– Enter Asda Colleagues Walmart One Login

Entering Walmart One as an Asda Colleague

  • A User ID and password are needed to login
  • Online account recovery help is available
  • New users can register for an account

When attempting to gain access to important career-related information, one would expect to encounter an easy-to-follow and stream-lined process.  It’s safe to say these expectations are met (and then some) for Asda colleagues who require access to the Walmart One portal.  The process of logging into an account can be initiated by going to and clicking the Login link located at the top right hand corner of the page.  After clicking the link a login screen will be displayed where a User ID and account password can be entered to gain access to the account (does it get any easier than that??)

Cool Features Offered at Asda Walmart One

  • Asda Stars – Make a colleague’s day (or week!) by recognizing a job well done
  • Everyone Benefits – Take advantage of a collection of great money-saving offers
  • Holiday Self Service – Because everyone needs a day off every once in a while
  • Asda Social GroupConnect with other Asda colleagues (a great team builder)
  • Our Plan – Learn more about how Asda plans to take care of its customers

Colleagues who are having trouble getting into a Asda Walmart One account due to a lost password or User ID can begin the recovery process by clicking the links found beneath the login fields.  Those who have yet to sign up can click the Register link to get started the process of creating a new account (stop waiting it’s time to take action!).

Questions about the ASDA Walmart One portal can be address by clicking the Walmart One Support link to review a brief list of FAQs (loads of helpful information).  Those who don’t find what they were looking for in the FAQs may want to try reaching out to the HR Shared Services (good for questions about booking holidays) or the Asda ISD Service Desk (technical issues with logging in).

Support Phone Numbers

  • HR Shared Services – 0113 291 9000
  • ISD Service Desk – 0113 8261262