www.churchillschipchat.co.uk – Win Fish & Chips for a Year

Want Fish and Chips?  Then take the Churchill’s Chip Chat Survey

A year’s worthy of fish and chips may be hard to fathom for some.  But for other, it may sound like a dream come true!  Soooo, let’s see what Churchill’s is up to.

The restaurant is now asking its customers for feedback on a recent dining experience.

You can provide feedback through the online survey at www.churchillschipchat.co.uk.

Once your’re done with the survey you’ll have the chance to enter a prize draw.

The prize draw will award fish and chips for a year to those who end up winning.

Now, if you happen to be one of these lucky winners, it’s important to have a game plan.  So let’s take a look at the Churchill’s menu to find out what you’ll be eating for the next year.

Stuff to Eat After Winning the Churchill’s Chip Chat Survey Draw

  • Cod & Chips – This lunchtime special is only offered until 4 PM daily
  • 3 Piece Chicken – Order the 3 piecer and you get FREE chips with it
  • Fish Cake – How can you go wrong when you combine fish and cake?
  • Salt & Pepper Squid – Something for your more adventurous side
  • Cod Roe – This one is definitely not our favorite
  • Spit Roast Chicken – Slow cooked and ready to bite into
  • Nuggets – Get them by the 7 or 10 sack

Well what are you waiting for??  Go take the Churchill’s Chip Chat survey and enter to win this free food!  Oh yea, but before you do, here’s a few more pointers.

Churchill’s Chip Chat Survey:  How to Get Started

Did you save your receipt?  Hopefully so, because you’re gonna need it!

Next, enter how much you paid for the meal

After that, enter the code found at the very bottom of the survey

Note:  The code is 18 digits long so make sure you don’t add extra or skip some

Once you’ve entered the required receipt information you can begin providing feedback.

Finally, you can review the Terms & Conditions of the prize draw by clicking the link located at the bottom of the survey.  In addition to the terms, you can also review the privacy policy.

Churchill’s Fish and Chips Headquarters

  • Chesterford House, 14 Stansted
  • Distibution Centre, Start Hill
  • Bishops Stortford, Herts, CM22 7DG

Time for some more opinions?

Here ya go:

Help Raise the Bar!

Take the H. Samuel “Did We Sparkle HS” Survey



www.lamadsurvey.com – Begin La Madeleine Guest Survey

How to Participate in the Lamad Survey 

  • For starters, you’ll need the code from your survey invitation
  • HINT:  The code will be 16 digits in length
  • You can  check out the privacy policy and terms at the bottom of the survey
  • Hit the START button once you’ve enter the code at www.lamadsurvey.com

While on the topics of codes, you’ll receive a different code once you’re done giving feed back (it’ll only take a minute or 2 so no need to grab a snack and settle in for the long haul).  This new code is called a “validation code” which is used to validate your participation in the Lamad Survey.  When the validation code appears be sure to write it on your original survey invitation.


From the La Madeleine Menu

A tour of La Madeliene wouldn’t be complete without checking out the menu (at least a sample of it anyways).  So, without further hesitation, let’s dive in!

Big fish eater?  Then you best order that Roast Salmon and Dill entree (you won’t regret it).

Calling all pasta lovers:  you’d be doing yourself a HUGE disservice if you skip the Pesto Pasta.

More of a meat and potatoes kinda guy?  Well then you sit down to a warm plate of Beef & Parmesan Potatoes.

Well we are at a French restaurant right?  So let’s try a sample of the French favorite Beef Crêpe au Vin Rouge.

Not Frenchy enough for you?  Order the Chicken Crêpe Riviera then!

STILL not Frenchy enough for you?  Then you gotta go with the one and only Chicken Friand!  (it’s one of those puff pastry deals the French are known for).


By the way, if you have general questions about La Madeliene, you can try writing to the chains headquarters in Dallas (the one in Texas).


La Madeleine Headquarters

  • 12201 Merit Drive #900 Dallas, TX 75251


A survey for the upcoming tax season…..

Tell Jackson Hewitt!



www.helpraisethebar.co.uk – Take Survey & Win £250 Prize

Can YOU help raise the bar?

  • You’ll need your receipt or an invite card to begin the survey
  • Once you’re done with the survey you can enter a prize draw
  • Can’t find your survey code?  There’s sample images that can help
  • Questions?  Send a letter to the promoter of the prize draw
  • Here’s the rules: www.helpraisethebar.co.uk/rules

Do you have what it takes to help Marston’s Inns and Taverns help raise the bar?  It’s time to find out!  If you’ve been in one of the companies establishments lately, you may have been invited to take part in a short online survey.  So let’s take a look, shall we?

In order to begin, first confirm whether you have a receipt or invite card

Next, enter the required information before proceeding to the survey

Receipt customers must enter information regarding their purchase

Meanwhile, invite card customers only need to enter when they visited

A Look at Marston’s Help Raise the Bar Prize Draw

  • Finish providing feedback and you’ll get a chance to enter a monthly draw!
  • Each draw will reward one lucky customer with £250 in vouchers
  • If you win you’ll need to respond within 14 days or you may lose the prize
  • Once you’ve responded you should receive your prize within 28 days
  • You must take the survey within 7 days of your visit to enter!
  • Provide your receipt info to start at:  www.helpraisethebar.co.uk
  • Similar prize values to the Tell M and S Survey

By the way, if you’re having a tough go-round with the information needed to start the survey, try checking out the receipt and invite card samples.  Both images contain clear directions on where to locate the required information.

Marston’s Fun Facts

The company has been doing it’s thing for nearly 200 years

In 1947 the company decided to jump on the London Stock Exchange (all aboard!)

Runs a variety of small pubs and restaurants (they’re all over the place)

Has grown by acquiring many different establishments throughout the years

Questions about the Help Raise the Bar Survey?

Send a letter to the promoter at:

Marston’s House, Brewery Road, Wolverhampton WV1 4JT

Another chance to provide feedback




www.didwesparklehs.co.uk – Take H. Samuel Survey & WIN!

Did We Sparkle HS UK Survey

Want a chance at a £100 or €100 gift card?  Then take a minute or two to complete the online survey!

First, you’ll need to confirm whether or not you bought anything on your visit to H. Samuel.

Next, fill out the one page survey about your experience (hopefully it was a good one).

Once you’ve answered all of the questions enter your email address at the bottom of  www.didwesparklehs.co.uk to sign up for the prize draw.

Speaking of the Did We Sparkle HS UK Survey Prize Draw…..

  • You can only enter the Prize Draw one time (all duplicates will be deleted)
  • If the winner doesn’t accept or claim the prize it may be forfeited
  • Winners will be decided by a Prize Draw at the end of each month
  • Wanna browse through the complete rules?  Here ya go: www.didwesparklehs.com/PrizeDrawRules

By the way, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old and a resident of the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland to enter this draw.  In fact, you’ll need to confirm this at the bottom of the survey just before you enter your email address.   Additionally, you can always opt out of the survey by answering “no” to the question on whether you wish to enter (but why on earth would you want to do that??).

H. Samuel:  Did you know?

  • The company  was founded by Harriet Samuel more than 150 years ago
  • The retailer specializes in jewelry (grab a watch or try on a ring!)
  • There is now a total of over 300 H. Samuel locations

Trouble with entering the draw?  Then try reaching out to it’s promoter!

Did We Sparkle HS UK Survey Prize Draw Promoter

  • H. Samuel
  • Imperial Place 3, Maxwell Rd.
  • Borehamwood, WD6 1JN


More chances to win….

www.telljacksonhewitt.com – Take Survey & WIN $500.00

Tell Jackson Hewitt Your Thoughts!  They Could Be Worth $500.

  • Soon you can take a quick survey for a chance to enter a sweepstakes
  • The sweepstakes winner will receive a check for $500
  • Overall there will be 16 winners (one per entry period)
  • You can take the survey in both English and Spanish
  • Confused about the sweepstakes?  Rules are available!
  • The survey is posted at www.telljacksonhewitt.com

How about an extra $500 on top of what hopefully is an already hefty tax return?  If you like this idea consider taking a minute to take the Tell Jackson Hewitt survey.  In order to get started, select a language and locate your receipt number.  Once you’ve spotted the receipt number, enter the office number to proceed towards the survey.

Hard time finding these numbers?  There’s a sample image that highlights the area of the receipt number.

As far as the office number goes, just take a look at the middle of your receipt under the Your Tax Professional area.

Now that we’ve go the hard part out of the way, let’s get to the good part.  The $500 sweepstakes!!

Tell Jackson Hewitt Survey Sweepstakes Details

  • The first entry period begins on 12/16/2019 and ends 01/04/2020
  • After that there will be 15 additional entry periods
  • The last entry period ends on 04/18/20
  • Each of the entry periods will have a $500 Grand Prize
  • You can only enter this sweepstakes ONCE
  • If you’re a winner you’ll receive notice by phone, mail, or email

Didn’t get a survey invite with your tax returns?  Check your email!  You might have received the invite electronically.  If so, just follow the directions to submit your survey and enter the sweepstakes.

No email or tax return invite?? You can enter WITHOUT a survey or purchase by sending a mail request.  If you decide to go this route make sure your request is sent to PO Box 16470, Rochester, NY 14616.

In closing, we all know tax time can be stressful.  But just maybe a chance to win $500 will take the edge off a bit.  Good luck!

Tell Jackson Hewitt Survey Sweepstakes Sponsor

  • Jackson Hewitt Inc.
  • 10 Exchange Place, 27th Floor
  • Jersey City, NJ 07302


Another Ongoing Customer Survey

Attention Foot Locker customers:  The FL Pulse survey is now available.

www.flpulse.com – Take Foot Locker Survey & Get $10 Off

How to Save $10 with the FL Pulse Survey!

  • You’re gonna need the code from your receipt
  • The survey is available in a variety of languages
  • You’ll receive a validation code when you’re finished

Anyone interested in saving some money?  How does $10 off a purchase at Foot Locker sound?  We thought so.  In order to cash in on this offer, simply pull out the purchase receipt from a recent visit to Foot Locker and go to the FL Pulse online survey.  Once you’re at the survey you’ll first need to confirm which language you want to use.  Next, enter the 24 digit code from your receipt before clicking the Next button (with that many numbers it’s a good thing there’s 6 entry boxes!).  Upon completion of the survey you’ll receive a code that you can use to get $10 off a purchase of $50 or more at Foot Locker.

More on the FL Pulse Survey

  • Can’t find your code?  There’s a handy sample receipt posted to the survey
  • You can use the progress bar to see how much longer the survey will take
  • Feel like changing an answer?  Just hit the Back button to revisit a question
  • You should be aware that no other discount applies to this offer

By the way, you should have a pen handy when taking the FL Pulse survey as you’ll need to write the validation code on your receipt.   Once you jot down the code, you take the receipt to your next trip to Foot Locker to get this sweet deal.

Fast Facts on Foot Locker 

  • The store operates in 27 different countries (talk about a “foot” print!)
  • Sales in 2018 reach nearly $8 BILLION (just take a moment to fathom that)
  • Publicly traded over the New York Stock Exchange under symbol FL
  • Other brands include Champs, Runner Point, and Lady Foot Locker

Finally, you can get a hold of Foot Locker 7 days a week by calling toll-free to 800-991-6815 (some questions just can’t wait until the next business day!).  Foot Locker chat support is also available between the hours of 8 AM and 11 PM CST (also 7 days a week).

Ready to launch the survey?

Another feedback opportunity – Take the Woods Feedback Survey

www.Global.Subway.com – Take Subway Survey & Get FREE Offer

How to Claim the Global Subway Survey Special Offer

  • Customers must provide contact information to begin
  • The survey requires information from a store receipt
  • Customers will receive an offer code after the survey


We all know by now that fast food feedback is a valuable thing.  However, just HOW valuable can vary from place to place.  With this in mind, let’s take a peek at the Global Subway Survey Special Offer.  Subway customers can begin the survey by first entering their contact information.  Once the customer completes the contact form they can then begin entering information from their Subway receipt.

Receipt Items Needed for the Global Subway Survey

  • Subway or Store Number – Located at the top portion of both receipt styles 1 and 2
  • Date of Purchase – This is also located at the top of both receipts (dd/mm/yyyy format)
  • Time of Purchase – Simply look to the right side of the date of purchase to find the time
  • Term ID Transaction Number – This number is located in the middle area of the receipts

After the customer has entered ALL of the receipt information they can complete the actual survey portion of the process (this part happens to be very similar to the Pandora Listens Survey).  The survey is only one page of questions with a box at the end where customers can express their own thoughts.  Upon completion of the survey, participants will receive a code good for the offer listed on the screen (right now it’s a 21 ounce drink or 2 cookies with the purchase of a wrap, salad, or panini).

Read Below Before Claiming Subway Global Survey Offer!

  • Be sure to write the offer code on your receipt before closing the survey
  • Customers must show the code to a Subway employee to get the offer
  • The offer is only good until the expiration date shown on the survey
  • Customers cannot redeem the offer when making a kiosk purchase
  • Try to keep a positive regardless of the experience you are rating!

By the way, customers who can’t locate the required receipt information can view sample receipt images for help.  In order to do so, the customer must click the link located at the top of page 2 of the Global Subway Survey.  When viewing the sample receipts, the information can be found boxed in orange (it’s pretty hard to miss!).

Global Subway Headquarters Contact Information

  • 325 Sub Way, Milford, CT 06461-3059
  • Toll-Free Phone – 800-888-4848
  • Local Phone – 203-877-4281

Provide Feedback & Claim the Offer

Have more opinions to share?







www.talktothebelluk.com – Begin Survey Taco Bell UK Customers

How to Launch the Talk to the Bell UK Survey

  • Customers can enter receipt information to begin the survey
  • The survey comes with a sample image of a Taco Bell receipt
  • Customers can review the survey’s Terms & Privacy Policy

Taco Bell wants to know how its customers in the United Kingdom feel about its service.  In order to find out, the restaurant is using the Talk to the Bell UK Survey.  Customers who want to provide a few opinions can begin by finding the receipt they received at a recent visit (hopefully it’s not already rubbish!).  Once the customer finds their receipt they can bring up the online survey and enter the store number, date, time, and transaction number.   After the customer enters all of the required information they can click the Start button to begin the survey (very much like the HMV-Hear My Voice Survey).

UK Taco Bells Restaurant Makeover!

  • Many locations now feature architecture that fits in with the surrounding area
  • Need a power boost?  Charging stations are located throughout the stores
  • Customers looking to hop on the web can take advantage of FREE WiFi
  • Ever wonder how the food is made?  Find out with the Open Kitchen design

By the way, customers who need help with the receipt information can check out the image located at the right hand side of the Talk to the Bell UK Survey.  While only a part of the receipt is shown, all 4 required items are numbered and outlined.  In addition to the receipt sample, the survey also provides a copy of its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (located at the very bottom of the launch page).

Taco Bell has been in business for more than 50 years and has over 7,000 locations located across the globe.  In the United Kingdom, the franchise opened its 28th location in Bournemouth in April 2018.  Additionally, many UK locations now offer delivery service through Deliveroo.  Customers with general inquiries for Deliveroo can contact the service at +44 203 699 9977.

It’s Feedback Time! 

Another survey to consider

www.fredsfeedback.com – Take Fred’s 2019 Survey & Win $100.00

How to Begin the Fred’s Feedback Survey

  • Customers must enter codes from a receipt to begin
  • The survey provides sample images of Fred’s receipts
  • Customers can sign up for a sweepstakes upon completion


Many online surveys require customers to enter some sort of access code in order to begin the process of providing feedback (such as the Talk to Denny’s Survey).  However, it’s not everyday a survey requires the customer to enter TWO codes.  For instance, those who plan on taking part in the Fred’s Feedback survey will need both an 11 digit Access Code and a shorter 7 digit Cashier Code.  Once the customer enters both codes they can hit the Next button to proceed.

In the event the customer cannot find one or both of the required codes they can refer to the sample image posted at the right hand side of the page (great big red arrows point the way!).  Perhaps as a way of saying thank you for the honest to goodness opinions, participants will receive the opportunity to sign up for a sweepstakes after successful completion of the Fred’s Feedback survey.

A Look at the Fred’s Feedback Survey Sweepstakes

  • Customers must provide a first name, last name, phone number, and email address
  • The sweepstakes will award a gift card valued at $100 for each monthly entry period
  • Whoever wins the gift card will receive notice via phone or email correspondence
  • The sweepstakes will select winners at random about 2 weeks after each entry period
  • Non-winning entries WILL NOT go to the next period (just go ahead and try again!)

By the way, customers can review the full Terms & Conditions of the sweepstakes by clicking the link posted at the bottom left hand side of the Fred’s Feedback survey (sit back, relax and take a few minutes to complete a thorough review).  In addition to the Terms & Conditions, the survey also provides a copy of its Privacy Policy.

A Few Reasons to Take the Fred’s Feedback Survey

  • $100 at a store like Fred’s goes a LONG way (use the gift card to load up!)
  • Stores rely on customer feedback to improve service (a win-win situation)
  • Sometimes it’s just nice to know your someone is listening to your opinions

Customers with general inquiries for Fred’s can call 800-374-7417 (extension 2163) between the hours 8 AM and 5 PM CST Monday through Friday.  Meanwhile, those who prefer to send an inquiry by mail can address the correspondence to the Fred’s Service Center in Memphis, TN (sometimes the best thoughts just need to be put down on paper!).

Finally, those who are wondering how much progress they have made (or, on the flip side, how much further is left) can get a fairly good idea by taking a quick glance at the progress bar posted at the very bottom of the Fred’s Feedback Survey.

Fred’s Service Center Address

  • 4300 New Getwell Rd.
  • Memphis, TN 38118


Ready for more feedback?

www.coop.co.uk/yoursay – Take 2019 Co-op Survey & Win £250!

How to Launch the Co-op Your Say Survey

  • Customers can use a receipt or invite card to begin the survey
  • The survey provides samples of both the receipt and invite card
  • Customers can review the Terms & Conditions of the prize draw

Most would agree that a chance to win £250 is well worth a few minutes of spare time.  Therefore, most would also agree that taking the Co-op Your Say Survey is a worthwhile endeavor.  In order to launch the survey, customers must first confirm if they are using a receipt or invite card.  Those who are using a receipt must enter a store number, date of visit, time of visit, and transaction number to bring up the survey.  Meanwhile, those using an invite card need only enter the first three pieces of information.  Once the customer completes the survey they will receive the opportunity to enter a prize draw for a chance to win a whopping £250.

A Look at the Co-op Your Say Survey Prize Draw

  • The draw will award 10 Co-op vouchers worth £250 each month (better than just 1!)
  • Only residents of the United Kingdom and Isle of Man are eligible to participate
  • Winners will receive notice at the email address they provided during the entry
  • The Promoter will contact the winners within 7 days of the draw taking place

By the way, customers can get a better idea of where the information needed to begin the survey is located by taking a look at the sample images of the receipt and invite card (the same strategy is used by the Coops Listen SMG survey).  Both sample images highlight the location of the required numbers (hard to miss that big bold red color).

A Few More Notes on the Co-op Your Say Survey Prize Draw

  • Winners who don’t respond to the notice within 14 days will forfeit the prize (ouch)
  • Participants can request the names of the winners at customer.careline@coop.co.uk
  • The prize draw Promoter will not pick a new winner to replace a forfeited prize

Participants can review the full Terms & Conditions of the prize draw by clicking the link found at the bottom of the survey.  In addition to the draw’s terms, participants can also review the survey’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (for those who really want to take a deep dive).

Co-op Your Say Survey Prize Draw Promoter

  • Co-operative Group Food Unlimited
  • 1 Angel Square, Manchester M60 0AG


Speaking of surveys…..