Jon Rhodes On Video!

Jon Rhodes On Video!

Video reviews are a great way of promoting affiliate products if done right. Typically affiliate marketers stand in front of a camera and say how great a product is. This will work to a degree, but you can do so much better.

How many times do you see a video review and simply dismiss it as you know the reviewer is financially motivated or biased in some way. In short you don’t trust the review or the reviewer. Now think about this for a moment. Why should anyone trust your review, or trust you? If you already have a great online reputation then this will significantly help, however even then you still need to make a god credible video.

There are some great ways that can seriously help build up the credibility of your video reviews. Here they are.



Make a real purchase

Get some screen capture software and show yourself actually buying the product. I assure you it is worth the money, and it can make a HUGE difference to the effect of your video. When people see you have really made a purchase, their ears will prick up and listen to you. They know that at least you are not pretending to have used a product. They have seen for themselves that you have bought it.

Making a real purchase also raises the trust in the product itself. People are still sketchy about buying online. Your viewers will see that you have a made a purchase and everything has gone smoothly. They watch as you receive the product and so they know that it is not a scam. This will help reassure them should they decide to buy.

Another benefit to this is that they have seen the buy process. They now know exactly how to buy the product, but that’s not all. You are no doubt aware of humans herd mentality. Well once they have seen someone else buy a product, they are far more likely to follow and buy themselves.

If it is an expensive product then you might be able to arrange some sort of deal with the affiliate owner. You could for example ask them for some of your cash back when you show them that you have made a professional video reviewing their product. Ask this before purchasing.



Be honest

Don’t make a review with the sole purpose of making as many sales as you can. See the bigger picture. Make an honest review that shows the strengths and weaknesses of a product. You could even list your pros and cons. This seriously helps build trust and can actually increase your sales even when you criticise a product. Also if you are thinking of the long game, honest reviews will help you sell other products that you review.




Don’t be afraid to edit down your footage. People get bored very easily and don’t want to watch you uhhmm and argghh your way through and go off topic. Unashamedly edit it so that it is fast, slick and to the point.

Jenna Marbles is very successful on YouTube, and as great as she is in front of the camera, she employs this tactic to make her videos really slick and fast moving. I’m probably not being totally clear here, but you’ll know what I mean when you see it for yourself. Check out an example of her videos here – What Can Jenna Marbles Teach Us About Affiliate Marketing? Just scroll down the screen a little to find it.




There is no harm in asking the creator of an affiliate programme if they want to do some sort of interview with you. You could meet up, but these days this isn’t necessary. You could hook up on Skype or use some other sort of online method. Even a text interview can have its value. You could for example have a conversation on instant chat and capture that.

The worst that can happen is they ignore your request or say no. However they want you to make money from their affiliate programme, because your success is their success. So you may be surprised and get a big yes! If you have a big blog or website and/or reputation behind you then you are far more likely to get a yes.

These affiliate owners are busy guys, and it can be difficult hooking up with someone online when there are different time zones to consider. A great way round this is to send them a text copy of your questions. They can then just video themselves answering these questions at their leisure, then mail them back to you. You can then edit yourself asking these questions.

(If you are selling any of my hypnotherapy products, such as my general HypnoBusters products or the special Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, or Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy, then I am willing to answer some of your questions on video for you. Just send me an email (JonRhodes at AffiliateHelp.Info) with your questions and I will get them back to you in video format as soon as I can.)



If you are not good in front of a camera

You can still make powerful video reviews if you use your imagination. You can make them text based, or better still you can pay someone to do the review for you. At there are many people that will do a professional sounding voice over for just $5. There are also those that will stand in front of the camera and say your script for the same money.



Final thoughts

The real point is, don’t just stand in front of a camera and lie about how great a product is that you have never actually tried. You are wasting your time and your viewers time. Actually try the product and shows them that you have tried it. Tell them how YOU benefited from it, and what YOU didn’t like about it. Show them any bonuses or other benefits. Give real world examples of the product and how you interacted with it. Did it make life easier for you, if so how? Did it improve your business, or your health, if so how? Put a unique perspective on it from your personal view point, and people will see that it is indeed a genuine review, and who knows they might want to join you in buying it.


Check out my article that shows you how I got over 600,000 views to one of my YouTube videos.



Jon Rhodes

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8 Responses to How To Make A GREAT Video Review To Generate HUGE Affiliate Sales

  1. I haven’t quite mustered up the courage to expand into video media yet. I need to, especially with video guitar lessons being popular (something I could do).

    I definitely agree with you that a person being genuine with the review and recommendation is the primary seller. So if that is not conveyed, I think no sale.

    I will keep this advice in mind once I expand to new media!

  2. Rohit Sharma says:

    Very nice post John :)

    I guess doing video reviews is great fun and it not indicates your passion but also your sincerity (towards the product you have used) and reflects your integrity.

    It is a big job and often jobs get paid…

  3. Andrea Hypno says:

    Very interesting post Jon. I just started thinking about using videos not only for affiliate links but also to promote my own website which being small needs to get the word out.

    I’ll surely take advantage of your offer as soon as I come out with interesting questions to ask you. Also let me add that being not a native English speaker the fact that you’ll send the video already packed in, if the term is correct, is simply great. I might use it on my homepage.

    That’s interesting, isn’t it? :)

    Happy weekend!

  4. Don’t slouch and be confident. Say what you want honestly. That’s when you are going to gain the viewers’ trust. An no expert on this but I’ve watched a lot of videos and some tend to be shy and stutter. Not good video for review at all.

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