Without the correct mindset you are simply not capable of writing a massively popular blog post. It just won’t happen – ever.

Yes you need some skill as a writer, but mindset is more important. Without that “spark” in your writing that, your article will be just another page in a library full of books.

Here we look at the mindset required to write an epic blog post that brings you floods of traffic…


You have to WANT it

In order to write a popular blog post that attracts thousands of readers, you have to deep down really want this. You may think you want this, but do you really? Is something holding you back?

Many people harbour a fear of success. They fear how it will change their lives. They fear the criticism that it attracts. Do you secretly fear lots of people reading your content? Do you fear it getting criticised? A surprising amount of people do, which is why I believe they subconsciously hold back and write something that is not capable of attracting a huge audience.

You’ve got to really want it. When you really want it, then you have a chance of it happening.



How to change your mindset

To be a successful blogger you must think like a successful blogger. You must think like a person who has thousands of people reading every blog post. Imagine when you are about to start writing your post that you are writing for thousands of people. Will it be worthy of thousands of people reading it?

It better had be! Instead of just writing an article, take this further. Imagine writing a speech that you are going to say in front of thousands of people. Write your article with this in mind, and it can only help. Take your time and don’t stop writing, improving and re drafting until you would be happy saying this to a conference of 10,000 people. This will help ensure that your article is worthy of being read by thousands of people.

Read your article out loud, imagining reading it in front of thousands of people. Any bits that you don’t feel confident reading out – change. As well as improving the content of your writing, this should also help it flow a lot more. This is important for keeping people reading your article to the end.



Subject matter

You must write about something that people actually want to read about. Don’t shy away writing another article about why guest blogging is good publicity. That’s not going to grab peoples’ attention.

If you’re not sure, do a bit of research in forums in your niche and find out what common questions/problems keep cropping up that people struggle to find answers for. Once you have identified a topic, you should make it your mission to write the best piece on the internet. Do a Google search and take a look at your competition. You need to write something that is better than what you find. Hopefully then your article becomes THE authority on the subject.

If there is some “conventional wisdom” that you disagree with, then great. Write an article about why you think this way. You will likely attract both praise and criticism. This is great as it will cause a stir as people debate about what you’re saying. This can attract a lot of attention to your article.



Take your time

EinsteinHave the attitude of quality over quantity. It’s better if you spend 5 times longer writing a great post, than quickly produce an average or even good one. There is a lot of average and good content on the internet – many life times worth of reading. If you want to stand out then you have to take the time to write something great. Get out the mindset of getting it done quickly. You need to take your time and write something brilliant.

If necessary spend weeks crafting the best post you can. It will be worth it. Do loads of valuable research, make sure your writing flows and explains everything clearly. Go that extra mile to make it great and worthy of being read by thousands of people.



Believe you’re a successful blogger

Make yourself believe that you are already a successful blogger. If necessary imagine you are your favourite blogger. Imagine their mindset when writing a blog post. Imagine the processes they go through to ensure they write great content. Imagine that your blog gets thousands of visitors per day and write something worthy of that audience.




Now that you have written a great post, you should be confident of spreading the word. Don’t just go on Facebook and Twitter and anonymously post one link – that won’t get you anywhere.

Because your post is so great, tell people this. Shout it from the roof tops. Tell people why this post will help them. Start discussions about the post as this will attract you far more attention. Google Plus communities are great for this.

(Check out my post about how to get far more traffic from any social network)

You can’t be shy. You have to really want people to read, compliment, discuss and criticise your writing. It has to be out there and exposed. Accept this and then you can act in a way that helps grab peoples’ attention. If you’re shy about people reading your content then this is likely to effect how you promote it.



Final thoughts

The most important thing is to aim to write something for thousands of people, and have faith in yourself to achieve this. Make your post worthy of gaining thousands of readers attention, then go all out to make it happen. Don’t publish until you are truly proud of what you’ve created. To avoid getting excited, never publish straight after a draft. You can get caught up with the excitement of wanting to publish it to see if people like it. Leave it a couple of hours and read it again when you’ve calmed down. Are you sure this is a great post that deserves to be read by thousands?

Once you are sure you have a great post, then you can have the confidence to really shout about it from the roof tops, safe in the knowledge that you have a great blog post to share.
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Jon Rhodes

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12 Responses to Write a massively popular blog post by changing your mindset

  1. Renaud Gagne says:

    Hey fellow friend from BizSugar! :) Great article by the way. I personally started with quantity over quality. One good thing that came out of this is that I got into the “habit” of blogging. I also focussed on speed (max 45min per blogpost). Then spending more time in learning how to promote my blog effectively. Later on, I transitionned into creating more and more quality content.

    I totally agree with speaking your article outloud. It work great!

    Much Success


    • Jon Rhodes says:

      Hey Renaud, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment – really appreciate that. I think a lot of people do start out thinking they have to churn out ordinary content to please the search engines. After a while you realise that it’s people you are supposed to be pleasing! The problem with having loads of ordinary content is that people have to wade through it to find your good stuff. Many don’t have the patience, and so will never see it.

      It’s amazing, even after several redrafts, if you read an article out loud your find many changes you can make.

  2. Reginald says:

    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for sharing. For me, I think it is important to have a nice mindset. You got to start believing in yourself first before you can achieve something.

    Great write and going to share this for ya.

    • Jon Rhodes says:

      Thanks Reginald. Mindset is so important when doing anything. It can easily trump talent and intelligence. Thanks so much for helping share this post – really appreciated. Jon

  3. Kingsley says:

    Another very good piece from you, Jon. You are very right about the need for a mindset change.

    It’s really true that the right mindset change can lead to really big changes in anyone’s life; so much so that even whole books have been written on this very subject.

    Regarding the fear that some people have of success, I have never really got that. How and why should people fear the very success that they know will make their lives better?

    I know that happens but I would think they are rather afraid of what they need to do, to achieve the success, and that may be what is holding them back. In this case, they don’t write, not because they are afraid it will change their lives for the better, but they are afraid of being criticized.

    Thankfully you have provided really awesome tips on how to change even that “fear of success” mindset.

    Once again, very good piece, Jon. Thanks for sharing this on Kingged.com. I read it and “kingged” it, as usual, :)

    • Jon Rhodes says:

      Thanks for your comments Kingsley. I think the biggy is a fear of being criticised, but also many people are afraid of success. Success immediately changes your life. It may make friends and family jealous and resentful for example. Successful people have to get used to being modest and not appearing like they are showing off, which can put a lot of social pressure on them. Also there comes a big responsibility with influence and money. With thousands of readers hanging on to your every word, you have to be careful what you say. Also money can have its burdens. What do you do if a family member cannot afford to repair their car for example? Do you help them out and risk being seen as patronising, or do you do nothing and risk being called careless? These are things that most of us are not used to experiencing, and cause some anxiety whilst adjusting to this kind of life.

  4. It’s a great post Jon,
    Well, writing a popular post on internet is quite difficult in these days, because of competition, for me writing killing article is quite difficult. I am new to this blogging world.

    • Jon Rhodes says:

      Thanks Raees. It can take a while to get a feel of what people want to read. Keep blogging and keep learning. It’s a good idea to regularly visit popular blogs in your niche as see what they write about and their approach. You should never copy of course, but you can use them for inspiration.

  5. I think that positive attitude is the way to deal with life.
    A correct mindset can change the way you do things. Same principle applied to writing.
    I think that also reading a lot really helps writing better content.

    Thanks for sharing, Jon.
    Really interesting!

    • Jon Rhodes says:

      Thanks for your comment Erik. It’s funny you talk about positive attitude as I’ve just been looking up quotes about that. There really isn’t much point not trying to be positive. If you expect bad things to happen then you are unlikely to take any risk to get anything good.

      Yes good point about reading. If you read lots of popular content then that is bound to have a positive effect on your writing.

  6. Joey Gedgaud says:

    Spending time helped me out, I suggest leaving it alone for a while and come back to it as well. People sometimes to foggy about their own writing. Coming back with fresh eyes has pointed out huge problems and helped me make better posts. Thanks for the great ideas.

    • Jon Rhodes says:

      Yes I do this Joey. It’s amazing how you can see things so differently when you leave an article for a few hours and come back to it later. I think part of this is because your mind is no longer tired, and also your ego is reduced. It’s been a while since you’ve written it and so you’re less precious towards it.

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