www.foxsportsgo.com/firetv – Enter Code & Activate Fox Sports Go

How to Activate Fox Sports Go on a Five TV Device

  • A specific online activation page can be used
  • Code shown on TV screen must be entered
  • Frequently Asked Questions are provided

The last thing any fan wants is the inability to watch their favorite sports action at a moment’s notice.  Perhaps that’s why many are turning to the convenience of online streaming to satisfy their sports-viewing needs.  One example of such a service is Fox Sports Go.  Those who wish to begin streaming with an Amazon Fire TV device can be begin by going to the Fox Sports Go Fire TV activation page and entering the code displayed on the TV screen.  Once the code has been successfully entered (maybe do a quick double or even triple take to ensure it was typed in correctly!) the Submit button can be tapped to proceed with the device activation process.  It’s worth pointing out that internet browser being used to complete the activation must be allowed to accepted ALL cookies (well perhaps all but oatmeal raisin and molasses).

Stuff to Watch Once Fox Sports Go Fire TV is Activated

  • Major League Baseball – Watch as the wild race to the playoffs begins to heat up
  • National Football League – Don’t miss a touchdown, field goal, or 2 point conversion
  • NASCAR – Settle into the couch and get ready for some HIGH OCTANE excitement
  • 2018 FIFA World Cup – It may be over but the highlights can be just as exciting!
  • College Football – Watch as the nation’s top teams strive to make a bowl game

Many questions can be addressed by clicking the Help link posted at the bottom of the Fox Sports Go Fire TV activation page to bring up an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions (well over 100 of them!). Those who don’t find what they need in the FAQs can try clicking the Ask Fox Sports tab to submit a question using the available online contact form.  Please note that an attachment can be included with the contact form by clicking the Choose File button located beneath the Question field.  In addition to the FAQs and contact form, the Fox Sports support team is also available via email or mail correspondence.

Fox Sports Support Contact Information

  • 10201 W. Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064
  • foxsportssupports@fox.com


www.wheaties.com/uncledrew – Enter Wheaties Uncle Drew Promotion

Wheaties Uncle Drew

  • Code from the inside of a Wheaties box is needed
  • Wheaties cereal can be followed on social media
  • General Mills contact information is available

The front panel of a Wheaties cereal box is known the world over for the many famous athletes who have graced it over the years.  However, what one usually DOES NOT expect to see on the cover of a Wheaties box is a soon to be famous FICTIONAL athlete.  In advance of the upcoming movie Uncle Drew, Wheaties is currently featuring the fictional title character across the front of boxes now being stocked on grocery shelves across the country.  However, what is perhaps even more exciting than a fictional character appearing on the box cover is the promotion that comes along with it.  Fresh off the wildly popular Wheaties golf ball promotion, the brand is now allowing customers to take part in the latest engagement by going to the Wheaties Uncle Drew registration page to enter the code found on the inside of specially marked boxes.  It should be noted that once the code has been entered a box must be checked to confirm the Terms & Conditions are agreed to before hitting the Submit button to continue.

A Gander at the History of Wheaties Box Covers

  • The famous slogan “Breakfast of Champions” was first rolled out in the 1930’s
  • American Olympian Bob Richards was the very first spokesperson for Wheaties
  • Michael Jordan holds the record of most total box appearances with 18 overall
  • Olympian Mary Lou Retton was the first female athlete to appear on the box front
  • The 1987 Minnesota Twins was first entire team on the box (World Series champs)

The icons posted at the bottom right hand side of the Wheaties Uncle Drew page can be clicked by those who wish to follow the cereal brand on social media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter).  The Nutrition link posted at the top of the page can be clicked to learn more about what goes into making a heart healthy bowl of Wheaties.  Questions about the Wheaties brand can be addressed by contacting the General Mills Consumer Relations department by phone between the hours of 7:30 AM and 5:30 PM Central Time Monday through Friday.  Those who would rather reach out via mail can do so by sending correspondence to the company’s PO Box in Minneapolis, MN (the phone call might be quicker but sometimes one just needs to put thoughts down on paper!).

General Mills Contact information

  • PO Box 9452, Minneapolis, MN 55440
  • 800-248-7310


www.golfnow.com/orlandohotdeals – Hot Deals for Golf in Orlando

GolfNow Orlando Hot Deals

  • View tee times in Orlando
  • Find hot deals for golf in Orlando
  • Contact GolfNow by mail, phone, or fax

Golfers on the lookout for a cheap round of golf in Orlando, Florida should be aware of GolfNow Orlando Hot Deals.  After landing at the Golf Now Orlando destination page golfers will be able to view a variety of golf courses.  When viewing the courses, golfers will be able to check out available tee times along with the associated prices.  Once an appropriate tee time is found users will need to click on the View Tee Times button to be directed to a new page that provides golfers with further course information.  When viewing the course information page golfers will want to look for the details column as any available GolfNow Orlando Hot Deals will be found in this area.  If a Hot Deal is found users will need to click the provided button to be taken to a new page that shows the details of the offer.  After reviewing the offer information golfers will need to click the Continue To Book button if they want to move take advantage of the deal.

About Golf Now

  • GolfNow is the leading provider of  golf course technology, service solutions, and online tee times
  • GolfNow was founded in 2001 and operates in more than 16 countries including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom
  • The company offers tee times at over 6,000 courses
  • Best in class technology solutions is offered by GolfNow to over 9,000 course partners

Golfers that wish to reach GolfNow, LLC by mail can fire off a letter to 7580 Golf Channel Drive Orlando, FL 32819.  To reach the company by phone golfers will need to dial 407-355-4691.  Golfers that need to send GolfNow a fax can send it over to 407-355-4549.