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Chipotle Non-GMO Class Action

  • File your claim online if for the quickest and easiest submission
  • You can also choose to file your claim through the mail
  • There’s some important deadline you need to be aware of
  • Questions?  The administrator can help you out!
  • FAQs available at www.chipotlenongmoclassaction.com

It looks like a lot of folks across the country are going to be $2 richer in the near future.  How you ask?  A pending class action settlement appears ready to be resolved.  The settlement for a case called  Martin Schneider et al. v. Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. is now taking claims for those who have been impacted by the lawsuit.  So here’s some stuff YOU need to know.  ASAP.

Filing at www.chipotlenongmoclassaction.com

As we stated earlier this is BY FAR the easiest way to get your moolah.  Just go to the filing site and click the Submit a Claim tab.

Once the claim form appears, fill it out in its ENTIRETY.

Gonna show some proof of purchase?  You’ll need to upload the required documents online.

Finally, slap an e-signature on that bad boy and wait for payday!

While on the topic of proof of purchase, it should be pointed out that you can only submit 5 claims per household if you don’t have proof.  However, if you CAN prove your purchase, you’ll be eligible for a total of 10 claims.  Further the maximum amount of total claims per household is 15.

By the way, you’ll need to keep a couple dates in mind.  For instance, May 30th, 2020 is the final day you can file a claim (if you file by mail it must be post-marked by this date.  Additionally, July 30th, 2020 is the day on which the Final Approval Hearing will be held (this is when they decide whether or not the settlement will go through).

Questions?  Give the settlement administrator a shout!  Here’s the contact info.

Chipotle Non-GMO Class Action Settlement Administrator

  • 1650 Arch St., Suite 2210
  • Philadelphia, PA 19103
  • info@chipotlenongmoclassaction.com
  • 877-715-4517


Another recent settlement

Lex Law TCPA Settlement

www.lexlawtcpasettlement.com – File for Cash Payment

Lex Law TCPA Settlement

  • You can file your claim online or through the mail
  • FAQs are located online and within the notice you received
  • Valid claims will be compensated at $6.15 per claim
  • A variety of different deadlines apply to this settlement
  • You can also review case documents at www.lexlawtcpasettlement.com

There’s a recent settlement that, if approved, will compensate those who allegedly received unsolicited audio-dialed calls and text messages.  If you received a notice directing you to www.lexlawtcpasettlement.com, you’re likely a member of the plaintiff class (otherwise why would you receive the notice??).  In order to file online, click the File Claim tab and follow the instructions.

More on filing at www.lexlawtcpasettlement.com

You can file a claim with or without a claim number (just be sure to specify whether you have one or not!).

If you don’t want to file online you’ll need to download a claim form from the site, print it out, complete it, and mail it to the administrator (that’s a lot of extra steps but if it’s what floats your boat have at it!).

Make sure you file by the May 4th, 2020 claim deadline (if you’re filing by mail make sure it’s post-marked by this date!).

The time to opt out of the settlement has already passed (exclusion deadline was February 26th, 2020).

In addition to the claim and exclusion deadlines, there’s also another important date you should be aware of.  March 31st, 2020.  That’s when you’ll find out (drum roll please) whether or not you’re GETTING PAID.  In other words,  this when the final approval hearing will be held.

Finally, if you have questions about the settlement try skimming through those FAQs found online and in the notice (there’s 23 of them so you may want to grab a cup of coffee before hand).  Additionally, you can try contacting the administrator for assistance.  Here’s the information.

Lew Lax TCPA Settlement Administrator

  • PO Box 43515, Providence, RI 02940-3515
  • admin@lexlawtcpasettlement.com
  • 844-264-8240


Have you claim your Award of Choice??


www.ASUSLaptopSettlement.com – File Claim Online

ASUS Laptop Settlement

  • Includes consumers who bought certain types of ASUS laptops
  • You can file for the settlement online or by sending a form in the mail
  • The major deadlines for the settlement are in April 2020
  • There’s a MASSIVE FAQ section at www.asuslaptopsettlement.com
  • Didn’t find whatcha need?  Call the admin for help!

The Oasis Energy TCPA Settlement is moving forward and, once settled, will resolve allegations that the Defendant sold laptops that had battery issues (basically the batteries drained even when plugged in).  As a result, the laptops allegedly couldn’t live up to their marketing claims of proving stability for intense gaming sessions (would be hard to do without a working battery!).  If you’re an eligible participant you can file online or through the mail.

Filing Online at www.asuslaptopsettlement.com

  • Click that Submit a Claim tab (up at the top of the page)
  • Next, enter your Notice ID and confirmation code
  • Once the information is entered, click the Submit button to continue
  • HINT:  Both the ID and code are included in the notice you received
  • Didn’t receive a notice?  You’ll need to figure out your filing group

So for those who didn’t receive a notice, you’ll be lumped into one of 3 different filing groups (A, B, or C).  Therefore, it may help to know a little bit about these groups, don’t ya think??  Let’s take a gander.

Filing Groups for the ASUS Laptop Settlement

Group A requires you to either have the proof of purchase for your laptop, purchased it on the ASUS website, or registered the laptop with ASUS prior to January 10th, 2020.

As far as group B goes, you’re included if you sent a customer service notice to ASUS about the power issue prior to March 19th, 2019.

If you don’t fall under either of these groups your part of Group C

By the way, you’re not part of ANY of these groups if you didn’t buy the laptop the suit was filed over.  So make sure you bought one of these:

Either a ASUS Rog Strix GL502VS or ASUS Rog Strix GL502VSK laptop computer.  Additionally, you must have made the purchase between May 4th, 2014 and November 19th, 2019.

Finally, the deadline to file a claim, object, or request and exclusion is April 3rd, 2020.

ASUS Laptop Settlement Administrator Contact Information

  • 1650 Arch Street, Suite 2210
  • Philadelphia, PA 19103
  • info@asuslaptopsettlement.com
  • 844-263-6122


Additional Claim Content

Need to find your leave of absence claim?  Claim Look Up JPMC Portal


www.wessonoilsettlement.com – File Claim Wesson Oil Settlement

Wesson Oil Settlement:  How to Claim Your $$$$

  • Eligible Class Members can file online for compensation
  • The settlement is also accepting claim forms by mail
  • Class Members can file with or without proof of purchase

The parties involved in the cased titled In re ConAgra Foods, Inc. have recently come to a truly enormous settlement agreement which provides $27 MILLION in injunctive relief alone (mostly changes made to the Defendant’s advertising claims).  However, the overall value of the settlement doesn’t stop there.  In addition to the injunction relief, the settlement also provides monetary relief to eligible Class Members (some may say “the good part”).  So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what kind of compensation is available.

What can I get from the Wesson Oil Settlement?

  • Class Members without proof of purchase can claim up to 30 bottles of oil
  • Each bottle of oil claimed is valued at 15 cents ($4.50 max without proof)
  • An extra $10,000 fund is available for those who can provide purchase proof
  • A $575,000 fund is set aside for statutory damages for NY and OR residents

In order to file a claim, Class Members can go to the online settlement page and complete the electronic claim form.  Meanwhile, those who would rather send a form by mail must address it to the Settlement Administrator (seems tedious but whatever floats your boat).  In either case, Class Members should make sure they file on or before the August 22nd, 2019 filing deadline (still PLENTY of time left to make your move!).

More Important Info on the Wesson Oil Settlement

  • Only applies to residents of CA, CO, FL, IL, IN, NE, NY, OH, OR, SD, and TX
  • The time frame of the oil purchase varies by state (see the notice for details)
  • August 6th, 2019 is the deadline for those who wish to request exclusion
  • A hearing to determine the fairness of the settlement is on October 7th, 2019

Class Members with questions about the settlement should try taking a look at the Frequently Asked Questions located within the notice they received.  In addition to the notice, the online filing page also has a complete set of FAQs.  Meanwhile, those who prefer to get help over the phone can contact the Settlement Administrator (when it doubt pick up the phone!).

Wesson Oil Settlement Administrator Contact Information

  • PO Box 91249, Seattle, WA 98111-9349
  • info@wessonoilsettlement.com
  • 833-291-1651

File Online Here

Another Humongous Settlement Now Taking Claims


www.WCTCPASettlement.com – Submit Claim to Receive Payment

WC TCPA Settlement:  How to File Online

  • The online filing process requires a Class Member ID
  • Class Members must sign the form for it to be accepted
  • The Settlement Administrator can help with the filing process

It appears the ongoing class action lawsuit called Parker, et al. v. Universal Pictures, et al. is finally coming to an end.  Both parties have agreed to a PENDING settlement valued at a crisp $19 million ($19,225,515 to be precise).  In order to receive payment, Class Members can go to the online filing page and enter their ID number.  Once the Class Member enters their ID they can go ahead and complete the online claim form.  Please note that the Settlement Administrator may reject the form if the Class Member does not sign it.

More Information WC TCPA Settlement

  • The suit was filed over alleged text messages sent to promote the War Craft movie
  • July 10th, 2019 is the last day for Class Members to file a claim (online or by mail)
  • The last day for Class Members to object or request exclusion is May 16th, 2019
  • Class Members who don’t file or request exclusion will miss out on getting paid
  • In terms of overall value, this one falls short of the Alarm TCPA Settlement

By the way, the settlement is broken into 4 different filing classes.  Class Members from class 1 are eligible to receive payment of $35.  Meanwhile, Class Members of classes 2 through 4 can get up to $50 for payment.  However, the possibility exists that payment will be of a lesser amount depending on how many Class Members step forward to file.

Filing a Claim Through the Mail

  • Class Members must make sure the mail is post-marked by the filing deadline
  • Send the form directly to the Settlement Administrator (see contact info below)
  • The online settlement page provides a printable copy of the claim form

In addition to receiving claim forms, the Settlement Administrator can also provide a Class Member ID to those who lost their notice.  Class Members with general questions about the settlement can also contact the Settlement Administrator for assistance (or just take a gander at those handy FAQs located within the notice).

WC TCPA Settlement Administrator Contact Information

  • PO Box 91234, Seattle, WA 98111
  • info@WCTCPASettlement.com
  • 833-402-1723

File before it’s too late!

www.UCLAHealthCyberSettlement.com – Submit Online Claim Form

How to File For the UCLA Health Cyber Settlement

  • Class Members can file online or send in a claim form
  • Class Members must file no later than the deadline
  • The settlement notice includes an extensive FAQ list

When a data breach occurs the possibility of a class action lawsuit looms large.  As an illustration of such, we now turn to a recent case called Adlouni v. UCLA Health System Auxiliary, et al.  The Plaintiffs in the case allege that the Defendant violated a number of laws regarding information of privacy.  However, the Defendant disputes these allegations and denies any wrongdoing whatsoever.  At any rate, we will probably never find out which side would have won in court as the case appears to be settled pending the Final Fairness Hearing.  Those who believe they are eligible for compensation can go to the online filing page and click the Submit a Claim tab to start a claim form.

UCLA Health Cyber Settlement:  An Information Blitz

  • Class Members can file for identity monitor, preventive measures, and/or unreimbursed losses
  • The filing deadline for the identity monitor service is September 16th, 2019 (plenty of time!)
  • June 18th, 2019 is the deadline for those filing for preventive measures (a little more pressing)
  • 2 years after the preventive measures deadline is the deadline for unreimbursed losses (6-8-21)
  • Those who want out of the settlement have until May 20th, 2019 to file a request for exclusion
  • This does not appear to be nearly as large as the EXP Data Breach Settlement

In addition to the deadline for preventive measure claim forms, June 18th, 2019 is also the date when the court will hold the Final Fairness Hearing (perhaps the most important date!)  Those who wish to attend should show up at 9 AM (don’t hit the snooze button too many times).

By the way, Class Members can also file by filling out a claim form and sending it to the Settlement Administrator.  Additionally, the Settlement Administrator can help answer questions about the settlement.  Meanwhile, those who prefer to get answers on their own can take a dip into the FAQs located online and within the notice.

UCLA Health Cyber Settlement Administrator

  • PO Box 3058
  • Portland, OR 97208-3058
  • 888-262-4479


Another Red Hot Class Action


www.AlarmTCPAClassAction.com – File Claim for Alarm Settlement

Alarm TCPA Class Action:  How to File

  • Class Members can submit their claim forms online
  • The settlement also provides claim filing by mail
  • Class Members can confirm the number of calls

Lawsuit settlements come in many different shapes and sizes.  However, one that exceeds the $100 MILLION threshold is one to stand up and take notice of.  For an example of such a settlement, we now turn to the case called Abante Rooter and Plumbing, Inc., et al. v. Alarm.com Incorporated et al.  The case came about based on allegations made by the Plaintiffs that the Defendant violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by making automated telemarketing calls.  In order to begin an online claim, participants can go to the filing page and click the File Claim tab (filing is available regardless of whether the filer has a claim number).

More on the Alarm TCPA Class Action

  • It’s estimated that each eligible Class Member will receive between $92 and $142
  • Class Members must submit their claims no later than the April 16th, 2019 deadline
  • April 16th, 2019 is also the deadline for Class Members to submit exclusion requests
  • The court will hold a hearing on the fairness of the settlement on August 13th, 2019
  • The total amount of the settlement far exceeds the $17,000,000 Vizio TV Settlement

Additionally, the Plaintiffs also allege the Defendant made calls using a recorded or fake voice.  Further, the suit alleges the Defendant made calls to numbers found on the National Do Not call Registry without prior permission from the call recipients (that sure is a lot of allegations!).  Class Members can review the full details of why the suit was filed under Section 2 of the settlement notice.

By the way, the settlement also provides filing by mail.  In order to do so, Class Members must fill out a claim form and send it directly to the Settlement Administrator.  Please note that claim forms must be post-marked no later than the April 16th, 2019 deadline.

In addition to the accepting claim forms, the Settlement Administrator can also help answer questions about the settlement.  Meanwhile, those who would rather help themselves can look for answers within the FAQs found online and within the notice.

Alarm TCPA Class Action Settlement Administrator

  • PO Box 505034
  • Louisville, KY 40233-9702
  • 855-256-2243


Another TCPA Class Action


www.VizioTVsettlement.com – File Claim for the Vizio TV Settlement

Vizio TV Settlement:  How to Receive Your Payment

  • The easiest way for Class Members to file is online
  • The settlement is also accepting claim forms by mail
  • A list of Frequently Asked Questions is available

Nobody likes the thought of their personal data being sold off to advertisers.  ESPECIALLY, without their knowledge.  In fact, when enough allegations start to pour in claiming that a company has done so, a class action lawsuit can be the end result of these actions.  For instance, the case called the VIZIO, Inc., Consumer Privacy Litigation was filed of allegations that the Defendant sold data received from what was watched on the Smart TVs purchased by its customers.  However, these allegations appear close to being laid to rest as both parties have agreed to settle for a staggering $17 MILLION.  Those who wish to make a claim can begin by going to the settlement page and clicking the File a Claim tab.

Fast Facts About Filing for the Vizio TV Settlement

  • The TV purchases must have been between February 1st, 2014 and February 7th, 2017
  • The last day for Class Members to file a claim or request exclusion is April 29th, 2019
  • April 29th, 2019 is also the last day for those who wish object to the settlement
  • Class Members who don’t file or ask to be excluded will get NOTHING (not good)

After the Class Member clicks the File a Claim tab an online claim form will appear.  Once the Class Member completes the form they must sign electronically before submitting it.  Meanwhile, those who would rather do things the old way can click the Notice and Claim Form tab and print the form.  Once the Class Member completes the form they can send it directly to the Settlement Administrator for filing.

Just a Few More Notes on the Vizio TV Settlement

  • It’s estimated that payments will be anywhere between $13 and $31 per purchase
  • The court will decide whether or not to approve the settlement on May 31st, 2019
  • Only one purchaser per Smart TV per household may qualify for the settlement
  • The proposed settlement is even bigger than the recent Total TCPA Settlement

Class Members who plan on filing or requesting an exclusion by mail must make sure they post-mark the correspondence by the April 29th, 2019 deadline.  Additionally, Class Members should send their  mailed exclusions and claim forms directly to the Settlement Administrator.  In addition to taking collecting claims and exclusions, the administrator can also help with questions.  However, those who would rather take matters into their own hands can try finding answers within the FAQs included at the settlement page.

Vizio TV Settlement Administrator Contact Information

  • PO Box 170500, Milwaukee, WI 53217
  • info@viziotvsettlement
  • 877-252-4685


Another Settlement Now Taking Claims



www.totalTCPAsettlement.com – File Claim to Receive Payment

Total TCPA Settlement:  How to Stake Your Claim

  • Class Members can go online to complete the filing process
  • The settlement also accepts claim forms through the mail
  • A long list of FAQs is available to help with questions

Let’s face it, picking up the phone only to hear the sound of a cold artificial or prerecorded voice at the other end of the receiver is something most people prefer to avoid.  Therefore, it should come as no surprise to see a lawsuit filed when a company places these type of telemarketing phone calls.  For example, the recently settled case called Naiman v. Total Merchant Services, Inc. was file over allegations that the Defendant placed calls to cell phones using a contraption called the Spitfire dialing system.  Those who believe they are eligible for compensation can go directly to the online settlement page and click the Submit a Claim tab.

Things to Keep In Mind About the Total TCPA Settlement

  • The last day for Class Members to file a claim is February 4th, 2019 (so file now!)
  • Those who want to opt out of the settlement must do so by February 4th, 2019
  • The Final Fairness Hearing is set for April 2nd, 2019 (hopefully it gets approved)
  • Class Members must have received the calls between July 5th, 2013 and June 8th, 2018

In addition to online filing, the Settlement Administrator is also taking claims by mail.  In order to file this way, Class Members must complete a form and send it to the Administrator’s PO Box.  However, it is important to point out that the correspondence must be postmarked no later the filing deadline.

Along with collecting claim forms, the Settlement Administrator is also available to answer questions about the settlement.  Meanwhile, those who prefer to find answers on their own can try browsing the FAQs available online and in the notice.

Total TCPA Settlement Administrator Contact Information

  • PO Box 3770, Portland, OR 97208-3770
  • 877-327-1109


Another Open Settlement


www.hearstsettlement.com – Submit a Claim for Payment Online

Hearst Settlement:  How to Get Your Payment

  • Class Members can file either online or through the mail
  • The settlement notice includes a helpful list of FAQs
  • The Settlement Administrator can help answer questions

Hearst is well-known for its engaging magazines and exciting promotions (like the recent Oprah Nola sweepstakes).  However, what the company is NOT known for is being the Defendant in a class action lawsuit.  The case called Edwards v. Hearst Communications, Inc. has recently reached a settlement for a an almost inconceivable figure of $50 MILLION.  While it may be a moot point now, the case was filed by the Plaintiffs over allegations that Hearst violated Michigan privacy laws by disclosing subscription information of its customers to third parties.  On the other hand, Hearst has maintained that its practices were in compliance with the law.  At any rate, those who wish to file a claim can do so directly from the online filing page.

Important Facts to Keep In Mind About the Hearst Settlement

  • The most important date to remember is the claim filing deadline of March 25th, 2019
  • In addition to the claim deadline, the date of March 25th is also the exclusion deadline
  • $155 is an estimate of what each Class Member can expect to receive from the settlement
  • Those who don’t object or file a claim with get absolutely nothing and lose rights to sue

In order to file an online claim, Class Members must click the File a Claim tab at the settlement page to bring up the claim form.  Alternatively, Class Members can also request a paper form to send by mail.  Class Members who decide to file by mail should keep in mind that the correspondence must be post-marked by the March 25th deadline (not something to put off for another day!).

A Few Final Notes on the Hearst Settlement

  • Consumers must have had a Hearst subscription on or before July 30th, 2016
  • Additionally, consumers must have had a Michigan address to be eligible
  • The settlement’s Final Approval Hearing will take place on April 18th, 2019

By the way, those with questions about the settlement can look for answers within the FAQs included both at the settlement page and within the notice.  In addition to the FAQs, the Settlement Administrator can also help with questions.

Hearst Settlement Administrator Contact Information

  • PO Box 91225
  • Seattle, WA 98111-9931
  • info@hearstsettlement.com
  • 888-593-6759


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