Think RichIt is a really important to learn how rich people think. If you don’t think like a wealthy person then there is little chance you will become wealthy yourself. All actions begin with a thought, so your thinking is vital. You must think rich in order to become rich.


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Poor people think that you must be dishonest, ruthless, and selfish in order to be rich. Rich people understand that you must be hard working and focussed.


Poor people believe they don’t have the necessary skills or knowledge to generate great wealth. The rich are confident that they can learn on the way.

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Poor people simply think about the money they will earn right now. Rich people focus on building something that will earn them lots of cash in the future. They are patient and can wait.


Poor people think about how they can earn cash. Rich people think about how they can provide as much value as possible to as many people as possible in order to generate cash.


Poor people think small whereas rich people think BIG.


Poor people think that the rich must be greedy and selfish to want an abundance of wealth. Many rich people want to acquire wealth so that they can help themselves and family and friends. If you needed a major life saving operation, wouldn’t it be good if you had a very wealthy family member?


Poor people play it safe whereas rich people will take risks. They understand that it is impossible to achieve anything without taking risks.


Poor people focus on luck to get rich, for example playing the lottery. Rich people take action.


Poor people put all their focus into saving money and being frugal whereas rich people put most of their focus into generating wealth.


Poor people don’t know what they want from life. Rich people know exactly what they want, and set out to get it.



If you want to learn how to think like a rich person, then take a look at my review of Napoleon Hills Think And Grow Rich. In my opinion it is the greatest book ever written about acquiring wealth, and it was published way back in 1937!



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8 Responses to How Rich People Think Differently From The Poor

  1. I have actually read “Think and Grow Rich”. You are right, hard to believe it was written in the 30’s. It very much holds true today. Bottom line, people should go and make things happen and not wait for things to happen to them. Put in the effort and great things can happen.

    • Jon Rhodes says:

      “Think and Grow Rich” is such an essential read if you want to change your mindset to generate wealth. You’re absolutely right Greg, you must also put some sort of plan into action.

  2. Andrea Hypno says:

    I think rich and poor people see the world somehow differently. Also the main difference, imho, is that rich people know how to make money and see opportunities for it.

    On the matter I always think about Donald Trump, he got broke with tens of millions dollars of debt yet he reagained everything because he knew how to do it.

    But surely also being rich or poor is a state of mind.

    • Jon Rhodes says:

      Hi Andrea. Donald Trump is a great example. When he was tens of millions in debt he was effectively tens of millions worse off than your average begger. All he had was what he had in his brain, his knowledge, drive and experience. He could have given up and got a job at McDonalds but instead he thought of ways to generate wealth. He kept believing and kept thinking like an entrepreneur.

  3. You article provides some interesting points. One that jumped out to me is that rich people think more long term and poor people think short term. This makes sense on a general level, as long term think tends to focus on ways to make your money work for you.

    • Jon Rhodes says:

      Yeh, the richer people tend to be more prepared to wait for money, whereas the poorer want it at soon as possible. For example I have known less business savvy people to inherit a house and sell it quickly at a low price. A more business minded person would rent it out for a while until the market picked up and so they could sell if for more as well as gain rental income for a while. Being patient can give you more in the long term.

  4. Kylie Ofiu says:

    I think there is a huge difference between the way the rich and the poor think. Growing up my parents struggled financially, but Dad had a rich mindset and is well off now, as are all my aunts and uncles. We had books like Think and Grow Rich on our bookshelves and dad always encouraged us from a young age to take care of finances, think big etc.

    I married into a really poor family and my now ex in laws (didn’t divorce over finances) always had a poor mindset, with everything being a struggle, not looking for opportunities to make money or anything, but happy to play the pokies and expected a pay day. The difference between the rich mindset of my family and poor of his was astounding.

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