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Entering Sweepstakes & Filing AutoZone Rebates:  Here’s How

  • Current sweepstakes are available under specific section
  • Rebates can be filed online as well as tracked for status
  • Frequently Asked Questions are provided for the rebates

Rebates and sweepstakes just seem like the perfect pairing.  At least AutoZone seems to think so anyways.  The AutoZone Rebates and sweepstakes hub is now open and set to serve as a “one top shop” for those looking to cash in on an offer or sign up for a current contest.  Those who are looking to get rolling on a rebate redemption can begin by clicking the File Rebate Online box and logging in with an email address and account password.  Customers who have yet to sign up for an account can click the link posted beneath the login fields to get started with registration (there’s also a link for those who can’t remember a password).

10-4.  Anything Else I need to know about AutoZone Rebates?

  • Check the official rebate form to ensure it’s eligible to be submitted online
  • All eligible rebate items on the receipt should be circled prior to submission
  • Lost receipts can be replaced by going to the store and asking for a new one
  • Online purchases can be claimed by using the email confirmation as a receipt

Customers who want to know what’s going on with the status of a previously submitted rebate can click the Track Your Rebate box to sign in and begin tracking.  In addition to the rebate tracker, the Find a Rebate Form box can also be clicked to locate a specific form (just enter a promo code or offer number to get the ball rolling!).  More information about AutoZone rebates can be reviewed by clicking the Rebate FAQs box.

What about AutoZone Sweepstakes?

  • Click the AutoZone Sweepstakes box to bring up a current contest
  • Click on the desired sweepstakes and follow the instructions to enter
  • Check back often to see if any new sweepstakes are rolled out!

Questions about AutoZone rebates can be addressed by calling 855-801-5826.  AutoZone can also be contacted by sending an email after logging into a rebates account.  Those with general questions for the store can try getting in touch with AutoZone Store Support Center in Memphis, TN.

AutoZone Store Support Center

  • 123 S. Front St. Memphis, TN 38103
  • 901-495-6500


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