Jon Rhodes Don't Panic!

Don’t Panic!

Help, all my blog posts have disappeared! Oh no, I log onto my blog to discover that all my posts have gone. Zero blog posts. Don’t despair, all may not be lost. It is possible to recover your deleted blog posts. Here’s how to solve this very scary problem. This actually happened to me recently.


Repair database

After researching online I found out that this problem is very likely to be a database problem. One solution I found was to go into my hosting and find a “repair database” tab to click. This apparently helps a lot of people when they have lost all their blog posts, so if this has happened to you, try this.


Log into your hosting and find something to do with databases. Hopefully after clicking on a database tab or link, you should be able to find a repair button. Click and wait for it to finish.


With any luck this will solve your problem and life continues back to normal. However I wasn’t so lucky when it happened to me, and after the repair my posts were still gone. So my adventure continued…



Ask hosting for help

I use Bluehost for my hosting, and I noticed that they offer 24/7 support, either via text chat or phone. I clicked onto the text chat. I had to wait 2 minutes for live help, which I thought was pretty good. I explained my situation and they said that they would do an “account restore”. Bluehost automatically do regular backups, so they can use these. After about 15 minutes I received an email to say my account restore had been completed.

Great I thought, until I booted up my blog and the posts still weren’t there.

I contacted my hosting again and this time waited 1 minute for live help. He explained that one of my databases had become corrupt and that he would sort it. After about 10 minutes all my posts returned, except my last one which I had very recently posted after the last backup. I wasn’t bothered though. I was just happy that I hadn’t lost the other 100 posts!



Final thoughts

So if you experience all your blog posts disappearing, then it is likely to be a database problem. Try and repair it from your hosting as this apparently works most of the time. If it doesn’t, then contact your hosting and get them to sort it.

Some hosts are better than others for this, and I can only speak from my personal experience. Bluehost were great, which is another reason why I recommend them highly.

Check with your hosting and if they don’t do automatic backups for you, then you may have lost everything unless you have backed up yourself. It’s still always worth an ask though.

It’s a good idea to do backups of your site yourself anyway, even if they do offer this. It won’t do any harm to be double protected.

Have you ever experienced problems with all your blog posts disappearing from your blog? If so then please share with us what happened. If you managed to sort it, please share how you did this in the comments bellow.

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2 Responses to Help! All My Blog Posts Have Disappeared!

  1. Andrea H. says:

    It happened to me too and using Bluehost they solved everything in half an hour all through the chat. Those guys are great and really give an excellent service. In my case it was probably due to a conflict of plugins or with the theme so for now I’ll stick with Twenty Twelve, not the best theme around but at least works without issues.

    I also do backups myself, just in case. :)

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