www.hereweroar.votigo.com – Win a Custom Built Ford Mustang!

A Look at Money Lion’s “Here We Roar” Sweepstakes

  • There are 3 Grand Prize packages available in the sweepstakes
  • Participants can enter the sweepstakes online or via text message
  • The sweepstakes allow participants to earn bonus entries (NICE!)

One would have to search far and wide (and perhaps through the archives of history) to find a better Grand Prize than the 3 being offered by the Here We Roar Sweepstakes (the Acqua Panna Giveaway doesn’t even come close!).  Money Lion’s new sweepstakes is now open and is accepting entries online or via text message.  Those who prefer to enter via text can do so by sending the word ROAR to 95615.  Once the participants sends the word they will receive a link to the online entry form.  However, those who don’t feel like wasting a text (not everyone’s on an unlimited plan!) can cut to the chase and enter directly through the online registration page.

Inside the Here We Roar Sweepstakes’ Grand Prizes

  • The flagship item is a stunning custom built 2019 Ford Mustang (hence the “ROAR”)
  • The Grand Prize packages also include trips to the 2019 Ford Championship Weekend
  • Additionally, winners will receive airfare, lodging, and a Visa prepaid card valued at $600
  • The total Approximate Retail Value of each Grand Prizes comes to a shocking $80,000

While on the topic of the prizes, it should be mentioned that the winners are required to show a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance before accepting their Mustang.  Additionally, the color of the car will be chosen by Money Lion (hopefully it’s not neon green).  Meanwhile, the sweepstakes will decide the winners in a drawing around October 27th, 2019.

More on the Here We Roar Sweepstakes

  • Runs for about 6 months from April 22nd, 2019 through October 20th, 2019
  • There is a limit of 1 entry per person (keep reading to learn how to get more!)
  • The Official Rules are available at the entry page (hereweroar.votigo.com)

By the way, participants who want to increase their chances of winning one of the prizes can do so by earning bonus entries.  In order to do so, participants can refer friends, become a Money Lion Member, make a purchase with a Money Lion debit card, or by sending a mail request (must be sent directly to the Sponsor).  Participants can review more details on earning bonus entries under Section 3 of the Official Rules.

Sponsor Contact Information

  • Money Lion
  • PO Box 1547, Sandy, UT 84091

Plenty of time left to enter!

A Promotion for the Hockey Fans


www.virginmobilerewardcard.com – Enter Code & Redeem Offer

Redeeming Your Virgin Mobile Reward Card Offer

  • Cardholders will need a redemption code to redeem the offer
  • The system allows customers to track the status of an offer
  • Cardholders can login to manage their reward card account

A special reward card offer doesn’t do anybody any good unless it’s redeemed.  Fortunately, it’s getting easier and easier for cardholders to get this done.  For example, cardholders who need to redeem a Virgin Mobile Reward Card offer can do so in just a few clicks.  In order to begin, the cardholder must first go to the online offer center.  Once at the offer center, the customer must enter their redemption code and Virgin Mobile phone number to proceed with taking advantage of the offer.

More on the Virgin Mobile Reward Card Offer

  • Cardholders can track the status an offer by entering a confirmation number
  • Additionally, a last name and phone number can be entered to track an offer
  • The redemption code is 8 characters in length and provided by Virgin Mobile
  • Cardholders should enter the number listed on their account (double-check!)

In addition to tracking an offer, cardholders can also manage their card directly from the offer center (similar to the Credit SYF Service Center).  In order to do so, the cardholder must click the Manage button to be directed to a new page.  Next, the cardholder can enter their card number to activate a card or check a balance (hard to get any easier than that!).

By the way, the Virgin Mobile Reward Card is issued by Sunrise Banks.  Further, cardholders can use the card anywhere Master Card debit is accepted.  However, it should be pointed out that by using the card, cardholders are accepting its Terms & Conditions.  Finally, cardholders can address any issues by contacting support via email or by phone.

Virgin Mobile Reward Card Support Contact Information

  • help@virginmobilerewardcard.com
  • 888-867-8032


Don’t Stop Redeeming!


www.acquapannagiveaway.com – Enter to Win an Italian Vacation!

The Latest Acqua Panna Giveaway Is Now Live!

  • The promotion consists of both a sweepstakes and Instant Win Game
  • Participants can enter the promotion at the online registration page
  • Returning participants must login to the registration page to enter again

A trip to the beautiful countryside of Tuscany are what dreams are made of.  That said, it appears Acqua Panna will be taking on the role of the “dream weaver” this spring and summer.  The Acqua Panna Giveaway is now open and set to award 1 Grand Prize winner with a vacation for 4 to Tuscany, Italy.  In order to join, participants must complete the entry form at the online registration page.  Once registered, participants will receive 1 entry to the sweepstakes along with an Instant Win Game play.

An Overhead View of the Acqua Panna Giveaway

  • Participants can join the contest between April 20th, 2019 and August 31st, 2019
  • The sweepstakes will decide the winner of the trip around September 3rd, 2019
  • The Approximate Retail Value of the Tuscan vacation comes to $13,550.00
  • In addition to the Grand Prize there are 2,928 Instant Win Prizes available

While on the topic of the Instant Win Prizes, it should be pointed out that they comes from 4 different tiers.  For instance, there are 428 First Prizes available, each of which are a Visa prepaid card valued at $150.  In addition to the First Prizes, there is also 500 Second Prize tote bags and 500 Third Prize mobile charging devices.  Finally, the promotion is also giving away 1,500 Fourth Prize luggage tags.

By the way, the total Approximate Retail Value of all the available prizes comes to a whopping $109,000 (it’s not everyday a promotion goes into 6 digit territory!).  Those who wish to increase their chances of winning a prize can make another entry by clicking the Already registered? link at the registration page.  Please note that there is a limit of 1 entry per day per person (just like the Ruffles Streak challenge).

Acqua Panna Giveaway Sponsor

  • Nestlé Waters North America Inc.
  • 900 Long Ridge Rd.
  • Stamford, CT 06902


Don’t stop now!  Here’s another chance to win!


www.PepsiZeroSugarShutouts.com – Win a Trip to the Stanley Cup!

The 2019 Pepsi Zero Sugar Shutouts Sweepstakes Is Here!

  • The sweepstakes offers a total of 5 different NHL trips
  • Participants can register for the sweepstakes online
  • The names of the prize winners are available

The 2019 NHL playoffs are in full swing and so is the 2019 Pepsi Zero Sugar Shutout Sweepstakes (which is more exciting is open to debate!).  Those who would like to be the winner of a fantastic hockey-themed vacation can now enter the sweepstakes by completing a brief online registration form.  Once registered, participants will receive 1 entry to a random drawing for a chance to win one of the available trips.  In addition to the trips, the sweepstakes will also be awarding 23 First Prize NHL online store gift cards.

A Look at the Available Trips

  • The Stanley Cup Finals – Would be even better if your team was playing in it!
  • NHL All Star Game – Watch the game’s best players put on a brilliant show
  • The Heritage Classic – Bundle up and get ready to go to Saskatchewan!
  • NHL Winter Classic – Fast becoming one of the year’s most popular games
  • NHL Stadium Series – Scheduled to take place at the Air Force Academy

While on the topic of the trips, it should be pointed out that all games are scheduled to take place in 2020 with the exception of the 2019 Heritage Classic.  Additionally, all of the trips include air travel and hotel accommodations (just like in the Ruffles Streak promotion).  In terms of value, each trip is estimated to be worth around $3,650.

More Details on the 2019 Pepsi Zero Sugar Shutouts

  • The sweepstakes begin on April 11th, 2019 and ends on June 15th, 2019
  • The total Estimate Retail Value of all available prizes comes to $20,450
  • Limit of 1 entry per person per day (take advantage and enter daily!)
  • Open to residents of the United States as well as Canada

In order to submit an entry, participants must first check a box to confirm they agree to the Official Rules.  Those who want to know what they’re agreeing to can click the Official Rules link located at the top left hand side of the entry page.  Finally, the names of the winners can be requested by writing to PO Box 941459, Maitland, FL 32794-1459.

2019 Pepsi Zero Sugar Shutouts Sponsor

  • Pepsi-Cola Company
  • 1111 Westchester Ave.
  • White Plains, NY 10604


Another Promotion From Pepsi Zero


www.wessonoilsettlement.com – File Claim Wesson Oil Settlement

Wesson Oil Settlement:  How to Claim Your $$$$

  • Eligible Class Members can file online for compensation
  • The settlement is also accepting claim forms by mail
  • Class Members can file with or without proof of purchase

The parties involved in the cased titled In re ConAgra Foods, Inc. have recently come to a truly enormous settlement agreement which provides $27 MILLION in injunctive relief alone (mostly changes made to the Defendant’s advertising claims).  However, the overall value of the settlement doesn’t stop there.  In addition to the injunction relief, the settlement also provides monetary relief to eligible Class Members (some may say “the good part”).  So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what kind of compensation is available.

What can I get from the Wesson Oil Settlement?

  • Class Members without proof of purchase can claim up to 30 bottles of oil
  • Each bottle of oil claimed is valued at 15 cents ($4.50 max without proof)
  • An extra $10,000 fund is available for those who can provide purchase proof
  • A $575,000 fund is set aside for statutory damages for NY and OR residents

In order to file a claim, Class Members can go to the online settlement page and complete the electronic claim form.  Meanwhile, those who would rather send a form by mail must address it to the Settlement Administrator (seems tedious but whatever floats your boat).  In either case, Class Members should make sure they file on or before the August 22nd, 2019 filing deadline (still PLENTY of time left to make your move!).

More Important Info on the Wesson Oil Settlement

  • Only applies to residents of CA, CO, FL, IL, IN, NE, NY, OH, OR, SD, and TX
  • The time frame of the oil purchase varies by state (see the notice for details)
  • August 6th, 2019 is the deadline for those who wish to request exclusion
  • A hearing to determine the fairness of the settlement is on October 7th, 2019

Class Members with questions about the settlement should try taking a look at the Frequently Asked Questions located within the notice they received.  In addition to the notice, the online filing page also has a complete set of FAQs.  Meanwhile, those who prefer to get help over the phone can contact the Settlement Administrator (when it doubt pick up the phone!).

Wesson Oil Settlement Administrator Contact Information

  • PO Box 91249, Seattle, WA 98111-9349
  • info@wessonoilsettlement.com
  • 833-291-1651

File Online Here

Another Humongous Settlement Now Taking Claims


www.Global.Subway.com – Take Subway Survey & Get FREE Offer

How to Claim the Global Subway Survey Special Offer

  • Customers must provide contact information to begin
  • The survey requires information from a store receipt
  • Customers will receive an offer code after the survey


We all know by now that fast food feedback is a valuable thing.  However, just HOW valuable can vary from place to place.  With this in mind, let’s take a peek at the Global Subway Survey Special Offer.  Subway customers can begin the survey by first entering their contact information.  Once the customer completes the contact form they can then begin entering information from their Subway receipt.

Receipt Items Needed for the Global Subway Survey

  • Subway or Store Number – Located at the top portion of both receipt styles 1 and 2
  • Date of Purchase – This is also located at the top of both receipts (dd/mm/yyyy format)
  • Time of Purchase – Simply look to the right side of the date of purchase to find the time
  • Term ID Transaction Number – This number is located in the middle area of the receipts

After the customer has entered ALL of the receipt information they can complete the actual survey portion of the process (this part happens to be very similar to the Pandora Listens Survey).  The survey is only one page of questions with a box at the end where customers can express their own thoughts.  Upon completion of the survey, participants will receive a code good for the offer listed on the screen (right now it’s a 21 ounce drink or 2 cookies with the purchase of a wrap, salad, or panini).

Read Below Before Claiming Subway Global Survey Offer!

  • Be sure to write the offer code on your receipt before closing the survey
  • Customers must show the code to a Subway employee to get the offer
  • The offer is only good until the expiration date shown on the survey
  • Customers cannot redeem the offer when making a kiosk purchase
  • Try to keep a positive regardless of the experience you are rating!

By the way, customers who can’t locate the required receipt information can view sample receipt images for help.  In order to do so, the customer must click the link located at the top of page 2 of the Global Subway Survey.  When viewing the sample receipts, the information can be found boxed in orange (it’s pretty hard to miss!).

Global Subway Headquarters Contact Information

  • 325 Sub Way, Milford, CT 06461-3059
  • Toll-Free Phone – 800-888-4848
  • Local Phone – 203-877-4281

Provide Feedback & Claim the Offer

Have more opinions to share?







www.talktothebelluk.com – Begin Survey Taco Bell UK Customers

How to Launch the Talk to the Bell UK Survey

  • Customers can enter receipt information to begin the survey
  • The survey comes with a sample image of a Taco Bell receipt
  • Customers can review the survey’s Terms & Privacy Policy

Taco Bell wants to know how its customers in the United Kingdom feel about its service.  In order to find out, the restaurant is using the Talk to the Bell UK Survey.  Customers who want to provide a few opinions can begin by finding the receipt they received at a recent visit (hopefully it’s not already rubbish!).  Once the customer finds their receipt they can bring up the online survey and enter the store number, date, time, and transaction number.   After the customer enters all of the required information they can click the Start button to begin the survey (very much like the HMV-Hear My Voice Survey).

UK Taco Bells Restaurant Makeover!

  • Many locations now feature architecture that fits in with the surrounding area
  • Need a power boost?  Charging stations are located throughout the stores
  • Customers looking to hop on the web can take advantage of FREE WiFi
  • Ever wonder how the food is made?  Find out with the Open Kitchen design

By the way, customers who need help with the receipt information can check out the image located at the right hand side of the Talk to the Bell UK Survey.  While only a part of the receipt is shown, all 4 required items are numbered and outlined.  In addition to the receipt sample, the survey also provides a copy of its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (located at the very bottom of the launch page).

Taco Bell has been in business for more than 50 years and has over 7,000 locations located across the globe.  In the United Kingdom, the franchise opened its 28th location in Bournemouth in April 2018.  Additionally, many UK locations now offer delivery service through Deliveroo.  Customers with general inquiries for Deliveroo can contact the service at +44 203 699 9977.

It’s Feedback Time! 

Another survey to consider

www.RufflesStreak.com – Play Now & Win a Trip to the NBA Finals

Say Hello to the Ruffles Streak for the Seats Promotion

  • Participants can use the code from a Ruffles bag to play
  • Codes from Double Crunch Ruffles are worth 2 plays
  • The promotion provides a Grand Prize and Instant Win Prizes

The NBA playoffs are finally here.  Which means, we’re about to be hit with some pretty sweet basketball-related promotions.  For example, the Ruffles Streak for the Seats Promotion is now open and is set to award 1 lucky Grand Prize winner with tickets to the 2020 NBA Finals!  In order to enter the promotion, the participant must submit a code from a bag of Ruffles at the online registration page (similar to the Lays Turn Up the Flavor Promotion).  Once the participants completes an entry they will receive 1 play for the Instant Win Game.

Ruffles Streak Instant Win Game Prizes

  • 65 Inch 4K TV – 15 of these beauties are up for grabs (an $800 retail value each!)
  • Beats Speaker – A superior sound producing device valued at about $180 each
  • Beats X Earphones – Win a pair and see what all the fuss is about (53 are available)
  • Official NBA Basketball – It only takes 1 shot with a Spalding to feel the difference
  • NBA Store Gift Card – An electronic gift card to the online NBA store worth $20

In addition to the Instant Win Game, the promotion also includes a “streak” contest to decide who gets the Grand Prize.  In order to start a streak, participants must answer questions correctly.  Whoever ends up with the longest streak of correct answers will win the Grand Prize .  However, if there’s a tie there will be a random drawing between all those who were tied for the longest streak.

By the way, participants who buy a bag of Double Crunch ruffles can receive an additional BONUS play of the Instant Win Game.  Otherwise participants can only receive 1 play per day (limit of 1 bag code entry per day).  Those who wish to receive more details can click the Official Rules or FAQs links posted at the bottom of the entry page.

Ruffles Streak for the Seats Sponsor

  • Frito-Lay, Inc.
  • 7701 Legacy Dr.
  • Plano, TX 75024-4099

Enter before the promotion ends at the last NBA Conference Finals tip-off!www.RufflesStreak.com

Another Way to Win – Enter the Own the Throne Sweepstakes



www.WCTCPASettlement.com – Submit Claim to Receive Payment

WC TCPA Settlement:  How to File Online

  • The online filing process requires a Class Member ID
  • Class Members must sign the form for it to be accepted
  • The Settlement Administrator can help with the filing process

It appears the ongoing class action lawsuit called Parker, et al. v. Universal Pictures, et al. is finally coming to an end.  Both parties have agreed to a PENDING settlement valued at a crisp $19 million ($19,225,515 to be precise).  In order to receive payment, Class Members can go to the online filing page and enter their ID number.  Once the Class Member enters their ID they can go ahead and complete the online claim form.  Please note that the Settlement Administrator may reject the form if the Class Member does not sign it.

More Information WC TCPA Settlement

  • The suit was filed over alleged text messages sent to promote the War Craft movie
  • July 10th, 2019 is the last day for Class Members to file a claim (online or by mail)
  • The last day for Class Members to object or request exclusion is May 16th, 2019
  • Class Members who don’t file or request exclusion will miss out on getting paid
  • In terms of overall value, this one falls short of the Alarm TCPA Settlement

By the way, the settlement is broken into 4 different filing classes.  Class Members from class 1 are eligible to receive payment of $35.  Meanwhile, Class Members of classes 2 through 4 can get up to $50 for payment.  However, the possibility exists that payment will be of a lesser amount depending on how many Class Members step forward to file.

Filing a Claim Through the Mail

  • Class Members must make sure the mail is post-marked by the filing deadline
  • Send the form directly to the Settlement Administrator (see contact info below)
  • The online settlement page provides a printable copy of the claim form

In addition to receiving claim forms, the Settlement Administrator can also provide a Class Member ID to those who lost their notice.  Class Members with general questions about the settlement can also contact the Settlement Administrator for assistance (or just take a gander at those handy FAQs located within the notice).

WC TCPA Settlement Administrator Contact Information

  • PO Box 91234, Seattle, WA 98111
  • info@WCTCPASettlement.com
  • 833-402-1723

File before it’s too late!

www.OwnTheThroneSweepstakes.com – Win a Replica Iron Throne

Make Your Play for the Iron Throne!  Here’s How.

  • Participants can sign up by completing a brief online entry form
  • The sweepstakes provides an online copy of its Official Rules
  • Participants can download the AT&T Thanks app at entry

The final season of the fan favorite Game Of Thrones is now upon us.  Therefore, it’s only natural to see an onslaught of promotions related to the show.  For example, AT&T has recently released the “Own the Throne Sweepstakes”.  In order to sign up, participants must go to the online entry page and register with a name, email address, and phone number.  Once registered, the participant will receive 1 entry into a drawing for a chance to win a replica Iron Throne valued at a whopping $18,000 (talk about a dinner party conversation starter!).

Additional Details on the Own the Throne Sweepstakes

  • Only for customers of AT&T (postpaid,internet, and U-verse) and DIRECT TV
  • For some reason DIRECT TV Now customers are excluded from participation
  • Participants may only enter 1 time throughout the entire entry period
  • The entry period begins on April 1st, 2019 and closes on May 7th, 2019
  • In addition to the replica throne, the prize comes with a check for $5,400
  • Has a similar overall prize value as the Good Messy Ribs Sweepstakes

While on the topic of the prize, it should be pointed out that the drawing to decide who receives it will take place around May 8th, 2019.  Additionally, the winner will receive notice via phone call.  However, the sweepstakes WILL NOT leave voices messages so it’s a good idea to start consistently answering the phone around May 8th.  More details about the prize are available within the Official Rules of the sweepstakes (click the link below the entry form to view them).

By the way, participants can also enter the sweepstakes using the AT&T Thanks app.  Those who wish to enter this way can download the app directly from the online entry page.  In order to do so, the participant must click either the one of the available download icons.

Own the Throne Sweepstakes Sponsor

  • AT&T – 1025 Lenox Park Blvd., NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30319

Online Entry