www.bhg.com/bookreturn – Login to the BHG Book Return Portal

BHG Book Return: How to Enter

  • A variety of login methods are provided
  • Online subscription center is available
  • Support can be contacted via email

When attempting to login to an online portal it’s always nice to be presented with options (increases the chances of actually having the required login information at hand).  For instance, those who need to access the BHG Book Return portal can do so using one of three different login methods.  The first method requires that customers enter an account number and zip code before clicking the Sign In button to gain access (good for prudent customers who have an account number ready).  The second (and by far the easiest) only requires a name and address be entered before logging into the portal.  The third and final method allows customers to gain entry to the BHG Book Return portal with a last name and account number.

Other Publications Offered by Meredith

  • Coastal Living – A variety of information useful for living near the sea
  • Magnolia Journal – Featuring the work of HGTV star Joanna Gaines
  • Fortune – Keep a finger firmly planted on the pulse of today’s economy
  • Travel + Leisure – Offers plenty of information about how to HAVE FUN
  • Sports Illustrated – Jam-packed with riveting (and detailed) sports articles

Those who are interested in signing up for another Meredith magazine subscription can do so by clicking the Subscribe to Our Magazines link posted at the bottom of the BHG Book Return portal.  In addition to signing up for a regular subscription, magazines can also be given as a gift by clicking the Give a Gift link (go ahead and make someone’s day!).  Those with questions about the portal, or the subscription process in general, can try clicking the Contact link to send an email to support.

Meredith Corporate Headquarters

  • 1716 Locust St.
  • Des Moines, IA 50309-3023
  • 515-284-3000



www.bhg.com/bookpay – Pay Online Better Homes & Gardens

BHG Book Pay

  • Pay for subscription online
  • Login by using one of three different methods

Better Homes and Gardens subscribers can now pay their bills online by logging into their accounts through the BHG Book Pay page.  Customers that are logging in will need to enter by using one of three login methods:

  • Login with Account Number and zip – Customers will need to enter their Account Number and zip code in the appropriate fields and click the Sign in button
  • Login with name and address – Better Home and Garden customers will need to enter their full name and address including street, city, state, and zip code
  • Login with Account number and last name – Customers will simply need to enter their Account Number and last name in the provided fields and click the Sign in button

In addition to being able to login and make a payment the BHG Book Pay page provides a couple of valuable links:

Give a Gift

  • Customers will be able to give the gift of a subscription to a friend or family member
  • Complete a simple 4 step process to get a subscription out to the lucky friend or family member
  • Opt-in on news and special offers from Home and Gardens by email
  • The Give a Gift offer is for a limited time only as the savings special will not last long

Subscribe to Our Magazines

  • Browse list of magazines with prices and choose however many as needed (specify if magazine will be for personal use or a gift)
  • Complete billing information form with name, address, city, state, zip code, and email address
  • Select a method of payment (Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover) and enter the credit card number with expiration date
  • Opt-in on news and special offers from Better Home and Gardens by email

Better Homes and Gardens is one of the top-selling magazines in the United States.  The magazine covers subjects such as home economics and interior design and is published 12 times a year. The first Better Homes and Gardens was published in the English language in 1922.