www.pandaguestexperience.com – Panda Express Survey


Ready for a special offer?

We thought so.  But first, you’ll need to give Panda Express a few minutes of your time!

You can launch the survey by entering the 22 digit code from your purchase receipt.

Once you’ve entered the code click the Start button to begin answering questions.

Nervous about what you’re getting yourself into?  you can read all terms and privacy policy by clicking the links at the bottom of www.pandaguestexperience.com.

After you’ve graced Panda Express with your valuable insight, you’ll receive a validation code that’s redeemable for whatever offer is shown on your receipt.  Please note this is NOT the 22 digit code from your purchase receipt.  Rather, this is the code you need to save so you can get your offer (kinda the whole point of taking the survey, right??).

More on the consumer survey at www.pandaguestexperience.com

  • You can load the accessibility friendly version by clicking the link at the top of the survey start page
  • Switch back and forth from the English and Spanish versions of the survey by clicking the link above the 22 digit code entry field
  • Don’t have a 22 digit code?  Click the appropriate link and enter the required information from your receipt
  • The survey should only taker a few minutes of your time (not a bad exchange for that sweet special offer!)

By the way, you can refer to the samp,e image of the Panda Express receipts posted at the side of the survey.  The images show where the 22 digit code is located on the receipt along with the store number, date of order, time of order, and order number.  All of the information is highlighted in red and/or numbered (don’t worry you can’t miss it!).

Need to reach out to Panda Express?

Write to the company’s guest care PO Box!

P.O. Box 1159 Rosemead, CA 91770




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www.winatripwithlife.com – Life Legoland Resort Sweepstakes


Who wants to win a trip with Life?  Legoland is calling!

  • You’re gonna need the code from the Life box to enter
  • The sweepstakes consists of 5 different entry periods
  • You can receive a code without making a purchase
  • Sweepstakes sponsors address is available
  • Enter your date of birth at www.winatripwithlife.com to begin

The Lego toy has experienced quite the renaissance over the last decade or so.  Which means, it should come as no surprise to see folks coming out in droves for a chance to win a trip to Legoland through Life cereal’s new sweepstakes.

How to sign up at www.winatripwithlife.com

First, go to the grocery store (or wherever Life is sold) and grab a participating box of Life.

Next, visit the registration page and follow the instructions to enter the once from your cereal box and sign up.

Don’t want to go out and buy a box of Life?  Don’t sweat it!  You can get a code for FREE.  Simply call 800-272-1573.

Please note you can only enter once per day and will need a new code each time you enter.

Additionally, you can only enter a total of 25 times throughout the sweepstakes (regardless of whether you get the code for free or from a  Life box).

Once you’ve registered, your entry will go into a drawing for a chance to win one of 5 trips to Legoland (one trip is given away for each monthly entry period).  Speaking of the prizes, let’s take a closer look at what you’ll win if you’re lucky enough to be selected in the drawing.

Prizes Available in the Win a Trip with Life Sweepstakes

  • You can choose to visit the Legoland resort in either Flordia, New York, or California
  • The trip to Legoland comes with lodging and transportation
  • In addition to lodging and transportation, winners will also get a $200 gift card to spend at the resort
  • The total value of the trip could be worth up to $3,580.00

So what are you waiting for?  Don’t you want to go to Legoland??  Grab that code and sign up before it’s too late!

One last thing, here’s the sponsor’s name and address:

Win a Trip with Life Sweepstakes Sponsor

  • The Quaker Oats Company
  • 555 West Monroe Street, Chicago, Illinois 60661


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www.mail-remove.com/hv – HomeVestors Mail Removal Form


How to Remove Yourself from the HomeVestors Consumer Mailing List at www.mail-remove.com/hv

  • Visit the online request form and have the following information ready:
  • Street number (or PO Box), city, state, and zip code
  • Once you’ve entered all of the information click the Submit button to send your request
  • Please note you’ll need to provide the address where you received the unwanted mail (should be fairly obvious but may be worth pointing out)
  • Helpful TIP:  Do a quick double-take to make sure you entered the address correctly (unless you want more unwanted mail showing up !)


Now that you’ve become an informed consumer on this topic, let’s increase your consumer knowledge by looking at some HomeVestors of America, Inc. reviews from the BBB.


HomeVestors Reviews from Consumers Posting at the BBB 

Mendi S. had this to say:  I would recommend this company to anyone who is interested in selling their home.

Kurt O. also made a gushing review of HomeVestors:  I was very pleased with the professional and timely manner in which this transaction was processed.

Meanwhile, John R. was less enthused:  I was not pleased with my interaction with Homevestors of Charlotte.

It looks like Sherry N. was also less than satisfied:  I want to warn everyone to stay away from this company, especially the elderly.

Take the Fight Even Further with this Stop Junk Mail App!

Paper Karma allows consumers to opt-out from thousands of verified mailers.  Here’s some basic information from Google Play:

  • There’s currently over 5,000 reviews of the app
  • The overall rating comes to about 3.6 out of 5 stars
  • Receives an app rating of E for everyone
  • Please note that this app offers in-app purchases

Finally, if you need to reach HomeVestors, try calling or writing to the below contact information:

6500 Greenville Avenue #400
Dallas, TX 75206


ATTN Chicken Consumers:  Let Zaxby’s know how it went by taking the Zaxby’s Listens Survey!


www.tirerack.com/ctna – Continental Employee Discount


Tire Rack CTNA Employee Discounts

  • This is a Tire Rack consumer discount for Continental employees
  • You’re gonna need your employee number and referral number
  • Tire Rack customer support is available
  • Live chat assistance is also supported at www.tirerack.com/ctna

Hey, employees are consumers too.  That said, let’s see how we can put those employee discounts to good use!  Here’s a helpful little guide on how you can take advantage of your Continental Tire employment status at Tire Rack.

How to Access Your Employee Discounts at www.tirerack.com/ctna

Okay, so in order to access the employee pricing you’re gonna have to log into Tire Rack.

To do so, enter your name, referral number, and employee number (only a last name is necessary).

Don’t have your employee number or referral number?  Better get on the horn with your HR department!

Once you’re logged in, the pricing will magically change to show that sweet employee discount on Continental tires!

Please note that you’ll be able to shop for other brands but there will be NO DISCOUNT (regular Tire Rack prices will be shown).

Looking for some discounts on Bridgestone Tires?  If so, the Bridgestone Rewards program might be just what you need!

By the way, as a Contiemntial employee, you’ll be able to take advantage of this Tire Rack consumer discount up to a total of 12 times per year (that’ll take care of a lot of cars!).

Need help with a Tire Rack order?  Call 888-981-3953 to speak with customer service.  They’re available between 8 AM and 8 PM ET Monday through Friday and from 9 AM and 4 PM ET on Saturdays.

While on the topic of tires, have you completed your online tire registration form yet?  If not, you may wanna do so ASAP.  If there happens to be a recall on your tires, registration is KEY.

www.tireregistration.com – Register Tires for Recall Database

Tire Registration is a big deal.  Here’s what you need to do, ASAP!


Start by entering your country (a drop-down list appears when you click the arrow).

Once you confirm your country, move onto the next drop-down list (off to the right-hand side).

Next, select the brand of tires you own (Michelin, BF Goodrich, Uniroyal, Medalist, Fisk, Riken are available to choose from).

After you entered both the country (United States, Mexico, or Canada) and tire brand, tap the Go button to proceed with the easy online registration process.

You can also read about how your information is protected at www.tireregistration.com.


Continental Tire Registration

  • You’ll need to fill out the online Continental Tire Registration form
  • Here’s the address to the form:  register.cimstireregistration.com
  • Be sure to fill all required information and click the Submit button
  • The dealer should have provided you with the DOT tire identification number
  • Other stuff you’ll need to provide:  Custome information, tire information, and dealer information

In addition to Continental, there are several other major tire brands that are not available to register at www.tireregistration.com.  Here’s a list!


Major Brands That CANNOT be Registered at www.tireregistration.com

Cooper Tire Registration – If you bought a set of these, go to the brand’s main webpage to register.

Bridgestone Tire Registration – Just like Cooper, Bridgestone gives you everything you need to register your tires at their main site.

Hankook Tire Registration – Be sure to have plenty of details ready when registering Hankook tires (DOT, pattern, quantity, and tire size are ALL needed).

Pirelli tire Registration – Simply fill out a 3-page online form and VIOLA!  You have yourself some newly registered tires.


Questions about Michelin Tires?  Contact the Michelin Man! Here’s his contact info (it’s actually just the address and phone number for Michelin customer service).


Michelin Customer Service Contact Information

  • PO Box 19001
  • Greenville, S.C. 29602-9001
  • 866-866-6605



More consumer registration information!

Buy a Rigid power tool product?  Complete the Rigid registration form.






www.zaxbyslistens.com – Zaxbys Guest Survey Special Offer


Zaxby’s Listens!  Provide Feedback & Redeem Your Offer

  • Answer a few questions about your experience to receive the offer
  • You’re gonna need the survey code located on your purchase receipt
  • You can take the survey in either English or Spanish
  • Accessibility friendly version is also located at www.zaxbyslistens.com

Chicken lovers everywhere know the name ZAXBY’S.  A place doesn’t become this iconic without listening to the folks who chow down on that famous golden fried goodness.  For example, Zaxby’s is now giving customers a chance to cash in on a special offer through the Zaxby’s Listens survey.  Let’s find out more!

Steps for Taking the survey at www.zaxbyslistens.com

First, find a live internet connection and grab your purchase receipt.

Once you’ve arrived at the survey, enter the survey code shown on the receipt.

After you’ve entered the code click the Start button to begin answering the questions.

Need to change the language?  Click the link at the bottom of the survey to switch from English to Spanish and vice versa.

Once you’ve wrapped up the survey you’ll get a “validation code” that you can use to redeem the offer shown on your receipt (if there’s an easier way to get a special offer we’d love to hear about it!).

By the way, you can also read through the terms and privacy policy by clicking the links located at the bottom of www.zaxbyslistens.com.

Questions for Zaxby’s?  Call 866-892-9297 (866-8-ZAXBYS).

Do you know who else likes to listen??  Shrimp Basket!

Just like Zaxby’s, Shrimp Basket offers its Shrimp Basket Listens Survey.

Zaxby’s Menu Items (Classic Cravings)

  • Nibblerz – They may be small but they certainly aren’t short on flavor!  What’s with the “z” at the end??
  • Wings – You haven’t had a chicken wing until you’ve had one from a TRUE icon (just make sure you get enough to share!)
  • Chicken Fingerz – Crisp and savory strips of chicken seasoned to perfection.  There’s that “z” again.  So strange.
  • Zax Sauce – This tangy, creamy sauce will have you coming back for more.  TIP:  try dipping the fried pickles in it (you won’t be disappointed).

Love Zaxby’s so much you want to take the relationship to the next level?  Consider a career at Zaxby’s!

Zaxby’s Careers (Guide & Review)

  • Counter & Kitchen Staff – Be on the front line of where all the action is.  Entry-level work where you can get your “foot in the door”.
  • Store Management – Calling all leaders.  You may need some management experience.
  • Corporate – A job in the Zaxby’s corporate offices sure would be nice.  Suited for those who have Quick Service Restaurant experience.

Speaking of Zaxby’s corporate offices.  Here’s the contacting information for headquarters.

Zaxby’s Headquarters Contact Information

  • 1040 Founders Blvd.
  • Athens, GA 30606
  • 706-353-8107

We’re not done yet!  Don’t forget about this other feedback opportunity!

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www.myheritagedna.com/setup – Begin Activation MyHeritage Kit


My Heritage DNA Set Up Overview

  • Account registration is required to begin
  • Existing users can sign in to start the process
  • MyHeritage contact information is available
  • FAQS are also available at www.myheritagedna.com/setup

Asking someone the common question of where they’re from can generate some very interesting answers.   Of course, we probably owe this to all the new DNA services flooding the market these days.  An example of one such service is MyHeritage DNA.

Steps for Activating Your Kit at www.myheritagedna.com/setup

Once you receive your kit you can begin the MyHeritage DNA set up a process by filling out a short online registration form with an email address, birth year, name (last and first), password, and gender.

Before you hit the Go button, you’ll need to check a box to confirm you accept the associated Service Terms and Privacy Policy (there’s no excuse for not knowing what has been agreed to as a link is provided for both!).

Meanwhile, if you’ve already signed up for an account, you can skip registration and login to begin the MyHeritage DNA set up process.  Once the kit has been successfully activated you’ll be well on their way to being able to provide a much more interesting answer to the question of “where are you from?”.

Plans from MyHeritage DNA

  • Premium Family – Provides users with access to 2 paid collections in the super search
  • Premium Plus Family  – Users receive access to all 4 of the collections that are offered
  • Data Subscription – Access to BILLIONS of records (hard to get more comprehensive!)
  • Complete Plan – The best available plan offers access to nearly 7 billion historical records

By the way, if you’re at a standstill with the MyHeritage DNA set up process due to a lost or forgotten password you can begin the account recovery process.  In order to do so, simply enter the email address used at registration (directions on how to create a new password will be sent via email).

MyHeritage DNA Results Login

  • Just like when activating your kit, you’ll need to enter an email address and password
  • Likewise, you’ll also have access to online account recovery if you’re having problems getting in to see your results
  • You can also decide to get premium service or order DNA kits directly from the results login screen
  • Other cool features available include a family tree option along with historical records

Additionally, if you want to change the language used to complete the kit activation process, click the link posted at the top right-hand side of the page (over 40 languages are available so chances are at least one will do the trick!).

My Heritage DNA Reviews

Who would have thought finding out who I really am would have been so easy? – Jan F.

Finally, some clarity on lineage.  This settles plenty of family arguments! – John G.

Got this as a gift and didn’t get around to checking it out for quite some time.  I’m sure glad I finally decided to take the plunge.  Very cool. –  Leon B.

From start to finish the whole process was way more simple than I thought.  I only wish I would have done it sooner! – Carol D.

Need technical support?  Try calling between the hours of 11 PM and 3 PM MST Sunday through Thursday!  Here’s the number!

MyHeritage Technical Support Number for United States & Canada

  • 800-MYHERITAGE (800-987-9000)



Here’s another DNA Kit Activation Guide:

Ancestry DNA Activate Your Kit

www.acceptancenow.com – No Credit Needed Shopping Review


Acceptance Now No Credit Shopping

  • Grab yourself some of the hottest furniture and electronics
  • Are you a retailer?  Learn about Acceptance Now retailer partnerships
  • Questions?  Customer service is available to help
  • Frequently Asked Questions are also available at www.acceptancenow.com

Have you had your eye on a shiny new piece of furniture?  What about some cutting-edge electronics to impress your visitors?  If your answer is an emphatic YES but you have something called a pesky little credit score that’s holding you back, it may be wise to consider Acceptance Now.  Let’s see what they have to offer!

Shopping at www.acceptancenow.com

If you’re shopping for furniture, start by clicking what room you need the item for.

Next, select the retail partner you wish to shop at and START BROWSING!

Meanwhile, an electronics shopper can click the See More button to bring up a shorter list of retailer partners (much shorter than the furniture partner list).

Once the list appears click which retailer you want to shop to bring up a new page.

NOTE:  You can also enter your zip code to find a location near you.

Once you find an item you desire, go ahead, and set up the delivery.  After that, Acceptance Now purchases the item for you and you pay them back.

Want to take your relationship with the item to the next level?  Breath easy knowing you can buy the item from Acceptance Now at any time (and say goodbye to those monthly installments!).

However, if you’d rather now own the item after leasing it, it’s up to you!  No long term commitments are required.

Acceptance Now Payment Terms

  • The cost of your item often determines how long your payment term is (the agent will go over your options)
  • Your lease renews as you make your payments
  • If you no longer want to make payments you can buy pout the agreement
  • Only a low monthly payment is required on the item you select

While many aspects of Acceptance Now have been covered in this guide, there’s sure to be some unanswered questions.  Good news! You can reach Acceptance Now customer service at 770-574-4224 between the hours of 8 AM and 7 PM CST Monday through Friday.


Send them a letter!

Here’s the mailing address.

Acceptance Now Mailing Address

  • 5501 Headquarters Dr.
  • Plano, TX 75024


Speaking of buying stuff.  Have you made a delivery purchase from Tractor Supply lately?  If so, try taking the Tractor Supply Delivery Feedback Survey!






www.myworkday.com/basspro – Employee Login Bass Pro Workday


A Quick Guide to the My Work Day Bass Pro Portal

  • Employees can login with a username and password
  • The portal provides password recovery assistance
  • Users with questions can call the Help Desk
  • Check for status updates at www.myworkday.com/basspro

Employees who require access to the My Work Day Bass Pro portal can begin by entering a username and account password.  Once both pieces of login information have been entered, click the Sign In button to proceed into the portal.

However, for some the login process may not come this simple.  For instance, if you’ve forgotten an account password you’ll need to restore it before gaining access to the portal.  So let’s find out how to get it done the EASY WAY!

Resetting a My Workday Bass Pro home password at www.myworkday.com/basspro

In order to begin the reset process, click the Forgot password? link

Next go ahead and punch in your username  (hopefully you can at least remember this little tidbit of information!).

Once you’ve entered your username simply follow the on screen instructions to complete your password reset.

Meanwhile, if you only wish to change your current password enter your username, old password, and new password (now if that’s not easy what is??).

Getting to Know Bass Pro

  • The outdoors shop was founded in 1972 by Johnny Morris (nearly half a century old)
  • Bass Pro started off with just 8 square feet of space (talk about humble beginnings!)
  • The store has expanded to more than 200 locations all throughout North America
  • Many of the locations feature some pretty sweet aquariums (easy to slip into a trance)
  • In 2017 the company acquired its biggest rival, Cabela’s (might as well join forces!)

If you suddenly recall your password (or decide you no longer wish to change it) click the Back to Sign In link to return to the login screen.  In addition to the password recovery options, the portal also provides status updates at the bottom right hand side of the page (check to see when the portal will be down).

My Workday/Bass Pro Reviews

Jim has this to say about the Workday at over at The App Store review board:  “This app has made it very easy to monitor my daily hours to be paid, monitoring my tax credits, & monitoring paid leave hours as I’ve earned them.”

Also Shannon posted this about the Workday app at The App Store:  “It would be nice if you could print your paycheck stubs from the app instead of just seeing them.”

Meanwhile, Paul from Jackson, TN had this to say about Bass Pro (courtesy of Consumer Affairs):  “This store is so much fun for the whole family! There are things to see. Things to do. Old fashion fudge. Great deals on sporting equipment and clothing.”

Finally, employees with questions about the portal can call the Help Desk (go ahead and hit option 2).

My Work Day Bass Pro Help Desk Phone Number

  • 417-873-4357


We now all about Workday Bass Pro Cabela’s.  So let’s see what other companies Workday has teamed with to make the “work day” a little easier.

Did you know Workday has teamed up with Citi Trends?

Also, if you’re a Red Robin employee you’re likely very familiar with theWorkday Red Robin portal.

www.tractorsupplydeliveryfeedback.com – Customer Survey Guide


Tractor Supply Delivery Feedback

  • 2 different versions of the online survey are available (regular and accessibility friendly)
  • Answer a few simple questions about your delivery experience to complete the survey
  • See how much longer you have by taking a quick glance at the progress bar (at the bottom of the survey)
  • Review the terms and privacy policy at www.tractorsupplydeliveryfeedback.com

Okay, so you’ve recently received a delivery from Tractor supply.  Now what?  Well you could go ahead and get that brand-spanking new item ready for use!  However, before you do so, you may want to consider letting Tractor Supply know how you felt about the delivery service.

Steps for completing thew survey at www.tractorsupplydeliveryfeedback.com

Once you’re ready to let it rip, go ahead and Click the Start button.

Next, start by answering the questions shown on the screen (sliding scale of highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied).

Click the Next button to progress through the survey once you’ve answered a question.

Finally, make sure you’ve answered all the questions truthfully (never be afraid to let them know how you REALLY feel) and submit your online feedback survey to wrap things up.

Now that that’s settled, break out that delivery item and get to work!

Tractor Supply Customer Reviews

Here’s what Sue from Fort Wayne, Indiana had to say at www.consumerreviews.com:  “I may have an experience from time to time that is not superior; but all in all, Tractor Supply is a great place to shop and the employees are not only friendly, but very competent.”

However, it appears Abby B. shared a much different experience at www.trustpilot.com:  “I will not be giving Tractor Supply my business in the future”.

In addition to leaving feedback online, you can also reach out to the Tractor Supply customer solutions department.  So if that delivery item arrived damaged or had parts missing be sure to call WITHIN 30 DAYS of receiving the product.  Here’s the number to call!

Tractor Supply Customer solutions Phone Number

  • 877-718-6750
  • Tractor Supply Hours (customer solutions): Monday through Saturday from 7 AM to 9 PM CST and Sundays  from 8 AM to 7 PM CST.



There’s more customer reviews fro you to consider.  Here ya go!

Take the European Wax Center Experience customer survey.

And don’t forget that Shrimp Basket Listens!