www.ocwencustomers.com log-in – Ocwen Loan Servicing Login Page

Ocwen Customers 

  • Online account access through login page
  • Review eligibility for lower monthly payment
  • Free mortgage assistance

Ocwen Loan Servicing customers can now access their accounts online through the convenient Ocwen Loan Servicing Mortgage Customer login page.  After arriving at the login page customers will need to enter their User ID and Password into the appropriate fields in order to complete the login process.  Users that have forgotten their User ID or Password can retrieve both by clicking on the Forgot Password or User ID link provided under the Login box.  Customers that have been in the dark and have yet to sign up for online access can click the Enroll/Sign Up link also found under the Login box.  To begin the enrollment process customers will need to enter their Primary Loan Number, Social Security Number, and property zip code into the appropriate fields and then click the Get My Details button.

In addition to signing in to their accounts customers can find out if they are eligible for lower monthly payments through the Home Affordable Modification program.  To find out if they are eligible, customers will need to click the appropriate link found on the login page.  After clicking the appropriate link customers will be redirected to a new page that will provide plenty of information about programs that can assist customers with financial difficulties.

Customers that have need further assistance do not have to worry as mortgage assistance is free.  In fact the login page includes a link to information about free help and what to do if customers feel they are involved in a mortgage scam.

Ocwen Mortgage customers should be thrilled to have access to this one stop site that can provide users with convenient online account access as well as information regarding mortgage scams and lower monthly payments.


www.campbellsrealsolutions.com – Campbell’s Real Solutions Instant Win Game

Campbells Real Solutions 

  • Enter for a chance to win a $125 Visa Gift card
  • Enter online at designated promotion page
  • Promotional period begins December 30th, 2015 and ends February 28th, 2016

Campbell’s is starting the new year off right by offering participants an exciting promotion called the Campbell’s Real Solutions Instant Win Game.  To get in on the action participants will need to go directly to the promotion’s designated webpage.  Once at the promotion page, participants will need to enter their email addresses in the appropriate field in order to begin the registration process and receive Campbell’s coupons.  After entering the email address, participants will need to confirm that they have read the Official Rules and Privacy Policy and agree to both.  After confirming agreement to the Official Rules and Privacy Policy, participants will need to select a resolution.  The resolution options available for selection are Save More Money, Balance Daily Life, More Family Time, and Learn Something New.  Once the resolution is selected participants will be taken to the next page to see if they are an instant winner.

This lucrative promotion is open to residents of all 50 United States and District of Columbia that are 18 years of age or older and located in the United States or District of Columbia at the time of entry.  Participants are best advised to not to twiddle their thumbs as game plays must be received by February 28th, 2016 in order to be eligible.  Over eager participants should know that there is a limit to one entry per person per day throughout the Game Period which begins on December 30th, 2015.  Lucky participants that have won a prize will be required to fill out a prize claim form. The prize claim form will need participants to verify their first and last name, mailing address, city, state, and zip code.


www.dor.mo.gov/1099G – Get 1099-G Form Online


  • Use the internet to access 1099-G form at designated webpage


Missouri tax payers can now obtain their 1099-G forms online through a convenient online webpage.  To get the 1099-G form users will need to go to the designated webpage and enter some key information to begin.  The first bit of information users will need to enter is the first social security number shown on their most recently filed return.  After the social security number is entered users will need to go ahead and enter the five digit zip code found on their most recently filed return.  Users that have filed an address change with the United States Postal Service may need to use the zip code associated with their new address.  Users living outside of the United States must enter the digits 00000 in order to obtain a 1099-G copy.  After entering the social security number and zip code users will be required to enter the filing status shown on their most recent return.  This can be done through use of a drop down box that allows users to select the status of Married Filing Combined, Married Filing Separate, Head of Household, Qualifying widow(er) with a dependent child, or Claimed on Another Return.  Once all of the required information is entered users can continue by clicking on the Continue button.

The 1099-G form is used to report the amount of refunds, credit, and other offsets of state income tax for the previous year.  Users that do not itemize deductions can relax as only tax payers that itemize the deductions on their income tax return need to worry about a 1099-G form.  Taxpayers that claimed the standard deduction and did not itemize the year before will not have a 1099-G. Users that do not have internet access or simply do not like to use the internet can request their 1099-G form over phone by dialing 573-526-8299.  Taxpayers that request the 1099-G form by phone will need to provide the same information that is required when requesting online.


www.chick-fil-a.com/2016calendar – 2016 Cow Calendar

Chick-fil-A 2016 Calendar

  • Activate Calendar Card online at designated webpage
  • Cow Calendar available for purchase at Chick-fil-A restaurants


The 2016 edition of the Chick-fil-A Cow Calendar, which is said to be inspired by the cows, can now be purchased by all of those chicken fanatics out there that have been patiently waiting for its release.  Customers that have already made the incredibly smart purchase of the 2016 Chick-fil-A Cow Calendar will be able to activate the associated 2016 Calendar Card online.  In order to activate the 2016 Calendar Card customers will need to go to the 2016 Chick-fil-A Cow Calendar website and follow the provided card activation instructions.  Customers that already have a Chick-fil-A account from prior Cow Calendar purchases can use their existing information to sign in and activate the card. Once the 2016 Calendar Card is activated customers will be able to take advantage of all the new enhancements throughout the year. Customers that have purchased the calendar only to find that it did not include a Calendar Card can either exchange the calendar at the restaurant where it was purchased or send it in for an exchange through the mail.  Those who opt to mail the calendar in will need to send it to Chick-fil-A, Inc. ATTN: Advertising & Campaigns 5200 Buffington Rd. Atlanta, GA 30349.

Chick-fil-A enthusiasts that have not already purchased the 2016 Cow Calendar and are looking to get their hands on one can find the calendar at the nearest Chick-fil-A location. The purchase can be completed for just $7 per calendar.  Eager customers should be happy to know that multiple calendar purchases are allowed.  However, purchases of ten or more will have to be completed by contacting the Operator at the nearest Chick-fil-A location. Customers are best advised not to drag their feet on making this lucrative purchase as the 2016 Chick-fil-A Cow Calendar is only available while supplies last.



www.bkcrowncard.com – Burger King Crown Card

BK Crown Card

  • Available for purchase online and in-store
  • Reload card at designated card website
  • Available for bulk purchase


The BK Crown Card is a convenient  card being sold by Burger King that can be used to make mouth-watering purchases at any participating Burger King location.  This lucrative card can be purchased at Burger King locations and online through the designated BK Crown Card website.

One of the most convenient features of the BK Crown Card page is the one-time BK Crown card reload.  This handy feature allows card holders who have run out of buying power but are still hungry for more of those delicious burgers to place additional funds onto their cards.  To complete the reload customers will need to verify the reload amount and fill out a simple form that requires information to be entered such as email address, phone number, credit card type, credit card number, CVN, credit card expiration month, credit card expiration year, first name, last name, country, billing address, city, state, and zip code.

Another feature available through the BK Crown Card site is the ability to complete bulk purchases.  The bulk purchase is great for companies looking to reward their employees with the often overlooked gift of food.  To complete the bulk purchase (minimum $1,000) companies will need to login to their accounts by entering an email address and password.  Companies that do not yet have an account will to need create an account in order to proceed with the purchase.  To create an account companies will need to fill out a form that requires basic information such as email address, business name, website, Tax ID number, first name, last name, phone number, and address.

Customers hungry for more information about the BK Crown Card and it’s exciting features should visit the card’s designated website.





www.wellsfargo.com/claimstips – Claim Information Online

Wells Fargo Claims Tips

  • Designated webpage for set up to help users understand the claim process


Account holders that are anxious for information about how their claim is being handled will be relieved to know that Wells Fargo has set up an entire webpage to help explain the claim process. The claims information page is broken down into 5 easy to understand sections in order to provide account holders with the information they need to understand what is going on with their claim.

The Important Information section will notify account holders about a temporary credit applied to their accounts for the total amount in dispute for claims that require extensive research.  This section also sets the expectation that it may take up to 90 days to resolve each claim and to speed up the process account holders should promptly return any documents requested.

The next section deals with what account holders can expect when the claim involves an unauthorized transaction on a debit card.  When this happens the account holder’s debit card will be closed and a new one will be sent in 5-7 days.  Account holders needing access to their account before they receive their new cards can shoot into any Wells Fargo store and request a temporary instant issue debit card that can be used to get cash, make purchases, or pay bills.

After moving forward to the next section, Wells Fargo account holders will receive information about what will happen when their claim is resolved.  Upon resolution of the claim account holders will receive a letter explaining the outcome of the claim.  If the claim is resolved in the favor of the account holder the temporary credit placed in the account will stay there.

The Safeguarding Your Information section provides Wells Fargo account holders with plenty of information about how to keep their accounts safe.  This information covers suspicious activity, setting up a PIN number, computer usage, passwords, and suspicious emails.

Finally the last section provides contact information for account holders that have questions about the claim process.  Wells Fargo account holders that have questions about signature-based transactions, Visa card purchases, or unauthorized transactions can call 1-800-548-9554.  Account holders that have questions about non-fraudulent ATM transactions and PIN-based purchased can call 1-877-230-8708.




www.youroptimumhealthcare.com – Portal Login For Members

Your Optimum Health Care

  • Access the member portal through Optimum HealthCare, Inc. website
  • Browse for useful information about Optimum HealthCare, Inc.

Optimum HealthCare, Inc. is allowing members to access their accounts online through the Optimum HealthCare, Inc. website.  Members looking to access their accounts will need to browse the website for the Member Portal Registration/Login box to get started.  Once logged in or registered, members will be entitled to a number of handy conveniences made possible by signing up for online access.  For instance, registered members will not have to worry about the hardships of ordering medication or supplies as they will be able to make orders for diabetic supplies and over the counter medication online.  In addition to being able to make orders online, members will have access to important claim activity and benefit information once registered.  Members that have lost their ID cards and are worried about how long it will take to get new ones can breath easy as the registration will give members the ability to print the ID cards from the internet.  Health conscious members will enjoy being registered as they will gain access to online health and wellness information and tools such as the Body Mass Index calculator.

Members that have been convinced and want to register for online access will need to click on the Member Portal Registration/Login box.  After the box is clicked users will be directed to a Member Portal page where registration can be achieved.  To register members will need to click on the New User Sign UP Now box.  Members that are already registered can use this page to login to their accounts by entering their email addresses and passwords in the appropriate fields.  Members that have questions or are in need of help can access the Frequently Asked Questions list or Help Manual for more information.


www.myuv.com/redeem – UltraViolet Redemption

My UV Redeem

  • Redeem UltraViolet digital copy by entering redemption code
  • Enter redemption code at designated redemption webpage
  • Link provided on redemption webpage for users that cannot find their redemption codes
  • Informative links provided for more information about UltraViolet

Ultra Violet is making it easy for customers to add their new motion pictures or television programs to their UltraViolet Libraries through a designated redemption webpage.  The designated redemption webpage will allow customers to redeem their new motion pictures or television programs by entering the redemption code online.

Customers that want to get their hands on their UltaViolet digital copies need to jump on their computers and then race over to the designated redemption page.  The first thing customers will notice after arriving at the redemption page is a large field where the redemption code can be entered.  Customers having a hard time finding their redemption code should stay calm and look for a link located beneath the redemption code field called the Where can I find my redemption code? link.  When this link is clicked customers will be advised that their redemption codes can be located on either the sticker or the insert that was included with their Blu-Ray or DVD.  After finding the redemption code customers will need to go ahead and enter it into the large field at the center of the redemption page.  Diligent customers may want top double check to make sure they entered the correct redemption code before clicking the Enter button that can be found on the right side of the redemption field.

For more information about UltraViolet, customers can click on the informative links provided at the top of the redemption page.  These links provide valuable information for customers looking to collect, watch, or share their UltraViolet copies.


www.gctsurvey.com – Begin Goodwill Central Texas Survey

GCT Survey

  • Complete survey for a shot at 10% off next Goodwill purchase
  • Survey can be completed online at the designated survey page

Goodwill Central Texas is looking for some answers in regards to who shops at their stores and is asking customers for some for candid (and hopefully honest) feedback.  Customers who want to answer the call for feedback can do so through a quick online survey found at the GCT Survey page.

Upon arrival at the page an important decision will have to be made right off the bat.  To make this decision customers must select a preferred language by either checking English or Spanish.  After the language is chosen the Next button can be clicked to continue forward with the feedback process by entering a store location (city and address can be entered using drop down boxes).  After entering the location customers can click the Next button to continue to the final page of the survey where the following information must be confirmed:  date of visit, reason for visit, gender, age,  marital status, current number of children in household, ages of children in household, annual household income, ethnicity, highest level of education completed,  current employment status, zip code, and email address.  Once all of the requested information is entered the I’m Done button posted at the bottom of the GTC survey page can be clicked to submit the survey.

As a token of its appreciation, Goodwill Central Texas is giving survey participants 10% off on the next purchase at a participating Goodwill location. To take advantage of this deal it will be necessary to either write down the provided coupon code or take a picture of the code with a smart phone.  The coupon code will be applied once shown to the cashier.  It is important to point out that time is of the essence as the coupon code is only valid for 15 days.



www.tjxcanada-opinion.com – Winners, HomeSense, and Marshalls Survey

TJX Canada Opinion

  • Complete survey for a chance to win $1,000
  • Survey can be completed on online at designated webpage

Winners, Homesense, and Marshalls are wanting to know what is running through the minds of their Canadian customers and are finding out through a slick online survey.  As a show of appreciation for completing the survey, Winners, HomeSense, and Marshalls are giving participants a shot at winning $1,000 daily through a jaw-dropping sweepstakes.  Customers that find the idea of winning $1,000 appealing will want to fire up their computers and race to the designated survey webpage.

Upon arriving at the page participants will first be encountered with having to make a choice of language.  Here participants will need to either click the English button or Francais button to proceed.  Once the choice of langue is selected and the appropriate button is clicked participants will move forward to a page where they will have to confirm their survey numbers.  In order to enter the survey number, participants will need to find their purchase receipt and browse over it until the number is found.  Participants that fear their chances at winning the $1,000 are disappearing because they cannot locate the survey number do not have to worry at all.  To assist with this problem a courtesy image of a Winners, HomeSense, and Marshalls receipt has been placed on this page highlighting the exact location on the receipt where the survey number can be found.  Once the survey number is entered participants will need to click on the Enter button in order to start the survey taking process.

Diligent participants that would like to first check out the Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, or Previous Winners can  go ahead and click on the corresponding links provided at the bottom of the designated survey page.