www.myonlinecreditcard.com – Enter Popular Credit Account

My Online Credit Card Account Access

Get started by logging in with your personal account information (just type it in and get ready to rock and roll!).

Can’t find your login information?  Don’t fret, you can quickly recovery both your username and password.

First time user?  You’re gonna need to sign up before gaining online access to your account.

Begin, by visiting www.myonlinecreditcard.com.

Popular Credit Service customers can get EASY online access to their credit card accounts thanks to the My Online Credit Card portal.  Worried about how much you spent last month?  You can quickly check by logging into your account.  Need to check your recent transactions?  Yep, that’s covered too.

More Features Available at www.myonlinecreditcard.com

  • Payments – Hammer out a quick online payment without breaking a sweat
  • Electronic Statements – Save some paper and Go GREEN (we thank you)
  • Update Your Info – Make sure your contact info is up to date
  • FAQs-  Have some questions?  Take a gander at the FAQ list

Now that we know what you can use the portal for, let’s find out HOW to use the portal.  First, you’re gonna need to sign up for an account.  In order to get started, just click the link and enter your credit card number.  Once you’re registered enter your username and password to login.

Finally, we all tend to forget our account login info from time to time.  If this happens to you, SAVE THE TEARS FOR ANOTHER DAY.  Take action instead!  Just click the link below the login fields and enter your credit card number to begin account restoration (you’ll be back in no time flat!).

Popular Credit Services Contact Info

  • 209 Ave. Ponce de León San Juan, PR 00918
  • 787-724-3650


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www.furnitureclaim.com – File Furniture Claim Online

Ready to file your furniture claim?

  • Have your protection plan number ready
  • Can’t find it?  Sample images are available!
  • Customer support is available by phone
  • You can also register your plan at www.furnitureclaim.com

The thrill of buying a fresh new piece of furniture can fade quickly if there’s something wrong with it.  Thankfully, there’s a little thing called PROTECTION PLANS.  For example, Montage Furniture Services offers plans on a variety of items such as mattresses, area rugs, billiards, and more.

How to file your claim at www.furnitureclaim.com

Step 1:  Go find your protection plan number!

Once you have the number, enter it into the blank space to submit your service request.

Not registered?  Call 800-686-5559 to register your protection plan by phone.

By the way, if you can’t find the protection plan number, try taking a look at the 2 sample images posted at the filing page.  The first image shows where to find the number on the folded version of the plan.  Meanwhile, the second image shows where the number is located on the 1 page version.

A Look at Montage Furniture Services

  • Offers protection plans that are insured by Virginia Surety Company
  • Plans can cover nuisances such as disgusting stains and other damages
  • Was launched in 2004 (that’s nearly 2 DECADES of experience)
  • Gives back to the community by working with charities

Finally, you can also check the status of your furniture claim after you submit it.  In order to do so, enter your protection plan number or claim number.  Once you enter one of these numbers (no need to enter both), enter you zip code to find out what’s going on with your claim.

Questions about your furniture claim?  Call Montage Furniture Services for help!

Here’s the info:

Montage Furniture Services Number and Address

  • 4035 Park East Court, Suite 300
  • Grand Rapids, MI 49546
  • 800-686-5559


On a leave of absence?

Check your claim status at Claim Lookup JPMC

www.canon.com/icpd – Download Canon Software/Manuals

Canon ICPD

  • Contains manuals and downloads for a variety of products
  • You’ll need to select your country to begin the search
  • Scroll to search or type in your model name
  • Need help?  Customer support is available
  • Self help options are also available at www.canon.com/icpd

What good is a brand-spanking new camera if you don’t have the right software?  And good luck trying to operate it without a manual.  Thankfully, Canon customers don’t have to worry about such things.

Downloading a Manual or Software at www.canon.com/icpd

First, select your country from the list (the list is sorted by region).

Next, grab a snack or a soft drink if you’re hungry and/or thirsty (OPTIONAL!).

Once the products for your country filter in, scroll through the list or complete a quick search.

Click on your product and you’ll see all the available downloads.

By the way, if you haven’t registered your Canon product you may see the option to do so when your looking up your download.  So keep your eyes open for the Register button after you click on your product.

Registering Your Product at www.canon.com/icpd

  • Your’e gonna need a Canon account o begin the registration
  • If you have an account click the Sign In button to enter and proceed
  • If you don’t have an account click the Create Account button to sign up for one
  • Once you’re logged in, follow the instructions to register your product
  • Hot Tip of the Day:  Registering a product is ALWAYS a good idea

Finally, if you’re having a hard time finding the download, STAY CALM.  Canon  support can help!  Simply call the number below between 9 AM and 9 PM ET Monday through Friday.  Meanwhile, weekend warriors can get help on Saturdays from 9 AM to 7 PM ET.

Canon Customer Support Phone Number

  • 800-OK-CANON (that’s 800-652-2666 for those who don’t feel like searching your keypad for the letter/number key)


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www.bjc.org/online-bill-pay – Enter BJC Online Bill Pay

BJC Online-Bill-Pay System

  • You can quickly (and easily) take care of your medical pills
  • Hard to pay bills?  The system has information on financial assistance
  • You’ll need to look up the facility you visited to begin a payment
  • Payment support numbers available at www.bjc.org/online-bill-pay

Medical bills aren’t a good time.  Neither is the act of paying them.  However, at the very least it should be EASY.  That said, it doesn’t get much easier than the BJC Online-Bill-Pay System.  So, let’s take a look at just HOW easy.

Steps for Paying a Bill at www.bjc.org/online-bill-pay

First, you’ll need to click the Pay My Bill button.

Next, enter the PO Box of the BJC health care facility you visited (TIP:  look for it on the billing statement you received!).

Once you find the facility, you’ll be asked to enter your payment information.

Finally, confirm everything looks right and submit your payment (if you’re using a credit card make sure the numbers are right!).

After you’ve successfully completed the payment you’ll receive a receipt (ALWAYS a good idea to hold into one of these).

Now that you’ve got the weight of that bill off of your shoulders, how will you choose to celebrate??  A fancy dinner?  A night out with friends?  Even a day of relaxation on the couch may work.  Either way, it’s gonna be a nice feeling!

BJC Fun Facts

  • The network has 15 hospitals (think about how many patients go in and out each year!)
  • The number of employees in the BJC family eclipses 30,000 (mind-boggling!)
  • Out of the 30,000 plus employees, over 4,000 are physicians
  • In 2018 the network competes over 140,000 home health visits
  • Also in 2018 there were more than 80,000 out patient surgeries visits completed in the BJC network

Questions about your bill?

Give the BJC Service Center a ring at 855-362-8400.

BJC Health Care Address

  • 4901 Forest Park Ave.
  • Saint Louis, Missouri 63108


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www.GottaHaveLays.com – Enter & Win Lay’s for a YEAR!

Gotta Have Lays??  How about a year’s worth!

Buy a bag of Lay’s that shows off the brand’s new look.

After  you’ve picked up a bag, snap a photo of it.

Next, eat some chips! (Hey, you might as well reward your hard work with a tasty treat).

Once you’re ready to enter the sweepstakes visit www.GottaHaveLays.com and upload your photo.

When your finished entering the promotion, you can come back the following day to ENTER AGAIN (you can enter every day of the promotion but only once per day).  Please note there’s a total of 40 drawings, once for each day of entry.

More on entering at www.GottaHaveLays.com

  • First, you’ll need to enter your email address to begin an entry
  • Once you’ve completed registration you can upload the photo
  • Click the Official Rules link at the entry page if you have questions
  • HINT:  Look for the bags with a “loop” in the Y letter (that’s the new logo)

So now that we know how to enter, let’s find out what’s going on with the prizes (kinda the point of the whole thing isn’t it?).  As stated earlier, there’s a total of 40 prizes.  Each of the prizes come in the form of 52 coupons for a free bag of Lay’s.  So basically, it looks like the “year of Lay’s” is considered 1 bag per week (might be 3 months of Lay’s for some!).  Finally, the total value of all the prizes comes to $8,923.20.

By the way, you can find out who won the Lay’s by requesting a copy of the winners list.  In order to do so, send a request to 10 South 5th Street, 7th Floor, Dept. 1266-700, Minneapolis, MN 55402.  Just make sure to slap a stamp on the request before sending it!

Gotta Have Lay’s Promotion Sponsor

  • Frito-Lay, Inc.
  • 7701 Legacy Dr.
  • Plano, TX 75024-4099


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www.disneyplus.com/account/cancel-subscription – Cancel Now

Disney Plus Account Cancel-Subscription

  • If you’re tired of your account (or just need to cancel for another reason) there’s an easy online process to follow
  • You’ll need to login to your Disney Plus account to begin cancellation (using the email address you used to create the account)
  • Disney Plus support is available for questions
  • FAQs are available at www.disneyplus.com/account/cancel-subscription

Let’s face it, sometimes things need to be canceled.  Even with something as awesome as Disney Plus.  In order to cancel your account, simply login using your email address and password.  Once you’re inside, follow the instructions to end your Disney Plus service.

Reasons to Cancel at www.disneyplus.com/account/cancel-subscription

Money – The first reason is usually the most obvious.  Sometimes we just can’t afford to spend the extra cash on leisure services.

Time – We all get busy.  And when we do, TV time on the couch is one of the first things to go.  So get your work done, and come back!

Content – It’s hard to imagine this being a reason with all of the cool stuff Disney Plus has to offer.  BUT, weirder things have happened.

Competition – Maybe you found something you like better and had to make a tough choice (time and money are also intertwined in this one).

Health – A new year’s resolution to workout more could certainly take time away from a Disney Plus binge-sesh.

By the way, if you have questions about your Disney Plus account, trying clicking the Help link at the bottom of www.disneyplus.com/account/cancel-subscription.  Doing so will bring up a HUGE list of Frequently Asked Questions.  Inside the FAQs you’ll find a bevy of valuable information on just about every possible topic (connecting to the internet, problems watching, compatible platforms, you name it).

FAQs not solving your problem?

Call Disney Plus support at 888-905-7888.


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www.krogerclinicfeedback.com – Take Little Clinic Survey

Kroger Clinic Feedback

  • You can complete a brief online survey to provide feedback
  • Check out the status bar for an update on your progress
  • The survey is available in both English and Spanish
  • Terms and privacy policy available at www.krogerclinicfeedback.com

If you’ve popped into a Little Clinic lately, you may have been invited to take its online customer survey.  In order to begin, simply visit the survey start page and confirm whether more not you’re at least 18.  Once you confirm you are, you can then move onto the first question of the survey.

More About the Survey at www.krogerclinicfeedback.com

You can choose between English or Spanish by clicking the link at the start of the survey.

Wondering how much longer it will take?  Take a look at the progress bar at the bottom of the page (it’ll give you a percentage of how far you’ve gone).

You’ll need to confirm whether you are a patient, attended with a patient, or did not attend the appointment (not sure who would fall under the last but it is what it is!).

Move through the survey by clicking the Next button after you answer each question.

By the way, you can review the survey’s terms and privacy policy by clicking the links at the bottom right hand side of the page.  Additionally, the survey provides a copy of The Little Clinic’s privacy practices and patient bill of rights.

The Little Clinic Fun Facts

  • Care is provided by board-certified nurse practitioners and/or physician assistants (nice to know you’re in good hands!)
  • The clinic started out in 2003 with the first opening in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Today the clinic has expanded to over 200 locations throughout various regions of the country
  • Can be found in stores such as Dillons, King Soopers, Jay C, Kroger, and Fry’s

Questions for The Little Clinic?  Call toll-free to 877-852-2677 for assistance!


Get in touch by mail!  Here’s the address.

The Little Clinic Mailing Address

  • The Little Clinic Corporate Office
  • 2620 Elm Hill Pike
  • Nashville, TN 37214


Here’s another feedback opportunity!

Take the NTB Customer First Survey


www.ntbcustomerfirst.com – Take NTB Customer First Survey

NTB Customer First Survey

  • Get that invoice ready!  You’ll need it to launch the survey
  • You can provide feedback in both English and Spanish
  • Can’t find the info need to start the survey?  Check out the sample image
  • The survey’s terms are also available at www.ntbcustomerfirst.com

When’s the last time you had a chance to tell your favorite tire store how you truly feel?  It’s probably been a while (if ever).  Well, all that’s about to change thanks to the NTB Customer First Survey (assuming NTB is your favorite tire store!).  In order to begin the feedback, you’ll first need to grab your service invoice and find a live internet connection.

How to Begin the NTB Customer First Survey

First, you’ll need to enter the location number as shown on your invoice.

Next, go ahead and punch in the order number (like all random invoice numbers, it’s probably gonna be LONG).

Finally, enter the date and time of your service (should be easy to spot these).

Once you’ve entered all of the invoice information hit the Start button to launch he survey.

By the way, there’s a handy little sample image that mimics a copy of your invoice at www.ntbcustomerfirst.com.  This is incredibly handy for those who can’t seem to find the required information (tracking down the location and order number can be tricky).  For instance, all the info you need is highlighted in red, making it virtually impossible to miss.

Finally, you can click the Terms of Service link to learn about the (you guessed it) terms of the survey.  In addition to the terms, the survey also provides a copy of it’s Privacy Policy (neither are exciting as providing feedback, but they’re always worth taking a glance at).

Questions for NTB??

Call customer service at 800-741-7261.


Get in touch with the corporate offices!

Here ya go:

NTB Corporate Office Contact Information

  • 798 Rivergate Parkway
  • Goodlettsville, TN 37072
  • 615-851-6111


Here’s another survey!

Take the Zenacolor Ticket Customer Survey



www.gameonfeedback.co.uk – £200 GAME Customer Survey

GAME On Feedback Survey

  • Want a chance to win a £200 GAME gift card?  Answer a few questions!
  • Once you’re done with the survey you can enter into a prize draw
  • Questions about the draw?  Check out the full set of rules
  • Please have your survey code ready (it’s on the receipt)
  • Terms are available at www.gameonfeedback.co.uk

Okay, who wants a £200 GAME gift card?  That’s what we thought.  The good news is, you can enter to win one in a mere matter of minutes!  In order to do so, simply take a few minutes to answer the questions at the GAME On Feedback Survey.

How to Launch to Survey at www.gameonfeedback.co.uk

First, you’re gonna need to provide some information about your visit (how much you spent and the date and time).

Next, pull out your receipt and look for that 13 digit code .  Once you locate the code, go ahead and enter it into the survey.

When you’re done typing in all of the information click the Start button to begin your feedback session.

Tip of the day:  If you can’t find any of the information needed for the survey, take a look at the sample receipt at www.gameonfeedback.co.uk (it shows EXACTLY where all the data is located on your receipt).

A Look at the Game On Feedback Prize Draw

  • You can only enter the prize draw once per month
  • Each prize draw period will begin on the 1st of the month
  • Meanwhile, the draw period will end on the last day of the month (makes sense)
  • Basically, whatever month your receipt says is the one you’ll be entering

Finally, please note that you gotta be at least 18 to participate in the draw.  Additionally,  you must be a resident of the United Kingdom.  If you happen to be one of the lucky winners, your prize will be delivered within 5 business days (from the date you claim the prize).

Good luck!  Here’s the Game On Feedback Prize Draw Promoter Address!

  • Game Retail Limited, Unity House
  • Telford Road, Basingstoke, RG21 6YJ


Ready for more feedback??

Take the Tell M and S Survey!


Win  £250 with the Did EJ’s Sparkle Survey

www.yourspendingaccount.com/emd – Enter Spending Account

Your Spending Account EMD

  • Track your spending and manage your claims
  • You’ll need to enter with your account username and password
  • Never been?  Get registered as a first time user!
  • Forgot a username or password?  There’s help for that 🙂
  • You can also change your password at www.yourspendingaccount.com/emd

We all deserve to be reimbursed when warranted.  However, the process isn’t always a walk in the park (or even a dark and eerie forest for that matter).  Thankfully, there’s a thing called THE INTERNET.  For example, if you need it access your EMD spending account, all it takes is a cozy chair and an internet connection (cozy chair optional).

Accessing Your Spending Account at www.yourspendingaccount.com/emd 

Just enter your User ID and password before clicking the Log On button (yes, it’s that easy)

Don’rt have your User ID handy?  Enter the last 4 of your social and your birthday to recover it.

Don’t have your password?  It’s a good thing you just recovered your User ID because you’re gonna need it!

Additionally, you can alter an existing (worn out) password by clicking the Change password link

Now, it should be noted that none of these services will work if you haven’t created an account (hopefully that’s fairly obvious).  So, let;s find out how to register!  In order to get started, click the Register as a New User link.  Next, go ahead and enter your information to confirm your identity and follow the instructions to complete registration.

Finally, your experience works best when using the recommended browsers and software.  You can find out which are supported by clicking the link posted at the very bottom of the portal (a clunky experience is the last thing you need).

So, what are you waiting for?  Go get reimbursed!


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