www.PepsiPayZero.com – Upload Pepsi Receipt & Win a Gift Card!

How to Play the Pepsi Pay Zero Instant Win Game

  • Participants can enter an email address to begin registration
  • The promotion requires participants to submit a receipt to enter
  • Participants can request a free entry code if they don’t have a receipt

It’s hard to top the excitement generated by a well done Instant Win Game.  That said, it appears Pepsi will be providing PLENTY of excitement over the course of the next 30 days.  The Pepsi Pay Zero Sugar Instant Win Game is now upon and is set to award $70 Walmart Gift Cards to some lucky folks across the country.  In order to enter, participants must first purchase a Pepsi product from Walmart.  Once the participant makes the purchase they can go to the online entry page and enter an email address.  Finally, the participant must complete a brief registration form and upload a receipt showing the Pepsi purchase.

Pepsi Pay Zero Instant Win Game:  The Juicy Details

  • The game runs for just over a month from March 15th, 2019 through April 20th
  • Participants may play the game once per day (if you don’t win just play again!)
  • The promotion will be awarding a total of 3,000 Walmart electronic gift cards
  • Winners will receive their gift card via email within 48 hours of the big win

Those who are wondering how they can get in on the action can locate the nearest participating Walmart from the online entry page.   In order to do so, the participant can click the Find a Store tab to bring up a local map that shows nearby Walmart locations.

By the way, participants can enter without making a purchase by requesting an entry code at www.PepsiPayZero.com/amoe.  In the same way as the receipt upload entry method, participants can enter once per day via the free code.

Reasons to Play the Pepsi Pay Zero Instant Win Game

  • $70 can go a LONG way at a value superstore like Walmart (load that cart to the brim!)
  • The promotion offers immediate results after a play (skip the nerve racking suspense)
  • Those who enter via the receipt method get to enjoy an ice cold Pepsi Zero Sugar
  • Unlike the La Romana Woman’s Day Sweepstakes the promotion offers multiple prizes

Participants who want to check out the rules of the promotion can do so by clicking the Official Rules link located at the entry page.  In addition to the rules, participants can also review a brief FAQ list by clicking the Customer Support link.

Pepsi Pay Zero Instant Win Game Sponsor

  • Walmart
  • P.O. Box 251328
  • West Bloomfield, MI 48325

Another Game to Play

www.haggarhofdad.com – Enter Haggar Hall of Fame Dad Contest

Haggar HOF Dad Contest:  How to Enter

  • The contest accepts entries at the online registration page
  • Participants can enter using a video or photo nomination
  • The contest provides a full online copy of its Official Rules

Let’s face it, lot’s of people say their dad is the greatest.  While this certainly is a subjective claim, Haggar is now giving folks a chance to validate their #1 dad assertions through its Hall of Fame Dads Contest.  In order to enter the contest, participants must go to the online registration page and submit a video or photo along with captions on why they are nominating their father.  In addition to the video or photo, participants must also complete a brief entry form to confirm the entry.  At the end of the contest America will vote to see which dad is the Grand Prize winner (sure beats the “my dad is better than your dad” school yard banter).

A Deeper Dive Into the Haggar HOF Dad Contest

  • The contest accepts nominations between March 13th, 2019 and April 31st, 2019
  • 1 nomination per person (dads can be nominated by multiple siblings though)
  • The winner will be sent to the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony
  • The total Approximate Retail Value of the trip to the Hall of Fame is $7,550.00
  • Value of the trip falls short of the one offered by the Nabisco Unrivaled promotion

While on the topic of prizes, it should be noted that the Grand Prize winner can opt to receive a $5,000 cash payment instead of the trip (lesser value but if football is not your thing take the moolah!).  Additionally, the contest will also award 50 prize packs of various Haggar clothing items to the winners of each state.  Those who want to see who won all the prizes can come back to the online entry page after June 30th, 2019 to find out.

Finally, participants can check out this year’s nominees by scrolling to the bottom of the entry page.  Those who are looking for a specific nominee can use the search bar located above the photos.  Meanwhile, those with questions about the contest can try reviewing the information found under the FAQ link.

HaggarHOF Dad Contest Sponsor

  • Haggar Clothing Co.
  • 1507 LBJ Freeway, Suite 100
  • Farmers Branch, TX 75234


Another Sports Themed Sweepstakes

www.venmo.com/verifybank – Begin Venmo Bank Account Verification

A Look at the Venmo Verify Bank Account Process

  • Customers must login to their Venmo account to begin
  • Venmo will make micro transfers for manual verification
  • The system provides online password recovery help

Anyone who has ever signed up for an account with an online payment vendor likely knows that it’s only a matter of time before they must verify their bank account.  Fortunately, this process is becoming easier by the day.  For example, Venmo customers who need to verify a bank account can choose from 2 easy options.  The first of which allows customers to complete verification by using their bank account login information.  Meanwhile, customers who would rather keep this information to themselves can use the microtransfer method (one of the original methods and the one we prefer).

How does Venmo verify bank microtransfers?

  • Customers must add their bank using their account number and routing number
  • Venmo will send 2 microtransfers for less than $1 each (many times FAR less than $1)
  • The transfers include both withdrawals and despots that are made simultaneously
  • Customers should make sure they have at least $2 in their account (to avoid overdraft)

Once the customer receives the 2 microtransfers they can go to the Venmo verify bank account page and login using their account username and password.  It should be noted that customers should see the microtransfer shows up in their account within 1 to 3 business days.  However, those who don’t see the transfer should check their email as they may have entered an incorrect bank account or routing number (those long numbers are easy to jumble up!).

By the way, customers who are having trouble logging in due to a forgotten password can reset it directly from the Venmo verify bank account page.  In order to do so, customers must click the Forgot password? link and enter either a mobile number or email address.  Once the customers enters the required information they will receive a link to reset their password with.

Venmo Headquarters

  • 95 Morton St. Floor 5
  • New York, NY 10014


Speaking of verification processes….


www.attwatchtv.com/verify – Activate Number & Get Live Streaming

AT&T Watch TV Verify Your Phone Number:  Here’s How

  • Customers can begin by authorizing their mobile number
  • The process requires customers to send a text message
  • Customers can learn more about AT&T Unlimited Plans

AT&T is now offering its Unlimited Data Plan customers their very own live TV streaming and entertainment hub.  However, it appears customer must first authorize their phone number before they can take advantage of this sweet deal.  In order to begin the activation process, customers must first visit the AT&T Watch TV verify a number page.  Once the customer is at the page they can go ahead and send a text to the 4 digit code shown on the screen.  After AT&T receives the text, the screen will update automatically (how does it know to do that??).  By the way, the word that customers must send via text message is shown in big blue letters towards the top of the verification page.

A Look at Unlimited Data From AT&T

  • Plans include AT&T Unlimited & More Premium and AT&T Unlimited & More
  • The premium plan can cost as little as $48 per month (that will certainly work!)
  • Customers can snag the regular Unlimited & More plan for only $40 per month
  • Both plans provide unlimited talk, text, and data (includes Canada and Mexico!)
  • The premium plan provides customers with their very own 15G mobile hot spot

Customers who do not have an unlimited plan can find out more details about what’s available by clicking the link located at the bottom of the AT&T Watch TV verify a number page.  Once the plans appears, customers can make a side by side comparison to see which plan best fits their needs.

Finally, it should be mentioned that customers are giving AT&T permission to access their account by sending the activation text.  Customers can review more about this directly from the AT&T Watch TV verify a number page.

AT&T Customer Service Numbers

  • General Wireless Questions – 800-331-0500
  • New Wireless Service Orders – 888-333-6651


More Fun From AT&T


www.Sprint.com/AAAtv – Enter to Win a 65″ 4K Samsung Smart TV

Sprint AAA TV Sweepstakes:  How to Enter

  • The sweepstakes provides registration at the online entry page
  • Participants can review an online copy of the Official Rules
  • A Samsung Galaxy offer is available at the entry page

It’s time to get rid of that old plasma television and step into a brand new 4K Smart TV (or just add another to the collection if you already have one).  One way someone can go about accomplishing this is by entering the Sprint Works SM AAA Spring Fling Sweepstakes.  The sweepstakes is now up and running and will be awarding 1 lucky winner with a 65″ Samsung QLED Smart 4K UHD TV.  In order to enter, participants must go to the online registration page and fill out the entry form.  Once the participant completes the form they can sign up for offers and news from Sprint prior to submitting it (or not, if you prefer an easy to manage email inbox).

Visiting the Sprint AAA TV Sweepstakes Rule Book

  • The sweepstakes lasts over a month from March 18th, 2019 through April 18th, 2019
  • Unfortunately, this is NOT a multiple entry sweepstakes (only 1 entry per person folks)
  • The Approximate Retail Value of the TV is $2,199.99 (in other words it’s a NICE TV set)
  • The sweepstakes will hold a drawing around April 22nd, 2019 to select the winner

While on the topic of the prize, it should be pointed out that the winner must respond to notice within 5 days.  If the winner does not respond within this time frame the sweepstakes will select an alternate winner (so stay alert if you want to replace that old plasma).  Participants can review the full set of rules by clicking the Official Rules link located beneath the entry form.

By the way, participants who need a phone upgrade should take a look at special offer located the bottom of the entry page.  The offer provides a Samsung Galaxy S10e when the customer leases any Samsung 10 Series (not quite as lucrative as the Take a New Look Rewards offer but still something to consider).

Sponsor of the Sprint AAA TV Sweepstakes

  • Sprint Communications Company L.P.
  • 6160 Sprint Parkway, Overland Park, KS 66251


Another Chance to Win BIG

www.EBPlusItUpSweepstakes.com – Enter Today & Win $5,000.00!

EB Plus It Up Sweepstakes & Instant Win Game

  • The sweepstakes portion of the promotion awards the Grand Prize
  • The First through Fourth Prizes are awarded in the Instant Win Game
  • Participants can check out information on the 60 Day Challenge

In a world where many sweepstakes last less than a month (or even a week in some extreme cases!), it’s nice to see one that has some LEGS.  For instance, the newly released “Plus It Up” from Eggland’s Best runs from March 12th, 2019 through June 25th, 2019 (that’s well over a quarter of a year!).  In order to enter, participants mus go to the online registration page and fill out the entry form.  Once the participant completes the form they can decide whether or not to receive updates from Eggland’s Best prior to submitting the form.

EB Plus It Up Sweepstakes & Instant Win Game Prizes

  • The Grand Prize is a package that includes $5,000, a fitness tracker, and a “swag bag”
  • The First Prize is a fitness tracker valued at $149 (get motivated to stay in good shape!)
  • Winners of the Second and Third Prizes will receive gift cards valued at $100 and $50
  • Whoever wins a Fourth Prize will receive a dozen eggs (sunny side up please!)
  • The overall value of all prizes exceeds the La Romana Woman’s Day sweeps

While on the topic of prizes, it should be clarified that there are 50 prizes available for all Instant Win Game Prizes (First through Fourth).  Meanwhile, the sweepstakes is awarding just 1 Grand Prize.  Further, winners should expect to receive their prizes within 4 to 6 weeks from the end of the promotion (seems like a reasonable fulfillment time to us!).

By the way, the sweepstakes will award the Grand Prize through a random drawing on or around July 1st, 2019.  Those who want to find out the name of the Grand Prize winner can send a request to PO Box 295, Gainesville, VA 20156.  In addition to the Grand Prize winner, the names of the First through Third Prizes are also available upon request (those who won the eggs can revel in anonymity).

Sponsor of the EB Plus It Up Sweepstakes

  • Eggland’s Best, LLC
  • 70 East Swedesford Rd.
  • Suite 150, Malvern, PA 19355


Need another chance to win?

www.takeanewlookrewards.com – Enter the 2019 Spring Promotion

Take a New Look Rewards:  Spring 2019 Promotion

  • The promotion includes both Sweepstakes & Giveaway Prizes
  • Participants can also take part in a special reward offer
  • Participants can review a Frequently Asked Questions list

Some promotions are known for providing an exciting sweepstakes.  Others are best remembered for saving folks money with some sort of special offer.  However, it’s a sight to behold when a promotion comes through on BOTH of these incentives.  For instance, the Spring 2019 Unilever Take a New Look Rewards Promotion is coming to the table with a sweepstakes that awards $200 gift cards as well as an offer for a $10 reward.  In order to enter the sweepstakes, participants must go to the promotion’s registration page and click the Enter Now button.  Meanwhile, participants who are looking to take advantage of the special offer can click the Get Started button.

Details of the Take a New Look Rewards Sweepstakes

  • The sweepstakes begins taking entries on March 1st, 2019 and ends on May 31st
  • A $5 Albertsons gift card Giveaway Prize is available to the first 1,000 participants
  • There will be a total of 13 Sweepstakes Prizes (each a $200 Albertsons gift card)
  • The Approximate Retail Value of all prizes available in the promotion is $5,000.00
  • Overall value is similar to the ongoing Sweeps AARP Enter Travel 2019 promotion

When it comes to entries, the sweepstakes allows participants to enter once per weekly entry period.  Additionally, the sweepstakes only allows entry from residents of certain states.  Participants can review the full details of the sweepstakes by clicking the Official Rules link posted at the entry page.

A “New Look” at the Take a New Look Rewards Offer

  • Participants will receive a $10 reward after buying $30 worth of Unilever products
  • The offer runs from March 1st, through May 31st (the same as the sweepstakes)
  • Participants must submit a receipt or multiple receipts showing the purchases
  • Examples of brands participating in the offer include Dove, Vaseline, and Axe

By the way, participants who earn the reward must make sure they redeem it no later than June 30th, 2019 (don’t let that hard work go to waste!).  Additionally, participants are limited to a total of 5 rewards.  Participants can review the full details of the special offer by clicking the View Full Reward Details link.  Finally, those with questions about the offer can try reviewing the FAQs located at the top of the entry page.

Take a New Look Rewards Promotion Sponsor

  • Unilever
  • 800 Sylvan Ave.
  • Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632


Ready for more fun?






www.AlarmTCPAClassAction.com – File Claim for Alarm Settlement

Alarm TCPA Class Action:  How to File

  • Class Members can submit their claim forms online
  • The settlement also provides claim filing by mail
  • Class Members can confirm the number of calls

Lawsuit settlements come in many different shapes and sizes.  However, one that exceeds the $100 MILLION threshold is one to stand up and take notice of.  For an example of such a settlement, we now turn to the case called Abante Rooter and Plumbing, Inc., et al. v. Alarm.com Incorporated et al.  The case came about based on allegations made by the Plaintiffs that the Defendant violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by making automated telemarketing calls.  In order to begin an online claim, participants can go to the filing page and click the File Claim tab (filing is available regardless of whether the filer has a claim number).

More on the Alarm TCPA Class Action

  • It’s estimated that each eligible Class Member will receive between $92 and $142
  • Class Members must submit their claims no later than the April 16th, 2019 deadline
  • April 16th, 2019 is also the deadline for Class Members to submit exclusion requests
  • The court will hold a hearing on the fairness of the settlement on August 13th, 2019
  • The total amount of the settlement far exceeds the $17,000,000 Vizio TV Settlement

Additionally, the Plaintiffs also allege the Defendant made calls using a recorded or fake voice.  Further, the suit alleges the Defendant made calls to numbers found on the National Do Not call Registry without prior permission from the call recipients (that sure is a lot of allegations!).  Class Members can review the full details of why the suit was filed under Section 2 of the settlement notice.

By the way, the settlement also provides filing by mail.  In order to do so, Class Members must fill out a claim form and send it directly to the Settlement Administrator.  Please note that claim forms must be post-marked no later than the April 16th, 2019 deadline.

In addition to the accepting claim forms, the Settlement Administrator can also help answer questions about the settlement.  Meanwhile, those who would rather help themselves can look for answers within the FAQs found online and within the notice.

Alarm TCPA Class Action Settlement Administrator

  • PO Box 505034
  • Louisville, KY 40233-9702
  • 855-256-2243


Another TCPA Class Action


www.dishbracketchallenge.com – Fill Out Your TV Bracket & Enter

Take the Dish Bracket Challenge!

  • Participants must fill out a bracket of popular shows
  • The promotion will award a total of 3 cash prizes
  • Participants can review the Official Rules for details

Everyone knows it’s the time of year when fans attempt to pick which teams will rise to the top of college basketball.  However, this year fans of TELEVISION can also participate in the fun.  For instance, Dish has released a new promotion that allows fans to pick their favorite all time comedies and dramas from both 20th and 21st Century Fox.  In order to enter, participants must go to the online registration page and fill out a bracket.  Once the participant completes the bracket they can provide registration information to complete the entry.  While we agree with most of the shows selected, we DO NOT agree with the seeding.  For instance, The Simpsons and Seinfeld are forced into a 2nd round match up (these should both be 1 seeds!).

Dish Bracket Challenge Top Shows (in our opinion)

  • Mad Men – An hour drama that focuses on the mysterious “ad man” Don Draper
  • Breaking Bad – Walter White decides to “break bad” in order to help his family
  • Seinfeld – Jerry and the gang provide a laugh a minute in this show about nothing
  • The Simpsons – The longest running TV show currently on the air (says something)

By the way, the promotion decides the correct picks based on surveys given to Dish customers.  Additionally, the promotion will release the correct picks for each round at different times throughout the promotion.  Those who want to review the pick release dates can click the Official Rules link located at the bottom of the entry page.

As far as the prizes go, the promotion will award the top 3 highest point totals.  The participant with the most points will get a whopping $10,000 in cash.  Meanwhile, the participants with the 2nd and 3rd highest point totals will receive $5,000 and $2,500, respectively.

Finally, it should be mentioned that those who plan on entering must submit their bracket no later than March 21st, 2019.  Further, the promotion only allows participants to submit a total of 1 bracket.

Sponsor of  the Dish Bracket Challenge

  • DISH Network L.L.C.
  • 9601 S. Meridian BLVD.
  • Englewood, Colorado 80112


Another Current Sweepstakes

www.NabiscoUnrivaled.com – Enter & Win a Trip to the Final Four

The Nabisco Unrivaled Favorites Sweepstakes

  • Participants can go to the online entry page to sign up
  • The sweepstakes offers an alternative text message entry
  • A copy of the Official Rules is available at the entry page

For those who haven’t been paying close attention, many sweepstakes now provide a variety of unique recipes at their entry pages (the recipes usually involve food items made by the Sponsor, of course).  For example, the Savor Moment Sweepstakes from Avocados From Mexico provides many recipes that can be made with (you guessed it) AVOCADOS.  Another example of such a promotion is the new Nabisco Unrivaled Sweepstakes.  While at the online entry page, participants can click the View Recipes button to be directed to a Pinterest page.  Once at the page, participants can view a variety of recipes made with Nabisco products (we like the Oreo Slam Dunk Cookie Ball Pops).

How to Enter the Nabisco Unrivaled Favorites Sweepstakes

  • Participants can enter a name, email address, and address at the online entry page
  • The sweeps also offers text message entry (participants must text 59526 to sign up)
  • Participants should include a participating Nabisco product when entering via text
  • Participating products include Oreos, Wheat Thins, Triscuits, Chips Ahoy, and Ritz

Once the participant completes the entry, they will receive 1 chance to win a trip to Atlanta to attend the 2020 NCAA Basketball Final Four.  In addition to the Grand Prize, the sweepstakes also offers 9 First Prizes.  Each of the 9 First Prizes are Nabisco “entertaining sets” that include a platter, 2 serving bowls, and a Nabisco product (this may be going out on a limb but we would rather have the Grand Prize).

More on the Prizes

  • The Grand Prize includes tickets to all Semi-Final and Final Games (4 tickets to each)
  • In addition to the tickets, the Grand Prize also includes $5,900 in spending cash (NICE!)
  • The total Approximate Retail Value of the Grand Prize comes to an astounding $25,600
  • Each of the 9 First Prizes has an Approximate Retail Value of $100 (no drum roll needed)

By the way, the sweepstakes will decide the prize winners in a random drawing on or around April 9th, 2019.  Whoever wins a prize can expect fulfillment within 8 to 10 weeks from the date of the drawing.

Finally, it should be pointed out that the sweepstakes is only open from March 1st, 2019 through April 8th, 2019.  While the contest is still open, participants may enter once per day (might as well enter EVERY day and increase those odds!).

Nabisco Unrivaled Favorites Sweepstakes Sponsor

  • Mondelēz Global LLC
  • 100 Deforest Ave.
  • East Hanover, NJ 07936


Another Food Brand Promotion