www.humana.troversolutions.com – Begin Questionnaire

Humana Trover Solutions Injury/Illness Questionnaire

  • You’ll need to reference the letter you received to get started
  • Customer service is available to help answer your questions
  • A handy Frequently Asked Questions list is also available
  • Begin the questionnaire in English or Spanish at www.humana.troversolutions.com

Every so often, an insurance company needs a little more information about your injury or illness.  When this happens, you’ll often see a request to fill out a questionnaire come your way.  For example, Humana is using a brief and simple online form to gather this type of info.  If you received a request in the mail, grab your letter and do the following!

How to start your questionnaire at www.humana.troversolutions.com

Did you take notice of that Web Code shown on the letter?  Go ahead and enter into into the corresponding field.

What about the reference number?  Take a moment to find it if needed.  Once you’ve got it, punch it on in!

Last name of the patient.  This is self explanatory in most cases but it’s also shown on the letter you received (hey, we all have days where the ole’ memory isn’t up to speed!).

Please note that you can get more information about all 3 pieces of information needed to begin the questionnaire by clicking the ? icon located next to each field.

Now that you know how to launch the questionnaire, let’s find out what to do if you have questions about it.  Fortunately, there’s a convenient list of FAQs that’ll provide answers to common questions.  Additionally, you can contact customer service if you don’t see the answers you need in the FAQs.  How you ask??  Just dial 800-598-2488.  They’re only available between the hours listed in the FAQs so please plan your call accordingly!

Need to get a hold of Humana headquarters?

Here ya go:

500 W. Main St. Louisville, KY 40202 USA.


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www.wellcare.com/pdp – Enter Pharmacy Directory 2020

Wellcare PDP Pharmacy Directory 2020

Need to locate a provider?

What about a pharmacy?

Well there’s good news.  Well Care has you covered!

In order to begin a search, click the link at the top right hand side of your screen.

Next, enter your state followed by the type of plan you have.

Before seeing the results you can tinker with the filters to further customize what you see.

Need help?  A contact form is available at www.wellcare.com/pdp.

Locating a provider or pharmacy should never be anything more challenging than a walk in the park (on a warm spring day to boot!).  Safe to say Well Care plan members are even gonna have a nice warm breeze sprinkled in :).

Have problems with the instructions?  Call 833-444-9088 from 8 AM and 8 PM Monday through Friday to get over the phone assistance.

Useful tips for navigating the www.wellcare.com/pdp pharmacy directory 2020

  • Can’t read the page?  Try making the font bigger!  Click the Size tab
  • Print off any info you need to store by clicking the printer icon
  • You can click the Contact Us tab at any time to bring up support info
  • Follow Well Care on social media by using the links at the bottom right
  • Existing member?  You can login to your account at the top of the page

By the way, providers can also use the Well Care PDP portal.  If you’re a provider simply click the Providers tab and enter your state to proceed.

Need to send something over to Well Care?  If so, you need the PO Box info!  So without further ado, here it is:  PO Box 31370, Tampa, FL 33631-3372.

In addition to the general mailbox, you can also write to the Well Care headquarters at 8725 Henderson Rd. Tampa, FL 33634.


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Enter KDMC My Chart King’s Daughters Patient System

KDMC My Chart Online Access

So you need to request a prescription refill?

How about schedule an appointment?

Maybe it’s a chat with the doctor your after.

Either way, KDMC My Chart can help.

If your a King’s Daughters patient and haven’t stumbled upon this ultra-convenient system, IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP (and smell the coffee while you’re at it).

It’s all available at mychart.kdmc.net.

So what are we waiting for?  Let’s explore!

Once at the portal, you’re gonna be hit with the 4 major functions of the system:  doctor communications, test results, prescription refills, and appointments.  So with further ado, let’s dig deeper.

KDMC My Chart Features:  Food for Thought

  • Doctor Communications – Sometimes the easiest way to pass a message or question to your doctor is over the internet (phones are a thing of the past!)
  • Test Results – Because you don’t want to spend one minute more than you have to waiting for the results of an important test
  • Appoint Management – Schedule or cancel an appoint the EASY way (no need for that embarrassing phone call to say you can’t make it)
  • Prescription Refills – Waiting on hold isn’t an efficient way to have your next prescription ordered

Did you get locked out of your account?  Have general questions about the system?  No problem! The KDMC My Chart portal provides both login recovery help AND an extensive set of FAQs.  Let’s find out more about each.

KDMC My Chart Login Help and FAQs

To recover a username you’ll need to enter your name, date of birth, and the last 4 of your ssn.

Meanwhile, you can recover your password by entering your username (and if you don’t remember that, read the last sentence!).

First time user?  click the Sign Up button to register for KDMC My Chart access.

Click the FAQs link at the bottom of the page to bring up a MASSIVE list of Frequently Asked Questions (answers included, of course!).

Finally, you should know that KDMC My Chart has gone mobile!  To download the app, click on the icons at the bottom right hand side of the screen.

KDMC My Chart Support Phone Number

  • 606-408-4357


Another Widely Used Health Portal – Info Serv DD


www.infoservdd.com – Enter Practical Health System Portal

Info Serv DD 

  • You’ll need a username and password to gain access to the system
  • Login help is available in case you get stuck
  • Feel weighed down?  Shed a few pounds and enter in LITE MODE!
  • Browser information available at www.infoservdd.com

Any system as important as Info Serv DD deserves an easy-to-understand way for it’s users to gain access.  Safe to say its developers DID NOT drop the ball.  For example, you’ll be greeted with a clear login screen that only requires a username and password (assuming you’ve already set that up).  Once you enter both, smack that LOGIN button to enter.

In Case You Have Trouble Logging Into www.infoservdd.com

Click the link below the login fields to restore your password (hopefully you can at least remember your username because you’re gonna need it!)

Still not working?  Try clearing your browser!  Take a peek at the bottom of the page for some instructions.

If you forgot your username you’ll have to holler at the ole’ boss (sorry, doesn’t appear to be a self-help option).

Now that we know HOW to use Info Serv DD, let’s answer the WHAT.  Did you know it’s the first product released by Practical Health Systems?  In fact, the system goes all the way back to the TURN OF THE CENTURY (2000, not 1900 in case you were wondering!).  Additionally, the system includes another product called Pharmacy Connection with it’s subscription.  Wondering how much it costs?  That all depends on how many people are gonna use it (seems like a rational pricing strategy!).

Other Products from Practical Health Systems

  • Enterprise Info Serv – For organizations than manage more than 1 program
  • Pharmacy Connection – Saves having to type in all that medication administration info (spend the time doing a more pressing task!)
  • Direct Care Pro – No internet?  No problem!  You won’t need it with this product


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www.bjc.org/online-bill-pay – Enter BJC Online Bill Pay

BJC Online-Bill-Pay System

  • You can quickly (and easily) take care of your medical pills
  • Hard to pay bills?  The system has information on financial assistance
  • You’ll need to look up the facility you visited to begin a payment
  • Payment support numbers available at www.bjc.org/online-bill-pay

Medical bills aren’t a good time.  Neither is the act of paying them.  However, at the very least it should be EASY.  That said, it doesn’t get much easier than the BJC Online-Bill-Pay System.  So, let’s take a look at just HOW easy.

Steps for Paying a Bill at www.bjc.org/online-bill-pay

First, you’ll need to click the Pay My Bill button.

Next, enter the PO Box of the BJC health care facility you visited (TIP:  look for it on the billing statement you received!).

Once you find the facility, you’ll be asked to enter your payment information.

Finally, confirm everything looks right and submit your payment (if you’re using a credit card make sure the numbers are right!).

After you’ve successfully completed the payment you’ll receive a receipt (ALWAYS a good idea to hold into one of these).

Now that you’ve got the weight of that bill off of your shoulders, how will you choose to celebrate??  A fancy dinner?  A night out with friends?  Even a day of relaxation on the couch may work.  Either way, it’s gonna be a nice feeling!

BJC Fun Facts

  • The network has 15 hospitals (think about how many patients go in and out each year!)
  • The number of employees in the BJC family eclipses 30,000 (mind-boggling!)
  • Out of the 30,000 plus employees, over 4,000 are physicians
  • In 2018 the network competes over 140,000 home health visits
  • Also in 2018 there were more than 80,000 out patient surgeries visits completed in the BJC network

Questions about your bill?

Give the BJC Service Center a ring at 855-362-8400.

BJC Health Care Address

  • 4901 Forest Park Ave.
  • Saint Louis, Missouri 63108


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www.AllinaHealth.MySecureBill.com – Pay Bill & Manage Account

How to Use the Allina Health My Secure Bill

  • A fast and easy one time payment process is available
  • New users can register to receive online account access
  • Existing users can login to manage an online account

When it comes a health care bill (and pretty much every other bill for that mater), the fastest and easiest way to take care of it is usually online.  The Allina Health My Secure Bill payment portal is an example of how this can be done.  Patients who need to settle up on a bill can begin by clicking the Pay Now button to make a fast one time payment without logging in (always nice not having to remember those login credentials!).  After clicking the button the My Easy Match Code shown on the statement can be entered along with a zip code (also found on the statement) to proceed with the quick pay process.

More on Allina Health My Secure Bill

  • Adobe Reader is needed to download and view an account statement
  • Online payments are typically posted to accounts within 5 business days
  • There is absolutely ZERO charge for making an online payment (YAY!)
  • Patients can go green and register for estatements (save some trees!)

Users who need to sign up for access to Allina Health My Secure Bill can begin by clicking the New User button and entering the My Easy Match Code and zip code.  After both pieces of information have been entered (don’t forget they can be found on the statement) the Continue button can be clicked to proceed with registration.  Once successfully registered, a username and account password can be entered to login to the portal.

 A Few More Things to Take Note Of

  • Estatements are received a few days faster than paper statements (sign up!)
  • A Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express are accept for payments
  • Payment information can be saved for future payments (very convenient)

The answers to many typically asked questions can be reviewed by clicking the Need help? link to bring up an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions.  In addition to the FAQs, there is also a link that can be clicked to initiate the password reset process (one of the great self-help features).  Those with questions about the portal can try contacting support between the hours of 8 AM and 4:30 PM Monday through Thursday and from 9 AM to 4:30 PM on Fridays.

Allina Health My Secure Bill Support

  • Mail Route 10200, PO Box 43
  • Minneapolis, MN 55440
  • 612-262-9000


www.swgwellness.com – Login Southwest General Wellness Program

SWG Wellness Program

  • Online password recovery assistance is provided
  • Users can login with email address or username
  • New users can sign up for online account access

Nobody should have to go a lengthy period of time without access to something as important as an online wellness account due to a lost or forgotten password.  Fortunately, those who take part in the Southwest General (SWG) Wellness program won’t have to lose any sleep worrying about such a situation coming to fruition.  In the event a password needs to be reset the Forgot password? link can be clicked to enter an account email address or username and receive a link via email that can be used to restore access (it certainly is nice to be back in action!).  Once the password has been successfully reset, account access can be attained by entering an email address or username and the new password before clicking the Login button.  The language used at the SWG Wellness program can be changed by utilizing the drop down box posted at the top right hand side of the page.

Shining Accolades for Southwest General

  • Named a 50 Top Cardiovascular Hospital by IBM Watson Health (round of applause!)
  • Is the current holder of the Lantern Award from the Emergency Nurses Association
  • Graded “A” by The Leapfrog Group on a spring 2017 Hospital Safety Score Report
  • Made The Plain Dealer’s “Top Workplaces” list for the 8th consecutive year (HUGE!)
  • Earned a 3 star rating from The Society of Thoracic Surgeons (stars shining bright!)

New users who have yet to create a SWG Wellness program account can begin by entering an email address and clicking the Sign Up button.  Questions about the account access process can be addressed by reviewing the information found under the Account Help link posted at the bottom of the program’s login page.  Technical issues can be addressed by calling 888-252-8150 or by filling out the available online contact form with an email address, subject, and message.  Those with general inquiries for the Southwest General Health Center can try reaching out by phone or via mail correspondence.

Southwest General Health Center Contact Information

  • 18697 Bagley Rd., Middleburg Heights, OH 44130
  • 440-816-8000


www.myjuiceplusaccount.com – User Access My Juice Plus Account

Registering and Logging Into My Juice Plus Account

  • 4 different account creation methods are provided
  • An account email address can be used to sign in
  • Customer care contact information is available

When signing up for an account for the first time it’s always nice to have options.  As far as registration for a My Juice Plus account is concerned options ABOUND.  Upon arrival at the account registration page new users are presented with signing up using an email address or signing up with either an existing Twitter, Facebook, or Google account (seems like that would pretty much cover everyone on earth!).  Those who wish to proceed using an email address must begin by filling out an online form with a name, email address, country, phone number, and password.  Users who would rather register using one of the third-party options can do so by clicking one of the available tabs to proceed.  Once the My Juice Plus account has been successfully registered it can be accessed by entering an email address and password prior to clicking the Sign In button (hard to get any more convenient than that!)

A Brief Yet In-Depth Look at Juice Plus

  • The company was founded in 1970 by Jay Martin (from school teacher to entrepreneur!)
  • Is focused on selling products meant to enhance people’s lives and overall well-being
  • Offers a vegetable blend product derived from 10 different vegetables (WOWWWW!)
  • Has been positively reported on in a family health study with over 150,000 families
  • Offers a line of shakes and nutrition bars (health doesn’t have to be inconvenient!)

Those who plan on coming back often can click the Remember Me box to receive expedited access to a My Juice Plus account in the future.  If an account password has been lost or forgotten an email address can be entered to begin the rest process.  Juice Plus can be followed on social media by clicking the available icons posted at the bottom left hand side of the account login page (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus).  Those in need of support can try reaching out to Juice Plus customer care by phone, email, or mail correspondence.

Juice Plus Customer Care Contact Information

  • 14 Merewether St., Merewether, NSW 2291
  • jpsupportau@juiceplus.com
  • 02 4963 0000




www.seenearandfar.com – Begin Alcon Contacts Free Trial & Rebates

Why not see both near and far?  Find out more!

  • New customers can begin a free trial offer
  • Existing customers can submit a rebate
  • Alcon customer service is available

With the sheer amount of people affected by poor vision, it only stands to reason that many individuals may be interested in a FREE trial of a contact lens that is said to help see near AND far (doesn’t it even get any better than that??).  Those who like the idea of such a dynamic product can now SEE for themselves (pun definitely intended) all that the lens has to offer by getting started with the current free trial located at www.seenearandfar.com.  The process of securing the trial offer can be initiated by clicking the Get a Free Trial button to sign up for an Eye File account (an online form with a name, email address, password, contact lens of interest, date of birth, and zip code must be filled out).  Those who have already registered for an account can login with an email address and password (the login process can also be completed with social media accounts for those who find it more convenient).

Multi-focal Contact Lenses Available from Alcon

  • Dailies Total 1 – Feel the comfort provided by moisturizing water gradient technology
  • Aqua Comfort Plus – Featuring a blink-activated moisture technology (daily disposable)
  • Air Optix Aqua – Replacement lenses that feature technology to prevent gross deposits
  • *All Alcon Multi-focal contacts help wearers see near, intermediate, and far (enough said?)

The process of beginning a rebate can be initiated by clicking the Rebate Offer link posted at the top right hand side www.seenearandfar.com.  Those who already have a rebate code can click the Start Your Rebate Submission link to proceed with the simple process of getting that cabbage back wear it belongs (in the wallet of course).  The Get My Rebate Code button can be clicked by those who have yet to receive a code (pretty self-explanatory).  Customers who have previously submitted a rebate can click the Check Your Rebate Claim Status link and enter a reference number and email address to find out exactly where things are at in the process (always a good idea to keep an eye on things).  Questions for Alcon can be directed to the company’s consumer care team between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM CT Monday through Friday.

Alcon Consumer Care Team Contact Information

  • 6201 South Freeway, Fort Worth, TX 76134-2001
  • 800-757-9195



www.myconnectwellsd.com – Enter Connect Well San Diego Portal

User Login My Connect Well SD

  • New users can register for online account access
  • Login credential recovery assistance is provided
  • A comprehensive help guide is available for review

Any portal that provides vital information regarding one’s health, safety, and overall well-being should be prepared to also provide an easy and effective online account registration process (based on what it provides there’s likely going to be PLENTY of people looking to sign up).  Judging by its incredibly simple account creation process, it’s safe to say that the My Connect Well SD portal is well-prepared indeed.  Those looking to register an account can begin by clicking the New User? link and entering a name, date of birth, and SSN (skip the hyphens!).  Once all of the required preliminary information has been entered the Next button can be clicked to proceed with the account creation process.  Upon completion of the new user registration, access to the My Connect Well SD portal can be completed by entering a username and password before clicking the Login button (hard to imagine anyone broke a sweat doing that!).

More Information on Connect Well San Diego

  • Upon entering for the first time welcome message and drop down menu is provided
  • In some cases in may be necessary to create an account in person at a county office
  • A current cell phone or mailing address must be on file to create an account online
  • Accounts are equipped with a handy message inbox (users can respond to messages)
  • User profile information can be changed under the Update MY Information section

In the event a password or username has been forgotten it will be necessary to enter the same information needed to begin the account registration process (name, date of birth, and SSN) in order to begin the account recovery process.  Those who are having trouble getting registered can try clicking the Find an Office to Help link to be directed to an online search tool which can locate offices that can provide assistance.  A comprehensive help guide can be reviewed by clicking the Help link located beneath the login fields at the My Connect Well SD portal (may be the best place to start with any questions!).  General inquiries for the county of San Diego can be addressed by dialing 858-694-3900 between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday.

San Diego Health and Human Services Address

  • 1600 Pacific Highway, Room 206
  • San Diego, CA 92101