Jazz up your articlesYou’ve written a blog post and are about to hit the “publish” button. You secretly fantasise that it will become the next viral sensation. WAIT! Before you publish… think. Can you jazz it up and give it a better chance of getting HUGE viewing figures?

Of course you can!

I have a list to go through before you publish a blog post. This will help change your article into the most captivating content possible. These small changes can make a MASSIVE difference to its popularity.

Here we go, 9 top tips to jazz up your blog post…


Create a captivating headline

Without doubt your headline is the most important part of your article. It’s what grabs attention. Without a great headline, no one will read your article, no matter how good it is. A headline can start your article with a “bang” or a “whimper”.

There are two main ways of writing a captivating headline…

Explain the gain

Tell your reader what they will gain. People are naturally self serving and want to know “What’s in it for me”. Tell them what they can gain by reading your article.

The headline “Double your website traffic with these top tips” is better than “Do you get enough website traffic?” Don’t hint at what they can gain – tell them straight!



Another way of writing a captivating headline is to create intrigue. You must find a way to make people curious to find out more. “How I doubled my website traffic with this unusual tactic” is one example.

It’s worth spending your time crafting a great headline – even if it takes you an hour. This can make or break your post, so get your thinking cap on. Think honestly about what would draw you in. Write 5-10 different headlines, then the pick the best one.




An attention grabbing picture can help jazz up your article and make it more pleasing to the eye. Find something that illustrates what you’re writing about AND captures the imagination. If you can take your own pictures then great – this is extra unique content which may help you in the search engines. Stock.xchng and Pixabay are two places you can find free royalty free pictures.
When your article gets shared in places like Facebook and Google+, your picture is also displayed. Research shows that eye grabbing pictures significantly raise your click through rate. And if you’re target audience is male, then yes a pretty lady does help.



First few sentences

Your first few sentences are crucial. If people aren’t immediately hooked, they will quickly leave.

Blogging isn’t like writing a book that someone has paid for. On the internet people have millions of places they could be – so you’ve got to grab em quick.

Be bold and exciting from the beginning. Make your readers want to read the rest. Tell them what they will gain by reading your article.

A good tactic that often works is deleting your first sentence. This helps create a bigger impact from the start. Take a look and see if the beginning of your article is punchier without the first sentence.



Put your best stuff at the beginning

If you are writing a “10 top tips” type of post, put your best and most creative points at the beginning. If your readers see old rehashed tips at the beginning, they won’t stick around to see your good stuff. If they learn something new and exciting at the beginning, they’re sure to read the rest to see if there are any more nuggets.

This works with other types of posts too. Put your good stuff at the beginning and grab their interest. If you save your best till last, they might never get there to see it.



Paint a picture

Use language to add colour to your article.

Instead of writing “I decided to buy the book straight away.” You could write “Quick as a flash I leapt into my car and zoomed to the shop and grabbed the book.”

This helps paint a picture in the mind of your reader. It makes your post more interesting and more memorable.

Use words that stimulate the imagination. Look out for words such as “went” and “got”. Swap them with more descriptive words such as “zoomed” and grabbed”.



Add emotion

A few emotive words can help draw in a reader. The previous example could read “Trembling with excitement I leapt into my car and zoomed to the book shop and grabbed the book.”

Another tactic is to relay an emotional experience your readers have had before. An example could be “You know that feeling when excitement builds up inside and you’re fit to burst? The thought’s gnawing away inside your head? I couldn’t wait to buy that book!”

If you can, it’s very good to actually feel the emotion yourself when you are writing. You will naturally express this emotion through your choice of words, your rhythm, and your sentence structure. This is writing with passion, and people can tell.



Ask questions

Asking questions helps your reader feel more involved. It makes them feel like you’re talking directly to them. Don’t YOU like it when you’re asked questions?

Most people do because it makes them read more actively. It makes the words bounce off the page. This stops your reader’s nodding off, and gets them actively involved.

So make sure you have a question or two somewhere in your article.



Make your article flow

Articles should have a natural flow. This makes is easier to read, and keeps people reading. The best way to do this is to read it out loud. Any bits that are uncomfortable to read out loud are lacking in flow. Change them until it reads smoothly.

Imagine that you’re reading to a packed audience. Would you be happy to read it to so many people? If not then something is wrong – change it.



Get rid of unnecessary words

If a word doesn’t need to be there then get rid of it. Unnecessary words make your readers do unnecessary work. People naturally don’t want to do any more work than they have to.

Compare these 2 sentences…
“I simply had to buy that book. I knew that a book like this one would make such a big difference to my life”.
“I had to buy that book. I knew that a book like this would make a big difference.”
The first sentence has 24 words, whereas the second has 18. That’s 6 words saved that your reader doesn’t have to plough through. This might not sound much, but if you do this all the way through, it can make a big difference. This would turn an 800 word article into 600 words.



Final thoughts

When you finish writing, spend time going through this check list and make the necessary changes. Small changes can make a massive difference to your post, especially the headline.

These changes help your article get read – all the way through, and strike a chord with your reader. It’s worth spending the time to give your article the edge over the rest. It’s often the little things that count.


For more writing tips, check out my post Write A Massively Popular Blog Post By Changing Your Mindset


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24 Responses to 9 Ways To Jazz Up Your Finished Blog Post

  1. Thomas Dean says:

    Jon I will implement the advice you give in my blog posts. I went back and reviewed past postings to see if there were unnecessary words. I found a truck load! That is just one of the things I have started to implement. Thanks for the advice.

    • Jon Rhodes says:

      Nice one Thomas. This will make your articles FAR easier to read – which means they are far more likely to be read to the end. It’s surprising how many unnecessary words we can use. I usually have to go through my articles several times to get rid of fluff.

  2. Sunday says:

    A powerful post I must remark. Its readily important ensuring that the right things are done before hitting the publish button.

    A blog post that would make a difference should address the needs of the reader right from the onset.

    These have been achieved by the 9 ideas to ‘jazz up’ a finished blog post as related in this article! Thanks Ron for your powerful post!


    • Jon Rhodes says:

      Thanks Sunday. We have to make our posts as good as we can if we want to be competitive as bloggers. Great information is usually not enough these days. It also has to read well and make people feel inspired to act.

  3. SK Saini says:

    Hi Jon,

    Very informative post. Your advises about writing killer post title are really awesome. No doubt, putting down precise information with best contents surely grab attention of every visitor. Thanks for these useful guidelines.

  4. Steve West says:

    Great article Jon, very useful tips!

    Yes I agree that the headline is probably the most important part of the post. I got some headline tips from Jon Morrow and once I started applying them it made a big difference!

    • Jon Rhodes says:

      Thanks Steve. Yes Jon Morrow is fantastic and I’ve recently been reading some of his stuff too. He’s made me realise that proving useful info is not enough. It must also be really well written so that it holds your readers attention.

      • Steve West says:

        Definitely agree Jon, there’s much more to blogging than just providing good content. I don’t consider myself particularly good at it yet but I am getting there. Learning from people like yourself and John Morrow and applying the knowledge is so important if you want to make an impact with your blog! Thanks for the post :)

        • Jon Rhodes says:

          Glad you like it Steve! You can learn something new every day with blogging, which is what makes it so fascinating. Keep growing, learning and improving and you’ll get to where you want to be.

  5. Amit Kumar says:

    Hiii Jon,
    it’s really a great and informative post. many bloggers doesn’t care all these points, but we must care about all these things. thanks you so much this awesome share.

    • Steve West says:

      Hi Amit,

      Yes this is a brilliant post! I think your right that a lot of bloggers don’t pay much attention to these points but that’s probably a big part of why they are not successful as bloggers. It does take extra work but it is what makes awesome blogs stand out I think.

      Jon obviously knows what he’s doing when it comes to blogging so this is a great site to become a frequent visitor of.

      Have a great day Amit!

  6. I agree that the headline is the most important piece of the puzzle as it must be catchy enough to attract readers but then ensuring that the content behind the title is great enough to keep the reader captivated and even come back again is the only way to ensure a steady flow of visitors to your site to read your content, if you disappoint them with the quality of your content be sure they will mark your site not to return again. You have indeed shared some awesome point in this article, its quite resourceful.

  7. Naveen says:


    These are valuable points to drive hundreds of thousands of eyeballs in to our blog, we should use attractive title to impress them to jump in to our blog post and not only title help us, if there is no value in contents with such title, we loss readers trust and it leads to high bounce rate.

    I always edit the posts before go to publish it and once I paste my article on new posts tab, I preview it and correct the typo and grammatical error, once everything is done, I hit the publish button.

    This not only helps me to error free (less error) writings, but I learn how to write better for my targeted audience.

    Thanking you for your wonderful post.

    • Jon Rhodes says:

      You’re welcome Naveen. Yes headlines are the most important part of your article. They are read way more than the article itself, in places such as social media and on your blog itself. Making these enticing can make or break your blog.

  8. Ashley says:

    Hey Jon
    Some great tips here. It is so easy to lose readers in this world of millions of new blogs a year.
    I try to pay attention to most of these tips, but of course I think with some posts I forget in the rush to publish and perhaps suffer as a result.
    Simple language is a great tip that i think many forget. People are on our blogs not to read a book!

    And the images!huge fan of visuals, and it helps for pinterest too

    • Jon Rhodes says:

      Thanks for dropping by Ashley. Yep the competition is starting to get fierce, and will only get fiercer. You have to make your writing really compelling. For many bloggers I would say that they should spend twice as long on each post, but write half as many. This takes the same time, but will give you a higher standard of work. Half as many, but higher quality articles will stand you in better stead for the future of your blog.

  9. Hi Jon,
    You’ve got some great tips here. Thanks for the information about pixabay and reminding me about stock.XCHNG. I haven’t really wanted to cough up the money for the photos, so I rarely add them I will definitely be checking out these two sites!

  10. Adrienne says:

    Hey Jon,

    I’ve been working a lot these past few months on creating better headlines. A few have slipped through that of course aren’t intriguing I agree but for the most part I’ve been doing so much better with those then ever before.

    Now I’m not one that really cares if my posts go viral so I don’t really write with that in mind. I just write a certain way and it obviously seems to work for me but I do my best to break up my paragraphs to make them easier to read and add images although they could be a lot more eye popping. I definitely have room for improvement but thanks for these tips.


    • Jon Rhodes says:

      Thanks for your comment Adrienne. I sometimes change a headline weeks, even months after I have written an article. If you’re not happy with a headline, you could change it whenever you want. Then resubmit it to social networks and see if it does any better.

  11. amwarner1982 says:

    Hi Jon,

    Really great points here. The part I struggle the most with is finding quality pictures that convey the message of the post. I’ll probably choose 3 or 4 pictures that I could possibly use before I actually decide on the one that actually ends up getting used. But it’s still a struggle for me,

    Also with the headlines, I take a few tips that I learned from seasoned copywriters and come up with at least 10 – 20 headlines before I start writing. And even though I knew that from before, I certainly didn’t implement it. But it’s something that I just recently started doing again.

    You’re 100% correct, a captivating headline is truly important.

    Great tips.

    • Jon Rhodes says:

      I think picking the right picture is a struggle for many bloggers. Many don’t have the budget to pay too much for quality pics, and so rely on free pictures. It can take a lot of thought to choose the right one. However an eye grabbing picture can help an article pick up more social views and shares. I suppose it’s like any other skill, the more you do it, the better your selections will be.

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