www.coopslisten.smg.com – Take Co-op Guest Satisfaction Survey

Coops Listens SMG Survey:  How to Begin

  • Customers must use data from a receipt to launch the survey
  • The survey is available in 2 languages (English and Spanish)
  • Participants can reference a sample receipt image for help

Anyone who has ever experienced the privilege of shopping at a Co-op location has likely formed an opinion or two along the way.  Fortunately, these opinions can now be shared through the Coops Listens SMG online survey.  In order to begin the survey, participants must first enter a survey code, transaction code, date, and time as shown on the receipt from a recent visit.  Once the customer enters all of the required information they can go ahead and click the Start button to begin the survey.  By the way, customers who are a bit confused by the receipt information can try taking a peak at the sample image at the right hand side of the page.

Thanks, but why should I take the Coops Listens SMG survey?

  • A store that gives so much deserves a little bit of giving in return (right??)
  • The survey could be used as an ice-breaker at a party or meet and greet
  • Is there really something that much better to do with 2 minutes of free time?

It should be pointed out that the Coops Listens SMG online survey is available in both English and Spanish.  In order to change the language, the participant can click the link located at the bottom left hand side of the survey.  In addition to the language link, the survey also provides links to its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (a similar set up used by the Jacks Feedback SMG Survey) .

Getting to Know Co-op

  • Has more than 200 locations scattered throughout the country (quite the reach)
  • The stores are known for providing information about the food customers eat
  • When it comes to natural and organic foods nobody does it better than a co-op
  • In addition to the 200 plus stores there are also 145 virtual retail food co-ops

Examples of the Co-ops across the country include Ozark Natural Foods in Arkansas, Co-op Market Grocery & Deli in Alaska, and Davis Food Co-op in California (just to name a few).  Customers with general questions for Nation Co-op Grocers can send an email to info@strongertogether.coop.


Time left for another survey?




www.americanexpress.com/ExPOenroll77 – Easy Online Enrollment

American Express Expo Enroll 77 Offer (Snag 10,000 Points!)

  • Cardholders must login to complete enrollment
  • The portal provides login credential recovery assistance
  • American Express contact information is available

While there are many benefits of owning a charge card, one aspect that tends to be frustrating is the inability to pay over time (without begin smacked with a fee at least).  However, for some American Express cardholders a solution to this problem can be found in the American Express Expo Enroll 77 offer.  To illustrate how the offer works, we now take a look at the details.  Once the customer enrolls, American Express automatically places charges that are $100 or greater into a Pay Over Time balance.  In order to take advantage of the program, cardholders can elect to pay anywhere between the full amount and minimum balance.

Some American Express Fast (and Fun) Facts

  • At calendar year-end 2016 American Express had about $1 TRILLION in billed business
  • The company is the universe’s largest card issuer when it comes to purchase volume
  • American Express is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol AXP
  • Amex has over 100 millions cards in force and more than $150 BILLION in total assets
  • American Express operations can be found throughout more than 130 countries

Cardholders who have received an invitation to enroll for the American Express Expo Enroll 77 offer can begin by signing in with a User ID and account password.  Meanwhile, cardholders who aren’t able to access an account due to a forgotten username or password can click the Forgot User ID or Password? link for help.  In addition to the flexible payments, cardholders who enroll for the offer will receive a whopping 10,000 Membership Rewards points (not a bad way to be compensated for just a few minutes spent).

Reasons to Reply to the American Express Expo Enroll 77 Offer

  • Those 10,000 points sure could buy some pretty sweet items (hello new spice rack!)
  • American Express allows points to be used directly through an Amazon account
  • Sometimes a paying down a credit card balance isn’t the most pressing need

By the way, customers who would like to skip the hassle of entering a User ID and password at each login can check the Remember Me when logging in to redeem the offer.  Additionally, new cardholders can click the Create New Online Account link to register for online access (however, most who have received the offer likely already have an online account).  Those with questions about how the offer works can try contacting American Express by toll-free phone or through mail correspondence.

American Express Contact Information

  • PO Box 98153, El Paso, TX 79998-1535
  • 800-528-4800


Ready for more spending power?



www.jacksfeedback.smg.com – Take Jack’s Guest Feedback Survey

How to Begin the Jack’s Feedback SMG Survey

  • Customers can provide feedback with or without an invitation
  • The survey is available in both English and Spanish
  • Customers can review the survey’s Terms and Privacy Policy

Any place that provides a hearty meal that’s also easy on the wallet is deserving of some honest feedback.  While folks not living in the southeastern part of the country may not be familiar with the chain, Jack’s definitely fits this description.  For instance, the restaurant is now offering a variety of savory comfort food plates starting at just $4.99 (hard to remember the last time we’ve seen a quality meal for under $5).  Those who want to provide feedback on the experience can begin by going to the Jack’s Feedback SMG online survey.  Once at the survey, the customer can enter the 18 digit code from their receipt to begin with the feedback (unlike the Woods Feedback Web survey, no Store ID is needed).

A Quick Peak Inside Jack’s Menu

  • Breakfast Special – With bacon, eggs, and biscuits & gravy it’s easy to see why it’s special
  • Big Jack – Two big ole’ beef patties topped with all of the classic hamburger ingredients
  • Chicken Dinner – Take one bite of the crispy chicken and you’ll feel like a “winner winner”
  • Strawberry Cream Cheese – A hot pie filled with cream cheese and strawberries

In addition to the survey, Jack’s also allows customers to provide feedback without an invitation.  In order to do so, customers must click the Continue button at the beginning of the survey.  Meanwhile, those who would rather provide feedback in Spanish can do so by clicking the Español link located at the bottom of the survey.

Why take the Jack’s Feedback SMG Survey?

  • Let’s face it, it’s nice having your opinions heard every once in a while
  • It takes much less time than driving to a Jack’s and talking to a manager
  • It’s hard to ignore the good feeling that often comes after taking a survey

By the way, those who want to check out the Terms & Conditions of the survey can do so by clicking the link located at the bottom right hand side of the page.  Additionally, the survey also provides a copy of its Privacy Policy.

Jack’s Corporate Offices

  • 124 W Oxmoor Rd, Birmingham, AL 35209
  • 205-945-8167


More opinions?


www.retreat.womansday.com – Enter Woman’s Day Retreat Sweeps

Red Mountain Retreat Woman’s Day Sweepstakes

  • Participants can enter online and receive a free magazine
  • The sweepstakes provides an online copy of its Official Rules
  • Participants can request information about Red Mountain Resort

A mountain retreat can do wonders for the spirit.  Especially, if the retreat is FOR FREE.  Believe it or not, such an opportunity now awaits those who sign up for the Woman’s Day Red Mountain Getaway Sweepstakes.  In order to join the fun, participants must go to the online entry page and complete the registration form.  Once the form is complete, the participant can choose whether or not they want to receive offers from Red Mountain Resort (seems like a no-brainer to us!).

More on the Red Mountain Retreat Woman’s Day Sweepstakes

  • The sweepstakes begins on February 5th, 2019 and ends on March 11th, 2019
  • The winner will receive a 3 day trip to the Red Mountain Resort in St. George, UT
  • As far as value goes, the total Approximate Retail Value of the trip comes to $2,200
  • The sweepstakes will decide the winner in a drawing around March 12th, 2019
  • Participants may only enter the sweepstakes one time (overall not per day, sadly)

While on the topic of the prize, it should be mentioned that the trip includes $1,000 in spending dough (always nice to have a little extra cash in the pocket while on vacation.).  Additionally, the winner must take the trip within 1 year of receiving the prize.

By the way, participants will receive a free copy of Woman’s Day upon successful registration for the sweepstakes (just like in the Omni Good Housekeeping Sweepstakes).  However, those who don’t need another magazine taking up counter space can click the link located above the entry form to sign up without the offer.  Finally, those who want to find out who won can send a request for the winner’s name directly to the Sponsor of the sweepstakes.

Red Mountain Retreat Woman’s Day Sweepstakes Sponsor

  • Hearst Communications, Inc.
  • 300 W. 57th St, New York, NY 10019


Here’s Another Chance to Win

www.fortnite.com/android – Download Fornite on Android Device

Fornite Android Download:  A Quick How to Guide

  • Users can scan a QR code to bring up the download
  • The download is also available at the mobile site
  • Users can check their devices for compatibility

It only stands to reason that one of today’s most popular games should be available on Android.  For instance, what would Fornite be without the ability to play anytime and anywhere from a mobile Android device?  Fortunately, we no longer have to answer this question thanks to the now available Fornite Android download.  Those who are sitting at a desktop computer can begin by going to the download page and scanning the QR code with their phone.  Meanwhile, those who would rather skip a step can go directly to the mobile version of the download page and select the Epic Games or Samsung options.

Thanks, but why should I play Fornite on my phone?

  • Imagine how much less boring waiting in line for an appointment will become
  • It’s comforting to know that you can play no matter where or WHEN you’re located
  • Impress your friends with your Battle Royale skills at a big party or modest get together
  • Can you really call yourself a TRUE Fornite fan without the ability to play on your phone?
  • Is there a better way to “break the ice” when meeting someone for the first time?

Once the user completes the download they will need to allow some security permissions in order to finish the installation process (speaking of security, check out the Fortnite 2FA process).  By the way, those who aren’t sure whether their device is compatible can click the link posted below the download buttons to find out.

More on the Fornite Android Download

  • Android players are only matched up against other mobile players (seems reasonable)
  • Bluetooth headsets work on Android for audio usage but not for voice chat (fair enough)
  • Those who try to use a mouse or keyboard on Android will be removed from their match
  • Epic recommends that players have the Android operating system 8.0 or higher

Those with questions about the Fornite Android download can try searching through the FAQs posted at the bottom of the mobile download page.  Meanwhile, those with general questions for Epic can try contacting the company’s offices in Cary, NC.

Epic Games Corporate Contact Information

  • 620 Crossroads Blvd., Cary, NC 27518
  • 919-854-0070


Can’t get enough Fornite?

www.woodsfeedbackweb.com – Take Survey & Win $100 Gift Card

How to Begin the Woods Feedback Web Survey

  • Customers will need to confirm the store they bought from
  • The survey requires customers to enter the date of purchase
  • Customers can review a full copy of the rules before starting

Supermarkets are well-known for providing great customer service.  However, any supermarket that wants to take their service to the next level should be prepared to receive feedback from its customers.  For instance, Woods Supermarket is now taking customer opinions through the Woods Feedback Web survey.  In order to begin the survey, customers must first select which store they visited or ordered from (the survey is for both in-store purchases and to-go orders).  Once the customer selects the location they must proceed to enter the date of visit/purchase before moving on to the survey.

Thanks!  But why should I bother providing feedback??

  • For starters, customers who take the survey will be entered for a chance to win $100
  • The store may take action based on your opinions, thus making your next visit better!
  • It only takes a few minutes (less time than watching the show case on Price is Right)

Upon completion of the survey, the customer will have the chance to provide entry information and receive 1 entry to the sweepstakes.  The sweepstakes will choose 2 winners per month, each of which will receive a $100 Woods gift card.  Additionally, customers may only receive 1 entry per survey and can only take 1 survey per day.

More on the Woods Feedback Web Survey Sweeps

  • Winners cannot redeem their prize for cash (just buy some groceries)
  • The sweepstakes will hold the drawings around the first of each month
  • Whoever wins will receive notice via email or a phone call (so be alert!)
  • Has a similar set up as the Barnes and Noble Feedback survey

By the way, customers can also take the survey over the phone by calling 866-203-1995.  Meanwhile, those who want to skip the survey entirely can still enter the sweepstakes by sending a request to the sponsor the sweepstakes (those thinking about doing this may want to consider re-reading the 2nd section of this write-up).

Sponsor of the Woods Feedback Web Survey Sweeps

  • Retail Feedback Group
  • PO Box 776, East Northport, NY 11731


Another Feedback Opportunity



www.bankofamerica.com/sbcashrewards123 – Begin Application

Bank of America SB Cash Rewards 123 Offer:  How to Apply

  • Customers can apply by going to the page shown on the offer
  • The application should only take between 5 and 10 minutes
  • Applicants can use the FAQs or chat feature for assistance

A new credit card can reward its cardholders in more ways than one.  For example, those who sign up for the Bank of America Business Advantage Mastercard can receive cash back on every day purchases.  In addition to the cash back, those who received the Bank of America SB Cash Rewards mail offer can now also get a $200 statement credit.  In order to begin, applicants must go to the offer page and enter the name of their business.  Once the applicant enters the name of the business they can go ahead and fill out the rest of the application.

More on the Bank of America SB Cash Rewards 123 Offer

  • Cardholders must spend at least $500 in the first 60 days to get the $200 credit
  • The card earns 3% at gas stations, 2% at restaurants, and 1% on all other purchases
  • Business Advantage Relationship Clients can get rewards bonuses on purchases
  • The card has ZERO annual fee and ZERO APR on the first 9 billing cycles (SWEET)
  • In additional to restaurants, the card also earns 3% at office supply stores

Please note that Business Advantage Relationship Clients earn bonuses based on their enrolled tier.  For instance, those enrolled in the Gold tier earn 25% while those enrolled in the Platinum or Platinum Honors tiers earn 50% and 75% respectively.   Additionally, cardholders can redeem the rewards they earn as a credit, a check, or as a cash despot into a Bank of America checking or savings account (seems like the statement credit is usually the easiest way to go).

Those with questions about the card can try reviewing the FAQs provided with the online application.  In additional to the FAQs, cardholders can also take advantage of the handy chat feature (it’s always nice to avoid picking up the phone!).  Finally, customers with general questions can try reaching Bank of America customer service by phone or through the mail.

Bank of America Customer Service

  • PO Box 25118, Tampa, FL 33633-0900
  • 844-375-7028


Another Card from Bank of America

www.bankofamerica.com/cslplasma – Activate or Login to CSL Card

Using Your Bank of America CSL Plasma Card

  • Cardholders can go online to activate their cards for use
  • Bank of America provides a mobile app for convergence
  • Cardholders are able to login to manage an account

Those who have donated with CSL Plasma likely understand just how convenient the prepaid Bank of America CSL Plasma Debit Card is.  For instance, those who have received a card for the first time can quickly activate it online.  Once at the activation page, cardholders can click the Activate My Card tab to be directed to a new page.  In order to begin activation, cardholders must enter their card number before clicking the Continue button to proceed.  Meanwhile, those who have already activated the card can login with a username and password to manage their account.

More on the Bank of America CSL Plasma Card

  • Cardholders will receive funds on the card IMMEDIATELY after each time they donate
  • When it comes to spending, cardholders can use it anywhere Visa debit is accepted
  • The card can make purchases online, by phone, or at stores (pretty much covers it!)
  • Cardholders can even pull cash out by using the card at an ATM (very surprising)
  • The card IS NOT a line of credit (unlike the Menard’s Capital One card)

By the way, those who want to make the act of managing their card even easier can click the icons located at the activation page to download the card’s mobile app.  Once the user downloads the app they can use it to complete a variety of common tasks (it sure beats logging into the actual site every time you want to check a balance!).

What can I do with the Bank of America CSL Plasma Card App?

  • Find Out Your Balance – Because knowing how much is left is of the utmost importance
  • Check Transactions – It’s always nice to see exactly what you’re spending your money on
  • Security – Those who lose the card can turn it off (don’t let a stranger empty your funds!)
  • Alerts – Set an alert so you know the EXACT MOMENT a fresh payment hits the ledger

While on the topic of the mobile app, it should be mentioned that cardholders can use the app to set up an easy biometric login that uses fingerprints or facial recognition.  However, those who choose not to get the app must continue to login online to manage an account.

Those with questions can try reviewing the FAQs located at the bottom of the card activation page.  In additional to the FAQs, cardholders can get help by reaching out to Cardholder Services by phone, mail, or email.

Bank of America CSL Plasma Cardholder Services

  • PO Box 8488, Gray, TN 37615-8488
  • govandcorp@prepaidcard.bankofamerica.com
  • 866-692-9282


Another Card to Consider

www.hiltonhonors.com/pointsunlimited – Register & Earn Points!

How to Sign Up for Hilton Honors Points Unlimited

  • Hilton Honors members can register after logging in
  • New members must register before entering the promotion
  • The promotion provides Frequently Asked Questions

As must savvy travelers well know, points earned from staying a favorite hotel can be quite valuable.  Perhaps, that’s why so many folks are jumping in on this year’s Hilton Honors Points Unlimited Promotion.  In order to begin registration, Hilton Honors Members must go to the online entry page and login with a Hilton Honors number or username.  Meanwhile, those who aren’t registered for Hilton Honors must sign up for an account before entering the promotion (don’t worry it’s free and only takes a few minutes).

A Look Inside the Hilton Honors Points Unlimited Promotion

  • Once registered, members will earn 2,000 points for each stay at a Hilton property
  • Members will also earn 10,000 points for every 5 stays (on top of the 2,000 per stay!)
  • Alternatively, members will earn the 10,000 for every 10 nights (instead of the 5 stays)
  • Members can earn the 10,000 bonus points an unlimited amount of times (rack ’em up!)

Members can review the full details of the promotion by clicking the Frequently Asked Questions link located at the bottom of the registration page.  In addition to the FAQs, the promotion also provides a copy of its Terms & Conditions at the bottom of the page.

So what can I use all these points on?

  • Free Stays – Use those freshly earned points to get much deserved free night’s stay
  • Exclusive Experiences – Members can use points to bid on an experience (good luck!)
  • Amazon – Those with an Amazon account can use the points to shop (VERY convenient)
  • Please note that members can pool their points with friends and family (work together!)

By the way, the Hilton Honors Points Unlimited Promotion only stays live until May 5th, 2019 (so better start earning!)  Meanwhile those who want to see where they can earn points can click the icons posted at the registration page (appears to be all of the Hilton brands).  Those with questions about the promotion can call 800-548-8690 for assistance.

Hilton Honors General Questions Phone Number

  • 800-4HONORS (800-446-6677)


Speaking of new promotions…..




www.fanbeat.com/golfchannel – Enter Today & Play to Win $1 MILLION!

Fan Beat Golf Channel $1 Million Challenge:  How to Play

  • Participants can play using the app or at the entry page
  • The contest requires an email address or Facebook profile
  • There are 4 Promotion Period Tournaments available

The sweepstakes game is getting SERIOUS.  Fresh off the heals of the recent release of the incredibly lucrative Shop Play Win promotion, Fan Beat has come to the table with a challenge that could award a $1 MILLION Grand Prize (please take a moment to wrap your mind around THAT).  In order to enter, participants can either download the Fan Beat app or go to the online entry page.  Once signed up, the participant can then begin answering questions.  For each question answered the participant will receive 1 entry to the Instant Win drawing (regardless of whether it’s right or wrong!).

Thanks, but let’s get back to the $1 Million please.

  • The participants must answer all questions correctly during a single enter period
  • Those who do will receive all (or a portion) of the $1 Million Grand Prize (BOOM!)
  • The total number of questions must be no fewer than 20 (it’s not gonna be easy!)
  • Whoever wins will receive the prize as a 40 year annuity (sorry no brief case of cash)
  • Alternatively, the winner may choose to receive the prize as a lump sum of $600k

By the way, there are many other prizes available in addition to the $1 Million.  For instance, some of the highlights include an Epic Flash Driver, an Apex full iron set, a Toulon Design Putter, and an Epic Flash Fairway Wood (just to name a few).

While on the topic of prizes, it should be mentioned that they must be claimed by the end of 2019.  Those who don’t claim their prize by the end of the year will forfeit their winnings (so don’t get caught snoozin!).  Additionally, the contest awards all prizes AS IS (no warranties or guarantees).

Operator of the Fan Beat Golf Channel $1 Million Challenge

  • FanBeat, Inc.
  • 2221 Peachtree Rd NW
  • Suite D-347, Atlanta, GA, 30309


Just because we know you’re hungry for more……