www.lowes.com/eservice – Enter Lowe’s Credit eService

Manage Your Account with Lowe’s eService

  • Quick and easy  login to your credit card account
  • Works for both Lowe’s Advantage and Lowe’s Visa Rewards
  • Stuck between a rock and a hard place?  Get online account recovery help
  • Manage your account in both English and Spanish
  • Customer support is ready top help if you have questions!
  • First time users can register at www.lowes.com/eservice

Managing your credit card doesn’t have to be fun.  BUT, it can certainly be SIMPLE.  While some accounts can be overly complicated, Lowe’s eService is NOT one of them (if you hold a Lowe’s Advantage or Visa Rewards card you already know this).  So with that said, let’s find out what all the hype is about!

Key Features of Lowe’s eService

  • Away from your computer?  Don’t worry!  You can manage your account from ANY device (that has an internet connect)
  • Are you a worry wart?  Lowe’s eService provides SECURE online bill payment
  • You can stay up to date with your account by signing up for FREE text message or email notifications (always a good idea to stay in the loop!)
  • Sure beats sitting on hold or wading your way through one of those automated phone systems

Another cool feature of Lowe’s eService is the easy-peasy account recovery option.  For instance, you can find your User ID AND recover your password.  If it’s the User ID you’re after, just enter your card number and zip code to get started.  Meanwhile,  you can enter your User ID and zip code to begin the password reset process.  Either way, you’ll find both processes to be a walk in the park.

Questions about Lowe’s eService?  Use the online chat tool at www.lowes.com/eservice.


Give Lowe’s a ring at the below number!

Lowe’s eService Phone Number

  • 888-840-7651


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www.bankofamerica.com/kitchenaid – Activate Prepaid Card

Bank of America Kitchen Aid Prepaid Card

  • Begin the prepaid card activation by entering your card number
  • If your card is already active you can sign in to manage your account
  • Problems signing in?  No worries, there’s support for that
  • Problems within anything else?  Check the FAQs!
  • Still strugglin’? Give Bank of America a buzz

We all love prepaid cards (the ones that still have money left on them anyways).  However, they’re not much use until they’re active.  While many cards require an over the phone activation, the Bank of America Kitchen Aid card is different.  As in EASIER different.  All you need to do is go to www.bankofamerica.com/kitchenaid and enter your card number!

Bank of America Kitchen Aid Prepaid Card Account Management

If you’re one of those who likes to know EXACTLY how much money you have left, you’ll need to sign into your account.

In order to do so, enter your username and password at the activation page.

Planning on coming back often?  Hit that Remember Me box then!

If you can’t login try resetting your account.  You can recover your username by clicking the link and entering your email address.

Benefits of Your Bank of America Kitchen Aid Prepaid Card

  • You can use it at EVERY place that accepts Visa (which is virtual every place in the world nowadays)
  • It’s not just for in person purchases!  You can also buy online or over the phone
  • Want to be kept in the loop?  You can sign up to receive text messages or emails when your balance starts getting low
  • In order to sign up for alerts you’ll need to sign into your account

By the way, just about everything you need to know about your Bank of America Kitchen Aid card in the FAQs.  You can pull up this handy little list by clicking the FAQ link located at the bottom of the activation page.  In the rare event the FAQs let you down, take action into your own hands and get Bank of America on the phone.  Pronto!

Bank of America Kitchen Aid Card Customer Service

  • 833-215-1617
  • Outside of the United States?  Call 423-262-1651

Here’s some more credit card information…..

HSBC UK New Card Action

Another American Express Expo Enroll Offer is now live!

www.hsbc.co.uk/newcard – Activate Your New HSBC Card

HSBC UK New Card Activation Process

  • You can activate your new card in one of 3 ways
  • Valuable information on how to use your card is available
  • Questions?  HSBC provides top notch customer support

The arrival of a new credit card can be an exciting event (or a relieving one if you lost your old one!).  However, before you get too exciting you should always remember that card usually needs to be activated.  For example, HSBC customers can activate a new card in one of three easy methods (overview found at www.hsbc.co.uk/newcard).

Over the phone – This might be the easiest way.  Just pick up the phone and call 0800 328 1370  for credit cards or 0800 783 5263 fort debit cards.  Best of all you can get iot done in less than a minute!

Internet – Not around a phone?  Jump online and login with your digital secure key.  Might be even easier than the phone, actually.

ATM – Debit card customers with established accounts can simply make a PIN transaction for automatic activation.   This is very easy as well but you’ll need to track down an ATM first.

HSBC UK New Card Contactless Feature

As you may have heard, many cards now offer a contacless feature that allows customers to make purchases with no contact whatsoever.  HSBC cards have not missed the boat.  In fact, all you need to do is make a PIN transaction to activate the contacless feature.  Once you’ve done this you may need to enter your PIN every so often to complete a purchase (welcome to the 21st century!).

HSBC Fun Factoids

  • Has a massive network that covers 65 countries throughout the world
  • The company focuses on banking (commercial, private, retail, global)
  • HSBC has over 40 MILLION customers
  • Listed on the London, Hong Kong, New York, Paris, and Bermuda stock exchanges

Lost your card?  Call 0800 085 2401 from the UK or +44 1442 422929 if your out of the country to report it.


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www.americanexpress.com/ExPOenroll20 – Enroll for 10k Points

Updated 11/19/2019

American Express Expo Enroll 20 Offer (Snag Your 10,000 Points!)

  • You must login to enroll in pay over time benefits
  • Login problems?  Account recovery options are available
  • You can contact American Express with questions

American Express is back at it again with another 10,000 point offer!

The offer appears to be the same as previous offers for pay over time benefits.

The American Express Expo Enroll 20 offers replaces the previous Expo Enroll 9 offer.

If you missed out on previous offers now’s your chance to cash in!!

While there are many benefits of owning a charge card, one aspect that tends to be frustrating is the inability to pay over time (without begin smacked with a fee at least).  However, for some American Express cardholders a solution to this problem can be found in the American Express Expo Enroll 20 offer.  To illustrate how the offer works, let’s take a look at the juicy details.  Once you enroll, American Express automatically places charges that are $100 or greater into a Pay Over Time balance.  In order to take advantage of the program, simply elect to pay anywhere between the full amount and minimum balance.

Some American Express Fast (and Fun) Facts

  • At calendar year end 2016 Amex had about $1 TRILLION in billed business
  • The company is the universe’s largest card issuer by purchase volume
  • Amex is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol AXP
  • Over 100 millions cards in force and more than $150 BILLION in total assets
  • American Express operates throughout more than 130 countries

If you’ve received an invitation to enroll for the American Express Expo Enroll 20 offer you can begin by signing in with a User ID and account password.  Meanwhile, if you can’t login due to a forgotten username or password can click the Forgot User ID or Password? link for help.  In addition to the flexible payments, you can receive a whopping 10,000 Membership Rewards points when you sign up (not a bad way to be compensated for just a few minutes spent).

Reasons to Reply to the American Express Expo Enroll 20 Offer

  • 10,000 points sure could buy some pretty sweet items (hello new spice rack!)
  • American Express allows points to be used directly through an Amazon account
  • Sometimes a paying down a credit card balance isn’t the most pressing need

By the way, customers who would like to skip the hassle of entering a User ID and password at each login can check the Remember Me when logging in to redeem the offer.  Additionally, new cardholders can click the Create New Online Account link to register for online access (however, most who have received the offer likely already have an online account).  Finally, if you have questions about how the offer works try contacting American Express by toll-free phone or through mail correspondence.

American Express Contact Information

  • PO Box 98153, El Paso, TX 79998-1535
  • 800-528-4800


Ready for more spending power?



www.venmo.com/verifybank – Begin Venmo Bank Account Verification

A Look at the Venmo Verify Bank Account Process

  • Customers must login to their Venmo account to begin
  • Venmo will make micro transfers for manual verification
  • The system provides online password recovery help

Anyone who has ever signed up for an account with an online payment vendor likely knows that it’s only a matter of time before they must verify their bank account.  Fortunately, this process is becoming easier by the day.  For example, Venmo customers who need to verify a bank account can choose from 2 easy options.  The first of which allows customers to complete verification by using their bank account login information.  Meanwhile, customers who would rather keep this information to themselves can use the microtransfer method (one of the original methods and the one we prefer).

How does Venmo verify bank microtransfers?

  • Customers must add their bank using their account number and routing number
  • Venmo will send 2 microtransfers for less than $1 each (many times FAR less than $1)
  • The transfers include both withdrawals and despots that are made simultaneously
  • Customers should make sure they have at least $2 in their account (to avoid overdraft)

Once the customer receives the 2 microtransfers they can go to the Venmo verify bank account page and login using their account username and password.  It should be noted that customers should see the microtransfer shows up in their account within 1 to 3 business days.  However, those who don’t see the transfer should check their email as they may have entered an incorrect bank account or routing number (those long numbers are easy to jumble up!).

By the way, customers who are having trouble logging in due to a forgotten password can reset it directly from the Venmo verify bank account page.  In order to do so, customers must click the Forgot password? link and enter either a mobile number or email address.  Once the customers enters the required information they will receive a link to reset their password with.

Venmo Headquarters

  • 95 Morton St. Floor 5
  • New York, NY 10014


Speaking of verification processes….


www.bankofamerica.com/sbcashrewards123 – Begin Application

Bank of America SB Cash Rewards 123 Offer:  How to Apply

  • Customers can apply by going to the page shown on the offer
  • The application should only take between 5 and 10 minutes
  • Applicants can use the FAQs or chat feature for assistance

A new credit card can reward its cardholders in more ways than one.  For example, those who sign up for the Bank of America Business Advantage Mastercard can receive cash back on every day purchases.  In addition to the cash back, those who received the Bank of America SB Cash Rewards mail offer can now also get a $200 statement credit.  In order to begin, applicants must go to the offer page and enter the name of their business.  Once the applicant enters the name of the business they can go ahead and fill out the rest of the application.

More on the Bank of America SB Cash Rewards 123 Offer

  • Cardholders must spend at least $500 in the first 60 days to get the $200 credit
  • The card earns 3% at gas stations, 2% at restaurants, and 1% on all other purchases
  • Business Advantage Relationship Clients can get rewards bonuses on purchases
  • The card has ZERO annual fee and ZERO APR on the first 9 billing cycles (SWEET)
  • In additional to restaurants, the card also earns 3% at office supply stores

Please note that Business Advantage Relationship Clients earn bonuses based on their enrolled tier.  For instance, those enrolled in the Gold tier earn 25% while those enrolled in the Platinum or Platinum Honors tiers earn 50% and 75% respectively.   Additionally, cardholders can redeem the rewards they earn as a credit, a check, or as a cash despot into a Bank of America checking or savings account (seems like the statement credit is usually the easiest way to go).

Those with questions about the card can try reviewing the FAQs provided with the online application.  In additional to the FAQs, cardholders can also take advantage of the handy chat feature (it’s always nice to avoid picking up the phone!).  Finally, customers with general questions can try reaching Bank of America customer service by phone or through the mail.

Bank of America Customer Service

  • PO Box 25118, Tampa, FL 33633-0900
  • 844-375-7028


Another Card from Bank of America

www.bankofamerica.com/cslplasma – Activate or Login to CSL Card

Using Your Bank of America CSL Plasma Card

  • Cardholders can go online to activate their cards for use
  • Bank of America provides a mobile app for convergence
  • Cardholders are able to login to manage an account

Those who have donated with CSL Plasma likely understand just how convenient the prepaid Bank of America CSL Plasma Debit Card is.  For instance, those who have received a card for the first time can quickly activate it online.  Once at the activation page, cardholders can click the Activate My Card tab to be directed to a new page.  In order to begin activation, cardholders must enter their card number before clicking the Continue button to proceed.  Meanwhile, those who have already activated the card can login with a username and password to manage their account.

More on the Bank of America CSL Plasma Card

  • Cardholders will receive funds on the card IMMEDIATELY after each time they donate
  • When it comes to spending, cardholders can use it anywhere Visa debit is accepted
  • The card can make purchases online, by phone, or at stores (pretty much covers it!)
  • Cardholders can even pull cash out by using the card at an ATM (very surprising)
  • The card IS NOT a line of credit (unlike the Menard’s Capital One card)

By the way, those who want to make the act of managing their card even easier can click the icons located at the activation page to download the card’s mobile app.  Once the user downloads the app they can use it to complete a variety of common tasks (it sure beats logging into the actual site every time you want to check a balance!).

What can I do with the Bank of America CSL Plasma Card App?

  • Find Out Your Balance – Because knowing how much is left is of the utmost importance
  • Check Transactions – It’s always nice to see exactly what you’re spending your money on
  • Security – Those who lose the card can turn it off (don’t let a stranger empty your funds!)
  • Alerts – Set an alert so you know the EXACT MOMENT a fresh payment hits the ledger

While on the topic of the mobile app, it should be mentioned that cardholders can use the app to set up an easy biometric login that uses fingerprints or facial recognition.  However, those who choose not to get the app must continue to login online to manage an account.

Those with questions can try reviewing the FAQs located at the bottom of the card activation page.  In additional to the FAQs, cardholders can get help by reaching out to Cardholder Services by phone, mail, or email.

Bank of America CSL Plasma Cardholder Services

  • PO Box 8488, Gray, TN 37615-8488
  • govandcorp@prepaidcard.bankofamerica.com
  • 866-692-9282


Another Card to Consider

www.twz6n3.com – Begin Preapproval for Credit One Platinum

Responding to the TWZ6N3 Credit One Platinum Card Offer

  • The offers allows applicants to jump right into the preapproval process
  • Applicants must complete a brief questionnaire to see what’s available
  • Credit One provides applicants with a copy of its Terms & Conditions

An invite to apply for a platinum credit card is similar to being called up from the minors to the BIG LEAGUES.  Therefore, consumers who have received the TWZ6N3 offer from Credit One should think twice before deciding to walk away from it.  Those who end up deciding the opportunity is too good to pass up can begin by going to the online preapproval page.  Once at the page, the applicant must complete a short form that includes basic personal information and monthly income.  After all of the information has been entered the See Card Offers button can be clicked to see what’s available.

Wait, what can I include as my monthly income?

  • Income from Basic Jobs – Whether it’s part-time, full time, or seasonal (it’s all green!)
  • Investments – Go ahead and claim those juicy dividends or interest on an investment
  • Shared Income – Claim any regular deposits provided by your loving family or friends
  • Income from Others – Claim the income of someone who regularly pays your expenses

It should be noted that in order to claim someone else’s income the applicant must be at least 21 years of age.  In addition to the previous mentioned options, applicants may also claim any public assistance they receive as personal income.  Borrowers can click the ? icon at the preapproval page to go over the full details of what qualifies as personal income before submitting the form (doesn’t hurt to take a second look before getting your results!).

Thanks but why should I even respond to the TWZ6N3 offer?

  • The Credit One Platinum card comes with 1% cash back rewards (get paid to spend!)
  • Cardholders can stay up to date on their credit score as the card provides a FREE report
  • Credit One will automatically review accounts to see if a credit limit increase is available
  • Don’t worry about fake charges as there is no liability for fraud (sleep easy at night!)

Applicants who wish to review the Terms & Conditions set forth by Credit One can do so by clicking the link posted at the bottom of the preapproval page.  In addition to the terms, the page also includes a copy of the Credit One Privacy Policy (this is not the most interesting stuff to read but do yourself a favor and go through it before submitting your preapproval).

Finally, those with questions about an application can call Credit One at 800-752-5493 for assistance.  Please note assistance is available between the hours of 5 AM and 9 PM PT Monday through Friday and from 6:30 AM and 5 PM PT on the weekends.

Credit One Payments Address

  • PO Box 60500, City of Industry, CA 91716-0500


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www.2paymyticket.com – Begin Online Payment of Traffic Ticket

Using the 2 Pay My Ticket Portal:  How to Begin

  • Users must enter a driver’s license or court case number
  • The portal provides a fee schedule for online payments
  • Users can receive over the phone technical support

While paying a traffic ticket is certainly never fun, it can at least be easy.  For example, drivers who need to take care of a ticket issued by Madison County can do so using the convenient 2 Pay My Ticket Portal.  In order to begin the online payment process, users must first enter either a driver’s license number or court case number.  Once one of the required numbers have been entered into the system the Search button can be clicked to find the ticket being paid (does not require a login like the Pay OLCC Portal).  By the way, users who want to find out how much the online payment fee will be before making a payment can do so by clicking the link posted at the bottom of the portal.

Things to Do After Settling Up at the 2 Pay My Ticket Portal

  • Cross yet another task off the “things to do list” (then begin fixing the busted mailbox flag)
  • Make sure your brake lights are in working order (the last thing we need is another ticket)
  • Celebrate by making a nice warm plate of Chicken Marsala complimented by a cold drink
  • Bask in the incredibly invigorating feeling of finally being out of Madison County’s pocket
  • Warning:  Any of the previous suggestions may cause extreme feelings of overall well-being

After clicking the fee schedule link, the user can find out exactly how much the fee will be based on the amount of their fine.  Once the driver finds the fine amount they can look to the right to see the corresponding fee (the fees starts off fairly small but really build up as the fines increase).

Finally, it should be pointed out that drivers will need to wait 10 days from the date of issue before making an online payment at the 2 Pay My Ticket Portal.  Users who need technical assistance can try calling toll-free for help.

2 Pay My Ticket Technical Assistance Phone Number

  • 866-511-2892


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www.paynccarm.com – Begin an Easy Debt Collection Payment

Pay NCC Arm (It’s Simple)

  • Users must first select a state to begin a payment
  • NCC offers up to 5 different easy payment options
  • Users can call toll-free for over the phone support

The act of paying off a debt can be incredibly satisfying (especially for ones that are long overdue!).  Not only is it satisfying, but it can also be incredibly easy thanks to the Pay NCC Arm portal.  Consumers who are ready to eliminate a debt can begin by first selecting a state from the drop down list.  Once the user selects the state, the portal will open a new page where the available payment options are listed.  Existing users who wish to make an online payment can login to their account to do so.  On the other hand, those who have yet to sign up for an account will need the Access code received in the letter from NCC (similar to PRC Online Payments).

A Look at NCC

  • NCC is one of the largest debt collectors in the Mid-Atlantic region
  • The company was founded back in 1967 (a tradition of excellence)
  • NCC is based out of Alexandria, Virginia (in northern part of the state)
  • The primary objective of NCC is to accelerate its clients cash flow cycles

Existing users who have forgotten their Pay NCC Arm portal password will need to enter their account number to begin the reset process.  Meanwhile, new users who DO NOT have an access code can get help by calling 703-776-9260 between the hours of 8:30 AM and 5 PM EST Monday through Friday.  Alternatively, customers who are looking to avoid long distance charges can call toll-free to 855-698-5376.  By the way, customers who don’t want to deal with passwords or account numbers can always send a payment to the NCC PO Box in Alexandria, VA.

NCC Payments Address

  • PO Box 9156, Alexandria, VA 22304-0156


A Previously Reviewed Debt Collection Portal