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Here is our second instalment of our series “SEO’s Secrets To…” Our last one Top SEO’s Secrets To Social Media proved very popular with some great contributions from some of the worlds’ leading SEO experts. This post is no different. It contains some great link building tips that you can out to great use.

Although the emphasis on link building is waning a little at the moment, it is still very important for building traffic. Links will always give you direct traffic, and probably always give some SEO benefits too.

Right here we go then, sit tight and enjoy!



Gregory CiottiGregory Ciotti

Founder/author of Sparring Mind.
Marketing strategy at Help Scout.

In order to generate some quality links for my site Sparring Mind, I knew I was going to have to get creative–the personal growth/psychology space is quite crowded, so it can be hard to stand out. I ended up brainstorming a very original tactic: I teamed up with a popular YouTube Channel, ASAPscience, and we created a video together called the Science of Productivity. I did all of the research for the video and I also created this blog post that elaborated on the information given. Needless to say, the video / post was a smash – nearly 1,000,000 (yes, one million) video views for the video itself, and tons of links back to both my homepage and the individual post. It was the best piece of linkbait I ever created, and it worked so well because people love sharing videos, but have gotten so tired of infographics. I also used Google Alerts to keep track of when people were posting the video, so I could make sure they linked back to me.



Ross HudgensRoss Hudgens – Siege Media

One creative way I’ve gotten a link in the past is by playing up the fact that I’m a marketer. I was contacting someone that gets pitched on their resource guide thousands of times but people like me – so I pivoted on the fact that normal tactics like broken link building were likely being abused, and addressed that in the email. I made fun of myself, actually researched the person, and then, of course, pitched a valuable link – all in all the guy took the bait and I got a nice PA 74 link. Suffice to say I was pretty happy with the effort. Just goes to show that you should not always stick to a “template” strategy – even if it makes sense most of the time.



Andy DrinkwaterAndy Drinkwater – INet SEO

As we know, Wikipedia admins hate self promotion, but can’t deny useful links and information. In this circumstance, my client are in the design market and want links and traffic, so created an infographic for them by using Pik to Chart ( This took about 3 hours to make and then posted this on a static page. Internal links were placed in the page as well.


When this was added to a Wikipedia page, I added some supporting content around it (I use the Hide My Ass service here as my normal IP is blocked on Wiki) and 4 months on, the link is still in place.

Just remember that when adding a link to Wikipedia, don’t just add it and hope it sticks. Take a little time to learn how to cite a resource so it follows their guidelines. With more than 70 different link sources added to Wikipedia over the last 4 months, there have been only 3 links lost.



Peter AttiaPeter Attia

One thing I’ve been having success with lately is based on product reviews. Getting bloggers to review products is nothing new, but I’ve recently been targeting people with a large Youtube presence specifically. I’ve been making sure their audience matches our target demographic. This has gotten us everything from large spikes in visits, continuous conversions from youtube, and of course links.


I’m not sure how successful this would be in most niches, but for Skinny Limits specifically it’s done well. Youtube for our product is overrun by bloggers and youtubers. Since we’re one of the only actual companies on there, we’ve gotten a fair amount of exposure. This has gotten us in good graces with the video bloggers who now prefer to write about our company, which always contains a link.



Jonathan WalkerJonathan Walker

One of the more creative methods of building links that springs to mind was for a client in the printing industry.  While link building was going well in the form of design guest posting and tutorial writing , there was a need to acquire more links from established, trusted domains.

Historically they hadn’t really communicated with local Schools, Colleges & Universities, but after a discussion, they agreed to host an open day of sorts, inviting design students into their studio who had any industry questions, or simply to have their work critiqued.

The result was quality links from local Schools, University & College websites, local & regional news websites and of course the design student’s (some of whom had built up quite reputable domains) blogs.

These links surely had a positive impact on the website’s ranking, as well as building relationships by those who linked to the client.



Ken LyonsKen Lyons – Measured SEM and Cornerstone Content

Promoting other companies, individuals or products with top-list type content is a really effective way of netting quality, editorial links from trusted sites. We publish these content assets pretty regularly across our own lead gen sites, and they can be really productive. Examples include:

  • Doing in-depth reviews of a specific category of products and identifying a handful of those products as the best in class
  • Running a list of the top 20 organizations or facilities or professional associations in a particular niche, and breaking down of what makes each exceptional (definitely include your criteria for why those on the list were selected above others, which helps legitimize the list)
  • Publishing a top websites or blogs in a niche post
  • Compiling a list of the top 25 experts or thought leaders to follow on social media in a niche

And the list goes on for ideas you can run with…

With all these concepts, you want to reach out and let them know they made your list, ask them to share it with their audience and include a hyperlinked badge they can add to their site to show off the honor. Make sure you invest in design (slick banners, badges, logos, etc) since it helps raise the trust and credibility of the content asset, which in turn helps it get traction with a linking audience.


Douglas LimDouglas Lim One of the best ways to get a really high quality backlink, especially now with Google Penguin 2.0, is to contact high quality blogs or websites in your niche and offer to be a guest writer. However, when you’re offering to write a guest post, make sure you don’t offer a generic post and offer something of really high value content.

This serves two purposes – there is a much higher chance your article will be accepted and secondly when it does get published, it will increase your brand awareness because readers will regard you an expert in your field. The other great thing about getting this type of backlink is sometimes the blog will have a full profile area for you where you can fill out information about yourself and links to your social media profiles which further strengthens your brand awareness. If you manage to score a guest writer role on a high quality website you get to piggyback on the website’s popularity and incoming traffic

to not only have a direct backlink to your website but to also get free traffic.

Another great backlink that I recommend is to visit and submit your blog or website to it under your niche or topic. This is a great website that aggregates websites by topic. There is a review process so make sure you have a high value website. But some of the topic pages that link to the different websites have high PR values and they also rank highly in Google for major keywords. So like before, you get to have a link to your website and gain incoming traffic from it.
The main thing with link building is make sure you start building a high quality authority website. This is one of the best ways to get other high quality websites linking to you.



Michael LuxMichael Lux – Student Load Sherpa

As someone who holds himself out as an expert, one of my most successful methods of link building has been to browse forums and discussions to answer people questions. Two sites I frequent are Yahoo Answers and reddit.  Initially I wasn’t pleased with the amount of traffic it generated, but like all good things it took time to grow. Initially you will get traffic from the person asking the question and perhaps a few others who hope to answer, but in time that answer could show up in many searches and bring even more traffic to your site.  Answering questions in this manner also keeps me on top of the latest issues and developments.  Its a great way to interact with the people you want as your audience.


Jon RhodesJon Rhodes – Affiliate Help

And I would just like to give out a big thanks to Chris Dyson for helping publicise this article to his contacts and on his Link Club forum. And this is the final lesson. If you help people and go above and beyond, then sometimes they will link back to you without you even asking. I just have just done this with Chris’ link to the Link Club, so this is a living breathing example of it in play. Humans have a natural balancing mechanism and when someone does a favour, the human instinct is often to return it. So be useful and helpful to others.

Don’t expect anything in return though as a person can detect a sense of entitlement, and there is nothing more off putting than that. There could be benefits way down the line that you may not even ever be aware of, so be happy to help others and if you get something in return in the future, be very grateful.

Great content is sometimes not enough to gain natural links. If you make some really strong friends online, then you will see a massive increase in naturals links and social media shares. This is where favours and goodwill can come into play in the future. This seems to be the way that SEO and internet marketing is heading.


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Jon Rhodes

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8 Responses to Top SEO’s Secrets To Link Building

  1. Andrea Hypno says:

    Many different advices, very interesting. With Google continuously changing the way it works it is hard to know what to do and one thing that works today might be forbidden tomorrow.

    Videos seem to work well as Google pushes YouTube almost always on the first page of search results, self-promotion but they can do it. There are many videos around but I usually prefer infographics as they are short and to the point while many videos go on for a long time and are boring. Also for someone being not a native English speaker as I am they are not always easy to understand.

    Guest posting was a pretty good way to get backlinks but seems to be the next target of Big G.

    Social is a must but there are no guarantees that quality is related to it.

    If I were G. I would go for keywords and content as links can be a measure of great stuff or not.

    Summing up no one Knows what to do to beat competition as unfortunately we have to rely and obey to Google dictates and it seems to just want to decide itaself what is good or not. Luckily there are many good alternatives which one day they might overtake it; but for now we just have to do our best and hope for the rest. :)

    Very good post Jon.

  2. Woow! So amazing tips to all of you. Different tips and strategies that you’ve been shared about link building is very helpful. I’m going to explore and apply those tips you share.

  3. aaron says:

    Natural link building is the only safe way to promote the website . IT is true that it takes long time to get high rank on the search engine through natureal link building but it is the only safe way to to get high rank .
    I would suggest to all to use natural link building method to get high rank .
    Thanks for sharing good information.
    Best reagrds,

  4. J H says:

    Natural link building is what is needed but it’s your definition to what natural link building is. I am interested to see your response Aaron to the question from Jon.

    Some people say directories are spam yet some of the biggest ones drive great traffic. How can that be spam? Also Google has quoted some of them to be high quality.

    • Jon Rhodes says:

      I have mailed Aaron so hopefully we’ll get a response soon. Basically Google want a link to be a vote of quality. If you simply pay (or even if it’s free for that matter) for a link and get guaranteed inclusion into a directory, then Google cannot say that this is an endorsement of quality. However if a directory genuinely is choosy about what sites it will include, then inclusion can be deemed a sign of quality. Matt Cutts recorded a video about this some time ago, which is well worth a look at here In a nutshell he says that links from directories are good, even if paid, if they have a genuine human editorial.

      No one knows exactly what “natural link building” is, but I think a lot of people get this wrong. I personally think that it means that a site is linking to you because it wants to, because it thinks there is something valuable for their readers. So I don’t think there is anything wrong with writing to a website and letting them know about your latest article, and asking for a link. Asking a high quality directory for a link is natural in my eyes. It is natural to want to encourage links to your website. However manipulation is a different thing.

      If you make a great widget that also contains your link, and convince loads of sites to publish it, then I don’t believe this to be natural. All these sites are linking to you not because they like your site, but because they like the widget. This to me is not natural link building. Same with submissions to article directories. Most sites include your article and link because they like your article, not your site. There is also an element of spam to this as the same article could end up on loads of sites.

      There are countless examples I could go through. The best way to think about it is by putting yourself in the position of the search engines. Then ask yourself honestly, does that link in some way mean that your site is being endorsed for its quality or usefulness?

  5. spookseo says:

    Impressive. I was bit amazed on how Andy Drinkwater from INet Seo done their content marketing in Wikipedia without violating their rules and regulations of Wikipedia. Amazing. I think I now have the idea on how to get listed on WikiPedia in a legal way. Thanks for this. Very useful post. Highly recommended. Bookmarked.

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