www.orangeleafyogurt.com/survey – $1,000 Orange Leaf Store Survey

Orange Leaf Yogurt Survey

  • Complete survey online at designated survey page
  • Daily cash prizes to be awarded

Customers that would like to inform Orange Leaf Yogurt about their most recent experience (and perhaps win $1,000 while doing so) should check out the Orange Leaf Yogurt survey.  To get started customers will need to get on the internet and go to the designated survey page.  Once at the survey page participants will need to confirm their country in a drop down box (United States or Australia).  After confirming the country customers will need to enter the amount paid at the visit, store number, and check number in order to get started with the survey.  Customers that are having problems finding the required information can find what they need by referring to the copy of a receipt posted on the Orange Leaf Yogurt survey page.

Important information Orange Leaf Yogurt survey participants should be aware of:

  • There will be one prize of $1,000 awarded per day (paid in the form of a check or money order)
  • The survey sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Honduras, and Republic of Korea
  • Employees, representatives, or agents of the Sponsor or any of its subsidiaries, licensees, or affiliates are excluded
  • Empathica Inc. (the sweepstakes Sponsor) can be reached at 2121 Argentia Rd., Suite 200 Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5N 2X4

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt is a self-serve frozen dessert chain that currently has over 225 stores operating across the United States.  The company was founded in 2008 and has headquarters located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  To reach Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt headquarters by mail customers can write to 14201 Caliber Dr, Suite 200 Oklahoma City, OK 73134.  Customers that would rather cut to the chase and contact the company by phone can call 405-463-7300.


www.amazon.com/visacardhelp – Amazon Rewards Visa Help

Amazon Visa Card Help

  • Designated website providing helpful links about how to apply for the Amazon Rewards Visa Card

Customers that would like to take a shot at applying for the lucrative Amazon Rewards Visa Card (but are having trouble figuring out how to do it) can relax as help is on the way.  The desired help regarding the application process can be obtained by checking out the Amazon Visa Card Help page.  While reviewing the help page potential applicants will hopefully learn some key information:

  • Applicants must be United States residents that have a Social Security or Individual Tax Identification number and at least 18 years of age (19 years of age in Alabama or Nebraska)
  • Applicants will need to complete a short application form in order to apply for the Amazon Rewards Visa Card

After reviewing the application requirements posted on the Amazon Visa Card Help page, applicants can click on provided links to learn more about the approval process, awarding of the approval gift card, approval gift card balance, and application status.  Applicants can also utilize the search bar provided at the bottom of the Amazon Visa Card Help page to find answers to other pressing concerns.  Before leaving the page applicants are asked to confirm whether or not the page has been helpful by click a Yes or No button.

Amazon.com, Inc. is an online retailer selling consumer products throughout North America and internationally.  The company was founded in 1994 and makes it’s headquarters in Seattle, Washington.  Customers that need to contact Amazon can write to 410 Terry Avenue North Seattle, WA 98109 or call 206-266-1000.


www.redrobin.com/restaurantfeedback – Red Robin Online Survey

Red Robin Restaurant Feedback

  • Complete survey online at designated webpage
  • Customers will want to have their check from the visit handy while taking the survey

Customers that would like to let Red Robin know how they truly feel can now express themselves through an easy to use online survey.  The first thing customers will need to do in order to get started on the survey is fire up the computer and go directly to the Red Robin Restaurant Feedback page.

Taking the Red Robin Restaurant Feedback Survey

  • Customers will start the survey by providing their personal information such as name, address, email address, phone number, city, state, country, and zip code
  • The individual Red Robin restaurant will need to be confirmed by selecting a state, city, and specific location
  • Diners will have a blank space that holds up to 2,500 words to describe in detail what they though about their visit to the restaurant
  • Customers will need to choose how they prefer to be contacted (phone, email, or no contact needed)
  • For the last part of the survey customers will want to have their check ready as they will need to enter a manager name, server name, check number, check amount, and date of visit
  • To wrap up Red Robin Restaurant Feedback survey diners will need to enter the time of the visit and divulge how often they eat at the restaurant

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc. is a casual dining establishment with locations throughout the United States and Canada.  The company employs over 28,000 employees in approximately 500 restaurants.  Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc. was founded in 1969 and has headquarters located in Greenwood Village, Colorado.  To reach the company’s headquarters  by mail customers can write to 6312 South Fiddler’s Green Circle Suite 200N.  Customers that would like to contact the company the easy way can pick up the phone and dial 303-846-6000.



www.bkhires.com – Apply Now Burger King

BK Hires

  • Create application online at designated hiring page
  • Applicants that have already applied can login to existing account
  • Reset password by email or support line

Individuals on the lookout for a new job or career may want to do themselves a huge favor and check out BK Hires.  To begin the application process job seekers will need to click the Start Here button located on the hiring page.  After clicking the button applicants will be directed to a form page where they will need to enter their country, first name, middle name, last name, street, city, zip code, state, email address, and phone number.  Prior to proceeding with the application users will also need to divulge how they found out about the job, confirm if they want text updates, and create and confirm a password.  Job seekers that have already completed an application on the BK Hires page can login to their accounts by entering their phone number and password into the provided fields under the sign in tab.

What if I forgot my password?

  • Users will first need to confirm if they remember the email address they used when applying
  • Applicants that remember their email address will need to enter it in the provided field to request that an email with their login information be sent
  • Users that cannot remember their email address can request help over the phone by calling the Applicant Support Team at 866-562-2774
  • Applicants that would rather request assistance electronically can shoot an email over to customerservice@talentreef.com

Burger King is the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world serving over 11 million customers per day worldwide.  The company was founded in 1954 and has headquarters located in Miami, Florida.  To contact Burger King headquarters applicants can write to 5505 Blue Lagoon Dr. Miami, FL 33126 or call 305-378-3000.


www.fxnetworks.com/activate – Activate FX Now

FX Networks Activate

  • Activate FX Now by using activation code shown on television screen
  • Internet browser must be configured to accept all cookies

Users looking to activate their FX Now app will need to fire up their computers, pull up the internet, and go directly to the FX Networks Activate page.  Once on the activation page users will see a field where an activation code will need to be entered.  Users that are not quite sure where the activation code can be found simply need to look up at their television screens to locate it.  After the activation code is entered, users will need to hit the Submit button to move forward with the FX Now app activation process.  Users that are having trouble continuing will want to check and make sure that all cookies are enabled on their internet browsers (and reconfigure if necessary) as cookies must be accepted to continue with the activation.

Some important information on terms of use (full terms can be accessed from link provided on the FX Networks Activate page):

  • Users that do not agree to be bound by the terms of use must discontinue use of FX Services immediately
  • A universal FX credential allows users to sign into participating FX Services with one email and password
  • All registration information submitted by users to create an account must be accurate and kept up to date
  • Users that no longer wish to use the services may terminate their account at any time and for any reason
  • FX reserves the right to charge users a fee for any portion of the FX Services

Customers that would like to contact FX Networks headquarters by mail can write to 10201 West Pico Boulevard Building 103 4th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90035.  Users that prefer to use the telephone to communicate can go ahead and dial 310-369-1000.



www.golfnow.com/orlandohotdeals – Hot Deals for Golf in Orlando

GolfNow Orlando Hot Deals

  • View tee times in Orlando
  • Find hot deals for golf in Orlando
  • Contact GolfNow by mail, phone, or fax

Golfers on the lookout for a cheap round of golf in Orlando, Florida should be aware of GolfNow Orlando Hot Deals.  After landing at the Golf Now Orlando destination page golfers will be able to view a variety of golf courses.  When viewing the courses, golfers will be able to check out available tee times along with the associated prices.  Once an appropriate tee time is found users will need to click on the View Tee Times button to be directed to a new page that provides golfers with further course information.  When viewing the course information page golfers will want to look for the details column as any available GolfNow Orlando Hot Deals will be found in this area.  If a Hot Deal is found users will need to click the provided button to be taken to a new page that shows the details of the offer.  After reviewing the offer information golfers will need to click the Continue To Book button if they want to move take advantage of the deal.

About Golf Now

  • GolfNow is the leading provider of  golf course technology, service solutions, and online tee times
  • GolfNow was founded in 2001 and operates in more than 16 countries including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom
  • The company offers tee times at over 6,000 courses
  • Best in class technology solutions is offered by GolfNow to over 9,000 course partners

Golfers that wish to reach GolfNow, LLC by mail can fire off a letter to 7580 Golf Channel Drive Orlando, FL 32819.  To reach the company by phone golfers will need to dial 407-355-4691.  Golfers that need to send GolfNow a fax can send it over to 407-355-4549.


www.express-scripts.com/premium – Pay Premiums Online

Express Scripts Premium

  • Register online to pay Medicare Part D monthly premiums
  • Users that are already registered can login with a user name and password

Express Scripts Medicare prescription drug plan members can now pay their premiums online after registering for an account.  To get started users will need to go directly to the Express Scripts Premium page and click the Register Now button.  After clicking the button users will be directed to a registration page where the following information will need to be provided:

  • Personal Information – Members will need to enter their first name, last name, date of birth, and gender
  • Pharmacy Benefit Information – A Member ID number or Subscriber ID number will need to be entered (users will also need to verify if they are the member or a covered dependent)
  • User ID and Password Creation – Members will need to create a User ID, a password, a password hint, and a secret question with an answer

Members that are already registered for an account can simply login directly from the Express Scripts Premium page by entering their user name and password into the provided fields.  Users that cannot remember exactly what their user name is will need to enter their Member Number or Subscriber ID, their first name, and date of birth to start the user name retrieval process.  Members that are coming up short when trying to remember their password will need to click the I forgot my password link found on the Express Scripts Premium page.  Clicking this link will direct users to a new page where a user name will need to be entered to start the password retrieval process.

Express Scripts Holding Company is a pharmacy benefit management company operating across United States, Canada, and Europe.  The company was founded in 1986 and has headquarters located in Saint Louis, Missouri.  Members that need to reach Express Scripts can write to One Express Way Saint Louis, MO 63121 or call 314-996-0900.


www.fitbit.com/start/one – Aria & Ultra Device Set Up

Fit Bit Start One

  • Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale and Ultra Activity Tracker device set up
  • Users that do not have a mobile device available can download from the Windows Store

Fit Bit users looking to get their devices up and running can get all of the help they need at the Fit Bit Start One page.  After arriving at the page, Aria WI-FI Smart Scale and Ultra Activity Tracker device users will want to look for the provided Start Here links in order to begin the set up process.  Users that do not have a mobile device available will want to go ahead and click the Download From Windows Store button also located on the Fit Bit Start One page.

Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale Set Up

  • Users will need to set their scale on a hard surface near their internet router to ensure it can detect the WI-FI network
  • Users that have an ethernet cable plugged into their computers will want to make sure they go ahead and unplug it before proceeding
  • The home WI-FI password will be needed during the set up process so users will want to make sure they have it in front of them before beginning
  • To download the set up software users will simply click the Download button found on the Aria WI-FI Smart Scale set up page

Ultra Activity Tracker Set Up

  • The first thing users will need to do is download and install the Fitbit’s Uploader software
  • Once the download process is started users will be guided through a process to set up the device and register an account
  • Users will need to plug-in their base stations to sync data from their device to their computer
  • During the install process users will need to link their device to their account by placing it on the base station and entering a code

Fitbit, Inc. is a technology company that provides wearable health and fitness tracking devices.  The company was founded in 2007 and has headquarters located in San Francisco, California.  To reach Fitbit, Inc. customers can write to 405 Howard Street Suite 550, San Francisco, CA 94105 or call 415-513-1000.


www.bhg.com/15ksweeps – Enter Now Organization Celebration

BHG 15k Sweeps

  • Enter online at sweepstakes page
  • One prize to be awarded in the form of a $15,000 check

Individuals that could use a prompt influx of cash may want to consider the BHG 15k Sweeps.  This lucrative sweepstakes has no limit placed on the amount of entries participants can make so the more entries that are completed the better the chances of walking away with the $15k prize check.  In order to enter participants will need to go directly to the designated sweepstakes page and click the Enter Now button to be directed to a registration page.  To sign-up for the BHG 15k Sweeps, participants can login using social media (Facebook, Google, or Yahoo) or an email address and password.  When entering the sweepstakes participants will have the option to sign-up for the following free newsletters: BHG.com Daily Inspiration, Shop Home Picks and Deals, BHG.com Sweepstakes Newsletter, BHG.com Weekly Update, and Martha Stewart Living.  In addition to the free newsletters, entrants will also have the option to receive news and offers from BHG publications via e-mail (email addresses will not be sold or rented to third parties).

Who is eligible to get in on the BHG 15k Sweeps?

  • Entrants must be legal residents of 50 United States or the District of Columbia and at least 21 years old
  • Employees of the Sponsor (Meredith Corporation) and any affiliated organizations are excluded from entry into the BHG 15k Sweeps
  • Immediate family members or household members of the employee of the Sponsor are also excluded

Participants that want a shot at the $15,000 better act fast as the BHG 15k Sweepstakes Period only runs from 12:01 a.m. Central Time on 12/10/15 through 11:59 p.m. Central Time on 4/10/16.  In order to find out if they have won the $15,000, participants can write to Winner’s Name, $15,000 Sweepstakes, 1716 Locust St., LS-321, Des Moines, IA 50309 after 05/14/2016.




www.plenti.com/manage-account – Login to Manage Plenti Account

Plenti Manage Account

  • Access account online through designated manage account login page
  • Password recovery help is available
  • New users can join online with our without a Plenti card

Plenti users needing to make some account updates can gain access to their accounts through the Plenti Manage Account page.  In order to gain access, users will need to enter their email address and password into the fields found on the Plenti Manage Account page.  After the required information is entered users will have the option to check boxes in order to be remembered on their computer and to be kept logged into their account.   Prior to hitting the Login button and gaining access to the account users will have to complete the all important task of verifying they are not one of those sneaky robots.

What if I forgot my password?

  • Users that cannot remember their password will need to click the Forgot your password link
  • Users will be directed away from the Plenti Manage Account page to a new page where they will need to enter their email address to begin the password reset process
  • Prior to hitting the submit button users will again have to verify they are not a sinister robot

How do I sign up for Plenti?

  • Users can click the Join Now link found on the Plenti Manage Account page to be directed to a sign up page
  • Customers that already have a card will need to enter their 16 digit card number and 4 digit activation code
  • Customers that do not have a Plenti card will need to complete a sign up form in order to join

Plenti is a rewards program that allows customers to earn points at one place and use them at another by partnering with companies like AT&T, Exxon, Macy’s, Mobil, Nationwide, and Rite Aid. Customers with account questions can reach a Plenti Customer Care Professional by dialing 1-855-753-6841.