www.shrimpbasketlistens.com – Shrimp Basket Survey

Shrimp Basket Listens! 

  • Got you’re receipt ready?  Gonna need it
  • A sample image is provided for reference
  • Survey is available in both English and Spanish
  • You can also review the terms at www.shrimpbasketlistens.com

If you’ve recently loaded up on some savory shrimp at Shrimp Basket, there’s a chance you’ve also received an invite to take the restaurant’s customer survey.  So if you have, here’s how to get it done!  First, grab your receipt and go to the online survey page.  In order to begin, type in the 3 digit store number, date of service, time of service, and order number (these are all located on your receipt).  Once you’ve entered all of the above information tap the Start button to proceed.

A few more notes about taking the survey at www.shrimpbasketlistens.com

Can’t find the information on your receipt?  Don’t fret, there just so happens to be a handy little sample image posted at the survey.

The sample image highlights the location of all the information needed to begin your survey (it’s a big bright red color so you won’t miss it!).

Having trouble with the language?  You can easily switch between English and Spanish by clicking the link below the Start button.

Worried about time?  Hey, it’s only gonna take a minute or two so you shouldn’t have a problem fitting it into your busy schedule.

So what did you think of your visit to Shrimp Basket?  Hopefully they straight up CRUSHED IT!  Either way, don’t hesitate to let ’em know whatcha think (that’s the whole point of the Shrimp Basket Listens survey after all).

Shrimp Basket is has many locations scattered across the shores of the Gulf.  Additionally, some locations have even started showing up in the northern parts of Alabama.


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www.glucreport.com – Glucose Health Investing Report

Take a look at the latest Gluc Report!

  • The report has a variety of information about Glucose Health Inc.
  • Interested in the product?  Link to Glucose Down is provided
  • Review the latest headline news about the company
  • An online video is also posted at www.glucreport.com

You may have recently seen a commercial directing you to take a look at the Glucose Report.  If so (or even if you haven’t) you can read about what Glucose Health Inc. is up to in one convenient report site.  So whatcha waiting for?  Buckle down and start reading!

More about www.glucreport.com

You can view a summary about what the product Glucose Down does under “The Product” section of the report.

The informative video is only about 30 seconds long (in other words it may be worth sparing a few moments to take a look).

Go to the New Retail Products section to see what may be arriving to the market in the future.

Editorial Coverage shows what some of the leading investment publications have to say about the company.

So what do you think?  Is this a commercial for Glucose Down or is it an investor research page for Glucose Health Inc.?  The answer may lye somewhere in between.

About Glucose Down

  • Worried about sugar?  Don’t be!  The product doesn’t have any.
  • What about Caffeine?  Yep.  It’s free of that as well.
  • Having a hard time getting your daily fiber?  Glucose Down is a good source.
  • The product comes in a variety of flavors (nice to change it up now and then)

Finally, if you’re ready to give Glucose Down a try, take a look at Amazon or Walmart (according to the report page you can get it at both retail behemoths).

Glucose Health Inc. is traded under symbol GLUC.

Need to reach the company?

Here’s the address and phone number!

  • 609 SW 8th Street, 6th Floor
  • Bentonville, AR 72712
  • 479-802-3827


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www.workfordhl.com – Begin DHL New Job Application

Work for DHL!

Anyone need a job?  DHL is hiring!

So why not mosey on over to the carrier’s application page to find out what’s in the hopper?

In order to begin a new application, click the Apply button located next to your desired position.

Want to pass along the good news to a friend in need?  Hit that Share button to send the application!

You can also search for specific openings at www.workfordhl.com.

The search for a new job (or better yet CAREER) isn’t always the most pleasant experience.  However, DHL is doing it’s part to perk things up a bit.  For example, you can search and apply for a job in a matter of minutes using the company’s job application portal.  So what are you waiting for?  Jump online and get after it!

More on applying at www.workfordhl.com

  • Each position shows the address of where you will be working if you get hired
  • Search for jobs by career category, region, or keyword (narrow it down!)
  • Didn’t see anything you liked?  Sign up to receive job updates!
  • You can also upload your resume directly through the work for DHL portal
  • Click the links at the bottom of the page to follow DHL on social media

Finally, you can change the language the application portal is displayed in by clicking the link at the top right hand side of the page (English, French, and Spanish are available).

Did you know that DHL is responsible for delivering over 1 BILLION parcels each year?  Did you know that the company reaches over 200 couturiers across the globe?  Take a minute to let that all sink in.  Then consider becoming one of the almost 400 HUNDRED THOUSAND people strong DHL workforce (always nice to be part of a large family!).

DHL Corporate Offices Address

  • 1210 South Pine Island Rd.
  • Fourth Floor Plantation, FL 33324


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www.ybr.com/lsc – Login LCS Employee Benefits Plan

YBR LSC Communications Employee Benefits

Got a User ID and password?  You’re in good shape then!

Go ahead and enter your credentials at the login screen to sign into your benefits account.

New user?  You’ll need to follow the steps to create an account.

Questions about the portal?  Click the ? icon to bring up a handy set of FAQs.

You can also use the virtual assistance at www.ybr.com/lsc.

Any employee knows that benefits are an important part of the gig.  However, managing them isn’t always a walk in the park (or even a jog for that matter!).  Therefore, it’s always a good idea for a companies to make the employee benefits experience as pleasant as possible.  That said, it appears LSC is on the right track!

A Few More Notes About www.ybr.com/lsc

  • You’ll need to enter your date of birth and last 4 of the ssn to restore a User ID or password
  • Additionally, you’ll need to enter this information if yo’re a new user and creating an account for the first time
  • Read up on the terms and privacy policy by clicking the links at the very bottom of the portal
  • Wanna let someone know how you REALLY feel about the experience?  Click that Feedback link at the bottom right hand side of the page!

By the way, many of the most common questions about the portal can be answered by reading the FAQs.  For instance, you can find out about password requirements, security questions, and tips for protecting your computer.

Didn’t see what ya need in the FAQs?  Don’t sweat it! Just call the LCS Benefits Center for further assistance.  Please note that they’re open between 8 AM and 5 PM CST Monday through Friday (don’t wanna waste time calling if nobody’s home!).

LCS Benefits Center Phone Number

  • 844-527-2367


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www.funimationdigitalcopy.com – Redeem Your Code

Funimation Digital Copy

Did you receive a Funimation case with the words “digital copy” on it?

In that case, today’s your lucky day!  Why you ask??  You’re about to be treated to a FREE digital copy of the content you purchased.

In order to redeem your digital copy, you’ll first need to find your redemption code (it’s located within your case).

Once you’ve got your hands on the code, go to the redemption page and click the Redeem Code button to proceed.

You can also browse a brief set of FAQs at www.funimationdigitalcopy.com.

Now at this point you may be asking yourself when you can expect your content to show up in your digital library.  You’re about to be floored by how awesome the answer to this question is.  IMMEDIATELY.  After you’ve successfully redeemed your code you can start watching your content without a moment’s hesitation!

A few more things about www.funimationdigitalcopy.com

  • Hopefully you’re not traveling because the code will only work in the country your purchased the content in!
  • You can find all of your digital copies under the My library section of your account (that goes for the app too).
  • Streaming is supported by iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
  • Do you have old Ultra Violet labeled copies?  Don’t worry you should still be able to access your content at www.funimationdigitalcopy.com
  • Have an old copy lying around that hasn’t been redeemed?  Well snap to it!  You should still be able to get your digital copy!

By the way, you can get help with the redemption process by clicking the customer Support link at the bottom of the page.  Additionally, you can browse the Frequently Asked Questions (sometimes this is the fastest way to get an answer).

Want to follow Funimation on social media?  There’s a buncha links at the bottom of the redemption page which you can connect with!


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www.lexlawtcpasettlement.com – File for Cash Payment

Lex Law TCPA Settlement

  • You can file your claim online or through the mail
  • FAQs are located online and within the notice you received
  • Valid claims will be compensated at $6.15 per claim
  • A variety of different deadlines apply to this settlement
  • You can also review case documents at www.lexlawtcpasettlement.com

There’s a recent settlement that, if approved, will compensate those who allegedly received unsolicited audio-dialed calls and text messages.  If you received a notice directing you to www.lexlawtcpasettlement.com, you’re likely a member of the plaintiff class (otherwise why would you receive the notice??).  In order to file online, click the File Claim tab and follow the instructions.

More on filing at www.lexlawtcpasettlement.com

You can file a claim with or without a claim number (just be sure to specify whether you have one or not!).

If you don’t want to file online you’ll need to download a claim form from the site, print it out, complete it, and mail it to the administrator (that’s a lot of extra steps but if it’s what floats your boat have at it!).

Make sure you file by the May 4th, 2020 claim deadline (if you’re filing by mail make sure it’s post-marked by this date!).

The time to opt out of the settlement has already passed (exclusion deadline was February 26th, 2020).

In addition to the claim and exclusion deadlines, there’s also another important date you should be aware of.  March 31st, 2020.  That’s when you’ll find out (drum roll please) whether or not you’re GETTING PAID.  In other words,  this when the final approval hearing will be held.

Finally, if you have questions about the settlement try skimming through those FAQs found online and in the notice (there’s 23 of them so you may want to grab a cup of coffee before hand).  Additionally, you can try contacting the administrator for assistance.  Here’s the information.

Lew Lax TCPA Settlement Administrator

  • PO Box 43515, Providence, RI 02940-3515
  • admin@lexlawtcpasettlement.com
  • 844-264-8240


Have you claim your Award of Choice??


www.humana.troversolutions.com – Begin Questionnaire

Humana Trover Solutions Injury/Illness Questionnaire

  • You’ll need to reference the letter you received to get started
  • Customer service is available to help answer your questions
  • A handy Frequently Asked Questions list is also available
  • Begin the questionnaire in English or Spanish at www.humana.troversolutions.com

Every so often, an insurance company needs a little more information about your injury or illness.  When this happens, you’ll often see a request to fill out a questionnaire come your way.  For example, Humana is using a brief and simple online form to gather this type of info.  If you received a request in the mail, grab your letter and do the following!

How to start your questionnaire at www.humana.troversolutions.com

Did you take notice of that Web Code shown on the letter?  Go ahead and enter into into the corresponding field.

What about the reference number?  Take a moment to find it if needed.  Once you’ve got it, punch it on in!

Last name of the patient.  This is self explanatory in most cases but it’s also shown on the letter you received (hey, we all have days where the ole’ memory isn’t up to speed!).

Please note that you can get more information about all 3 pieces of information needed to begin the questionnaire by clicking the ? icon located next to each field.

Now that you know how to launch the questionnaire, let’s find out what to do if you have questions about it.  Fortunately, there’s a convenient list of FAQs that’ll provide answers to common questions.  Additionally, you can contact customer service if you don’t see the answers you need in the FAQs.  How you ask??  Just dial 800-598-2488.  They’re only available between the hours listed in the FAQs so please plan your call accordingly!

Need to get a hold of Humana headquarters?

Here ya go:

500 W. Main St. Louisville, KY 40202 USA.


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www.AwardOfChoice.com – Activate Your Gift Card

Award of Choice Gift Card Activation

  • You’re gonna need the 16 digit card number to begin
  • Questions?  There’s a massive FAQ list you can read through
  • Need additional help?  Customer service contact info is available
  • Additional purchasing options are also available
  • Begin activation at www.awardofchoice.com

Incentive comes in a variety of forms.  However, some are clearly better than others.  For instance, an incentive that’s flexible is better received than one that isn’t.  One example of an incentive with some major flexibility is the trusty gift card (perhaps that’s why they’re one of the most popular gifts on the market).  As it so happens, it’s hard to find anyone who does gift card incentives better than Award of Choice!

Purchasing Options at www.awardofchoice.com

Need to get some more gift cards?  No problem!  There’s 3 different types you can choose from.  Here they are!

Award of Choice Gift Cards – Allows the receiver to choose which type of award they want.  Perfect for who love having OPTIONS!

On the Spot Cards – They come in the convenient increments of $25, $50, $75, and $100 (hopefully you get that big ole’ $100 award!).

Instant Award Vouchers – These also come in increments of $25, %$50, $75, and $100.  The certificates are also customization (it’s nice to have the option of which design your voucher will feature).

By the way, you can find the answers to many typical; questions about your Award of Choice by clicking the FAQ link at the bottom of the page.  Once you’re at the FAQs, simply scroll; down to the desired section and START READING!  However, if your eyes are a bit tired, try skipping the FAQs and going right to customer service (sometimes it’s just easier to go right to the source!).

Award of Choice Customer Service Contact Information

  • 245 West Roosevelt Rd.
  • Building 9 Unit 61
  • West Chicago, IL 60185
  • customerservice@ultimatechoice.com


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www.capitalone.com/applyquicksilver – Begin Mail Offer

Capital One Apply Quick Silver

  • You’ll need information from your mailing item to begin
  • The card comes with a variety of beneficial features
  • Need help?  Call Capital One for customer support
  • You can also view the Privacy Policy at www.capitalone.com/applyquicksilver

Who’s ready for some CASH BACK??  Aren’t we all?  So, let’s go get some!  In order to take advantage of Capital One’s latest mail offer for the Quick Silver card, visit the application page and your reservation number.  Once you punch that in, go ahead and pop in your access code to begin the application.  Please note that reservation number is 16 digits long while the access code is 6 only digits long.

More on applying at www.capitalone.com/applyquicksilver

Can’t find the numbers on your mail offer?  Take a look at the bottom of the letter (should be there in big BOLD font).

Still can’t find it?? Click the link at the application page to bring up a sample image of your offer (it’s off to the left of the reservation and access code fields).

If you need help with the online application, try giving Capital One customer service a shout.  You can reach them toll-free at 877-383-4802.

Now at this point you may be thinking about whether it’s even a good idea to have the Capital One Quick Silver card in your wallet.  So let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

 A QUICK Look at the Quick Silver Card (no pun intended)

  • You’re gonna get a smooth 1.5% cash back (and that’s UNLIMITED by the way)
  • Worried about the “use it or lose it factor?  Don’t!  Rewards never expire!
  • Traveling abroad?  Well then it’s a good thing there’s no foreign transaction fees
  • Lock it up!  You can lock the card from a  mobile app if you lose it

Finally, if you already have this card you may be wondering where on earth you need to send your payments.  Well look no further.  Here’s the address to the Capital One payment processing center.

Capital One Payment Address

  • PO Box 71083
  • Charlotte, NC 28272-1083


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www.yourbenefitsresources.com/brenntag – Enter Portal

Your Benefits Resources Brenntag 

  • You’ll need just 2 pieces of information to login to the portal
  • New users can register for an account (soooooooo simple)
  • Login credential recovery tool is available to get you out of a jam
  • A big ole’ set of FAQs are also available if you’re down and out
  • Feedback?  Use the form at www.yourbenefitsresources.com/brenntag

So you have some benefit-related stuff to take care of?  In that case, look no further than the Your Benefits Resources Brenntag Portal (if you’re a Brenntag employee, that is!).  In order to enter, simply type in your User ID along with your account password (wouldn’t have it any other way!).

Cool Features Available at www.yourbenefitsresources.com/brenntag

All you need to do to recover a User ID or password is click a link and confirm your info (after that it’s all down hill).

New in town?  You can begin signing up for an account the same way others recover their credentials (confirm your information and you’re ready to roll).

Questions about logging in?  Be sure to check out the Frequently Asked Questions posted under the Help link.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you’re a new user you may want to take a look at the FAQs to see the guidelines for setting up your credentials.

Finally, if you have feedback about your experience at www.yourbenefitsresources.com/brenntag, try submitting the online form (don’t be shy that’s what it’s there for).  There’s even a sweet screen capture tool to help you better describe the issue!

Questions?  Call the benefits service center!  They’re available between 9 AM and 6 PM Monday through Friday at 833-427-3668.

Brentagg manages supply chains for both consumers and manufacturers of chemical products.  The company boasts almost 600 locations in 76 countries and has more than 16,000 employees.

Brenntag North America Offices Address

  • 5083 Pottsville Pike, Reading, PA 19605


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