www.yourtotalrewards.com/solvay – Enter Solvay Rewards

Your Total Rewards Solvay

Ready to manage your rewards?  Good News.  You’re just a few steps away!

So let’s get right down to it.  First things first, enter the Solvay rewards portal using your User Id and password.

Next, click the Login button to enter the portal and access your rewards (we know you’re excited so try to keep that mouse finger steady!).

Once you’re logged into www.yourtotalrewards.com/solvay, follow the instructions to accomplish your task.

Now, it’s gonna be pretty hard to manage those rewards if you forgot your User ID or password.  Fortunately, there’s help for that.

Recovering Your Account at www.yourtotalrewards.com/solvay

  • If you forgot your User ID confirm your identity to regain account access
  • In order to do so, enter your date of birth and the last 4 of your social
  • Once that’s done click the Continue button to get back in action
  • Meanwhile, if you forgot the password answer the 3 security questions
  • Can’r remember the answers??  Then get a reset link via email

Hopefully you remember the email address you set your account up with because if not you’re going to have to wait for SNAIL MAIL to deliver your new password (we all know how long that can take).

If your scratching your head wondering why you can’t login, you may have never set up an account in the first place!  The good news is, it’s SIMPLE.

Setting Up an Account at www.yourtotalrewards.com/solvay

  • Just like the User ID recovery, you’re gonna need to enter your date of birth
  • Next, enter the last for of your social to proceed with the account registration
  • Hint:  Click the Cancel button at anytime to return to the login screen

By the way, if you need help during the login or registration process you can review a massive set of FAQs.  To do so click the ? icon at www.yourtotalrewards.com/solvay (nothing like getting to the bottom of things ON YOUR OWN TERMS).  In addition to the FAQs, you can also get in touch with the Solvay Benefits Center.  Just remember, they’re only open between 9 AM and 6 PM EST Monday through Friday.  Here’s the number!

Solvay Benefits Center Support Number

  • 877-765-8291

Other business with Solvay?  Trying hollering at the offices off Buffalo Speedway (the street not the animal).  Here ya go:

Solvay Administrative Offices

  • 3737 Buffalo Speedway, Suite 800
  • Houston, TX  77098
  • 713-525-6000


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www.GetRetirementRight.com – Quick Entry Retirement Plan

Get Retirement Right!  Here’s How

  • The portal provides access to a variety of users
  • Online login credential recovery is available
  • Users can contact Retirement Services for help

Getting retirement right is easier said than done.  While this may be the case, Mutual of Omaha is doing its part to make planning for the future as easy as possible.  For instance, the aptly named Get Retirement Right portal allows users to take advantage of features such as account rollovers, retirement calculations, and smart saving information (some would say “The Big 3” of retirement tools).  In order to access an account, the user will first need to select what type of user they are (employee, employer, or advisor).  Once the account type is selected, the user can enter a username and password to proceed.  Those who have forgotten a username or password can begin account recovery by clicking the links below the login fields. 

Calculators That Can Help You Get Retirement Right  

  • Savings Calculator – Users can find out how much they need to save each month 
  • Saving Sufficiency Calculator – Find out if those hard earned saving are enough
  • Longevity Calculator – Users can find out of the money will be there for the long haul
  • Common Sense – While not an “official” calculator a little bit goes a LONG way

Users who need to recover a username can begin by entering an email address.  Meanwhile, those who need to restore a forgotten password can enter a username to begin the recovery (sure to happen several times per week for some users!).

In addition to username and password recovery, the Get Retirement Right portal also offers easy account creation.  In order to set up an account, users will need to enter their SSN, date of birth, email address, and zip code.  Employees who are having trouble creating an account can call 888-917-7191 for assistance.  On the other hand, advisors and employers can call 
888-917-7120 for help.  

Get Retirement Right Mailing Address

  • 3300 Mutual of Omaha Plaza
  • Omaha, NE 68175


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www.wellstarmybenefits.org – Quick Entry WellStar Benefits Portal

WellStar My Benefits Access:  How to Begin

  • Employees will need a User ID and password to enter
  • The portal provides online login credential recovery
  • New users can register for online account access

Every employee should have adequate online access to their benefits information.  Even more so at this time of year.  Fortunately, WellStar Health System employees seem to be in good shape in this area.  Employees who need to sign up for benefits (or manage their existing ones) can login in just a few seconds by entering a User ID and password.  While such a convenient login may be good enough for most users, the process can be made EVEN EASIER.  Employees who are looking to take convenience to a whole new level can do so by clicking the Remember My User ID box upon entry.  After clicking the box, the portal will save the User ID for future logins (the name pretty much gives away the function!).

A Look at WellStar Medical Group

  • The group has more than 250 medical office locations (there when you need them!)
  • Patients can receive care from over 1,150 providers across more than 40 specialties
  • Origins of the group date back to 1994 and the forming of WellStar Physicians Group
  • The group’s services include primary and specialty care, acute care, and ambulatory care

In addition to saving a User ID for future logins, the portal also provides easy online login credential recovery (similar to the My PAE Benefits portal).  Employees who have forgotten a User ID or password can begin by clicking the link posted below the login fields.  After clicking the link, the employee can enter the last 4 digits of their SSN and date of birth to begin the account recovery.  In the same way, employees can enter a SSN and date of birth to begin the new account creation process.

Employees with questions about their benefits can contact the WellStar My Benefits Employee Service Center between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM Monday through Friday.

WellStar My Benefits Employee Service Center

  • 888-860-1621


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benefits.ehi.com – Enter Enterprise Health & Welfare Benefits

Benefits EHI Portal:  Account Login & Registration

  • Existing users can login with an Employee ID and password
  • New users must register for online account access (simple)
  • The portal provides online password recovery assistance

A quality Health & Welfare Benefits plan is at the heart of many great occupations.  Therefore, it’s only reasonable for a company to make sure employees have easy access to such a plan.  It’s safe to say that Enterprise Holdings employees are well covered in this area.  For instance, employees who require access to the Benefits EHI portal need only enter an Employee ID and password to login.  Meanwhile, employees who need to create a new account can enjoy an easy registration process.  The Benefits EHI portal allows employees to begin registration by first verifying their identity.  Employees can take care of this step by simply entering an Employee ID, last 4 digits of their SSN, home zip code, and date of birth.

Enterprise Holdings Careers

  • The company has given 14,744 internal promotion since the start of 2018
  • Careers are available with all 3 brands: Enterprise, Alamo, and National
  • The company offers the Management Training program for future leaders
  • Additional benefits include things such as discounts and adoption assistance

In addition to verifying identity for a new Benefits EHI account, employees must do the same to reset a password.  In order to do so, the user must first click the Reset/Forgot? link.  After clicking the link an Employee ID, last 4 digits of a SSN, home zip code, and date of birth can be entered to initiate a password reset.  On the other hand, users who can’t remember an Employee ID must reach out to their local HR Department (sorry doesn’t look like online recovery is available).

Benefits Central support is available at 855-434-4236 between the hours of 8 AM and 6 PM CT Monday through Friday.

Enterprise Holdings Headquarters Contact Information

  • 600 Corporate Park Dr.
  • Saint Louis, Missouri 63105
  • 314-512-5000


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www.CarharttDirect.com – Enter the Carhartt Direct User Portal

Carhartt Direct:  A Quick Guide

  • New users must create an account before gaining access
  • Existing users can login with a username and password
  • The portal provides support via phone and email

Users who need to establish access to the Carhartt Direct portal can begin by clicking the New User Request link locate beneath the login fields.  After clicking the link, the new user must fill out a brief request form with a name, email address, title, company, account number, country, state, city, and phone number.  Once the user enters all of the required information they can go ahead and click the Submit button to send the request.  Upon submission, the request will be reviewed by a support team member before an invitation is sent.  When making the request, any extra information the user can provide about the requested vendor is information useful.

A Brief History of Carhartt

  • The company’s origins go back to 1889 with the founding of Hamilton Carhartt & Co.
  • Carhartt had expanded to the point of opening mills in both SC and GA by 1910
  • The Great Depression nearly caused Carhartt to close shop (fortunately it prevailed)
  • The 1970’s and the massive Alaskan Pipeline construction helped grow the brand
  • Carhartt has produced over 80 MILLION garments in the U.S. over the past 15 years

After the new user has been granted access to the portal they can login by entering a password and username.  Users who prefer to use Carhartt Direct in a different language can click the drop down box found below the login field for more options.  The portal also provides a password recovery tool that can be initiated with a username.

Users who are having trouble getting into the portal can click the Need Help Logging In? link to review information on cookies and browsers.  In addition to the help link, the portal also provides assistance via email and over the phone.

Carhartt Direct Support Information

  • support@centerstonetech.com
  • 877-757-3681



COBRA.ehr.com – Login to Manage COBRA Coverage Benefits

How to Enter the COBRA EHR Portal

  • New users can register for online account access
  • A User ID and account password is needed to enter
  • Over the phone technical support is available

The importance of managing something as critical (albeit temporary) as COBRA coverage simply cannot be understated.  Therefore, one should only expect an easy and straight-forward way for this to be accomplished.  A shining example of how this can be done is the convenient COBRA EHR portal.  Those who have yet to register for access to the portal can begin by clicking the Create or Reset Your Password link.  After clicking the link a brief online form will appear that must be completed with a User ID, zip code, date of birth, and password to complete the registration process.  It should be noted that COBRA EHR portal passwords created should be between 8 and 20 characters in length, must contain and upper and lowercase letter, and must contain at least 1 number.

A Super Quick Overview of COBRA

  • Is short for the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985
  • Requires employers to offer temporary continuation of health coverage
  • Spouses and children are considered qualified beneficiaries (makes sense)
  • Coverage cannot be switched to COBRA after another coverage is chosen
  • Coverage will not be continued if no action is taken to keep it active

Once the registration process is finished, the simple process of gaining access to the COBRA EHR portal can be completed by entering a User ID along with an account password before clicking the Login button (can be done in less than 10 seconds).  A great deal of information regarding COBRA coverage is available to be reviewed by clicking the COBRA FAQs link posted at the top of the portal.  Those who didn’t find what they needed within the FAQs (or just got tired of reading) can call 877-292-6272 for over the phone assistance.

COBRA EHR Portal Mailing Address

  • PO Box 5884, Hopkins, MN 55343-5884


www.mylifeatkroger.com – Enter My Life at Kroger Total Rewards

My Life at Kroger:  How to Begin

  • Current associates have a separate login that other users
  • Also available to retirees, spouses, COBRA, and severance
  • Kroger corporate contact information is available

Taking care of one’s Total Rewards is an important act that should demand anytime access from a computer, smart phone, and even a tablet (or pretty much anything else with an internet connection).  Fortunately, on demand access from an internet connected device is exactly what My Life at Kroger offers.  Current associates who need to get into the portal can begin by selecting the appropriate description from the drop down box.  Once selected, a new page will appear where the login can be completed by entering an Enterprise ID along with an account password.  In the event access cannot be achieved due to a lost or forgotten ID or password, the link posted at the right hand side of the login fields can be clicked for assistance.

Who else can use My Life at Kroger?

  • Spouses or Domestic Partners – Of current associates at Kroger of course
  • Retirees – Take a break from the easy life and check out the Total Rewards
  • Severance – Easy management of benefits received in a severance package
  • COBRA – For those who need to manage temporary health care benefits

Please note that retirees, spouses, COBRA, and severance users will be directed to a different login page than current associates.  Once at the login screen a username and password must be entered to gain access to My Life at Kroger.  Those who have yet to sign up for access can click the link posted at the bottom of the screen to pull up a brief form that can be filled out to complete registration (very basic information is required – NO SWEAT!).

A Brief Overview of Kroger

  • Publicly traded over the New York Stock exchange under ticker symbol KR
  • Is the flagship brand in a large family of stores (Pick ‘n Save, Roundy’s, etc.)
  • Does business in 30 of the 50 United States (quite the national footprint!)
  • Named the Energy Star Partner of the Year for 2018 (round of applause)

Those with investment inquiries for Kroger can try getting in touch with the company’s Investor Relations and Shareholder Services department at 513-762-1220.  Kroger customers can get assistance by reaching out to the store’s Customer Relations department in Cincinnati, OH.

Kroger Customer Relations

  • 1014 Vine St., Cincinnati, OH 45202-1100
  • 513-762-4000



www.captainds.com/rewards – Enter Captain D’s Rewards Program

Entering the Captain D’s Rewards Program

  • New members can complete online registration
  • Existing members can login to an account
  • Frequently Asked Questions are provided

Most would agree that it’s always nice to be rewarded, even if the thing one is being rewarded for is rewarding enough in its own right.  Those who are a bit confused by the previous statement need look no further than the Captain D’s VIP Rewards programs that allows customers to earn points for doing something that is likely already the most rewarding part of the day for many – EATING DELICIOUS CAPTAIN D’S SEAFOOD!  The process of signing up for the Captain D’s rewards program can be initiated by either registering with our without a card.  Those who DO have a card will need to enter the card number before hitting the Submit button to get started with the registration process.  Customers who DO NOT have a card can begin by filling out a brief online form with a name, phone number, date of birth, and email address.  It should be pointed out that a zip code can be entered at the registration page to search for a nearby location and find out if it ‘s participating in the Captain D’s VIP Rewards program.

A Mouth-Watering Look at the Captain D’s Menu

  • North Atlantic Lobster Rolls – A delicious treat that doesn’t cost $20 (like at some places)
  • Batter Dipped Fish – Hard to beat a fresh a piece of Captain D’s (ask for extra crispies!)
  • Wild Alaskan Salmon – Seared and served on a bed of rice (load up on those Omega 3s!)
  • Lobster Bites – So good that the 6 pieces included in an order likely won’t be enough
  • Creamy Lobster Scampi – Since when did Captain D’s start servings pasta dishes??

Those who have already registered for the Captain D’s rewards program (a smart move deserving of a pat on the back) can gain access to an account by entering a username and password before clicking the Login button.  In the event a password has been forgotten the account recovery process can be initiated by clicking the available link posted beneath the login fields.  Those with questions about the program can try reviewing the information found under the Frequently Asked Questions link posted at the registration page (scroll down to the Rewards FAQ section).  High-level questions for the restaurant can be directed to the Captain D’s headquarters in Nashville, TN.

Captain D’s Headquarters Contact Information

  • 624 Grassmere Park, Suite 30
  • Nashville, TN 37211-3671
  • 615-391-5461



www.myPAEbenefits.com – Login or Register PAE Benefits Account

My PAE Benefits Account

  • Login credential recovery assistance is available
  • Existing users can login with an email address
  • New users can complete online registration

One of the last things any employee needs is issues with gaining access to something as important as a benefits account.  Fortunately, such a gloomy situation can usually be averted by remaining calm and taking advantage of the self-help username or password reset tools provided at most online portals.  For instance, those who are unable to access a My PAE Benefits account due to a lost or forgotten username or password can begin by clicking the Forgot your user name or password? link and entering a Company Key, SSN, and date of birth before clicking the Continue button to proceed.  Once the login credentials have been successfully restored, My PAE Benefits account access can be achieved by entering a username and password before clicking the Login button.  Those who could use some benefit enrollment instructions can try watching the available video posted at the right has side of the account login screen.

PAE Through the Decades

  • Founded in 1955 by Edward Shay (Pacific Architects and Engineers Incorporated)
  • Expanded into Germany in 1972 by opening a design office in Frankfurt (go east!)
  • Scored a contract in 1985 allowing for expansion into Central and South America
  • In 1995 Allen Shay took over the helms as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • Acquired A-T Solutions in 2015 (adding a great deal of services and operations)

Those who have yet to sign up for a My PAE Benefits account can begin by clicking the Register button and entering the same information used to begin the login credential recovery process (Company Key, SSN, and date of birth).  It should be noted that the language displayed when using the account can be changed by clicking the links found at the bottom right hand side of the login page (English, French, and Spanish are available).  Questions about the account can be addressed by calling the PAE Benefits Service Center at 844-745-4099.  Corporate-related questions for PAE can be directed to the company’s headquarters in Arlington, VA.

PAE Headquarters Contact Information

  • 1320 N. Courthouse Rd., Suite 800
  • Arlington, Virginia 22201


www.AwardChoice.com – Enter Award Choice Employee Recognition

Using the Award Choice Employee Recognition Portal

  • Security ID and password are needed to enter
  • Written and video instructions are provided
  • Support is available via email correspondence

A pat on the back is nice and all but chances are most employees prefer to be recognized for a job well done with something more TANGIBLE.  That is precisely where Terry Berry’s Award Choice portal comes into play.  Employees who have recently been recognized (perhaps for reaching a service time milestone for example) can begin the process of cashing in on their efforts by entering a name (first and last), Security ID, and password before clicking the Enter button to login to the system.  Those who plan on being recognized often (might as well assume the mentality of a real go-getter!) can click the Favorites! button located beneath the login fields to add the Award Choice portal to a list of favorites sites.  Instructions on how to place an order can be viewed by clicking the Ordering Guide link and taking a look at the available video demonstration or PDF instructions.

Placing in Order Once Inside the Award Choice Portal

  • The View All Items tab can be clicked to browse the catalog of awards (happy shopping!)
  • More information about an item can be learned by clicking the Product Details button
  • Those who have found a suitable award can go ahead and click the Place Order button
  • A brief online form must be completed to submit an order (an almost effortless task!)
  • The language shown inside the portal can be changed by clicking the Language tab

It should be noted that those who choose to watch the ordering demonstration video will be directed away from the Award Choice portal to YouTube where a short clip can be viewed (it’s only about a minute long so might as well take it all in!).  Those who have lost (or flat-out never received) a Security ID or password can send an email over to support@awardchoice.com for assistance (the company name and years of service should be included within the email).  Those with corporate related questions for Terryberry can try reaching out to the company’s offices in Grand Rapids, MI.

Terryberry Corporate Office Contact Information

  • 2033 Oak Industrial DR. NE
  • Grand Rapids, MI 49505
  • 877-862-4057