www.activates3.com – Activate & Register S3 Card Online

Activate S3 Card Online

  • The system allows you to both register and activate your card
  • Ready to get started?  Grab your card and hop on the internet
  • You’re gonna need your 17 digit card handy during the process
  • Solutran contact information is available

Let’s face it, a spending card is nothing but a little ole’ piece of plastic until it’s been activated.  Therefore, activating your card is of the upmost importance.  Fortunately, you can activate AND register your S3 card online in a few simple steps.  So let’s find out what those steps are, shall we??

Steps for Activating Your Card at www.activates3.com

  • Enter your card number (it’s 17 digits long and right under the barcode)
  • Type in your security code in the field beneath the card number
  • Hopefully you know your date of birth because you’ll need it for step 3
  • Finally, hit the Submit button to move forward with the card activation
  • Quick tip:  Always double check the information you entered is correct!

By the way, if you can’t find your card number or security code you can reference the sample image posted at www.activates3.com.  Activation not working??  Maybe you’re at the wrong place.  Be sure to confirm your card has that beautiful S3 logo printed on it!

What about www.activates3.com United Healthcare??

There seems to be some chatter about this topic?

Anyone from United Healthcare been issued one of these?

If so, let us know about your experience on activating your card.

Always helps to have some first hand knowledge of how smoothly it went.


Healthy Benefits Plus Anthem BCBS OTC

Speaking of spending cards……

Anthem offers a sweet deal where you can use its Healthy Benefits Plus card to purchase eligible items at participating stores!

All you need to do is register the card to get started.

Anyone know how the Healthy Benefits Plus spending card stacks up?  Hopefully the registration process is EASY.

Learn more about the Healthy Benefits Plus Anthem BCBC OTC card at www.healthybenefitsplus.com


Finally, you can check out the terms and privacy policy at the bottom of the card activation page (because we all have time for some extra reading, don’t we??).

Problems with the activation process at www.activates3.com??

Try giving Solutran a call for help!  Hey, that’s what they’re there for, right?? See below for contact information.

Solutran Contact Information

  • 13305 12th Ave. North
  • Minneapolis, MN 55441
  • 763-559-2225

Please note that the phone lines are open from 8 AM to 5 PM CST Monday through Friday (hopefully there’s something better to do on the weekends!).


More Card Content

Manage Your Lowe’s Advantage of Lowe’s Visa Rewards Card at Lowe’s eService

Have YOU received an award lately?  You may need to your gift card at the Award of Choice center (it’s a fairly straight-forward process don;t don’t be discouraged!).



www.ibuypower.com/register – Register for Rewards

I Buy Power Register for Rewards

  • Sign up for an account to join in on the fun!
  • Once registered use your email address to sign in and submit as review
  • Customer service is available if you need help with your account
  • You can also sign up for the newsletter at www.ibuypower.com/register

Reviews are one of the first things any customer looks for when deciding on a purchase (just think about how many times you’ve been caught in that ole’ Yelp rabbit hole!).  Therefore, it’s no surprise a reward system like the one used by I Buy Power has carved out a nice little niche for itself.  Let’s find out about how YOU can earn rewards with I Buy Power.

Earning your rewards at www.ibuypower.com/register

First you’ll need to con firm exactly where it was you purchased that sweet new system.

Once you confirm the place of purchase choose where you want to leave your review.

After you wrap up your review you’ll need to complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Finally, you must upload screenshots of your reviews before you submit your request for a reward.

Please note that you can submit up to 1 review on each of the available sites that are listed.

By the way, it may help to know how you’ll be rewarded (that is kinda the whole point of this after all, isn’t it??).  Once you’re finished with your review you can choose between 2 types of rewards.  The first is I Buy Power rewards points.  Meanwhile, the other option is Amazon gift cards.

Wondering how much you’ll get??  We got ya covered!

You can redeem up to $10 per review in Amazon gift cards and up to 30,000 I Buy Power points for each review.  so it’s time for a decision!  Which route will you go?  The choice is all yours, just figure out which is the best option and go with it!

Need some customer service?  Call I Buy Power between the hours of 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM PST for help.  Here’s the toll -free number:  888-462-3899.

And here’s the address if you need to send something!

I Buy Power Address

  • 529 N. Baldwin Park Blvd.
  • City of Industry, CA 91746


Speaking of reviews…..

Review Shrimp Basket with the Shrimp Basket Listens survey!


www.AwardOfChoice.com – Activate Your Gift Card

Award of Choice Gift Card Activation

  • You’re gonna need the 16 digit card number to begin
  • Questions?  There’s a massive FAQ list you can read through
  • Need additional help?  Customer service contact info is available
  • Additional purchasing options are also available
  • Begin activation at www.awardofchoice.com

Incentive comes in a variety of forms.  However, some are clearly better than others.  For instance, an incentive that’s flexible is better received than one that isn’t.  One example of an incentive with some major flexibility is the trusty gift card (perhaps that’s why they’re one of the most popular gifts on the market).  As it so happens, it’s hard to find anyone who does gift card incentives better than Award of Choice!

Purchasing Options at www.awardofchoice.com

Need to get some more gift cards?  No problem!  There’s 3 different types you can choose from.  Here they are!

Award of Choice Gift Cards – Allows the receiver to choose which type of award they want.  Perfect for who love having OPTIONS!

On the Spot Cards – They come in the convenient increments of $25, $50, $75, and $100 (hopefully you get that big ole’ $100 award!).

Instant Award Vouchers – These also come in increments of $25, %$50, $75, and $100.  The certificates are also customization (it’s nice to have the option of which design your voucher will feature).

By the way, you can find the answers to many typical; questions about your Award of Choice by clicking the FAQ link at the bottom of the page.  Once you’re at the FAQs, simply scroll; down to the desired section and START READING!  However, if your eyes are a bit tired, try skipping the FAQs and going right to customer service (sometimes it’s just easier to go right to the source!).

Award of Choice Customer Service Contact Information

  • 245 West Roosevelt Rd.
  • Building 9 Unit 61
  • West Chicago, IL 60185
  • customerservice@ultimatechoice.com


Another Incentive Program

Check out the Bosch Rewards Portal at BSH Rewards



www.mycardinfo.cards/bauschlomb – Enter Horizon Card

My Card Info Cards Bausch Lomb

  • You can enter using information from your card
  • Access is available in both English and Spanish
  • Need help?  Customer service information is provided
  • Privacy Policy is also available at www.mycardinfo.cards/bauschlomb

So you got your hands on a Bausch Lomb Horizon Visa Card.  First, CONGRATS!  Second, let’s find out how to manage that account!  In order to gain access, you’ll need your card handy (that or a great memory!).  Once you have your card, go to the login screen and enter the card number and the CSC to enter.

More information for using www.mycardinfo.cards/bauschlomb

Confused about the CSC?  Go ahead and click information icon for further details (HINT: it’s the 3 digit number on the back of the card!).

Need to switch languages?  Click the link above the login fields to switch between English and Spanish.

You can review the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy by clicking the links at the bottom of the page.

By the way, you may want to turn off your pop-up blockers while you visit www.mycardinfo.cards/bauschlomb.  Why you ask??  If you don’t, you may not be able to access all the information you need (and/or want!).

Bausch and Lomb:  A Journey Back In Time!

  • The company dates back to 1853 when John Bausch opened an optical shop
  • Made a major break through with its rubber frames for eyeglasses
  • Fan of soft contact lenses?  Thank Bausch and Lomb for that (1971 roll-out)
  • Currently the company makes a WIDE variety of vision care products

Finally, you can get help if your struggling to gain access to your Horizon Visa card.  In order to reach customer service dial 800-640-4953.  Meanwhile, you can reach the customer service department by mail at the address below.

Horizon Visa Card Customer Service Address

  • PO Box 124, Dell Rapids, SD 57022


Because we know you want more!

My Card Intel Xfinity Mobile


www.bshrewards.com – Enter Bosch Rewards Portal

BSH Rewards

  • You’ll need a registered email address to access the portal
  • Password reset help is provided (because we all need it every now and then)
  • New users can register for an account
  • Privacy Policy is posted at www.bshrewards.com

Time to claim your reward?  Exciting isn’t it?  So exciting that you’re probably ready to stop reading about it and actually do it.  In order to enter the BSH Rewards portal, you’ll first need to enter the email address you used when signing up for your account.  Next, enter your password and click the Register button to enter (and finally grab that well deserved reward!).

More Features at www.bshrewards.com

New to the game?  Well then go ahead and create your account (if you like rewards, that is).

In order to do so, click the Register tab to bring up the online new user registration form.

Next, fill out the form (it’s kinda long so just power on through it) and agree to all that fine print at the bottom.

Once you’re registered, you’ll be able to return to the BSH rewards portal to login and get rewarded.

By the way, you can reset your account if you lost or forgot your password.  First click the Forgot password? link to be directed to a new page.  Next, enter your email address to confirm your identity.  Once that’s done you’ll be well on your way to getting back into your account.

Finally, if you don’t know your dealer number when your registering, click the Lookup link for help.  This will allow you to search for it using either your name, city, or zip code.

Need help?  Don’t worry, it’s on the way!  Just call 888-771-8345.


You can send an email inquiry over to boschrewards@360incentives.com.


In other rewards news….

Captain D’s Rewards is on tear!

www.awardcode.com – Enter Award Code to Receive Card

Redeem Your Award Code!

  • You’ll need to enter the code to find your gift card
  • Need to check status?  There’s a sweet online tracking tool that can help
  • Frequently Asked Questions available at www.wgiftcard.com

An award isn’t that cool when it takes a buncha leg work just to redeem it.  Safe to say this won’t be a problem for anyone redeeming an award from W Gift Card.  For instance, all you need to do to obtain your gift card is enter your award code.  Once you’ve done that, simply click the button and (next thing you know) your award will be on the way!

About Transaction Wireless (runs www.awardcode.com)

  • Powers the redemption and tracking process for your gift card
  • In addition to FAQs, provides a toll free customer service phone number
  • Rather send a quick message?  Use to the contact form
  • Access customer service by clicking the support tab

By the way, you can find out exactly what’s going on with your order by using the online tracking tool.  In order to do so, enter your email address and confirmation number.  In the event you can’t find your confirmation number, enter your email address to track it down.

About Fiserv

A publicly traded company located on the NASDAQ exchange under symbol FISV.

Focuses on providing payment solutions and financial technology (talk about a powerful twin engine of opportunity!).

Serves customers in more than 100 countries worldwide (a vast and expansive footprint).

Got something to say to Fiserv?  Send a letter to corporate headquarters located at 5565 Glenridge Connector NE, Suite 2000 Atlanta, GA 30342.

Finally, if you need to get someone on the phone about your order, go ahead and dial 888-458-3988 (because waiting for a response to a contact form submission isn’t always the best idea).


More gift card redemption content!

Check out Redeem-It!




www.redeem-it.com – Redeem Certificate for Gift Cards


  • Got a Super Certificate handy?  Then get ready to be rewarded!
  • Questions about the process?  Support is available
  • Sign up for email updates to stay in the loop
  • Frequently Asked Question posted at www.redeem-it.com

Who doesn’t like being rewarded?  Anyone else hear crickets?  Thought so.  Now that that’s out of the way, let’s take a look at one of the best reward systems out there.  Redeem-IT from GC Incentives allows you to cash in your Super Certificate for one of the most convenient rewards possible – GIFT CARDS.

How to process a certificate at www.redeem-it.com

In order to get started, enter how many rewards you are redeeming (let’s not be a complete show-off now!).

Next, type in your 10 digit certificate number.

Can’t find your certificate number?  Try taking a peak at the inside panel of your Super Certificate.

Still can’t find it?  It should also be in the email you receive about your reward (it’s labeled Super Certificate Number).

Once you enter both pieces of info, hit that Apply button to redeem your reward!

By the way, you can also check the status of your order (it’s nice not to be left hangin’).  In order to do so, click the Order Status link.  Next, simply enter your Order Number and click Submit to find out what on earth is going on with your gift cards.

More about your order from www.redeem-it.com

  • Orders by U.S. Mail should arrive within 6 to 13 days (worth the wait!)
  • Lucky enough to get a Fed EX order?  That’ll cut down the wait drastically
  • If you ordered on a holiday your package may take an extra day to arrive
  • PLEASE NOTE:  Orders after 2 PM ET will push the wait time back a day
  • TIP:  The early bird gets the worm (and the gift card a day earlier :D)

Question about your order?  Call customer support at 773-7368.


Email them at customerservice@giftcertificates.com.


Speaking of awards……check out Award Choice!


www.yourtotalrewards.com/solvay – Enter Solvay Rewards

Your Total Rewards Solvay

Ready to manage your rewards?  Good News.  You’re just a few steps away!

So let’s get right down to it.  First things first, enter the Solvay rewards portal using your User Id and password.

Next, click the Login button to enter the portal and access your rewards (we know you’re excited so try to keep that mouse finger steady!).

Once you’re logged into www.yourtotalrewards.com/solvay, follow the instructions to accomplish your task.

Now, it’s gonna be pretty hard to manage those rewards if you forgot your User ID or password.  Fortunately, there’s help for that.

Recovering Your Account at www.yourtotalrewards.com/solvay

  • If you forgot your User ID confirm your identity to regain account access
  • In order to do so, enter your date of birth and the last 4 of your social
  • Once that’s done click the Continue button to get back in action
  • Meanwhile, if you forgot the password answer the 3 security questions
  • Can’r remember the answers??  Then get a reset link via email

Hopefully you remember the email address you set your account up with because if not you’re going to have to wait for SNAIL MAIL to deliver your new password (we all know how long that can take).

If your scratching your head wondering why you can’t login, you may have never set up an account in the first place!  The good news is, it’s SIMPLE.

Setting Up an Account at www.yourtotalrewards.com/solvay

  • Just like the User ID recovery, you’re gonna need to enter your date of birth
  • Next, enter the last for of your social to proceed with the account registration
  • Hint:  Click the Cancel button at anytime to return to the login screen

By the way, if you need help during the login or registration process you can review a massive set of FAQs.  To do so click the ? icon at www.yourtotalrewards.com/solvay (nothing like getting to the bottom of things ON YOUR OWN TERMS).  In addition to the FAQs, you can also get in touch with the Solvay Benefits Center.  Just remember, they’re only open between 9 AM and 6 PM EST Monday through Friday.  Here’s the number!

Solvay Benefits Center Support Number

  • 877-765-8291

Other business with Solvay?  Trying hollering at the offices off Buffalo Speedway (the street not the animal).  Here ya go:

Solvay Administrative Offices

  • 3737 Buffalo Speedway, Suite 800
  • Houston, TX  77098
  • 713-525-6000


Other Rewards Information to Digest



www.apple.com/go/gcb/us – Enter Apple Gift Card Account

Manage Your Apple Gift Card (www.apple.com/go/gbc/us)

  • Sign in with your Apple credentials to begin
  • A bit forgetful? No Problem!  Accountant recovery is available
  • Customer support stand ready to assist if you get stuck

There are oh so many things you can buy with a fresh Apple gift card.  However, exactly HOW much you can buy might be a little unclear.  UNLESS, you can find a way to know EXACTLY what your balance is.  That’s where the Apple gift card account management portal comes into play.  When it’s time to find out how much purchasing power you have left, simply visit the portal and login using your existing Apple credentials (the ones you use to enter the App Store, iCloud, and iTunes).

But what if I have trouble logging into www.apple.com/go/gbc/us?

First, click that forgot password link below the login fields.

Next, enter your Apple ID to begin the account recovery process.

From there just follow the instructions to restore your account.

Forgot your ID too?  Look it up by entering your name and email address 🙂

Of course, none of this will work if you never had an Apple ID to begin with.  If this is the case you can go ahead and create one by clicking the link at the bottom of the portal.  BOOM!  You just got yourself access to your gift card balance!

Wanna give an Apple gift card as a gift??

There’s 2 options for ya!

Apple Gift Cards Gifts Via Email or Regular Mail

  • Send one by email if you want the most convenient path
  • However, send one by mail if you’re one who likes to do things OLD SKOOL
  • Either way, you’ll be giving someone a present that is sure to be appreciated

Finally, if you have problems with getting your gift card balance you can always use the chat feature located at the bottom of the portal.  Alternatively, you can give Apple a call at the below number.

Apple Gift Card Account Help by Phone

  • 800-MY-APPLE (800-692-7753)


More Prepaid Card Info


www.hiltonhonors.com/pointsunlimited – Register & Earn Points!

How to Sign Up for Hilton Honors Points Unlimited

  • Hilton Honors members can register after logging in
  • New members must register before entering the promotion
  • The promotion provides Frequently Asked Questions

As must savvy travelers well know, points earned from staying a favorite hotel can be quite valuable.  Perhaps, that’s why so many folks are jumping in on this year’s Hilton Honors Points Unlimited Promotion.  In order to begin registration, Hilton Honors Members must go to the online entry page and login with a Hilton Honors number or username.  Meanwhile, those who aren’t registered for Hilton Honors must sign up for an account before entering the promotion (don’t worry it’s free and only takes a few minutes).

A Look Inside the Hilton Honors Points Unlimited Promotion

  • Once registered, members will earn 2,000 points for each stay at a Hilton property
  • Members will also earn 10,000 points for every 5 stays (on top of the 2,000 per stay!)
  • Alternatively, members will earn the 10,000 for every 10 nights (instead of the 5 stays)
  • Members can earn the 10,000 bonus points an unlimited amount of times (rack ’em up!)

Members can review the full details of the promotion by clicking the Frequently Asked Questions link located at the bottom of the registration page.  In addition to the FAQs, the promotion also provides a copy of its Terms & Conditions at the bottom of the page.

So what can I use all these points on?

  • Free Stays – Use those freshly earned points to get much deserved free night’s stay
  • Exclusive Experiences – Members can use points to bid on an experience (good luck!)
  • Amazon – Those with an Amazon account can use the points to shop (VERY convenient)
  • Please note that members can pool their points with friends and family (work together!)

By the way, the Hilton Honors Points Unlimited Promotion only stays live until May 5th, 2019 (so better start earning!)  Meanwhile those who want to see where they can earn points can click the icons posted at the registration page (appears to be all of the Hilton brands).  Those with questions about the promotion can call 800-548-8690 for assistance.

Hilton Honors General Questions Phone Number

  • 800-4HONORS (800-446-6677)


Speaking of new promotions…..