Improve Your LifeIf I told you that it is possible to save money AND improve your standard of living, would you be interested?


It is perfectly possible to decrease your living costs and improve your standard of living all at the same time. It just takes the right mindset. Instead of focussing on what you have lost, simply focus on what you have gained. Here’s an example…


You decide to quit smoking. Obviously you will save money, and quite a bit. I would guess that here in the UK a typical smoker would spend around £200 per month on smoking.

Most people when they quit smoking will negatively focus on just that not smoking. They will focus on what their decision has denied them. They focus on missing out on smoking. This is wrong way to think, and often leads to a person beginning to smoke again. After all, who would want to voluntarily make a decision and stick to it when it takes something away from your life?


Instead you could take charge of your new situation and make sure that your life is better. In the example of quitting smoking you could keep reminding yourself that your health is now improving all the time now that you are a non smoker. Also you could do something better than smoking with that £200 you are now saving. You could go on a really nice meal once a month with half of it, and save the other half for some other treat. Perhaps a weekend away every now and then. Do with it something that you value more than the thing you have given up.

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Other ideas


Another way you could save money and improve your life is by getting into cooking exotic meals. If you have a partner, there is nothing better than cooking a great meal together. You can usually eat for cheaper than ready meals, takeaways, dining out, and usually healthier as well. Also the thrill of learning new skills and recipes is good for the soul.


Going on a diet can also help you save cash. Just by simply cutting back on non essential foods such as chocolates, cakes, alcohol etc. can help save you a fortune. In order to help you improve your life, weigh yourself once a week and watch the weight drop off you. Maybe buy some new smaller clothes with some of the money you save, and look better than ever. You can also of course use some of the cash you save on food for other forms of entertainment that don’t cost you calories.


Make money from hobbies. Find a hobby that pays, or modify an existing hobby to make money. For instance if you like playing with wood then you might want to make bird boxes to sell. If you like writing, then you may wish to write an e book and sell it online. I was once a professional musician and I know that it is a great feeling making money from something you love doing.



Final thoughts


With a practical and positive mindset you can find ways to save money AND improve your life. You don’t need to be a money saving expert. All you need to do is make sure the change has improved your life. Create a benefit and focus on just that. There is nearly always a benefit to every change in situation, and you can also create more by utilising some of the cash you have saved.


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  1. When you look at it, there definitely seems to be some connection to saving money and improving your life. Things that cost money such as smoking, eat out frequently, also take a toll on your health. Additionally, having a plan to save money will also reduce your stress level as living with little money can wear on people.

  2. Eating out can put a stop to any diet plan if you order the wrong things, my wife and I save money by eating at home and focusing on eating the right things & right portions.

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