www.walmart.com/protection – Protect New Items & Track Claims

Walmart Protection Plan:  How to Cover a New Item

  • Customers must login to their Walmart account to begin
  • The portal provides online password recovery assistance
  • New users can sign up for online account access

The thrill of purchasing a major item tends to be replaced with nothing but anxiety once the customer begins thinking about all of the things that can go wrong with it.  However, there are things that customers can do to keep this uneasy feeling from setting in.  For example, those who have purchased an eligible item from Walmart can now cover it under the store’s protection plan.  In order to begin, customers must first go to the Walmart Protection Plan portal and click the link found under the Protect Your Purchases section.  Once at the account login screen, customers can enter an email address and password to enter and add the item (not all that different from the Ridgid registration process).

Wait, what if something goes wrong with the item??

  • Customers can click the link under the File or Track claims section of the portal
  • The Walmart Protection Plan will try to repair the item and replace it if necessary
  • In many cases the plan approves new claims INSTANTLY (nothing wrong with that!)
  • Some claims may require a specialist to help assist the customer with the claim

By the way, the portal provides password recovery assistance for those who lost or forgot their credentials.  In order to begin, the customer must first enter their email address to receive a verification code.  Once the code is received, the customer can use it to create a brand new password (some may need to go through this process way more often than others!).

Examples of Items Covered by the Walmart Protection Plan

  • Laptops – Because dropping your new laptop down a flight of stairs is never fun
  • Mobile Phones – Nobody likes looking at a huge crack when glancing at their screen
  • Jewelry – Have a watch that suddenly stops ticking?  Get up and file a claim!
  • Televisions – Covers electrical and mechanical failures from normal use

Customers can review the full Terms & Conditions of the Walmart Protection Plan by clicking the link found at the bottom of the portal.  By the way, those who aren’t satisfied with the plan can cancel within 30 days for a full refund by calling 877-538-4389.  Meanwhile, those who cancel after 30 days will receive a pro rata refund based on the amount of time left on the plan.

Walmart Customer Service Number

  • 800-925-6278



www.paymentshub.com/registration – Payments Hub User Registration

How do I access Payments Hub Registration?

  • Users must register an email address and password
  • Both owners and sales partners can gain account access
  • New users can register for an online account

Any online portal that prides itself on ease of use should make sure the process of getting into the thing in the first place is just as simple as its features.  To put it briefly, Payments Hub lives up to this standard.  For instance, users who require account access can take advantage of the portal’s a streamlined registration process.  Rather than jumping through a bunch of hoops, new users are only required to fill out a brief online form with a name, email address, password, and Merchant ID or Account Number.  Once all pieces of information are entered the Submit button can be clicked to wrap up the process.

A Look at Payments Hub Insights

  • The unique software tool is powered by Womply (an incredibly fast growing company)
  • Businesses can use it to understand revenue streams (such as new vs repeat customers)
  • Insights helps maintain a business’s reputation across social media platforms (HUGE)
  • The software provides information about competitors and local market activity

Once the new user successfully completes the Payments Hub registration process they need only an email address and account password to login (no pesky PINs or other random requirements).  After entering both login credentials, the user can then click Sign In button to gain account access (as easy as it gets).  In addition to the easy login, Payments Hub also offers a straight forward password recovery process.  For instance, users who need to recover a password can simply enter their registered email address to begin the reset.

It should be noted that users will first need to confirm if they are a business owner or a sales partner before logging into an account.  The process of gaining access is the same for both owners and sales partners with the exception that sales partners may use their social media credentials to access Payments Hub.  Once the user selects the desired account they can go ahead and complete the login.

Payments Hub Contact Information

  • support@paymentshub.com
  • 877-464-4218


Speaking of portals……

MyDesk.MorganStanley.com – Enter Morgan Stanley My Desk

How to Enter the My Desk Morgan Stanley Portal

  • Portal users can login with a password and PIN
  • The portal allows the login destination to be chosen
  • Users can contact the Help Desk for login assistance

It’s a rare thing for an online portal to provide users with the option to choose a landing spot after logging.  However, it appears the My Desk Morgan Stanley portal is one of the few that marches to the beat of a different drum.  For instance, users can choose between the options of going to a default desktop, using other applications, or leaving it open for choice BEFORE even attempting a login.  Portal users can accomplish this by selecting one of the 3 available options located in the drop down box.  Once the desired landing spot has been chosen, the portal requires users to confirm the type of connection being used (WiFi or Cellular).

My Desk Morgan Stanley:  A Few More Notes

  • The portal provides a link for downloading the Citrix Receiver (may be needed)
  • American users can contact the Help Desk at 888-255-6829 or 866-401-8324
  • Soft ID users must enter the correct PIN in order to get the correct passcode
  • Users can save personal settings by checking the box beneath the login fields

After the user chooses the type of connection a username, password, and PIN can be entered into the login fields before clicking the Go button to enter the portal.  Please note that the portal will not accept the login if an incorrect PIN has been entered.

Morgan Stanley is a financial services company that trades over the New York Stock Exchange under ticket symbol MS.  Customers or clients can reach Morgan Stanley by contacting the company’s World Headquarters in New York City.

Morgan Stanley World Headquarters Address

  • 1585 Broadway, New York, NY 10036




www.coffeeandbagelyou.com – Enter Coffee & Bagel You Portal

Coffee and Bagel You:  Let’s Begin

  • Username and password can be customized
  • Password recovery assistance is provided
  • Technical support email address is available

Team Members who require access to the Coffee and Bagel You portal can do so by entering a username along with an account password before clicking the Sign In button to complete the login.  It should be pointed out that first time users must login using a Workday employee ID number in order to customize the login credentials (create a username and account password).  Those who are drawing a blank when it comes to the part where a password must be entered can go ahead and clicking the Forgot your password? link.  After clicking the link a username can be entered to begin the process of setting up a new password (it’s typically good practice to change an account password from time to time regardless of whether it’s been forgotten).

A Look at the Coffee and Bagel Brands

  • Caribou Coffee – Stop sometime this fall for a delicious Pumpkin Pie Latte
  • Einstein Bros. Bagels – Hungry?  Try a crispy chicken and tater egg sandwich
  • Manhattan Bagel – Offering a variety of bagels, coffees, and sandwiches
  • Noah’s NY Bagels – Start the day with a spicy chorizo avocado sunrise
  • Bruegger’s Bagels – Check out the lucrative Inner Circle rewards program

Teams Members who need to sign in using a Caribou or ENRG email address can do so by clicking one of the buttons posted at the bottom of the Coffee and Bagel You portal.  After clicking one of the buttons a new page will appear where an email address and password can be entered to login to an account.  Those in need of technical assistance can try sending an email to support (when in doubt don’t hesitate to ask a question or two!).

Coffee and Bagel You Support Email Address

  • cbyadmin@coffeeandbagels.com



www.dayforcehcm.com – Enter Ceridian Day Force HCM Portal

Ceridian Day Force HCM:  Logging In

  • A company must be specified to enter the portal
  • A user name and account password are needed
  • Help is available for problems with account access

When it comes to the process of getting into an online portal the easier the better (especially for one that’s going to be used fairly often).  With that being said, users of the Ceridian Day Force HCM portal shouldn’t have too much to worry about as far as account access is concerned.  The simple login process can be completed in just a few seconds by entering the following 3 pieces of information:  a company, a username, and an account password.  Once all of the required login information has been entered the Login button can be clicked to proceed into the portal.  Those who are having problems logging in can try clicking the Can’t access your account? link posted at the bottom of the Ceridian Day Force HCM portal.

What is Dayforce?

  • Dayforce is a cloud HCM platform that helps companies manage their workforces
  • Offers a pay system that continually calculates (a HUGE plus for the payroll folks)
  • Provides a single record of ALL employees (much to the delight of the HR admins)
  • Includes an easy to use benefits management system (enrollment, life events, etc.)
  • The platform was awarded a gold medal in the 2017 Software Reviews (BRAVO!)

It should be pointed out that a company must be entered into Ceridian Day Force HCM portal before getting started with the account recovery process.  Those who would like to check out the portal’s Privacy Policy can do so by clicking the link posted at the bottom of the screen.  In addition to the Privacy Policy, a link to the portal’s Terms of Use can also be found.  Questions about Dayforce can be addressed by dialing 855-432-9367.

A Look at Ceridian

  • A human capital management company that does business worldwide
  • Can provide support for companies of all sizes (a flexible target market)
  • Made Glassdoor’s “Best Places to Work” list in 2018 (cue the slow clap!)
  • Has found a spot in Canada’s Top 100 Employers 15 years IN A ROW

Ceridian’s United States headquarters are located in Minneapolis, MN.  In addition to the United States, Ceridian also has headquarters located in Europe (Glasgow), Canada (Toronto), and Australia (Melbourne).

Ceridian United States Headquarters

  • 3311 East Old Shakopee Rd.
  • Minneapolis, MN 55425-1640
  • 952-853-8100


www.tracking.smartlabel.com – Enter Tracking Number for Status

Using the Tracking Smart Label System

  • Multiple tracking numbers can be entered
  • Frequently Asked Questions are provided
  • Newgistics contact information is available

The delivery status of an important package is something that is sure to be on the mind of many who have placed a recent order.  Fortunately, the ability to track a package online is become easier and easier with each passing year.  For instance, those who need to find out what’s going on with a package within the Newgistics Tracking Smart Label system can do so in just a few moments.  Upon arrival at the system a tracking number can be entered into the blank space provided in the middle of the page.  Once the tracking number has been entered the Track button can be clicked to receive the current delivery status.  It should be noted that up to 50 tracking numbers can be entered into the system at once (nothing like a little multi-tasking!).

More on the Newgistics Tracking Smart Label System

  • Status will be available within 24 hours of Newgistics receiving the package
  • There may be a delay in tracking status as the package changes destinations
  • Packages will be delivered by a USPS postal carrier (familiarity is a big plus!)
  • Delivery addresses can’t be modified once an item is shipped (double check!)

It is important to point out that the tracking number(s) should be entered without spaces or dashes (numbers only please!).  Those with questions can try reviewing the information found under the FAQ button located at the top of the Newgistics Tracking Smart Label system.  In addition to the FAQs, the system also provides copies of its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy at the bottom right hand side of the page.

Anything else I should be aware of?

  • The retailer from which the order was made should be contacted with status questions
  • Package re-deliveries must be scheduled directly with USPS (can be completed online)
  • Deliveries CANNOT be expedited after they have been entered into the network

Newgistics can be followed on social media by clicking the icons available at the Tracking Smart Label system (Facebook, Linked In, Twitter).  In addition to social media, Newgistics can also be reached by contacting the company’s headquarters in Austin, TX.

Newgistics Headquarters Contact Information

  • 7171 Southwest Pkwy
  • Bldg. 300, Suite 400
  • Phone – 877-860-5997
  • Fax – 512-225-6001


www.myjdfaccount.com – Enter My John Deere Financial Account

My JDF Account Overview

  • An expedited login option is available
  • Online account recovery assistance is provided
  • New users can complete account registration

When it’s time to access an account, the amount of time it takes to complete the login cannot be underestimated (it’s all about SPEED in this day and age).  Fortunately, those who require access to a My JDF Account are presented with the option of making the login all the more expedient by having credentials remembered for future use.  This simple step to ensure a speedy login can be completed by checking the Remember Me box prior to entering the account.  Those who find themselves unable to gain entry to a My JDF Account due to a forgotten username or password can click the links posted below the login fields to begin the account recovery process.

John Deere:  A Look Back In Time

  • Origins date back to the 1830’s when blacksmith John Deere began making plows
  • Became incorporated as Deere & Company in 1968 after many years as a partnership
  • Powered through the Great Depression by introducing the Models A and B tractors
  • Celebrated its 150th anniversary in 1987 using the catchy slogan “run with the best”
  • Introduced the very first 2-row sugarcane harvester in 2010 (amazing innovation!)

First time users who have yet to sign up for My John Deere can click the Create New Account link to begin the registration process.  After clicking the link a new page will appear that includes an online form that can be used to sign up for an account.  Once the account has been registered it will be possible to begin taking advantage of features such as online payments, subscription management, and information collection.

John Deere is a publicly traded farm equipment company with headquarters in Moline, IL.  The company is traded over the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol DE.  Corporate-related questions for John Deere can be directed to the company’s world headquarters.

John Deere World Headquarters Contact Information

  • One John Deere Place, Moline, IL 61265
  • 800-765-9588



www.mybhhsall.com – Enter My Alliance Agent Marketing Center

Entering the My BHHS All Portal

  • A username and password are needed
  • Account recovery assistance is available
  • Username can be stored for future use

A simple and clean experience is what most are looking for when it comes to gaining access to an online portal.  With that being said, it appears Berkshire Hathaway Home Services (BHHS) hit the bulls-eye with its My Alliance Agent Marketing Center.  The process of gaining access to the online portal can be completed in just a few seconds by visiting the My BHHS All page and entering a username along with an account password before clicking the Login button (hard to get any simpler than that).  Those who are having problems gaining access due to a lost or forgotten username and/or password can click link posted below the login fields to begin the account recovery process (again – clean AND simple!).

A Look at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

  • Officially launched in September of 2013 (the start of something enormous!)
  • Brought in Addresses Real Estate (a San Angelo, TX market leader) in July 2018
  • Was named Real Estate Agency Brand of the Year by a 2018 Harris Poll study
  • Includes around 46,000 agent and almost 1,400 offices (staggering numbers!)
  • The Chicago-based Century 21 Executive Realty joined BHHS in April 2017

Users who need to retrieve an account password can begin by entering a username.  Similarly, an account email address can be entered to begin the process of retrieving a forgotten username.  Please note that usernames can be remembered for future use by checking the box located beneath the login fields at the My BHHS All page.

The Berkshire Hathaway Home Services corporate office is located in West Chester, OH.  General inquiries for the Berkshire Hathaway Home Services can be addressed by contacting the corporate office by phone, fax, or mail correspondence.

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Corporate Office

  • 7311 Tylers Corner Pl., West Chester, OH, 45069
  • Phone – 513-755-4400
  • Fax – 513-772-7784



www.stewarts.co.uk/activate – Activate a Stewart’s Privilege Card

Activating a Stewart’s Privilege Card

  • A brief online form must be completed
  • Marketing information can be received
  • Stewart’s contact information is available

Stewart’s Garden Centre is offering a “Privilege Card” that allows customers to earn points that can be spent on ANYTHING in the store.  However, before the earning (and spending) of points can begin it will first be necessary to activate the card.  The process of activating the card can be initiated by going to the Stewart’s Activate page and completing a brief online form.  Please note that the activation form requires a card number, title, name, address, postcode, phone number, and email address be entered.  In addition to the required personal information a local Stewart’s Garden Centre must be confirmed and the Terms & Conditions must be accepted before the card can be activated.

Why should I bother activating a Stewart’s Privilege Card?

  • Allows cardholders to start the reason off right with HALF PRICE compost
  • A whopping 2 points will be earned for every £1 spent at one of the centres
  • Cardholders will receive invites to “Special Evenings” (a delightful experience)
  • Stewart’s 1742 Magazine will be received 4 times each year…………..FOR FREE
  • Cardholders can even earn points on purchases at a Stewart’s Coffee Shop

Prior to completing the form at the Stewart’s Activate page it will be necessary to confirm whether or not email and postal marketing is wanted (check either Yes or No).  Marketing items that may be received include features such as the monthly newsletter and the 1742 Magazine (hard to pass up).  Once the marketing preferences have been confirmed the Activate button can be clicked to get the Stewart’s Privilege Card ready to roll.

The origins of Stewart’s Garden Centres can be traced back as far as 1742 (hence the previously magazine title) when Charles Stewart began growing forestry trees in Scotland.  The company currently has three Garden Centres and offers FREE local delivery on purchases more than £100.  General inquiries for Stewart’s can be directed to the company’s office in Dorset.

Stewart’s Contact Information

  • Lyndhurst Rd., Dorset, BH23 4SA
  • info@stewarts.co.uk
  • 01425 272244


asda.walmartone.com – Enter Asda Colleagues Walmart One Login

Entering Walmart One as an Asda Colleague

  • A User ID and password are needed to login
  • Online account recovery help is available
  • New users can register for an account

When attempting to gain access to important career-related information, one would expect to encounter an easy-to-follow and stream-lined process.  It’s safe to say these expectations are met (and then some) for Asda colleagues who require access to the Walmart One portal.  The process of logging into an account can be initiated by going to asda.walmartone.com and clicking the Login link located at the top right hand corner of the page.  After clicking the link a login screen will be displayed where a User ID and account password can be entered to gain access to the account (does it get any easier than that??)

Cool Features Offered at Asda Walmart One

  • Asda Stars – Make a colleague’s day (or week!) by recognizing a job well done
  • Everyone Benefits – Take advantage of a collection of great money-saving offers
  • Holiday Self Service – Because everyone needs a day off every once in a while
  • Asda Social GroupConnect with other Asda colleagues (a great team builder)
  • Our Plan – Learn more about how Asda plans to take care of its customers

Colleagues who are having trouble getting into a Asda Walmart One account due to a lost password or User ID can begin the recovery process by clicking the links found beneath the login fields.  Those who have yet to sign up can click the Register link to get started the process of creating a new account (stop waiting it’s time to take action!).

Questions about the ASDA Walmart One portal can be address by clicking the Walmart One Support link to review a brief list of FAQs (loads of helpful information).  Those who don’t find what they were looking for in the FAQs may want to try reaching out to the HR Shared Services (good for questions about booking holidays) or the Asda ISD Service Desk (technical issues with logging in).

Support Phone Numbers

  • HR Shared Services – 0113 291 9000
  • ISD Service Desk – 0113 8261262