www.apple.com/go/gcb/us – Enter Apple Gift Card Account

Manage Your Apple Gift Card (www.apple.com/go/gbc/us)

  • Sign in with your Apple credentials to begin
  • A bit forgetful? No Problem!  Accountant recovery is available
  • Customer support stand ready to assist if you get stuck

There are oh so many things you can buy with a fresh Apple gift card.  However, exactly HOW much you can buy might be a little unclear.  UNLESS, you can find a way to know EXACTLY what your balance is.  That’s where the Apple gift card account management portal comes into play.  When it’s time to find out how much purchasing power you have left, simply visit the portal and login using your existing Apple credentials (the ones you use to enter the App Store, iCloud, and iTunes).

But what if I have trouble logging into www.apple.com/go/gbc/us?

First, click that forgot password link below the login fields.

Next, enter your Apple ID to begin the account recovery process.

From there just follow the instructions to restore your account.

Forgot your ID too?  Look it up by entering your name and email address 🙂

Of course, none of this will work if you never had an Apple ID to begin with.  If this is the case you can go ahead and create one by clicking the link at the bottom of the portal.  BOOM!  You just got yourself access to your gift card balance!

Wanna give an Apple gift card as a gift??

There’s 2 options for ya!

Apple Gift Cards Gifts Via Email or Regular Mail

  • Send one by email if you want the most convenient path
  • However, send one by mail if you’re one who likes to do things OLD SKOOL
  • Either way, you’ll be giving someone a present that is sure to be appreciated

Finally, if you have problems with getting your gift card balance you can always use the chat feature located at the bottom of the portal.  Alternatively, you can give Apple a call at the below number.

Apple Gift Card Account Help by Phone

  • 800-MY-APPLE (800-692-7753)


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www.activates3.com – Activate & Register S3 Card Online

Activate S3 Card Online

  • The system allows you to both register and activate your card
  • Ready to get started?  Grab your card and hop on the internet
  • You’re gonna need your 17 digit card handy during the process
  • Solutran contact information is available

Let’s face it, a spending card is nothing but a little ole’ piece of plastic until it’s been activated.  Therefore, activating your card is of the upmost importance.  Fortunately, you can activate AND register your S3 card online in a few simple steps.  So let’s find out what those steps are, shall we??

Steps for Activating Your Card at www.activates3.com

  • Enter your card number (it’s 17 digits long and right under the barcode)
  • Type in your security code in the field beneath the card number
  • Hopefully you know your date of birth because you’ll need it for step 3
  • Finally, hit the Submit button to move forward with the card activation
  • Quick tip:  Always double check the information you entered is correct!

By the way, if you can’t find your card number or security code you can reference the sample image posted at www.activates3.com.  Activation not working??  Maybe you’re at the wrong place.  Be sure to confirm your card has that beautiful S3 logo printed on it!

Finally, you can check out the terms and privacy policy at the bottom of the card activation page (because we all have time for some extra reading, don’t we??).

Problems with the activation process??

Try giving Solutran a call for help!  See below for contact information.

Solutran Contact Information

  • 13305 12th Ave. North
  • Minneapolis, MN 55441
  • 763-559-2225

Please note that the phone lines are open from 8 AM to 5 PM CST Monday through Friday (hopefully there’s something better to do on the weekends!).


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Manage Your Lowe’s Advantage of Lowe’s Visa Rewards Card at Lowe’s eService



www.lowes.com/eservice – Enter Lowe’s Credit eService

Manage Your Account with Lowe’s eService

  • Quick and easy  login to your credit card account
  • Works for both Lowe’s Advantage and Lowe’s Visa Rewards
  • Stuck between a rock and a hard place?  Get online account recovery help
  • Manage your account in both English and Spanish
  • Customer support is ready top help if you have questions!
  • First time users can register at www.lowes.com/eservice

Managing your credit card doesn’t have to be fun.  BUT, it can certainly be SIMPLE.  While some accounts can be overly complicated, Lowe’s eService is NOT one of them (if you hold a Lowe’s Advantage or Visa Rewards card you already know this).  So with that said, let’s find out what all the hype is about!

Key Features of Lowe’s eService

  • Away from your computer?  Don’t worry!  You can manage your account from ANY device (that has an internet connect)
  • Are you a worry wart?  Lowe’s eService provides SECURE online bill payment
  • You can stay up to date with your account by signing up for FREE text message or email notifications (always a good idea to stay in the loop!)
  • Sure beats sitting on hold or wading your way through one of those automated phone systems

Another cool feature of Lowe’s eService is the easy-peasy account recovery option.  For instance, you can find your User ID AND recover your password.  If it’s the User ID you’re after, just enter your card number and zip code to get started.  Meanwhile,  you can enter your User ID and zip code to begin the password reset process.  Either way, you’ll find both processes to be a walk in the park.

Questions about Lowe’s eService?  Use the online chat tool at www.lowes.com/eservice.


Give Lowe’s a ring at the below number!

Lowe’s eService Phone Number

  • 888-840-7651


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www.outreachtime.com – Enter Medicaid Reimbursement Tool

Outreach Time Medicaid Reimbursement 

Simply enter your account email address and password to get into the portal.

Can’t remember? Use the online account recovery tool!

Over the phone help is available if you’re in need of assistance.

Note:  www.outreachtime.com will sign you out after 60 seconds of inactivity.

So pretty much EVERYTHING is easier done online nowadays.  Including getting your Medicaid reimbursement.  For example, those who use the Outreach Time portal from Embrace might find the process almost TOO easy.

More on Outreach Time

  • Enter the email address you signed up with if you forgot your password
  • Need help?  Pick up your phone and dial 618-654-6960
  • Need TOLL-FREE help?  In that case dial 888-437-9326
  • You can also send an email to success@embraceeducation.com for help
  • If you need to fax something go ahead and send it over to 618-882-6224

By the way, if you’re not yet a customer you can request a demo by clicking the link located at the top of www.outreachtime.com.  Additionally, you can reach the portal’s privacy policy by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

A Look at Embrace

  • Focuses on providing software for educators ( a VERY noble pursuit)
  • Been in the biz for nearly 20 years now (that’s 2 decades folks)
  • Worried about customer satisfaction?  They got a 99% client retention rate
  • The Medicaid reimbursement software is known as Embrace DS

Finally, Embrace provides software other than Medicaid reimbursement tools.  For instance, Embrace IEP allows educators to work from ANYWHERE (as long as they have an internet connected device).  Additionally, Embrace EVAL helps connects the educators to the evaluate (something we can all agree is a MUCH needed service these days).  And let’s not forget the 504 and MTSS tools which help with 504 plans and evaluations.

Embrace Address

  • 1000 Broadway #300
  • HighlandIL 62249


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Learn About the Snap-On EPC Portal

Enter your leave of absence claim at Claim Lookup JPMC




www.usps.com/scheduler – Schedule Passport Appointment

USPS Scheduler for Passport Appointments

  • You can choose from 4 services to schedule
  • Find appointments by location or dates
  • You’ll need to enter your contact information for the appointment
  • Wanna stay in the loop?  Sign up to receive updates via text message
  • Begin at www.usps.com/scheduler

Okay, okay we all know by now that getting or renewing a passport isn’t the simplest of processes (long waits, trips to out of the way post offices, etc).  However, it may have become ALOT easier thanks to the USPS Scheduler.  For instance, you can schedule an appointment for a new password, a passport renewal, and photo services in just a couple of minutes through the convenience of the world wide web.

How to Use the USPS Scheduler

In order to begin, select the service you want to schedule.

Next, search for your appointment using either a date or location (hopefully it’s not over the hills and through the woods!).

Finally, select what time you want to schedule your appointment.

ATTN:  You’re gonna need to enter your name, phone number, and email address (you can’t confirm your appointment without so don’t try skipping this skip).

Are you one of those folks who loves staying informed??  If so, there’s good news!  You can now sign up to receive updates by text message by checking the box below the form at www.usps.com/scheduler.  Additionally, there’s another box that is NOT optional that you’re gonna have to check to submit your appointment request (ya gotta agree to the terms and all that good stuff).

But what if I already scheduled my appointment?

  • Then you need the USPS appointment management tool!
  • First click the Manage Appointments tab
  • Next, enter your confirmation number and email address OR phone number
  • Finally, click Search for Appointments to find out whats going on

By the way, if you have questions you can click the FAQ tab to find out more on the USPS Scheduler.  Additionally, you can call 800-275-8777 between the 8 AM and 8:30 PM Monday through Friday or from 8 AM to 6 PM on Saturdays (all times Eastern Standard).


Have you used the USPS Order FREE Boxes tool yet?



www.snaponepc.com – Enter Span-On Electronic Catalog

Span On EPC 

  • The system requires a username and password to enter the catalog
  • Lost your credentials?  Don’t worry, you can easily recover them
  • Plan on stopping by often?  Ask to be remembered by your computer

Gone are the days of those old paper catalogs (well for the most part anyways).  Instead, the vast majority of catalogs are now listed online.  For instance, you can now access the Span On EPC (Electronic Parts Catalog) at www.snaponepc.com.

How do I get started with Snap On EPC?

In order to begin enter your username and password.

Next, click he Login button to enter the catalog.

If you have trouble with your password click the link below the login fields to begin account recovery.

Once you click the link you’ll need to enter your username OR email address to restore your password (just make sure you can at least remember one of those!).

After a successful login you can begin taking advantage of all the Snap On EPC has to offer (we think you’re gonna like what you see).

By the way, the catalog offers access in a variety of languages.  In order to change the language of the catalog, simply click the drop down list at the top right hand side of www.snaponepc.com.  Next,  scroll down and choose your desired language (there’s over 20 of them so chances are you’re in good shape!).

Finally, if you plan on using the catalog often, you may want to check the Remember Me box located beneath the login fields for quicker access in the future (because in this day and age every second counts).

Got something to tell/ask Snap-On?  Contact the corporate offices!  See below.

Span-On Corporate Office Contact Information

  • 2801 80th St.
  • Kenosha, WI 53143
  • 877-762-7664

Did your hear??  It’s Almost time for the Snap On Dream Drive 2020!


www.claimlookup.com/jpmc – Enter JPMC Leave of Absence

Claim Lookup JPMC (JP Morgan Chase & Co.)

  • Use the portal to check status of your leave of absence claim
  • The portal is managed by Sedgwick (so don’t be confused!)
  • Technical support is available by phone
  • Wanna help yourself?  Try the help guide at the bottom of the portal
  • Start online at www.claimlookup.com/jpmc

Okay, so you need to check status of a claim.  The good news is, this process doesn’t have to be pain.  For instance, JP Morgan Chase employees can use the cutting edge technology provided by Sedgwick to find out what’s up.

How to Use Claim Lookup JPMC (it’s not rocket science)

First you’ll need to click the Login button BEFORE you can enter your credentials

Next, enter those credentials and click Login again to proceed

Problems getting in?  There’s standard ID and password recovery help available

Click the reset/forgot password link to (you guessed it) reset or recover a password

By the way, you can get help with the portal by clicking the Help link at www.claimlookup.com/jpmc.  Once you find what you were looking for, hit the back button to return to the login screen.

Scrolling through information not your thing?  Well then try the online chat support feature.  In order to do so, click the Contact Technical Support link and click the Live Chat Help option.  Please note chat is only available between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday (central time).

Finally, you can also CALL for help if you get stuck (also known as the OLD FASHIONED WAY).  If you need to make a call take a look at the below numbers.  Just lijke the Live Chat Feature, over the phone help is only available Monday through Friday.  However, you can get phone help 2 hours longer each day is the lines stay open til 7 PM.

Claim Lookup JPMC Support Numbers

  • Toll-Free – 866-647-7610
  • Standard – 901-415-7800


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www.tellmands.co.uk – New 2020 M and S £250 Survey


Take the 2020 Tell M and S UK Survey & Enter the Draw

  • Same rules as last year so just provide your thoughts and enter!
  • You can use your receipt information to bring up the survey
  • Questions? Be sure to review the Terms & Conditions of the draw
  • More questions?? Contact Marks and Spencer for help!!
  • Get the party started at www.tellmands.co.uk

First of all – HAPPY NEW YEAR!  As with all new years, some things change, and some thing stay the same.  We’re please to see the 2020 Tell M and S Survey Draw is the latter.  Sooo, do you remember how to enter?  Still thirsty to provide your opinion?   Keep reading!

In order to begin the survey,  enter the date of visit, time of visit, and 3 codes from your receipt (because 2 codes just won’t do!).  Once you’ve enter all the information, go ahead and tap the Next button to move on to the questions.

But what if I don’t have a receipt?

First, take a deep breath.  Then smile because you can still  participate!

Just enter the date, time, region, and location you visited.

Next, choose from one of the 15 regions in the drop down.

Once you confirm the region, the actual locations will populate (and there sure are plenty!).

By the way, it’s worth mentioning that you can refer to a sample image of a Marks & Spencer receipt if you get stuck (don’t worry it only shows the bottom of the receipt where the relevant data is listed).  In addition to the sample image, the survey also allows you to take a gander at the previous prize winners (so try to get your 15 minutes of fame and become one of them!).

A Look at the Tell M and S UK Survey & Enter the Prize Draw

  • The draw will award £250 to 1 lucky winner for each month
  • Be patient as you can only receive up to 2 survey entries per week
  • If you win you should get notice by email within 15 days of the draw
  • Winners will receive the prize as a cheque (too bad it’s not cash!)
  • Side note: The EWM Cares draw offers the same £250 prize

While on the topic of the prize, it should be pointed out the winner will forfeit the £250 if they don’t accept the prize within 14 days of notice (so get up off that couch and accept the prize before it goes to someone else!).  Further, winners cannot transfer their prize and must accept it as awarded.  You can review the full set of rules  by clicking the Terms & Conditions link located at the bottom of www.tellmands.co.uk.  In addition to its Terms & Conditions, the survey also provides participants with a copy of its Privacy Policy (in case you get bored and feel like numbing the ole’ noggin a bit).

An Aerial View of Marks and Spencer

  • Over 1,000 Marks and Spencer locations are located throughout the United Kingdom (it seems like even more!)
  • The retailer employs more than 80,000 people and runs over 400 international locations (a true global giant)
  • M&S sells online and in stores to more than 50 countries worldwide (quite the foot print!)
  • The store posted over 10 BILLION in total revenue in 2018 (an amazing accomplishment)
  • M&S origins date all the way back to 1884 in Northern England (incredibly rich history)

Those with customer service inquiries for Marks & Spencer can try calling 0333 014 8555 for assistance.  Meanwhile, customers with general questions for the company can try contacting the Marks & Spencer headquarters in London.

A Few More Notes on the Tell M and S UK Draw

If you win you may be required to participate in a bit of publicity (so check the shyness at the door)!

The survey prize draw prize in Euros is 300.

Ya gotta be at least 18 to take part n the survey.

If you complete more than 2 surveys only the first 2 will be entered into the prize draw.

Oh, and if you win the taxes are ON YOU!

But…let’s not end on a low note.  There’s some new stuff at Marks and Spencer for 2020 that you NEED to check out.

New Arrival at Marks and Spencer for 2020:  The Goodmove Collection

  • Reversible Quilted Jacket – Because 2 looks are always better than 1!
  • Quilted Bog Lined Parka – Looks great but what on earth is Borg??
  • Lightweight Padded Running Gilet – Sleek, agile, and ready to roll
  • Waterproof Parka – The snow and rain won’t stand a chance!
  • Go Train Gym Leggings – Start the new year off right (in the gym)
  • Go Perform Compression Leggings – We all love compression

Finally, you can also take the Tell M and S survey by phone (as an alternative to at www.tellmands.co.uk).  In order to do so, just dial 020 7935 4422 if you’re in the UK or 014854179 if you’re n the ROI.  You can reach the promoter of the prize draw at the below address.

Tell M & S UK Survey Prize Draw Promoter

  • 35 North Wharf RD., London, W2 1NW


Another Chance to Win from M&S



www.twitch.amazon/rdo – Link Twitch Prime & Social Club

Twitch Amazon RDO:  How to Claim Your Offer

First, you’re gonna have to jump online and go sign up for a Twitch Prime account.

Next, sign in with your username and password to link your Twitch Prime and Social Club accounts.

Once both accounts are linked you’ll be able to enjoy a brand-spanking new Copper-Polished Still in RDO!!

Of course, if you already have a Twitch Prime account you can skip the first step of this simple process.

One more thing, you can begin the process here:  www.twitch.amazon/rdo.

By the way, an upgraded still isn’t the only thing you’ll get as a Titch Prime member.  In addition to the new copper beauty, you’ll also receive benefits such as free games and even in-game LOOT!

Wait, there’s more Twitch Amazon RDO benefits!

  • Got some collecting to do?  Good!  Cause you’re gonna get a sweet collector’s bag
  • Save an extra 10 percent on ALL game-wide discounts on RDO (that’ll work!)
  • Next time you go to purchase some gold bars you’ll receive an extra 15% value
  • Additionally, there will be more monthly benefits released so stay tuned!

Now at this point you may be wondering if you’re gonna get old promotional items after you sign up for your Twitch Prime account.  Unfortunately, you’ll need to push those lofty thoughts aside because the benefits are only available for CURRENT promotions.  You can read the full details of the offer at www.twitch.amazon/rdo.

Finally, let’s take a look at RDO’s most ICONIC characters!

  • Alfredo Montez – Some would argue this bad dude is the baddest of the bad
  • Old Man Jones – His philosophical raving can become quite annoying at time
  • Maggie Fike – Ole’ Maggie sure does know how to get a still up and running
  • Jessica LeClerk – Don’t let the icy facade fool you, there’s more than meets the eye!

ATTN Xbox players:  Learn how to get your game code!





www.getmygamecode.com – Get Xbox Digital Game Code

How do I get my game code?

  • Simply fill out a brief form (must provide an email address)
  • Once you submit the form you’ll receive your code via email
  • Questions? Check out the expansive list of FAQs
  • Still questions?? Go ahead and complete that contact form

Okay, so you’ve made a digital game purchase for Xbox.  However, before you start playing, there’s one thing you need to consider doing.  GETTING YOUR GAME CODE!  In order to do this, go to www.getmygamecode.com and enter your email address.  Next, enter the activation code before clicking the Show & Email Code button.

About Your Activation Code

  • It can be located on the back of your card or on a receipt
  • The activation code is 10 digits in length (no more, no less)
  • If you have your card handy, look for it on the back
  • Got a receipt? Look for the section marked Activation Code

By the way, if you’re having trouble finding your code you may want to check out the sample images located at www.getmygamecode.com.  You can pull these up by clicking the ? icon located next to the activation code entry field.

Anything else I need to know before I get my game code?

  • You should receive your game code in your inbox within 4 hours
  • Don’t see it?  Check that spam filter!  (it could be hiding from you)
  • Only one redemption per code (sorry no double dipping)
  • If you don’t need and/or want your code go ahead and make it a gift!

Finally, here’s a few MUST HAVE games you should consider on Xbox:  Guacamelee, The Outer Worlds, anything HALO, anything and everything Call of Duty (start with these and go from there).

Problems getting your game code?  Call Xbox customer support at 800-469-9269.

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