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  1. Tyler Herman says:

    I think the most interesting take away from this is that everyone is doing things a little bit differently. No one social media platform is dominating (although Twitter came up most often). Which means nothing is overly effective which may draw Google’s attention.

    I’ve had good luck with paid Stumbles, Pinterest and Twitter mainly but I guess it depends on what you’re doing and your audience.

    • Jon Rhodes says:

      Yes Tyler, ultimately it’s about finding a method that works for YOU. I think that ultimately it’s about making genuine connections, not just sending impersonal mass messages. Gain your friends and fans one by one if you have to. Sharing other people’s content, not just your own, seems to help quite a bit no matter which social network you are on. People do have a natural inclination to reciprocate when you help them.

  2. Andrea Hypno says:

    Very interesting post Jon, as usual when information comes from real experts in the field. I’m not that into social, my fault, but I found a couple of points really interesting.

    As regards my website StumbleUpon comes just after Google Search. It’s speedy traffic but I think it’s useful anyway to rank better on search engines.


    • Jon Rhodes says:

      Hi Andrea. Actually it’s a very good point you raise. Traditionally search engine traffic is seen as better quality than social traffic. SE traffic usually stick around for longer and are more likely to buy products and click on ads and generally engage. Hopefully though, the search engines will see the social attention you are getting and use that as a signal that you have quality content, and this will help you to rank better. Has anyone tested or observed this happening?

  3. Social media says:

    It is good idea to purchase the services of Reddit and Stumbleupon. I know these sites.Generating the higher traffic at your website SEO’s strategy is also becoming popular that is “content writing”.

  4. click here says:

    Can you help me out in how to managing my social medias? i am not getting any kind of responses from my audiences. give me solution for me.

    • Jon Rhodes says:

      I had a look at your Twitter account. You could write more enticing tweets that will get you a lot more clicks. For instance you wrote “More then 40% of visits to a website are coming from mobile devices, is your website mobile compatible?” Instead you should write about the specific benefits. So for example instead you could write “Increase your sales by 40% just by making this one simple change”. Do you see the difference?

      Where you wrote “How often does your blog post get ranked on the first page of Google?”, instead you could write something like “How to drive floods of traffic to your site by ranking on the first page of Google”.

      Also you could do with interacting more with other people, sharing their content and talking to them. Then they are far more likely to share your content and recommend you. I have written an article about being more social on social networks here http://www.affiliatehelp.info/2013/10/01/its-called-social-networking-so-get-social/

  5. spookseo says:

    “Hi Jon!

    I have noticed that some of the SEO here uses Twitter and StumbleUpon and others Pinterest. As for the marketers working in the B2B space, I have also noticed that their social media platforms is Slide Share. I really didn’t know that Slide Share can be a good source of social media traffic.

    • Jon Rhodes says:

      Me neither, that’s the great thing about these group posts. I’m sure I’ve seen someone on Fiverr.com who converts your articles to a Slide Share presentation and submits it for you. That’s pretty good value for $5, and gets your existing content out to new people and places.

  6. Interesting info and, like Tyler mentioned, I think it’s cool that everyone is doing things differently. For me, I get the most traffic from Facebook.

  7. Hi Jon,
    You have collected interesting information here. SEO experts had to make the transition to social platforms. I noticed that Twitter ranked pretty highly here. I think it all comes down to where your “people” are that will engage with you. For me it is Facebook and Google+ I know how important Twitter is and will soon be back on that platform when I hire a VA.

    • Jon Rhodes says:

      Thanks for dropping by Donna. Yep, different types of audiences do go for different social networks. I hear that a lot of teens are going on Twitter for example.

      I think it’s also down to where you spend the most time interacting with your friends/followers. The more you interact, the better response you get – and that pretty much applies to every social network.

  8. Hi Jon,

    Hi Jon,

    Absolutely great post and great idea.

    What I like when you ask the same question to a bunch of different people is that you’re going to get several different answers. This proves to me that it all works, it just depends on how we use those tools, so we get different results from them.

    Thank you for this great source of information by real online pros.

  9. Adrienne says:

    Hey Jon,

    Yeah, everyone seems to have their own way of going about how they approach social media but I love how Twitter came up more then the others. But like I’ve always told my readers, you have to go where your target audience is and it depends on your niche as to which one that might be.

    Thank you for sharing their advice here, great read.


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