www.gctsurvey.com – Begin Goodwill Central Texas Survey

GCT Survey

  • Complete survey for a shot at 10% off next Goodwill purchase
  • Survey can be completed online at the designated survey page

Goodwill Central Texas is looking for some answers in regards to who shops at their stores and is asking customers for some for candid (and hopefully honest) feedback.  Customers who want to answer the call for feedback can do so through a quick online survey found at the GCT Survey page.

Upon arrival at the page an important decision will have to be made right off the bat.  To make this decision customers must select a preferred language by either checking English or Spanish.  After the language is chosen the Next button can be clicked to continue forward with the feedback process by entering a store location (city and address can be entered using drop down boxes).  After entering the location customers can click the Next button to continue to the final page of the survey where the following information must be confirmed:  date of visit, reason for visit, gender, age,  marital status, current number of children in household, ages of children in household, annual household income, ethnicity, highest level of education completed,  current employment status, zip code, and email address.  Once all of the requested information is entered the I’m Done button posted at the bottom of the GTC survey page can be clicked to submit the survey.

As a token of its appreciation, Goodwill Central Texas is giving survey participants 10% off on the next purchase at a participating Goodwill location. To take advantage of this deal it will be necessary to either write down the provided coupon code or take a picture of the code with a smart phone.  The coupon code will be applied once shown to the cashier.  It is important to point out that time is of the essence as the coupon code is only valid for 15 days.



www.tjxcanada-opinion.com – Winners, HomeSense, and Marshalls Survey

TJX Canada Opinion

  • Complete survey for a chance to win $1,000
  • Survey can be completed on online at designated webpage

Winners, Homesense, and Marshalls are wanting to know what is running through the minds of their Canadian customers and are finding out through a slick online survey.  As a show of appreciation for completing the survey, Winners, HomeSense, and Marshalls are giving participants a shot at winning $1,000 daily through a jaw-dropping sweepstakes.  Customers that find the idea of winning $1,000 appealing will want to fire up their computers and race to the designated survey webpage.

Upon arriving at the page participants will first be encountered with having to make a choice of language.  Here participants will need to either click the English button or Francais button to proceed.  Once the choice of langue is selected and the appropriate button is clicked participants will move forward to a page where they will have to confirm their survey numbers.  In order to enter the survey number, participants will need to find their purchase receipt and browse over it until the number is found.  Participants that fear their chances at winning the $1,000 are disappearing because they cannot locate the survey number do not have to worry at all.  To assist with this problem a courtesy image of a Winners, HomeSense, and Marshalls receipt has been placed on this page highlighting the exact location on the receipt where the survey number can be found.  Once the survey number is entered participants will need to click on the Enter button in order to start the survey taking process.

Diligent participants that would like to first check out the Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, or Previous Winners can  go ahead and click on the corresponding links provided at the bottom of the designated survey page.


www.tellfathom.com – Fathom Events Online Survey

Tell Fathom

  • Provide feedback through user friendly online survey

Fathom Events wants to know what customers thought about their most recent experience and are finding out with a neat online survey.  Customers looking to provide feedback will need to type the address for the designated survey page into their computers in order to get started.

The survey starts with a fairly simple question regarding the type of event that the participant attended.  Once the answer is provided participants will need to click on the Next button to proceed to the next page of the survey.  At this point the survey becomes specific and will want to know what exact event was attended.  Once the event has been confirmed the participants will again need to click the Next button to move further along in the survey taking process.  At this point in the process participants will have to give their opinion on a variety of different aspects of the event they attended.  Participants will need to continue to use the Next button to navigate forward until the survey is completed.

Overall this survey appears to be extremely user friendly as questions can be answered with just the click of a button in most sections.  For instance, some questions will require participants to check a box in a list of potential answers in order to complete the answer to the question.  Other questions will simply require the participant to check a box on a sliding scale of potential answers. There will be times when a user will be asked to specify on an answer by typing into a blank field in order to appropriately answer the question that has been asked.  Ultimately, most users should have no problem breezing through this convenient online survey in order to provide the valuable feedback.



www.saks.com/storesurvey – Saks Fifth Avenue Customer Survey

Saks Store Survey

  • Complete survey online for a shot at a $2,500 gift card

Saks Fifth Avenue wants to know the opinions of it’s customers and is offering an online survey in order to find out what shoppers think about the store. Customers that take a few minutes to help Saks Fifth Avenue out by providing their opinions will be presented with the lucrative opportunity to enter the stores quarterly drawing where they can win a gift card worth a hefty $2,500. Customers that are anxious for a chance to win this generous prize need to stay calm, wipe the foam from their mouths, and  pull up the survey’s designated webpage.

After arriving at the designated webpage customers will see a Next button that can be clicked to start the survey.  Before starting the survey customers can review the official survey rules and review a list of past winners through the corresponding links on the survey webpage.  The first thing participants will need to do after clicking the Next button is verify their age and whether or not they or any family member is employed by Saks Fifth Avenue.  Once these items are verified customers will need to reach into their pockets and pull out the store receipt in order to enter some specific visit information before continuing.  The information that needs to be entered from the receipt includes the ST number, the TRM number, the TRN number, ASSOC number, and the date of purchase.  Confused participants that are having a hard time locating this information on their receipts can simply refer to the image of the receipt provided on this page for help.  Once all of the required information is entered participants can go ahead and click the Next button to get started on providing their opinions and hopefully winning a hardy $2,500 gift card while they’re at it.



Time for Class Members to Take Action as T-Mobile and Asurion Agree to Settlement

Time for Class Members to Take Action as T-Mobile and Asurion Agree to Settlement

  • File claim through designated webpage
  • $4.2 million settlement agreed upon

T-mobile and Asurion have agreed to pay $4.2 million for settlement of the Wineesa Cole v. Asurion Corp., et al class action lawsuit.  This class action lawsuit was filed as a result of allegations made by the plaintiff that Asurion and T-Mobile offered and sold insurance for cellphones without sufficiently disclosing certain terms of the policy.  It should be noted that T-Mobile and Asurion deny the allegations that have been made by the plaintiff.

Those who may be interested in getting in on the action will first need to verify whether or not they qualify as class members. The settlement class for this matter includes all persons who purchased cell phone insurance from Asuirion through T-Mobile from August 1st, 2003 to April 2nd, 2008.  To be a class member the person who made the insurance purchase must have been residing in the State of California at the time of the purchase.  Those who believe they are class members and want a fair share of the settlement pie will need to jump on the internet and surf over to the settlement’s designated webpage to file a claim by the February 26th, 2016 deadline.

Upon arrival at the settlement page class members will see a link that can be clicked in order to file a claim online.  Class members that do not like filing claims online for whatever strange reason can print a personalized Claim Form to mail in as an alternative method to filing the claim online.  Class members that want proceed with the online filing of the claim will have to verify whether or not they have a claim number and then click the continue button to get started.



Make the Right Call With the Ricola Call in Well Sweepstakes

Make the Right Call With the Ricola Call in Well Sweepstakes

  • Enter to win a 4 day 3 night trip to Zermatt, Switzerland
  • 60 First Prizes of $500 to be awarded

Ricola has come to the table with an exciting new sweepstakes for customers to get in on.  The Call in Well sweepstakes fires up on January 1st, 2016 and runs through February 29th, 2016. Customers that have the wherewithal to enter this extraordinary giveaway stand to win a 4 day and 3 night trip to Zermatt, Switzerland for the Grind Prize award.  This behemoth of a prize includes round-trip airfare for the winner and a guest, 3 consecutive nights’ hotel accommodations, 2 mountain railway tickets, entrance for 2 to the Matterhorn Museum, and an appointment for 2 to the Aristella Spa and Wellness Center.  Participants that fail to win the lucrative Grand Prize will still have a crack at winning one of the 60 First Prizes to be awarded in the form of a check for a lip-smacking $500.

Customers that want to get in on the sweet action can enter in one of two ways.  The first way to enter the giveaway is by texting the keyword RICOLA to 74700.  After sending the initial text message, participants will receive a response text to which they will need to send a reply to gain entry into the sweepstakes.  In the response or “entry text” participants will need to tell Ricola what they would do during a ‘well day’.  The alternative way to enter this sweepstakes is by picking up the telephone and making a toll free call.  To join in this manner participants will need to dial 1-855-4-WELLDAY and leave an “entry voice message.” The voice message must go into detail about what participants will do with their well days.  Long-winded participants will have to remember to keep these voice messages to 15 seconds or less.


Double Dip on Cash Back with the Discover it Card

Double Dip on Cash Back with the Discover it Card

  • New cardholders will earn double the cash back for the first year
  • Earn 5% on categories that change each quarter
  • Earn 1% cash back on all other purchases
  • No annual fee
  • Use cash back instantly at Amazon checkout

New card holders of the Discover it card should be excited to know that they will receive twice the amount of cash back they have earned in the first year of membership.  It may sound crazy but Discover will go ahead and  match all of the cash back customers earn in the first year dollar for dollar once the year comes to an end.  This can be a very lucrative bonus indeed as even without the double dip on the cash back customers will be earning 5%  cash back on purchases from categories that change each quarter.  Customers will also receive an automatic 1% cash back on all purchases that fall outside of the 5% cash back categories.  By the time the first year comes to an end new customers could be seeing some serious dollars coming their way.  Customers worried about how long they have to redeem their cash back bonus do not have a thing to worry about as the cash back bonus never expires!

In addition to the cash back the Discover it card has several other distinct advantages that are hard to find in other credit cards.  Often cardholders are hit with an annoying annual fee just for being a card holder.  Cardholders of the Discover it card do not have to worry about being hit with any type of annual fee as none will apply.  Another perk of being a Discover it card holder comes in handy for customers who are also customers of Amazon.  This unique perk allows Discover it cardholders to use their cash back instantly at Amazon.com checkout.

Consumers that like the sound of the cash back double dip being offered for new card holders along with all of the other great perks the card has to offer should take a long and hard look at the Discover it card.



Catch Some Z’s with the Montegomery Ward Sleep Well Sweepstakes

Catch Some Z’s with the Montgomery Ward Sleep Well Sweepstakes

  • One Grand Prize winner to receive $2,500 Ward’s gift certificate
  • Increase odds to win by entering daily
  • Prizes get bigger and better every week

Montgomery Ward is giving customers a chance to win some serious prizes through the Montgomery Ward Sleep Well Sweepstakes.  Customers that are chomping at the bit to get started need to settle into their computer chairs, flip on the computer, and surf on over to the sweepstakes’ designated webpage.

Upon arrival at the Montgomery Ward Sleep Well Sweepstakes page customers will see a breakdown of the prizes that can be won through this generous giveaway.  Prize number 1 to be drawn the week of January 8th, 2016 will include a Sleep Connection Pillow Pair and a Sleep Connection Mattress Topper.  Prize number 2 will be drawn the week of January 18th, 2016 and will include the prizes included in prize 1 plus an addition prize of a Comfort Creek Victoria 6 piece Towel Set.  Prize number 3 will be drawn the week of January 28th, 2016 and will include all of the prizes from the first 2 drawings plus an additional prize of a Comfort Creek Victoria 2 piece Bath Mat.  Prize number 4 will be drawn the week of February 7th, 2016 and includes everything from the first three prizes plus an additional prize of  Comfort Creek Microfiber Sheets.  The week of February 17th, 2016 is the week prize 5 will be drawn.  The prize 5 package includes all of the previous prizes plus an additional prize of a Traditions Woven Cotton Blanket.  Prize 6 will also be drawn the week of February 17th, 2016.  The prize 6 package includes all of the prizes given away previously plus a Dual Jet Bath Spa.  The grand daddy of all of the prizes will be drawn last.  This Grand Prize comes in the form of a Ward’s gift certificate worth a drool-inducing $2,500.00!!

After reviewing what is at stake participants will likely want to go ahead and click the Enter Now button.  After clicking the Enter Now button participants will need to complete an online form that requires basic information to be entered such as name, address, city, state, zip code, phone number, and email address.  Once all of the required information is entered participants can click on the Submit button to complete entry.




Get Yourself Organized and Win 4 Grand Through Bob Vila’s Giveaway

Get Yourself Organized and Win 4 Grand Through Bob Vila’s Giveaway

January is National Get Organized Month and to celebrate Bob Vila and The Container Store are putting on an exciting new giveaway called Bob Vila’s $4,000 Get Organized Giveaway from The Container Store.  The $4,000 comes in the form of four $1,000 elfa Space Makeovers from The Container Store that are to be awarded to the four winners.  Participants that live outiside of the United States should not bother entering this giveaway as it is only open to participants that are permanent legal residents in one of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia.  Participants that wish to enter are best advised to act quickly as this giveaway does not stay open for long and only has a one month entry period from December 31st, 2015 through January 31st, 2016.

Participants wanting to take a crack at winning one of the four prizes will need to go to the giveaways designated webpage.  Once at the page participants will find an Enter To Win box which has two fields that require participants to enter a first name and email address.  In this box participants will also have the option of checking to confirm whether or not they want to receive the BobVila.com Newsletter and if they would like to receive information and special promotions from The Container Store.  Once all of the information is entered participants can click on the Submit Entry button.

Participants that want to read more into the finer details of the giveaway before committing to enter can look towards the bottom of the designated giveaway webpage where they will find a link to the official rules.  Once clicked the a new page will appear that will allow participants to review the giveaway’s finer details prior to entering.


Earth Inc. Comes to a Settlement Agreement of $270k for the Exer-Walk Shoe Class Suit

Earth Inc. Comes to a Settlement Agreement of $270k for the Exer-Walk Shoe Class Suit

  • File a claim at designated webpage

Earth Inc. and plaintiff Hedges, the Class Representative, have come to a settlement agreement of $270,000 for settlement of the class action lawsuit entitled Leslie Hedges, individually and on behalf of all other similarly situated v. Earth, Inc.  It appears this lawsuit stems from allegations made by the plaintiff that Earth, Inc. violated the law by labeling its Exer-Walk shoes as being able to “improve posture,” “reduce joint stress,” “maximize calorie burn,” and “strengthen core muscles” just by wearing the shoes.   It should be pointed out that Earth Inc. denies all claims of liability and wrongdoing and that no court has made a judgement or any determination of liability against the company.  However, the parties involved have determined it is in their best interest to get the suit settled to avoid the inconveniences and expenses of any further litigation.  The court has granted preliminary approval of the settlement pending a final fairness hearing to be held on April 12th, 2016 at the Everett McKinley Dirksen United States Courthouse in Chicago, IL.

Class members that want a piece of the action can go ahead and take a look at the settlement’s designated webpage.  Once at the page class members can file a claim by clicking on the File a Claim link provided.  Class members should note that all claims must be filed online or postmarked no later than March 12th, 2016.  Class members that choose to file a claim online will encounter a fairly simple form that will require basic information such as first and last name, address, city, state, and zip code.

For further details class members can click on the Class Notice link found on the settlement’s designated webpage.