www.europeanwaxcenterexperience.com – Take Guest Survey


It’s time to share your European Wax Center Experience!

  • Take a few minutes to answer some questions for a special offer
  • You can complete the survey in English or Spanish (link provided)
  • Questions?  Review the Terms and Privacy Policy  at the bottom of the survey
  • Accessibility friendly version is also available at www.europeanwaxcenterexperience.com

Alright, let’s get started!  In order to begin feedback, all you’ll need to do is click the Start button (wow that was easy).  Next, just start answering questions!  Let the European Wax Center know how much you appreciated the service (or how much you didn’t) and snag that offer!


European Wax Center Prices?

Prices typically range from as low as $15 all the way up to $70.

How much you’ll end up paying depends on what you have waxed, of course!

Another variable to consider is whether you want full service or half service (only applies to some services).

Additionally, you’d think pricing would also vary depending on where in the country you live (always gotta account for that pesky price of living!).

Once you’re done with the European Wax Center Experience Survey you’ll receive an email with your special offer that you can redeem the next time you go!  Exciting, right??


European Wax Center Reviews at www.europeanwaxcenterexperience.com not your thing?

Try giving Shrimp Basket some feedback with the Shrimp Basket Listens survey!


European Wax Center app??

For some reason the app is overly difficult to find.  However, it DOES exist.

So, let’s find out how to make your life easier!

  • Try including the word “mobile” when searching for the app (not just app)
  • The app comes up as EWC, standing for (wait for it) European Wax Center!
  • You can download the app from both the play store and the app store
  • So go ahead and get it to make your next appointment EASIER!!


Need to get in touch with European Wax Center corporate offices?  Well, you’re in luck!  Here’s the address to the headquarters.

European Wax Center Headquarters

  • 5830 Granite Parkway, Suite 300
  • Plano, TX, 75024


Another survey to mull over…

Talk to AMC!






www.activates3.com – Activate & Register S3 Card Online

Activate S3 Card Online

  • The system allows you to both register and activate your card
  • Ready to get started?  Grab your card and hop on the internet
  • You’re gonna need your 17 digit card handy during the process
  • Solutran contact information is available

Let’s face it, a spending card is nothing but a little ole’ piece of plastic until it’s been activated.  Therefore, activating your card is of the upmost importance.  Fortunately, you can activate AND register your S3 card online in a few simple steps.  So let’s find out what those steps are, shall we??

Steps for Activating Your Card at www.activates3.com

  • Enter your card number (it’s 17 digits long and right under the barcode)
  • Type in your security code in the field beneath the card number
  • Hopefully you know your date of birth because you’ll need it for step 3
  • Finally, hit the Submit button to move forward with the card activation
  • Quick tip:  Always double check the information you entered is correct!

By the way, if you can’t find your card number or security code you can reference the sample image posted at www.activates3.com.  Activation not working??  Maybe you’re at the wrong place.  Be sure to confirm your card has that beautiful S3 logo printed on it!

What about www.activates3.com United Healthcare??

There seems to be some chatter about this topic?

Anyone from United Healthcare been issued one of these?

If so, let us know about your experience on activating your card.

Always helps to have some first hand knowledge of how smoothly it went.


Healthy Benefits Plus Anthem BCBS OTC

Speaking of spending cards……

Anthem offers a sweet deal where you can use its Healthy Benefits Plus card to purchase eligible items at participating stores!

All you need to do is register the card to get started.

Anyone know how the Healthy Benefits Plus spending card stacks up?  Hopefully the registration process is EASY.

Learn more about the Healthy Benefits Plus Anthem BCBC OTC card at www.healthybenefitsplus.com


Finally, you can check out the terms and privacy policy at the bottom of the card activation page (because we all have time for some extra reading, don’t we??).

Problems with the activation process at www.activates3.com??

Try giving Solutran a call for help!  Hey, that’s what they’re there for, right?? See below for contact information.

Solutran Contact Information

  • 13305 12th Ave. North
  • Minneapolis, MN 55441
  • 763-559-2225

Please note that the phone lines are open from 8 AM to 5 PM CST Monday through Friday (hopefully there’s something better to do on the weekends!).


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Manage Your Lowe’s Advantage of Lowe’s Visa Rewards Card at Lowe’s eService

Have YOU received an award lately?  You may need to your gift card at the Award of Choice center (it’s a fairly straight-forward process don;t don’t be discouraged!).



Tell M and S UK Consumer Survey (Chance to Win £250)


Take the 2020 Tell M and S UK Survey & Enter the Draw

  • Same rules as last year so just provide your thoughts and enter!
  • You can use your receipt information to bring up the survey
  • Questions? Be sure to review the Terms & Conditions of the draw
  • More questions?? Contact Marks and Spencer for help!!
  • Get the party started at www.tellmands.co.uk

We’re now well into 2020.  As with all new years, some things change, and something stay the same.  We’re pleased to see the 2020 Tell M and S Survey Draw is the latter.  Sooo, do you remember how to enter?  Still thirsty to provide your opinion?   Keep reading!

In order to begin the survey,  enter the date of visit, time of visit, and 3 codes from your receipt (because 2 codes just won’t do!).  Once you’ve enter all the information, go ahead and tap the Next button to move on to the questions.

But what if I don’t have a receipt for www.tellmands.co.uk?

First, take a deep breath.  Then smile because you can still participate!

Just enter the date, time, region, and location you visited.

Next, choose from one of the 15 regions in the dropdown list.

Once you confirm the region, the actual locations will populate (and there sure are plenty!).

By the way, it’s worth mentioning that you can refer to a sample image of a Marks & Spencer receipt if you get stuck (don’t worry it only shows the bottom of the receipt where the relevant data is listed).  In addition to the sample image, the survey also allows you to take a gander at the previous prize winners (so try to get your 15 minutes of fame and become one of them!).

Should I Take Marks and Spencer Survey at www.tellmands.co.uk??

  • The draw will award £250 to 1 lucky winner for each month
  • Be patient as you can only receive up to 2 survey entries per week
  • If you win you should get a notice by email within 15 days of the draw
  • Winners will receive the prize as a cheque (too bad it’s not cash!)
  • Side note: The EWM Cares draw offers the same £250 prize

While on the topic of the prize, it should be pointed out the winner will forfeit the £250 if they don’t accept the prize within 14 days of notice (so get up off that couch and accept the prize before it goes to someone else!).  Further, winners cannot transfer their prize and must accept it as awarded.  You can review the full set of rules by clicking the Terms & Conditions link located at the bottom of the surveyIn addition to its Terms & Conditions, the survey also provides participants with a copy of its Privacy Policy (in case you get bored and feel like numbing the ole’ noggin a bit).

An Aerial View of Marks and Spencer

  • Over 1,000 Marks and Spencer locations are located throughout the United Kingdom (it seems like even more!)
  • The retailer employs more than 80,000 people and runs over 400 international locations (a true global giant)
  • M&S sells online and in stores to more than 50 countries worldwide (quite the footprint!)
  • The store posted over 10 BILLION in total revenue in 2018 (an amazing accomplishment)
  • M&S origins date all the way back to 1884 in Northern England (incredibly rich history)

Those with customer service inquiries for Marks & Spencer can try calling 0333 014 8555 for assistance.  Meanwhile, customers with general questions for the company can try contacting the Marks & Spencer headquarters in London.

A Few More Notes on the Tell M and S UK Draw

If you win you may be required to participate in a bit of publicity (so check the shyness at the door)!

The survey prize draw prize in Euros is 300.

Ya gotta be at least 18 to take part n the survey.

If you complete more than 2 surveys only the first 2 will be entered into the prize draw.

Oh, and if you win the taxes are ON YOU!

But…let’s not end on a low note.  There’s some new stuff at Marks and Spencer for 2020 that you NEED to check out.

New Arrival at Marks and Spencer for 2020:  The Goodmove Collection

  • Reversible Quilted Jacket – Because 2 looks are always better than 1!
  • Quilted Bog Lined Parka – Looks great but what on earth is Borg??
  • Lightweight Padded Running Gilet – Sleek, agile, and ready to roll
  • Waterproof Parka – The snow and rain won’t stand a chance!
  • Go Train Gym Leggings – Start the new year off right (in the gym)
  • Go Perform Compression Leggings – We all love compression

Finally, you can also take the Tell M and S survey by phone (as an alternative to at www.tellmands.co.uk).  In order to do so, just dial 020 7935 4422 if you’re in the UK or 014854179 if you’re n the ROI.  You can reach the promoter of the prize draw at the below address.

Tell M & S UK Survey Prize Draw Promoter

  • 35 North Wharf RD., London, W2 1NW

Recent Reviews of the Tell M&S Prize Draw

Derek G. “Haven’t won yet but the anticipation of the monthly draw is almost as good as winning.  ALMOST.”

Veronica C. “I Hope I win someday because there’s A LOT of things I could buy at Marks and Spencer with an extra £250!”

More M&S Feedback to get off your chest?


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Been to a Wilko lately?  If so, you may have been invited to provide your winning thoughts!  Hint:  There many be £100 in it for ya if you do.

Attention Hammerson Shopping Centre visitors – you may have the opportunity to enter a prize draw.  Find out how to take the Shop-and-Tell Survey.  It could be WELL worth your time!

Hey all you video gamers out there!  Been to a GAME store lately?  Then take the Game On Feedback Survey!  There could be a sweet prize waiting for you :D.


www.ibuypower.com/register – Register for Rewards

I Buy Power Register for Rewards

  • Sign up for an account to join in on the fun!
  • Once registered use your email address to sign in and submit as review
  • Customer service is available if you need help with your account
  • You can also sign up for the newsletter at www.ibuypower.com/register

Reviews are one of the first things any customer looks for when deciding on a purchase (just think about how many times you’ve been caught in that ole’ Yelp rabbit hole!).  Therefore, it’s no surprise a reward system like the one used by I Buy Power has carved out a nice little niche for itself.  Let’s find out about how YOU can earn rewards with I Buy Power.

Earning your rewards at www.ibuypower.com/register

First you’ll need to con firm exactly where it was you purchased that sweet new system.

Once you confirm the place of purchase choose where you want to leave your review.

After you wrap up your review you’ll need to complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Finally, you must upload screenshots of your reviews before you submit your request for a reward.

Please note that you can submit up to 1 review on each of the available sites that are listed.

By the way, it may help to know how you’ll be rewarded (that is kinda the whole point of this after all, isn’t it??).  Once you’re finished with your review you can choose between 2 types of rewards.  The first is I Buy Power rewards points.  Meanwhile, the other option is Amazon gift cards.

Wondering how much you’ll get??  We got ya covered!

You can redeem up to $10 per review in Amazon gift cards and up to 30,000 I Buy Power points for each review.  so it’s time for a decision!  Which route will you go?  The choice is all yours, just figure out which is the best option and go with it!

Need some customer service?  Call I Buy Power between the hours of 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM PST for help.  Here’s the toll -free number:  888-462-3899.

And here’s the address if you need to send something!

I Buy Power Address

  • 529 N. Baldwin Park Blvd.
  • City of Industry, CA 91746


Speaking of reviews…..

Review Shrimp Basket with the Shrimp Basket Listens survey!


www.chipotlenongmoclassaction.com – File Claim

Chipotle Non-GMO Class Action

  • File your claim online if for the quickest and easiest submission
  • You can also choose to file your claim through the mail
  • There’s some important deadline you need to be aware of
  • Questions?  The administrator can help you out!
  • FAQs available at www.chipotlenongmoclassaction.com

It looks like a lot of folks across the country are going to be $2 richer in the near future.  How you ask?  A pending class action settlement appears ready to be resolved.  The settlement for a case called  Martin Schneider et al. v. Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. is now taking claims for those who have been impacted by the lawsuit.  So here’s some stuff YOU need to know.  ASAP.

Filing at www.chipotlenongmoclassaction.com

As we stated earlier this is BY FAR the easiest way to get your moolah.  Just go to the filing site and click the Submit a Claim tab.

Once the claim form appears, fill it out in its ENTIRETY.

Gonna show some proof of purchase?  You’ll need to upload the required documents online.

Finally, slap an e-signature on that bad boy and wait for payday!

While on the topic of proof of purchase, it should be pointed out that you can only submit 5 claims per household if you don’t have proof.  However, if you CAN prove your purchase, you’ll be eligible for a total of 10 claims.  Further the maximum amount of total claims per household is 15.

By the way, you’ll need to keep a couple dates in mind.  For instance, May 30th, 2020 is the final day you can file a claim (if you file by mail it must be post-marked by this date.  Additionally, July 30th, 2020 is the day on which the Final Approval Hearing will be held (this is when they decide whether or not the settlement will go through).

Questions?  Give the settlement administrator a shout!  Here’s the contact info.

Chipotle Non-GMO Class Action Settlement Administrator

  • 1650 Arch St., Suite 2210
  • Philadelphia, PA 19103
  • info@chipotlenongmoclassaction.com
  • 877-715-4517


Another recent settlement

Lex Law TCPA Settlement

meijer.accountonline.com – New Meijer Account Online

Meijer Account Online Access

Attention Meijer cardholders!  You may have noticed your Meijer card account is going through some changes.

The good news is, setting up your account for online access is as easy as (insert either 123 or ABC).

Once you’ve set up your account you’ll be able to access your card and set up the coveted AUTOPAY option (it just makes life that much easier!).

FAQs are also available art  meijer.accountonline.com.

In order to set up an account with the new site choose the (wait for it) Set Up Account option.  Once you’ve done that enter your card information and click the Verify button to continue.  Questions?  Click that Get Help tab at the bottom right hand side of the screen!

Existing Account Access at meijer.accountonline.com

  • Click the Sign In Now button to be directed to the Meijer Card login screen
  • Enter your login credentials to gain access to your card
  • Can’t sign on?  There’s recovery options for BOTH User ID and password
  • Smack that Remember Me box if you think you’ll be a steady visitor!

By the way, it’s important to note that your auto pay settings from your old account WILL NOT automatically carry over to your new one (in other words get it set up again!).  For more information about your card set up and online account click the See FAQs link at the bottom of the account set up page.

Finally, Citi customer service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week if you need help with your card (and even if you don;t for that matter!).  So if you have questions don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and dial 877-816-9401.

Payment due on your Meijer card?  Here’s the mailing address to send payment to!

Meijer Card Payment Address

  • PO Box 9001006
  • Louisville, KY 40290-1006


Additional Card Content

My Card Info Cards Bausch Lomb

www.callofduty.com/unlink – Unlink Call of Duty Account

Call of Duty Unlink Your Account

  • You can try logging in to attempt unlinking our account
  • You’ll need your normal login info top proceed
  • Alternative login methods are also presented
  • Customer support is available

There comes a time were it’s time to unlink your Activision account from whatever it’s been tied to (Xbox, PS, etc.).  However, doing so doesn’t appear to be the easiest thing to do.  Some have reported receiving instructions to do so at www.callofduty.com/unlink.  Upon arrival at the page you’ll need to enter a username and password to try this way.

More On the Call of Duty Unlinking Process at www.callofduty.com/unlink

  • Some have said that only Activision can unlink your account
  • You can also login with other accounts
  • Try Steam, Xbox, PS, and Blizzard (you’ll get a new login page)
  • Can’t get into your account?  Try resetting your password! Enter your email address to begin

So were you able to get your account unlinked?  Hopefully, it’s wasn’t all that difficult (Activision is usually pretty good with support issues).

While on the topic of support, did you know that Activision has a huge support forum?  Yep, it’s MASSIVE.  To help yourself this way, simply choose what you need help with (game, platform, topic or issue).  Next, choose the option that best fits your need and START READING!

Activision Blizzard has users in nearly 200 countries (talk about some rapid growth!).  Additionally, the company has almost 500 MILLION active monthly users in addition to it’s 9,000 plus employees (with that many users they might need to get even more help!).  Finally, the company has headquarters located in Santa Monica, CA (sounds like a great place to set up shop if you’re asking us!).


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www.shrimpbasketlistens.com – Shrimp Basket Survey

Shrimp Basket Listens! 

  • Got you’re receipt ready?  Gonna need it
  • A sample image is provided for reference
  • Survey is available in both English and Spanish
  • You can also review the terms at www.shrimpbasketlistens.com

If you’ve recently loaded up on some savory shrimp at Shrimp Basket, there’s a chance you’ve also received an invite to take the restaurant’s customer survey.  So if you have, here’s how to get it done!  First, grab your receipt and go to the online survey page.  In order to begin, type in the 3 digit store number, date of service, time of service, and order number (these are all located on your receipt).  Once you’ve entered all of the above information tap the Start button to proceed.

A few more notes about taking the survey at www.shrimpbasketlistens.com

Can’t find the information on your receipt?  Don’t fret, there just so happens to be a handy little sample image posted at the survey.

The sample image highlights the location of all the information needed to begin your survey (it’s a big bright red color so you won’t miss it!).

Having trouble with the language?  You can easily switch between English and Spanish by clicking the link below the Start button.

Worried about time?  Hey, it’s only gonna take a minute or two so you shouldn’t have a problem fitting it into your busy schedule.

So what did you think of your visit to Shrimp Basket?  Hopefully they straight up CRUSHED IT!  Either way, don’t hesitate to let ’em know whatcha think (that’s the whole point of the Shrimp Basket Listens survey after all).

Shrimp Basket is has many locations scattered across the shores of the Gulf.  Additionally, some locations have even started showing up in the northern parts of Alabama.


Another customer survey to consider…..

Take the Shop-and-Tell Customer survey!

www.glucreport.com – Glucose Health Investing Report

Take a look at the latest Gluc Report!

  • The report has a variety of information about Glucose Health Inc.
  • Interested in the product?  Link to Glucose Down is provided
  • Review the latest headline news about the company
  • An online video is also posted at www.glucreport.com

You may have recently seen a commercial directing you to take a look at the Glucose Report.  If so (or even if you haven’t) you can read about what Glucose Health Inc. is up to in one convenient report site.  So whatcha waiting for?  Buckle down and start reading!

More about www.glucreport.com

You can view a summary about what the product Glucose Down does under “The Product” section of the report.

The informative video is only about 30 seconds long (in other words it may be worth sparing a few moments to take a look).

Go to the New Retail Products section to see what may be arriving to the market in the future.

Editorial Coverage shows what some of the leading investment publications have to say about the company.

So what do you think?  Is this a commercial for Glucose Down or is it an investor research page for Glucose Health Inc.?  The answer may lye somewhere in between.

About Glucose Down

  • Worried about sugar?  Don’t be!  The product doesn’t have any.
  • What about Caffeine?  Yep.  It’s free of that as well.
  • Having a hard time getting your daily fiber?  Glucose Down is a good source.
  • The product comes in a variety of flavors (nice to change it up now and then)

Finally, if you’re ready to give Glucose Down a try, take a look at Amazon or Walmart (according to the report page you can get it at both retail behemoths).

Glucose Health Inc. is traded under symbol GLUC.

Need to reach the company?

Here’s the address and phone number!

  • 609 SW 8th Street, 6th Floor
  • Bentonville, AR 72712
  • 479-802-3827


More Business Info

Take a Look at the Lex Law TCPA Settlement

www.workfordhl.com – Begin DHL New Job Application

Work for DHL!

Anyone need a job?  DHL is hiring!

So why not mosey on over to the carrier’s application page to find out what’s in the hopper?

In order to begin a new application, click the Apply button located next to your desired position.

Want to pass along the good news to a friend in need?  Hit that Share button to send the application!

You can also search for specific openings at www.workfordhl.com.

The search for a new job (or better yet CAREER) isn’t always the most pleasant experience.  However, DHL is doing it’s part to perk things up a bit.  For example, you can search and apply for a job in a matter of minutes using the company’s job application portal.  So what are you waiting for?  Jump online and get after it!

More on applying at www.workfordhl.com

  • Each position shows the address of where you will be working if you get hired
  • Search for jobs by career category, region, or keyword (narrow it down!)
  • Didn’t see anything you liked?  Sign up to receive job updates!
  • You can also upload your resume directly through the work for DHL portal
  • Click the links at the bottom of the page to follow DHL on social media

Finally, you can change the language the application portal is displayed in by clicking the link at the top right hand side of the page (English, French, and Spanish are available).

Did you know that DHL is responsible for delivering over 1 BILLION parcels each year?  Did you know that the company reaches over 200 couturiers across the globe?  Take a minute to let that all sink in.  Then consider becoming one of the almost 400 HUNDRED THOUSAND people strong DHL workforce (always nice to be part of a large family!).

DHL Corporate Offices Address

  • 1210 South Pine Island Rd.
  • Fourth Floor Plantation, FL 33324


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Check out the SWEET Place to Work!