are. “5 Common Spices That Boost Your Metabolism” is another example.


How to…

Hows to’s seem very popular on the internet. People want to find out how to do things. They know from the beginning what they are getting – an exact instruction on how to do some specific thing. If they want to know how to do this particular thing, then they are likely to click.


Create doubt

It is human nature to not want to miss out. Studies have shown that people are far more motivated by avoiding loss than they are seeking out gain. So rather than a headline “How To Make More Money With Your Blog”, you could instead put “Are You Losing Money On Your Blog?” or “Common Mistakes Bloggers Make That Leaks Revenue”. A different example would be “Is This Common Food Damaging Your Health?”.



Many people shy away from trying anything new to them. Headlines such as “Simple Money Making Method That Even A Teenager Can Implement” reassures the reader. It is natural to think that an effective money making strategy is difficult- too difficult for me. If you can reassure them that it is within their ability, then they will be more interested in finding out more. It may also motivate them to actually follow the steps, and they will be singing your praises if it works out well for them.


Be controversial

You don’t need to go crazy and outright attack anyone, but challenging accepted “wisdom” can capture peoples’ imagination and interest. Here are a few examples… “5 Reasons Why Most Diets Don’t Work”…”Why Twitter Is A Waste Of Time For Affiliate Marketers”…”Is Google Really As Popular As It Seems?” Seeing headlines like that will definitely get the reader curious as it goes against everything else they have read. However it must be based on fact, not just made up!


How to keep them on your page…

Once you have them reading, you want to keep them there. You can do this be keep arousing their curiosity. Do you know the number one way to get people curious? There is a simple method that anyone with half a brain can use that will draw in readers and massively increase your revenue. This method I have now been using for over 3 years, and I can tell you that it has seriously helped turn all of my online businesses round. At first I was a struggling would be internet marketer…..


There was an example of it right there. You start with a question that you know they will want to see an answer to. You don’t reveal the answer right away. This will help keep them on the page whilst you share some other relevant information with them. They will be waiting for that question to be answered, which you can eventually do in your own time. Just don’t milk it too far!


Final thoughts

The name of the game is ultimately to create curiosity in some way. The buzz word is CURIOSITY. Get people to want to find out more. To get yourself in the habit, simply write the word “Curiosity” and place it near your computer screen. This will act as a reminder for you to keep trying to engage your readers with curiosity. After a while of trying, it will become more automatic in your writing. Just be careful about keeping to the truth and being ethical. You don’t want to compromise your online trust.

Jon Rhodes

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12 Responses to Without Great Headlines You’re Missing Out

  1. Seems like some quality tips! I’ll try to keep these in mind while writing my posts!

  2. I have used the typical how to and top 5 type headlines. I’ll have to try some of the other suggestions, great tips!

  3. Shilpan says:

    Awesome tips, Jon! I love this new look of your site. It’s beautiful. Also, I wrote an article about an emergency fund, which is controversial. I’d love to know your thoughts about my writing style and how I can improve it.

  4. Jon says:

    Awesome tips, I always struggle with headlines but I’m bookmarking this!

  5. Aaron Hung says:

    Very good tips Jon, I have to keep these in mind because that’s one of the things I need to improve.

  6. Naveen says:

    Headlines grab 80% of the people attention and rest will do by quality of writing that provide valuable information’s to readers that they feel worth time spending on the blog. So that they take further actions like reading whole article, commenting sharing, buying etc…

    Attractive title with no meat on the post will not only lead huge bounce rate, but we cannont get any conversions.

    Thanking you.

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