www.shop-and-tell.com – Take Shopping Centre Survey

Shop-AND-Tell!  Could be a prize in it for ya 😀

  • You’ll need to take part in a short online survey to enter the draw
  • Information about your visit must be confirmed to begin
  • You can review the terms of the prize draw at www.shop-and-tell.com

A trip to a massive shopping centre can be overwhelming.  That doesn’t mean taking a survey about the experience has to.  For instance, the Shop-and-Tell survey appears to be the exact opposite overwhelming.  All you need to do to launch the survey is go to the homepage and enter the the city of the shopping centre you visited along with the date and time (and if you find that overwhelming it’s probably time for a vacation!).

Terms of the Prize Draw at www.shop-and-tell.com 

You’ll need to be a resident of the mainland United Kingdom in order to be eligible.

Ready for another entry?  Don’t be!  You can only enter each prize draw one time.

Winners are selected within 15 days from the end of the month (here’s to YOU being one of them!).

Wait, did you really win??  If so, look for your prize to be sent via email!

By the way, the Shop-and-Tell survey is for the following shopping centres:  Brent Cross, Victoria Leeds, The Oracle, and Cabot Circus.  So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look!

A Brief Review of the Hammerson Shopping Centres

  • Caboit Circus – A covered shopping centre that has a hotel, cinema, and plenty of apartments
  • Victoria Leeds – A Truly MASSIVE shopping centre located in (you guessed it) LEEDS!  Not to be confused with the Baywatch character!
  • The Oracle – In indoor shopping destination nestled up on the cozy banks of the River Kennet (not to be confused with The Matrix character)
  • Brent Cross – This huge modern complex is located on the north side of London

Got something to say to Hammerson directly?  Here’s the contact info!

Kings Place, 90 York Way, London, N1 9GE

+44 (0) 20 7887 1000


Got more time to spare??

Another survey for ya!

Take the “Are We Making It Great” Pizza Hut Survey


www.frybomb.com – Take Fry Bomb Survey for Free Fries

Report Your Fry Bomb!

So you got a lousy fry order from Checkers or Rally’s.

Well, don’t just sit there!  Take action!  If you do, there’s a FREE large fry in it for ya :D.

First, go ahead and grab the receipt from the order you received the “fry bomb” in.

Once you have it, go to the online survey and enter the state, city, location, date of visit, and check number.

You can also review the terms of the offer at the bottom of www.frybomb.com.

Look, we’ve all had a bad fry order in our fast food dining careers (think back to all the times you received a cold, soggy, and under-seasoned order).  The good news is, Rally’s and Checkers are finally doing something about it!  So, if you received a fry order that didn’t meet your expectations, report it!

More about the offer at www.frybomb.com

  • Be honest!  You’ll need to answer ALL questions TRUTHFULLY
  • You can only get one free fry every 14 days
  • Your free fry will be awarded in the form of a coupon
  • The coupon is only good for 14 days after it’s been issued

By the way, don’t try “gaming the system” by using a different email address to get more than one free fry every 14 days.  Why?  For starters, it’s just plain wrong.  Secondly, you may be disqualified if you do so.

Finally, we should point out that the offer at www.frybomb.com is not available for online or delivery orders.  Which seems to make a lot of sense because an order of fries that’s been sitting in a delivery car can’t be asked to stack up to one that’s fresh out the fryer!

Checkers Headquarters

  • 4300 West Cypress St., Suite 600
  • Tampa, FL 33607
  • 813-283-7000


Another survey offer!  Talk to AMC and win $100!



www.arewemakingitgreat.net – Begin Pizza Hut Survey

Are we making it great??  Let Pizza Hut know!

How was that last slice of pie?

Leave you wanting more?

Or did it leave you with a hankering for Dominos?

Either way, you can now let Pizza Hut know how your experience was by taking it’s online customer survey.

In order to begin, type in the survey code shown on your invitation.

Once it’s entered, click the Start button to begin the survey (Terms available at www.arewemakingitgreat.net).

By the way, as an incentive to provide feedback, Pizza Hut will give you the offer shown on your invitation upon completion!  Just look for the validation code once your done.

A few more things about taking the survey at www.arewemakingitgreat.net

  • It won’t take all day.  Like literally just a few minutes.  So yea.
  • Confused about the survey code?  Look for the sample receipt image!
  • In addition to the Terms, you can also review the survey’s Privacy Policy
  • Have FUN with it!  You’re getting a sweet offer so might as well!

Now that we know how to take Pizza Hut’s survey, let’s go over some of the chain’s BEST pizza options.  Hey, everyone likes a hot take on pizza, right??

Best Pizzas at Pizza Hut

Meat Lovers – The only option for the TRUE carnivores out there.  Just try not to take down a whole large by yourself!

Veggie – Whether you’re a vegetarian or not, you’re gonna love this savory combination.

Pepperoni – The classic of all classics.  C’mon, who DOESN’T like a good ole’ fashion pepperoni pie??

Supreme – Why not do a meat and veggie mash-up?  That’s basically what a supreme pizza is.

Got something else to say to Pizza Hut?  You can reach Pizza Hut Ireland by dialing 02890707616.


We’re not done yet!  Been to a Boots Pharmacy lately? Take the Talk to Boots IE survey!


www.talktoamc.com – Take AMC Survey & Win $100.00!

Talk to AMC (it could pay off BIG TIME!)

  • Got a few minutes to spare?  Plenty of time to take AMC’s online survey
  • You’re gonna need a few pieces of information from your receipt
  • Once you’re done you can enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win a gift card
  • A full copy of the sweepstakes’ rules are available at www.talktoamc.com

The moment of truth is upon us.  It’s time we REALLY let AMC know how our trip to the movies turned out.  In order to begin the Talk to AMC survey, you’ll first need to enter the Theater Unit Number, Survey Number, and the date you went to the show.  Once that’s done with, click the Start button to begin spilling your guts (hey, at least you’re not spilling the popcorn!).

About AMC survey sweepstakes at www.talktoamc.com

The survey is now running and will continue to run once per month.

At the end of each period a drawing will be held to determine the winner.

Each sweepstakes will award 1 AMC gift card valued at $100 (that’ll buy a lot of Raisinets!).

Your odds of winning a gift card depend on how many folks get in on the action!

By the way, you should keep in mind the survey is about your experience at AMC.  NOT about the quality of the movie you watched (we’re all critics but that has nothing to do with AMC!).  So how was your visit?  Going back soon?  Either way, be sure to let AMC know and you could be rewarded nicely.

By the way, you can enter the sweepstakes without taking the Talk to AMC survey.  In order to do so, send a request to the below address.  Additionally, this address can be used to request a copy of the winners list.

How to Enter Without Taking the Survey at www.talktoamc.com

  • HAND PRINT your name, address, email, phone number, and date of birth on a post card
  • Stuff it in an envelope and throw a stamp on that bad mama jama
  • Send it over to 11500 Ash St., Leawood, KS 66211


More fun ahead!  Been to a Coffee & Bagels store lately??  Take the Bagel Feedback survey!




www.bagelfeedback.com – Enter Survey Code to Begin

Time to provide some Bagel Feedback!  Here’s how.

Okay, so first things first:  You’re gonna need your receipt (it’s never a good idea to through those things out nowadays).

Still have it?  Good!  Get on the internet.

Once you have, go to the Bagel Feedback survey.

Now find your 15 digit survey code from the receipt.

See it?  Enter into the blank field before clicking the start button at www.bagelfeedback.com.

And BOOOM!  You’re in business.  Now hop to it and start providing some Bagel Feedback before you forget!

A Look at the Coffee & Bagels Brands

  • Brueggers Bagels – The magic started when the first one open in 1983 in Troy, New York.  After that, the thing ran wild!
  • Manhattan Bagel – In 1987 a new industry player emerged that would soon make it’s presence known…..WELL KNOWN.
  • Noah’s Bagels – Apparently the 80’s were the time to jump into the bagel biz!  Noah’s started serving them up in California in 1989.
  • Einstein Bros. Bagels – With all these bagel chains it only made sense to join forces.  Enter Einstein Bros.
  • Caribou Coffee – Einstein Bros. and Caribou Coffee joined in 2014 to become what we now know as Coffee & Bagels Brands.  BRAVO!

So which brand is your favorite??  We know it’s not an easy choice so good luck trying to decide!  Either way, you know you’re getting a good cup of coffee or a tasty bagel at every visit (or let’s hope so anyways).

By the way, if you want to go through the fine print before taking the Bagel Feedback survey, you can read the Terms of Service and/or Privacy Policy.  In order to do so, simply click the links at the bottom right hand side of www.bagelfeedback.com.

Coffee & Bagels Brands Headquarters

  • 555 Zang St., Suite 300
  • Lakewood, CO 80228 USA


Got something more to say?  Here’s a couple more surveys for ya!

Take the Kroger Clinic Feedback Survey

Take the NTB Customer First Survey


www.bolistens.com – Take Bojangles’ Survey for Offer

Bo Listens (so speak up and get your special offer!)

Bojangles’ is now accepting surveys in exchange for a special offer.

In order to cash in, grab your receipt roll over to the online survey.

Once there, punch in the 19 digit code (hence the whole part about grabbing your receipt :).

After you enter the code (maybe take a second look to make sure it’s correct), click the Start button to begin the survey.

Once you’re done with the survey at www.bolistens.com, you should receive a barcode that can be used to redeem your offer.  In addition to the barcode, you’ll also need your receipt (so don’t throw it out!).  Take both items to the nearest Bojangles’ and present them to the cashier and you’re GOOD TO GO!

Reasons to Visit a Bojangles’ ASAP

  • Fried Chicken – Let’s start with the obvious.  And frankly, who does it better?
  • Biscuits – One bite into one of these little morsels and you’ll forget about bread
  • Bowls – A mash-up of some of the best flavors offered in the food biz
  • Sweet Tea – Add a little spark to your life and grab one to go!
  • Simply Orange – No cruddy frozen concentrate orange juice at Bojangles’

So, how excited are you about your special offer??  Looking forward to one of the above items at your next visit?  Whatever you choose you really can’t go wrong!

Final Notes on the Survey at www.bolistens.com

You can only complete one survey per household per month (so make sure nobody else already completed one).

In order to be eligible, you’ll need to complete the survey within 2 days of your visit to Bojangles’.

The offer included with the survey expires after 30 days of your purchase.

Can’t combine the survey offer with any other offer.

Finally, if you can’t find your 19 digit survey code, take a glance at the receipt sample image posted at the right hand side of the Bo Listens survey.

Speak Spanish?  Click the link below the Start button to switch from English!


Speaking of deliciousness, been to a Cinnabon lately?  If so, TELL CINNABON!


www.telljj.com – Take Jimmy John’s Customer Survey

Tell JJ!

  • Some sweet incentives are provided to those who provide feedback
  • You can review the rules of the sweepstakes at the survey
  • Terms of the special offer should be on your receipt
  • Enter information about your order to begin feedback
  • Terms and Privacy Policy posted at the bottom of www.telljj.com

Who wants some free Jimmy John’s?  As if we even had to ask such a question.  Well now’s your chance to get some.  In order to begin the Tell JJ’s survey, pull out your receipt and run to the closest internet connected device (or moonwalk to it if the mood strikes!).  Next, enter the time and date of your visit along with the store number and check number.

Sweepstakes vs. Special Offer at www.telljj.com

Okay, so according to the survey there seems to be not one but TWO possible incentives.  For starters, the survey mentions a FREE side offer when you buy any sandwich at your next visit. Whichever offer you receive should be clarified on your receipt.  Since the free side offer is easy enough to understand, let’s take a closer look at the sweepstakes.

The sweepstakes begins and will run each month!

The last day of the sweepstakes isn’t until January 2021 (in other words, PLENTY of time to get in!).

You can enter once per day throughput the sweepstakes.

Each monthly sweepstakes will have just one winner.

The winner will receive 4 Jimmy John’s gift cards valued at $100 a pop.

Can I enter without taking the survey at www.telljj.com?

  • YES!  You can also enter the sweepstakes without making a purchase
  • In order to do so, you’ll need to send a request by mail
  • The request must be on a 3.5 by 5 inch card
  • Include your name, email, address, phone number, and date of birth

Once you’ve written all that info on your card, stick it in an envelope, smack a stamp on it, and mail it to the below address.  If it happens to be a winner, you’ll receive notice at the email address you provided (GOOD LUCK!).

Tell JJ Survey Sweepstakes Mail Entry Address

  • PO Box 251328, West Bloomfield, MI 48325


Yet another feedback for gift card opportunity:  Take the Casey’s Feedback survey!

www.caseysfeedback.com – $500 Casey’s Gift Card Survey

Take the Casey’s Feedback Survey!

Got something you’d like to say to Casey’s?

Wouldn’t mind $500 in gift cards?

If your answer to both  questions is a resounding YES, you need to drop EVERYTHING and go take the Casey’s Feedback survey (or even if you only answer yes to one of those questions).

Once you’re done with the survey you can enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win $500 in Casey’s gift cards.

Questions about the sweepstakes?  Rules are also posted at www.caseysfeedback.com.

In order to begin the survey, you’ll need to find the survey number from your receipt.  Once you have, go ahead and type it into the survey before entering the date.  Make sure both items are entered correctly, and click the Start button to get started with your feedback.

About the Survey Sweepstakes at www.caseysfeedback.com

  • Only open to residents of select states (see the rules to find out which ones)
  • There will be 4 separate sweepstakes periods (a quarterly event!)
  • There is only 1 prize available in each of the 4 sweepstakes periods
  • The sweepstakes will decide the winners within 7 days of each period
  • Request the winners list by writing to PO Box 3001, Ankeny, Iowa 50021

In addition to the winners list, you can also request a copy of the Official Rules by writing to the above address.  By the way, you must be at least 18 to enter the sweepstakes.

More Available at www.caseysfeedback.com

Did you know you can take the Casey’s Feedback survey in both English and Spanish?  In order to switch languages, click the link below the Start button.

Fan of fine print?  Then review the terms and privacy policy (both located at the bottom).

HINT:  The survey code is 18 digits in length and is broken into 3 separate groups.

Questions for Casey’s?  Send them a letter!  Here’s the address:

Casey’s Retail Company – One SE Convenience Boulevard, Ankeny, Iowa 50021.


Feedback about your cinnamon roll?  Then Tell Cinnabon!




www.yourwinningthoughts.com – Win £100 Wilko Survey

Share Your Winning Thoughts!

  • Take a short online survey and enter for a chance to win a voucher
  • Questions about the Prize Draw?  Take a look at the Official Rules
  • Prize Draw promoter contact information is available
  • Terms & Conditions also available at www.yourwinningthoughts.com

There’s a lot of different ways to spend £100 at Wilko.  Especially when it’s FREE.  Perhaps that’s what makes the Wilko Share Your Winning Thoughts Survey so enticing.  At any rate, you can get started with providing feedback by entering the information from your receipt.

How to Launch the Wilko Survey at www.yourwinningthoughts.com

Alright, the first thing you’re gonna need to do is look at your receipt and find out how much you spent.  Once you have, go ahead and enter that amount into the survey.

Next, enter the date and time you made the purchase (hopefully it made for an EPIC day!).

Finally, you’ll need to enter the survey code before clicking the Start button to bring up the survey.

By the way, all of this information is located on your purchase receipt (so hopefully it’s not being transported to the landfill as we speak!).

After you’ve completed the survey, you’ll be given the golden opportunity to enter a prize draw for a chance to win a £100 Wilko voucher.  So, maybe we should find out more about this event, don’t you think??

From the Survey Prize Draw Rules (www.yourwinningthoughts.com/rules)

  • There will be a new prize draw every month (consistency is always nice!)
  • Each of the monthly prize draws will award 1 voucher
  • Lucky enough to win?  You’ll need to wait 12 weeks before you can win again
  • Rather have cash?  Not gonna happen!  You can only use the voucher in-store
  • Winners will get notice within 15 days of the end of each draw

Finally, you can find out who won the recent prizes by clicking the winners link at the bottom of the survey.  In addition to the winners list, the survey also provides a sample image of a Wilko receipt (it comes in handy when you can’t find that pesky little survey code!).

Oh, here’s the address in case if you have questions for the promoter of the draw:

Wilko Retail Limited

JK House, Roebuck Way, Manton Wood, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S80 3EG


Another way customer feedback can pay off:

Take the Game On Feedback Survey!


www.tellcinnabon.com – Take Cinnabon Customer Survey

Tell Cinnabon Survey

  • You’ll need information about your visit to launch the survey
  • The survey is available in both English and French
  • Cinnabon contact information is available
  • Terms and privacy policy posted at www.tellcinnabon.com

We all love special offers.  Especially the ones that are EASY to cash in on.  For example, all you need to do to get Cinnabon’s special offer is take a short online survey.  In order to launch the “Tell Cinnabon” survey, enter the date of visit, time of visit, and Store ID.  Once you’re done typing in all that stuff, click the Start button to begin the survey.

More on the Tell Cinnabon Survey at www.tellcinnabon.com

The information you need to begin the survey should be shown on your receipt

It’s not rocket science!  Meant to be a quick and painless process (some may even say FUN).

Need to change languages?  Switch between English and French by clicking the link at the bottom left hand side of the survey.

Once you wrap up the survey, you’ll get a validation code that you can use to redeem your special offer (just don’t lose it before you can make use of it!).

A Tasty Look at Cinnabon

  • Serves up some of the best cinnamon rolls you’ll find ANYWHERE
  • This is NOT a standalone store (franchise with many locations)
  • It’s even become a cereal!  And a very good one at that
  • There may not be a better match than Cinnabon and coffee
  • Has an extensive drink menu (lemonades, coffees, etc)
  • Joined forces with Pillsbury to bring that Cinnabon touch to your local grocer

Need to pass a message along to Cinnabon?  Well then, you need the address to the company’s headquarters!  Here ya go!

Cinnabon Headquarters

  • 5620 Glenridge Dr.
  • Atlanta, GA 30342


Yet another customer feedback opportunity!

Take the Kroger Clinic Feedback Survey