Sorry, we are no longer accepting guest posts!

(I’m highlighting that I require an 800 word minimum, as people seem to miss this!)

(Also we only want articles that link to YOUR website or blog, not to a place you get paid to write for. 1 link in the bio please, which should link to a site that is in some way relevant to affiliate marketers.)

(Please also include a head shot that we can publish with your article.)

We want unique articles that will never be published anywhere else. Quality is the order of the day. Articles must be of a high quality and must be useful to our visitors. We want the articles to have something a little unique about them, either in style or in content, preferably both. There is no point adding an article to the internet that has essentially been added a thousand times before. The article must provide some useful information to our visitors, and teach them something they probably didn’t know before.


Ethical topics please!

This blog has a general theme of “Ethical Affiliate Marketing“. So I won’t accept any articles about black hat or grey hat techniques. I think the honest approach is the best way to build a solid long term successful business online.


What topics?

I’m interested in ANYTHING that can help an affiliate marketer. Look at our categories on the home page. We do publish quite a wide variety of posts.

If you’ve read a book that would be useful to our readers (and you are not affiliated with it) then I would welcome a book review.


Please go beyond the basics

I would like the article to be a little beyond the basics, such as explaining what affiliate marketing is, as I have probably already covered most of these sorts of topics. We also receive many submissions like “8 Ways To Get Links To Your Blog”. This could be good, but many simply list basic techniques such as forum posting, article directories etc. What we want is some neat tricks and tips that can help enhance this. It is not enough just to say “submit to an article directory” We all know that and if I published them I would publish the same article every day! Also the standard of English must be good. If I am reading it and doubting that the writer speaks English as a first language, then that means it probably doesn’t read so well. I have nothing against people from different cultures and backgrounds submitting, in fact I welcome it. However I know that it is very difficult to write a convincing piece in English if you are not totally immersed in the language. But hey, maybe you do have the talent! I don’t mind making the odd edit for you, but there is only so far I can go.


Remember it’s a permanent reflection on you!

The thing is that it is in your best interests to produce as good a quality article as you can. Your article will be a permanent reflection of you and your business. You don’t want to write something that you regret you put your name to later down the line. Also the better the article, the more likely I am to promote it harder, and link to it from other pages of this blog, and from some of my other websites too. Also I have many readers who also own blogs. They are also more likely to link to and recommend higher quality articles. I know this from trial and error over the years – you get better value out of writing one high quality article than you do 3 or 4 mediocre ones.


I like the articles to be between 800 and 2000 words. This helps ensure they have sufficient depth to be of use to our readers.


What you get

In return you get one link back to your site or blog in a short bio at the end of your post, with the anchor text of your choice. The site must be related, or of interest to affiliate marketers. This will remain for the lifetime of this blog, which I intend it to be for a very long time. This will help you gain traffic directly through the link, and will also help you in the search engines for many years to come. This link should point to a resource that is in some way related to affiliate marketing, seo, blogging, business etc.


What we expect

We would also appreciate you sticking around for a day or two when your post has been published, and responding to any comments that have been made.

Also we would like you to help publicise your guest post on social network sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Stumbleupon – and any others you are active on. This will help drive more visitors to your article, helping you gain more direct traffic. It also increases the chances of people linking direcly to your article, further increase your SEO benefits.


Don’t be offended!

Please don’t be offended if your article is not accepted. I am committed to making every post on this blog count, and provide value to my visitors. If I don’t accept your article, then you are still more than welcome to submit another one in the future.

Have a look around the blog first and see what sort of articles we have here. Check out our guest post section to see what articles have been accepted so far. In particular I would welcome quality articles on topics such as PPC, email marketing, list building, and advertising. However any other topic will also be considered as long as it is useful to affiliate marketers.

If you are not sure whether your idea is appropriate for this blog, then by all means shoot me a mail at the address bellow. Also use this same address if you want to send me the article. Please use the words “Guest post” in your emails’ subject description, then there’s no danger I will dismiss it as spam.

Looking forward to reading your contributions! (If you want a little more insight into my accepting guest blog posts, please check out my blog post about guest blogging on Affiliate Help.