www.humana.troversolutions.com – Begin Questionnaire

Humana Trover Solutions Injury/Illness Questionnaire

  • You’ll need to reference the letter you received to get started
  • Customer service is available to help answer your questions
  • A handy Frequently Asked Questions list is also available
  • Begin the questionnaire in English or Spanish at www.humana.troversolutions.com

Every so often, an insurance company needs a little more information about your injury or illness.  When this happens, you’ll often see a request to fill out a questionnaire come your way.  For example, Humana is using a brief and simple online form to gather this type of info.  If you received a request in the mail, grab your letter and do the following!

How to start your questionnaire at www.humana.troversolutions.com

Did you take notice of that Web Code shown on the letter?  Go ahead and enter into into the corresponding field.

What about the reference number?  Take a moment to find it if needed.  Once you’ve got it, punch it on in!

Last name of the patient.  This is self explanatory in most cases but it’s also shown on the letter you received (hey, we all have days where the ole’ memory isn’t up to speed!).

Please note that you can get more information about all 3 pieces of information needed to begin the questionnaire by clicking the ? icon located next to each field.

Now that you know how to launch the questionnaire, let’s find out what to do if you have questions about it.  Fortunately, there’s a convenient list of FAQs that’ll provide answers to common questions.  Additionally, you can contact customer service if you don’t see the answers you need in the FAQs.  How you ask??  Just dial 800-598-2488.  They’re only available between the hours listed in the FAQs so please plan your call accordingly!

Need to get a hold of Humana headquarters?

Here ya go:

500 W. Main St. Louisville, KY 40202 USA.


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Geico Reporters Protocol


www.geico.com/reporters – Report a Claim for Roadside Assitance

Geico Reporters Hub:  How to File a Claim

  • Customers can file a claim with or without logging in
  • The system provides filing for additional Geico policies
  • Customers can look up the status of an existing claim

Being stuck on the side of the road is no place anyone chooses to be.  Fortunately, Geico has come up with a way to resolve this type of situation that’s even FASTER than a phone call.  The Geico reporters hub allows customers to file an online claim for roadside assistance in a mere matter of minutes.  In order to begin a claim, customers must enter a first name, last name, and policy number.  Once the customer enters the required information they can click the Continue button to proceed.  Alternatively, customers can initiate online filing by logging in with their Geico User ID and password.

More on Geico Roadside Assistance

  • The service covers labor for having a flat tire replaced (one less thing to worry about!)
  • Customers can rely on Geico covering tow charges that aren’t related to an accident
  • The coverage takes care of jump starts (sometimes a quick jump is all that’s necessary)
  • Lock those keys in the car?  Geico roadside assistance covers up to $100 to get back in

By the way, customers who are having problems locating their policy number can click the ? icon posted at the Geico reporters hub.  After clicking the icon, customers can view image of where the policy number is located on an ID card, declaration page, and billing statement.

In addition to the policy number help, customers can also report claim under other policies directly from the Geico reporters hub.  In order to do so, the customer must select the type of policy from the drop down list.  Meanwhile, those who want to see what’s going on with an existing claim can do so by clicking the link at the right side of the page.

Geico Roadside Assistance Phone Number

  • 800-424-3426


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www.MemberApplyNYL.com – AARP New York Life Plan Offer

Getting a Quote for the Member Apply NYL Offer

  • A brief online form can be completed to receive a quote
  • Registration for emails about the program is available
  • New York Life representatives are available by phone

It’s always good to get a quote BEFORE taking the plunge and purchasing an insurance plan.  Fortunately, AARP members who are considering the Member Apply NYL offer can make it happen with very little effort.  The process of receiving a quote for AARP Level Benefit Term Life Insurance from New York Life can be initiated by filling out a brief online form.  After the form has been fully completed the Get Instant Quote and Apply button can be clicked to see what the plan might cost.  Prior to receiving the quote an optional box can be checked to sign up to receive email correspondence about the program (might as well stay informed!).

Member Apply NYL Offer:  A Closer Look

  • An AARP member exclusive plan providing up to $100,000 worth of coverage
  • No need to worry about a medical exam! (just provide some answer and info)
  • The minimum amount of coverage that a plan can start off at is $10,000
  • Open to AARP members between the ages of 50 and 74 (or spouses 45 to 74)
  • The rates are affordable and increase over time (that means more money NOW)

After a quote has been received the application process can be started (if the quote if satisfactory that is).  Those who don’t like the quote can try calling a New York Life representative for more details about the current rates (or just close the internet browser and forget about the whole thing).  In addition to over the phone help, information about the Member Apply NYL offer can also be gleaned by reviewing the FAQs posted at the left hand side of the offer page.  Please note that New York Life representatives are available to handle over the phone questions between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM Monday through Friday and from 9 AM to 5 PM on Saturdays.

New York Like Contact Information

  • 5505 W. Cypress St.
  • Tampa, FL 33607
  • 800-607-6957


Another AARP New York Life Offer to Consider


www.autoplusplan.com – Auto Plus Plan Login or Registration

Auto Plus Plan:  Signing In or Signing Up

  • An email and password can be used to enter
  • Online password recovery assistance is available
  • New users can begin account registration process

Customers should always have easy online access to their most important accounts (and pretty much any old account for that matter).  With that being said, one type of account that has to be pretty high up on the list is one that provides roadside assistance.  Fortunately, those who have an Auto Plus Plan account won’t have to worry about easy online access.  The process of getting into an account can be completed in just a few seconds by entering an email address and password before clicking the Sign In button.  In addition to offering easy account access, the plan also offers easy online account recovery.  Those who have forgotten a password can begin the recovery process by clicking the link located beneath the login fields and enter an email address.

A Sweeping Overview of the Auto Plus Plan

  • Offers a 35 different type of benefits (a stunning feat by any means)
  • Almost 2 MILLION people have signed up for the plan (a great idea)
  • Members can call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for roadside help
  • Tow trucks are dispatched to handle events such as a flat tire or a lockout

Those who have yet to sign up for online account access can begin by clicking the First time here? button and entering a Membership Number and zip code.  Once both pieces of information have been entered the Continue button can be clicked to proceed with the registration process.  Customers who find the registration process a bit confusing can try clicking the registration help link to bring up instructions with visuals.  General questions about the Auto Plus Plan can be addressed by phone or by mail correspondence.

Auto Plus Plan Contact Information

  • PO Box 1299, Sarasota, FL 34236
  • 800-621-5287


Another Auto-Related Offer


www.mypearlpolicy.com – Make a Payment or Enter Pearl Account

Online Access to My Pearl Policy

  • Existing users can login to manage an account
  • Payments can be made without logging in
  • Pearl contact information is available

It’s always nice when something as simple as an online payment can be made without the extra step of logging into an account first.  An example of such a convenient set up can be found at the My Pearl Policy account access page.  Those who would rather skip the step of logging in before making a quick payment can do so by clicking the Make a Payment button and entering a policy number, zip code, and date of birth before clicking the Continue button to proceed towards the payment information.  Similarly, customers who only need to get their hands on new ID cards can do so without logging in by clicking the Get ID Cards button and entering the same information needed to make a payment.  Those who actually need to enter an account can do so by entering an email address and password into the My Pearl Policy account access page before clicking the Login button (because every once in a while an account actually needs to be managed!).

About Pearl Holding Group

  • Represents both Ocean Harbor Casualty Insurance as well as Equity Insurance
  • Has been doing business in the state of Florida dating all the way back to 1991
  • Sells products only through the independent agent channel (a VERY good thing)
  • Products include liability, PIP, collision, comprehensive, and UM coverages
  • Offers a roadside assist program that can be added to ANY policy (good idea)

Those who have yet to sign up for online account access can begin by clicking the Sign Up button and entering an email address, date of birth, policy number, and password (signing up for convenient online access is ALWAYS a good idea).  The My Pearl Policy mobile app can be downloaded by clicking the icons posted at the bottom left hand side of the account access page (even MORE convenient than traditional online access).  Customers who need to file a new claim (or check status of an existing one) can try getting in touch with the Pearl Holding Group claims department.

Pearl Holding Groups Claims Contact Information

  • PO Box 451119, Sunrise, FL 33345
  • Phone – 954-587-2299
  • Fax – 954-584-9955


www.newyorklife.com/vsc – Enter Account New York Life VSC Portal

New York Life VSC

  • Online account recovery assistance is available
  • New users can register for online account access
  • New York Life contact information is available

The thrill of logging into an online account can be greatly diminished after seeing a message stating the login attempt has fallen flat on its face.  Fortunately, many online accounts now have a self-help recovery process allowing users to regain access as soon as possible.  Those who find themselves locked out of the New York Life VSC portal can begin by first, remaining calm, and second clicking the Can’t access your account? link located beneath the login fields.  After clicking the link the account recovery process can be initiated by entering a policy number, last name, date of birth, and last 4 digits of the account holder’s Social Security Number before clicking the Next button to proceed.  The Cancel button can be clicked at anytime to back of the account recovery process and return to the login screen where a username and password can be entered to sign in.  Those who plan on popping into the New York Life VSC portal often may want to consider checking the Remember My Username box before logging in to gain access all that much faster in the future.

Inside the Numbers at New York Life 

  • The company has increased its dividend pay out by a whopping 36% since 2012
  • As of 2017 New York Life had a $993 BILLION of individual life insurance in force
  • Its agents were responsible for $1.7 million in donations in 2019 (good looking out!)
  • Bonds and mortgage loans are the majority of the company’s investment portfolio
  • Exceeded 1 billion in insurance sales each of the past 5 years (keep up to good work!)

Customers who have yet to register for access to the New York Life VSC portal can begin by clicking the Get Started and Register link and entering a policy number, last name, date of birth, last 4 digits of the account holder’s Social Security Number, and an email address (same as when trying to regain access to an account with the exception of the added email address).  More information about New York Life can be reviewed by clicking the links posted at the top of the portal (Insure, Invest, Retire, Learn).  General questions regarding a New York Life account can be addressed by contacting the company’s service center between the hours 8:30 AM EST and 5:30 PM EST Monday through Friday.

New York Life Contact Information

  • PO Box 9859, Providence, RI 02940
  • Phone – 800-762-6212
  • Fax – 508-599-6109




www.vipmemberbenefits.com/verify – National General Registration

VIP Member Benefits Verify

  • New users can register for online access
  • Existing users can enter with login credentials
  • National General contact information is available

When it comes to registering for online access to a new insurance account it’s nice to be treated like a VIP.  Judging by the fast and easy account registration process found at the VIP Member Benefits Verify page, that’s exactly how National General Accident & Health customers will feel.  The process can be initiated by clicking the Register a New Account link and entering an email address before creating an account password.  It’s worth noting that passwords must be at least 6 characters in length and include both uppercase and non-alpha-numeric characters  (try getting creative with it!).  Once the VIP Member Benefits Verify process has been completed access to the portal can be gained in just a few seconds by entering an email address and password before clicking the Sign In button (now that wasn’t so hard now was it?).

A Brief Overview of National General Holdings Corp.

  • Is publicly traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange under ticker symbol NGHC
  • Hauls in around 2.5 BILLION in revenue each year (definitely not a fly by night)
  • Provides both personal and commercial insurance covering a number of items
  • Offers Optional full Replacement Cost Coverage for RV owners (all aboard!!!)
  • Products include short-term medical, fixed benefits, supplemental, and dental

Those who suddenly remember already going through the account registration process can click the Return to Login button to leave the enrollment form and return to the login screen.  Plan members who need to make a claim for benefits can initiate the process by calling the number located on the back of the ID card or by clicking the Submit a Claim link found at the bottom of the VIP Member Benefits Verify page.  Those with benefits questions can try calling the National General Accident & Health customer service department at 888-781-0585.  General inquiries for the company can be sent to the National General Accident & Health PO Box in Winston-Salem, NC.

National General Accident & Health General Correspondence Address

  • PO Box 24279 Winston-Salem, NC 27114



www.mymemberquote.com – AARP Members New York Life Quote

My Member Quote

  • Online form can be used to receive instant quote
  • Frequently Asked Questions list is provided
  • Over the phone customer support is available

Many would agree that receiving a quote for life insurance is a dish best served INSTANTLY.  AARP members who share this sentiment can now receive just that by visiting the My Member Quote page.  Upon arrival at the page a brief online form can be completed with a name, address, date of birth, gender, coverage amount, phone number, email, and confirmation of whether or not the potential applicant is an AARP member.  Prior to hitting the Get Instant Quote and Apply button an optional box can be checked by those who wouldn’t mind receiving information and offers about the AARP Life Insurance Program from New York Life.  Those who aren’t quite convince about actually filling out an application may find the scale tipped in favor doing so after reviewing the information found under the Features and Benefits section of the My Member Quote page (even the most skeptical will likely have a hard time saying no after reviewing this incredibly persuasive material).

Thanks but why should I be interested in this?

  • Requires no medical exams or health questions and guarantees that rates won’t go up
  • The insurance can be held onto permanently (talk about making a lasting impression!)
  • No fear of being rejected for AARP members ages 50 to 80 (guaranteed acceptance)
  • A 30 day guarantee is included that allows cancellation of coverage for a full refund
  • After the first 2 years of coverage plan benefits are guaranteed NEVER to decrease

It should be noted that the online application may not be available in all U.S. states.  Those with questions about the AARP Life Insurance Program from New York Life will likely find the answers they need (and most likely deserve) by reviewing the information found under the Common Questions About This Insurance section of the My Member Quote page.  Alternatively, questions can also be addressed by calling 800-865-7927 between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM Monday through Friday and from 9 AM to 5 PM on Saturdays.  Those with general inquiries for AARP can try reaching out to the company via phone, mail, or email correspondence.

AARP Contact Information

  • 601 E St., NW, Washington DC 20049
  • member@aarp.com
  • 888-687-2277




www.fepblue.org/mra – Submit Claim for Medicare Reimbursement


  • New users can register online or by phone
  • Frequently Asked Questions are provided
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield contact info available

Most would agree that receiving money BACK every once in a while (as opposed to constantly shelling it out all day everyday) is an invigorating feeling.  Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employee Plan Basic Option members who are enrolled in Medicare Part A and B should be prepared to be invigorated to the tune of a whopping $600 for reimbursement of Part B premium payments.  Those who wouldn’t mind an extra 6 c-notes in their back pocket (or securely tucked away in a savings account for the more cautious individuals) can begin the reimbursement request by going to the FEP Blue MRA page and clicking the Get Started button to be directed to a new page where the online registration process can be completed.  Those who have already signed up for an account can skip the registration process and login with a username and account password.

So far so good.  What else should I know about the reimbursement process?

  • Proof of Part B premiums payments can be uploaded online or sent via facsimile or mail
  • A Social Security COLA statement can be used as payment proof (no not the soft drink)
  • Approved claims will be paid tax free via direct deposit (insert cash register sound here)
  • Cancelled checks and credit card/bank statements can also be used as payment proof
  • Most of the claims submitted will be reviewed within 2 business days (not too shabby!)

Plan members who have forgotten a password can click the Forgot button to begin the account recovery process.  Those with questions can try clicking the FAQs link posted at the bottom of the FEP Blue MRA page to review the list of available Frequently Asked Questions.  Members who would rather register for a reimbursement account over the phone can do so by calling 888-706-2583 between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM Eastern Time (the online registration is the usually the fastest and most convenient way to go about it).

Address and Fax Number for Payment Proof

  • PO Box 14053, Lexington, KY 40512
  • 877-353-9236






www.aetnavalidation.com – Validate Aetna Provider Information

Aetna Validation

  • Online form can be submitted to validate provider
  • Validation process can also be completed via fax
  • Aetna support contact information is available

When something needs to be validated, chances are its important enough to deserve a convenient online method to help ensure it gets done on time.  It’s a good thing participating providers who need to validate information with Aetna have access to such a method at the online Aetna validation page.  Providers who DO NOT have any changes to report can begin the validation process by entering a tax identification type (Employer ID Number or Social Security Number), Tax Identification Number, PIN prefix, PIN, and state.  Before moving on to the next section a box must be checked to confirm all the information has been entered correctly (probably a good idea to actually double-check the information instead of just blindly checking the box).  It should be noted that the tax identification type used to complete the Aenta validation should only be a Social Security Number if the provider does not have an Employer ID Number.

Aetna: A Look Back in Time

  • Dates back 1850 when Aetna Insurance Company produced an annuity fund
  • Got into the liability game in 1902 by forming an Accident and Liability division
  • 100 years is celebrated in 1953 with over 8,000 people attending the big party
  • In 1981 Aetna reorganized to realize a more market-oriented company stricture
  • Invests in its employees by increasing wages in 2015 (show me the MONEY!!!!!)

The Aetna validation process can be wrapped up by entering basic contact information including a submitter’s first and last name (save the nicknames for another day), submitter’s phone number, and the email address of the provider.  The process can also be completed by faxing all of the required information to the number provided in the letter received from Aetna.  Providers with questions for Aetna can try calling one of the company’s toll-free support phone numbers.

Aetna Provider Support

  • 800-624-0756 (Medicare Advantage and HMO plans)
  • 888-632-3862 (all other plans)