www.attwatchtv.com/verify – Activate Number & Get Live Streaming

AT&T Watch TV Verify Your Phone Number:  Here’s How

  • Customers can begin by authorizing their mobile number
  • The process requires customers to send a text message
  • Customers can learn more about AT&T Unlimited Plans

AT&T is now offering its Unlimited Data Plan customers their very own live TV streaming and entertainment hub.  However, it appears customer must first authorize their phone number before they can take advantage of this sweet deal.  In order to begin the activation process, customers must first visit the AT&T Watch TV verify a number page.  Once the customer is at the page they can go ahead and send a text to the 4 digit code shown on the screen.  After AT&T receives the text, the screen will update automatically (how does it know to do that??).  By the way, the word that customers must send via text message is shown in big blue letters towards the top of the verification page.

A Look at Unlimited Data From AT&T

  • Plans include AT&T Unlimited & More Premium and AT&T Unlimited & More
  • The premium plan can cost as little as $48 per month (that will certainly work!)
  • Customers can snag the regular Unlimited & More plan for only $40 per month
  • Both plans provide unlimited talk, text, and data (includes Canada and Mexico!)
  • The premium plan provides customers with their very own 15G mobile hot spot

Customers who do not have an unlimited plan can find out more details about what’s available by clicking the link located at the bottom of the AT&T Watch TV verify a number page.  Once the plans appears, customers can make a side by side comparison to see which plan best fits their needs.

Finally, it should be mentioned that customers are giving AT&T permission to access their account by sending the activation text.  Customers can review more about this directly from the AT&T Watch TV verify a number page.

AT&T Customer Service Numbers

  • General Wireless Questions – 800-331-0500
  • New Wireless Service Orders – 888-333-6651


More Fun From AT&T


www.aetv.com/create – Create an A&E Online Streaming Profile

AETV Create Your Online Profile (Here’s How)

  • Users must select a device to begin the profile creation
  • The system requires users to enter an activation code
  • A&E support Frequently Asked Questions are available

Let’s face it, we all enjoy being able to stream our favorite channels at a moment’s notice.  However, just imagine being able to pick up watching exactly where you left off ANYTIME & ANYWHERE.  Believe it or not, A&E is now bestowing such an ability upon its viewers.  In order to get up and running, users must go to the profile creation page and select the type of device they are using (choose from Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, or Other).  Once the user selects a device, they can go ahead and enter the activation code to continue the profile creation (it’s somewhat similar to the AETV register a device process) .

AETV Create a Profile:  Reasons to Take the Plunge

  • Being called away from the TV at the best part of the show becomes far less annoying
  • Imagine being the first among your friends to harness the feature (bragging rights!)
  • It’s always good to be an early adopter of new technology rather than a LAGGARD

By the way, those with questions about video streaming can click the FAQs link posted at the bottom of the profile creation page.  Once the new page appears, the user can click the Video section to read more about online streaming (it never hurts to know as much as possible BEFORE running into any problems).

Stuff to Watch on A&E After Creating a Profile

  • Biography Presents – A riveting program that tells the story of fascinating folks
  • Barter Kings – Learn how to barter like only the Steve and Antonio know how
  • Billy the Exterminator – Watch and wonder as Billy takes care of business

In addition to the FAQs, users also have access to email updates, channel apps, and news directly from the profile creation page.  Meanwhile, those who prefer to get information over the phone can try calling the A&E corporate office in New York City.

A&E Corporate Office Contact Information

  • 235 East 45th St., New York, NY 10017
  • 212-210-1400


Ready for more TV?

www.fortnite.com/android – Download Fornite on Android Device

Fornite Android Download:  A Quick How to Guide

  • Users can scan a QR code to bring up the download
  • The download is also available at the mobile site
  • Users can check their devices for compatibility

It only stands to reason that one of today’s most popular games should be available on Android.  For instance, what would Fornite be without the ability to play anytime and anywhere from a mobile Android device?  Fortunately, we no longer have to answer this question thanks to the now available Fornite Android download.  Those who are sitting at a desktop computer can begin by going to the download page and scanning the QR code with their phone.  Meanwhile, those who would rather skip a step can go directly to the mobile version of the download page and select the Epic Games or Samsung options.

Thanks, but why should I play Fornite on my phone?

  • Imagine how much less boring waiting in line for an appointment will become
  • It’s comforting to know that you can play no matter where or WHEN you’re located
  • Impress your friends with your Battle Royale skills at a big party or modest get together
  • Can you really call yourself a TRUE Fornite fan without the ability to play on your phone?
  • Is there a better way to “break the ice” when meeting someone for the first time?

Once the user completes the download they will need to allow some security permissions in order to finish the installation process (speaking of security, check out the Fortnite 2FA process).  By the way, those who aren’t sure whether their device is compatible can click the link posted below the download buttons to find out.

More on the Fornite Android Download

  • Android players are only matched up against other mobile players (seems reasonable)
  • Bluetooth headsets work on Android for audio usage but not for voice chat (fair enough)
  • Those who try to use a mouse or keyboard on Android will be removed from their match
  • Epic recommends that players have the Android operating system 8.0 or higher

Those with questions about the Fornite Android download can try searching through the FAQs posted at the bottom of the mobile download page.  Meanwhile, those with general questions for Epic can try contacting the company’s offices in Cary, NC.

Epic Games Corporate Contact Information

  • 620 Crossroads Blvd., Cary, NC 27518
  • 919-854-0070


Can’t get enough Fornite?

www.fortnite.com/creator-list – Review the Fortnite Creator List

Review the Fornite Creator List and Support a Creator!

  • Epic updates the list of creators to support every 24 hours
  • Donators can make use of the search tool to locate a creator
  • Epic is taking applications for the support-a-creator program

The ability to support a creator on Fornite is one of the hottest things to hit the game since the Fortnite 2FA Boogiedown emote.  Therefore, it only makes sense to take a deep dive into what it’s all about (or at least wade through the shallows).  Epic is now taking applications for folks who wish to become a creator that players can support using their extra “V-Bucks”.  Those who are accepted into the program will get $5 in return for every 10,000 V-Bucks received from players who elect to support them (a modest amount but still more than enough to put a smile across your favorite creator’s face!).

Fast Facts on the Support a Creator Program

  • The program originated from the Support a Creator event that Epic released last year
  • Creators must have 1,000 plus followers on at least 1 social media platform to be eligible
  • Epic requires creators to complete an affiliate agreement and abide by a conduct code
  • Accepted creators must be capable of being paid in a method that’s supported by Epic

Those who want to apply can click the Apply Now button posted at the Support a Creator application page.  After clicking the button, applicants must login before getting stared with an application.  However, it should be pointed out that applicants are required to confirm their social media account with a unique verification code in order to receive approval.

By the way, an ever-expanding list of creators is available.  The list shows the creators in alphabetical order and provides a number next to each.  Those who know the name of the creator they wish to support can try using the search tool to help find them faster (the list is HUGE so this might be a good idea).

View the Fornite Creator List

Epic Games Contact Information

  • 620 Crossroads Blvd.
  • Cary, NC 27518

Apply to Join the Support a Creator Program

www.GetTheFactsAboutTribune.com – Status of Spectrum TV Outage

Get the Facts About Tribune!  Here’s How

  • Spectrum customers can see what channels are impacted
  • Viewers can review information about the current dispute
  • Spectrum provides contact information for Tribune

Unfortunately, when a cable provider and broadcasting company throw down it’s usually the customers who ends up being punished.  However, providers often set up informational sites to keep impacted customers updated on what’s going on.  For instance, Spectrum has set up the Get the Facts About Tribune portal in attempt to get their side of the dispute out to its customers.  Those who want to find out exactly what’s going on can visit the page and read the material posted under the Why am I missing some of my channels? section.  Once the customer is satisfied (or dissatisfied for that matter) with Spectrum’s explanation, they can find out how they are impacted by using the search tool located in the middle of the page.

Let’s Get the Facts About Tribune Out There (according to Spectrum)

  • Spectrum claims Tribune is requesting a dramatic increase for their stations (more than 2X!)
  • Tribune refused to accepted Spectrum’s offer which is in line with what other stations receive
  • There are many ways to watch Tribune’s content for free such as online or with an antenna

In order to use the drop down box, the customer must select a state along with a coverage area.  Once both fields have been selected, the page will bring up all the channels that are impacted in that area.  In addition to showing the channels, Spectrum also provides customers with contact information for Tribune (phone numbers and email addresses are available).

What about the NFL playoffs??

  • Customers can use the NFL mobile app to watch the games while the dispute continues
  • The Yahoo Sports app provides customers with another option for watching the games
  • Please note that the designated status page provides links to both of these apps

In addition to these apps, customers can always decide to watch the games by breaking out the ole’ rabbit ears (what the hip people call an antenna).  Finally, Spectrum also provides a pre-filled email message that customers can use to send Tribune a message.  In order to communicate this way, customers need only enter an email address at the bottom of the Get the Facts About Tribune portal before clicking the Send button.

Addresses for Both Tribune and Spectrum

  • Tribune – 435 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611
  • Spectrum –  400 Atlantic Street, 10th Floor, Stamford, CT 06901


What Dish Does When This Kind of Stuff Happens


www.DishPromise.com – Quick Check for Channel Service Issues

Get to Know the Dish Promise!

  • Customers can find out if any channels are impacted
  • Dish provides customers with a four-part promise
  • Customers can review the extensive FAQ list

The last thing anyone needs is to be caught by surprise when a local channel suddenly disappears due to a dispute between the station and their TV provider.  Fortunately, Dish customers can prevent the shock of a lost or suspended channel by checking ahead of time at the Dish Promise portal.  Once at the portal, customers can enter their zip code before hitting the Go button to start a search.  Next, the search will produce any local TV stations that have been impacted by any ongoing negotiations (again this search is ONLY for local affiliates such as Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, etc.).

So what is this Dish Promise all about?

  • Dish states that it will fight hard against the ever-increasing costs of TV programming
  • Customers who have been impacted can rest assure Dish is working to find solutions
  • Dish will constantly keep customers informed on status through the Dish Promise portal
  • Customers can decide of they want Dish to pay or to get local TV for FREE with an antenna

Customers can review the full four-part Dish Promise by scrolling to the middle of the portal.  In addition to the promise outline, the portal also provides customers with a brief video that can help explain further.

Things to Keep in Mind Next Time There’s Dish vs. Local TV Dust-Up

  • It’s not always clear-cut who’s in the right (so go out and do some research on the matter)
  • It’s better to worry about more important things (like the differences between jam and jelly)
  • One way or another local TV will be available (just get an antenna or go to a friend’s house)

Finally, customers who want to learn even more about Dish’s disputes with local TV providers can do so by checking out the FAQs posted at the bottom of the Dish Promise portal.  In addition to the FAQs, customers can also leave feedback on both the channels and for Dish.

Dish Headquarters Address

  • 9601 S. Meridian Blvd.
  • Englewood, CO 80112


www.sonycrackle.com/activate – Quick Activation of Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle Activate a Device (It’s Super Easy)

  • Users will need to enter an activation coder to begin
  • Sony provides a handy Frequently Asked Questions list
  • Users can call customer support for assistance

Those who want to take full advantage of what the all the new Sony Crackle has to offer can begin by activating their device.  In order to do so, users must first navigate to the Sony Crackle Activate portal.  Upon arrival at the portal, the user will need to enter the activation code shown on their TV screen.  Once the code has been entered the Next button can be clicked to proceed with the device activation process.  After the device has been successfully activated, users will receive access to features such as the Watch Later list, parental controls, and viewing history (just to name a few!).

BOOM!  Now what should I watch on Sony Crackle?

  • Start Up – A Crackle Original that is sure to leave viewers on the edge of their seats
  • Chosen – Fans may see the “thriller” genre in a whole new perspective after watching
  • Super Mansion – Dr. Devizo and his crew are living large in their brand new mansion
  • The Ropes – A gritty look at the trials and tribulations of bouncers at an NYC club

Users who are having issues with the device activation process can try clicking the Help Center link located at the bottom of the Sony Crackle Activate portal.  After clicking the link, a new page will appear where a variety of FAQs are available.  In addition to the FAQs, users can also scroll to the top of the page to search for movies, shows, and other content now available on Sony Crackle.  Those with general questions for Sony Crackle can try reaching out to the company’s offices in Culver City, CA.

Sony Crackle Corporate Office Contact Information

  • 10202 West Washington Blvd., Suite 2141
  • Culver City, CA 90232
  • 415-877-4800


Ready to activate another service?



www.khanacademy.org/join – Quick Entry to Join Khan Academy

Khan Academy: Join Your Class (Quick Code Entry)

  • The online portal requires a Class Code
  • New users can create an account online
  • Existing users can login to an account

When it comes to learning there should be no barriers.  It appears Khan Academy is doing it’s part to make sure this is the case judging by the easy online access to its classes.  For instance, users who need to join a class can begin by simply entering the Class Code they received.  Once the user enters the code they can go ahead and sign in to join the fun (does it get any easier??).  By the way, it should be noted that users must have online access to join a class.  Those who have yet to enroll can begin by clicking the Create a New Account tab after they enter the Class Code.

Getting to Know Khan Academy

  • The organization has gone from just a one man show to over 150 people strong
  • Khan Academy is a non-for-profit business (hard to put a price tag on learning!)
  • The organization’s material is being translated into over 36 different languages
  • Khan Academy is able to exist thanks to charitable donations and volunteer work

In addition to easy entry, the Khan Academy Join Your Class portal also offers access to a list of available courses.  In order to review the classes, the user must click the Courses link at the top left hand side of the page.  Further, users can also search for specific courses by using the convenient search tool.

It shouldn’t go without being mentioned that donations can be initiated directly from the Khan Academy Join Your Class portal.  In order to make a donation, the user can click the Donate tab and select an amount to give ($10, $20, $30, $40, $50 or other).  Once the donor selects an amount they can wrap things up by paying through PayPal or with a credit card.  Additionally, Khan Academy accepts donations by mail at its PO Box in Mountain View, CA.

Khan Academy Donations Address

  • PO Box 1630, Mountain View, CA 94042


Hungry for more learning?




www.fortnite.com/2FA – Activate 2FA & Get Boogiedown Emote!

How to Activate Fortnite 2FA (it’s worth it!)

  • Players must login to an Epic account to begin
  • The game provides a cool emote as a reward
  • Accounts comes with password recovery help

Most Fortnite players would agree that a secure account is of the utmost importance.  It appears Epic Games agrees with this as well as the company is now giving players a little reward for securing their accounts with 2 factor authentication (2FA).  Players can begin by going to the Fortnite AFA activation page.  After arriving at the page players can then enter their existing Epic account credentials to login.  Once logged in, Epic provides 2 factor authentication options under the Password & Security section.  It should be noted that players can choose between using either an authentication app (Last Pass, Microsoft, Google, etc.) or email authentication.

Why activate Fornite 2FA?

  • Epic will reward players with a Boogiedown emote in the game’s Battle Royale
  • Players will earn 50 armory slots and 10 backpack slots for Save the World
  • Epic also rewards players with their very own Legendary Troll Stash Llama
  • Players are protected from unauthorized account access (first and foremost)

Players who can’t remember their Epic account password can begin by clicking the Forgot your password? link at the Fortnite AFA activation page.  After clicking the link, the system requires an email address before clicking the Send Email button.  Shortly after submitting the email Epic will send instructions on how to reset the account password.

When will I be asked to use my Fortnite 2FA?

  • Players will need to use the passcode the first time logging in after enabling 2FA
  • Epic will require 2FA for players who are logging in with a new device (makes sense)
  • Players who have not signed in for over 30 days will be asked to complete the 2FA
  • Browsers with cleared cookies will prompt the need for 2FA to be initiated

Players who have yet to sign up for an Epic account must do so before completing the 2FA activation.  This can be done in just a few seconds by entering a name, display name, email address, and password.  Once the account has been successfully registered activation of the 2FA can take place.

Epic Games Contact Information

  • 620 Crossroads Blvd.
  • Cary, North Carolina 27518
  • 919 854 0070


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www.ifc.com/activate – Begin Device Activation IFC Streaming

Activating a Device for IFC

  • Viewers must enter an activation code to begin
  • Viewers must login to their TV provider account
  • The system provides its Privacy Policy and Terms

Many people often struggle to find something worthwhile to watch on TV.  However, that doesn’t always need to be the case thanks to the many networks that now provide online streaming services.  For instance, IFC viewers can now set themselves up to watch their favorite content at a moment’s notice.  Viewers can initiate online streaming for the network’s content by going to the IFC Activate page and entering the activation code.  After entering the code, viewers will then need to click the Submit button to proceed (almost identical to the CBS Samsung TV device activation process).  The process of activating a streaming device can be completed by logging into a TV provider account (a few minutes of time is well worth the seemingly endless hours of streaming that will be received in return!).

What should I watch once I’m done activating my device??

  • Brockmire – A baseball announcer attempts to reclaim his love of the game
  • Portlandia – A strange series that is sure to generate some serious laughs
  • Night Flight – Viewers can buckle up and get ready for a ride back to the 80’s
  • Documentary Now – A show that makes of parody of the documentary genre
  • Baroness von Sketch Show – A sketch comedy that likes to explore the absurd

Viewers can review AMC Network’s Privacy Policy by clicking the link posted at the bottom of the IFC Activate page (IFC is part of the AMC family of networks).  In addition to the Privacy Policy, AMC also provides a copy of its Terms of Use and policy regarding Cookies.  AMC accepts inquiries at the network’s headquarters located in New York, NY.

AMC Headquarters Contact Information

  • 11 Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10001
  • 212-324-8500


Need to activate a device for another network?