www.funimationdigitalcopy.com – Redeem Your Code

Funimation Digital Copy

Did you receive a Funimation case with the words “digital copy” on it?

In that case, today’s your lucky day!  Why you ask??  You’re about to be treated to a FREE digital copy of the content you purchased.

In order to redeem your digital copy, you’ll first need to find your redemption code (it’s located within your case).

Once you’ve got your hands on the code, go to the redemption page and click the Redeem Code button to proceed.

You can also browse a brief set of FAQs at www.funimationdigitalcopy.com.

Now at this point you may be asking yourself when you can expect your content to show up in your digital library.  You’re about to be floored by how awesome the answer to this question is.  IMMEDIATELY.  After you’ve successfully redeemed your code you can start watching your content without a moment’s hesitation!

A few more things about www.funimationdigitalcopy.com

  • Hopefully you’re not traveling because the code will only work in the country your purchased the content in!
  • You can find all of your digital copies under the My library section of your account (that goes for the app too).
  • Streaming is supported by iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
  • Do you have old Ultra Violet labeled copies?  Don’t worry you should still be able to access your content at www.funimationdigitalcopy.com
  • Have an old copy lying around that hasn’t been redeemed?  Well snap to it!  You should still be able to get your digital copy!

By the way, you can get help with the redemption process by clicking the customer Support link at the bottom of the page.  Additionally, you can browse the Frequently Asked Questions (sometimes this is the fastest way to get an answer).

Want to follow Funimation on social media?  There’s a buncha links at the bottom of the redemption page which you can connect with!


Another thing to redeem!

Redeem your Virgin Mobile Reward Card (if you have one).

dna.hrblock.com – Enter H&R Block Employee Portal

DNA H&R Block Employee Portal

Need to view that paycheck?  It’s easy!  Just login and get started.

An SSO ID is needed to gain access to the portal.

Login credential recovery assistance is available if you get stuck.

Other helpful links are also posted at dna.hrblock.com.

When it comes to pay, nothing should be taken for granted.  Including how you view it online.  Safe to say, the DNA H&R Block portal is no afterthought.  In order to login, simply enter your SSO ID along with your password.  Once inside you’ll have access to a bevy of import info.  That includes paychecks AND W2’s, by the way.

Available features posted at dna.hrblock.com

  • The Tax Institute – A convenient link to H&R Block’s trusted source for all things tax related
  • You Tube – Say hello to the company’s very own YouTube channel (it’s more exciting that ya think!)
  • H&R Block – You’ll be instantly transported to the H&R Block homepage
  • Frequently Asked Questions – Look to the top right hand side of the page of you have questions about the DNA H&R Block portal

While on the topic of FAQs, it should be pointed out that this is where you can find information about what to do if you’re locked out of your account (hey’ we all have things slip our minds every now and then).  For instance, you’ll find loads of information about what to do if you can’t remember your SSO ID or password.

TIP:  Be a good sport and register a hint for your credentials!  Why??  The FAQs say that each help desk password reset costs between $10 and $25 (nobody wants to be responsible for such wasteful behavior!).

Did you know H&R Block is a publicly traded company?  Yep!  It’s on the NYSE under symbol HRB.  Additionally, the company was founded in 1955 and has headquarters tucked away in KC (the Missouri side).

H&R Block Headquarters Address:

1 H And R Block Way

Kansas City, MO 64105-1905


More Employee Info:

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www.epicgames.com/activate – Link Console to Fortnite

Epic Games Activate Console for Fortnite

Need to combine your accounts?  You’re in luck!  The process is easier than you’d think.

For starters, all you’ll need is an activate internet connection (and perhaps a browser that allows pop-ups!).

Once you’re online, go ahead and launch Fornite.

Next, click the Link an Account tab to bring up a new screen that has a code.

Now memorize the code (or just write it down) and enter it at www.epicgames.com/activate.

Need a break yet?  Didn’t think so!  You’re almost there.  After you enter the code you’ll see the login screen appear.  Simply sign in and PRESTO!  You have a linked Fortnite account.  But, to confirm it worked, you may want to wait and make sure a success message appears on your screen (after that pat yourself on the back and break out a slice of pie to celebrate!).

More on linking your Fortnite account at www.epicgames.com/activate

  • You’ll need the email address you used to sign up to login when linking
  • New to the game?  Hit the Sign Up tab to create and account and get rollin’
  • Can’t remember your password? Reset it by clicking the appropriate link
  • You can also sign in using one of the accounts posted above the login fields
  • TIP:  Try copying and pasting the code instead of writing it down!
  • Another tip:  brew some coffee (it’ll go good with that celebratory slice of pie)

While on the topic of the linking code, we should point out that it will be 8 digits in length.  So if you enter a number less than that, try going back and repeating the process (or just copy and paste like we suggested earlier!).

Questions?  Comments?  Reach out to Epic Games at 919-854-0070!


Send a letter to 620 Crossroads Blvd, Cary, NC 27518.


More Fortnite Stuff (because we know you can’t get enough!)

Learn about Fortnite 2FA


www.mycardintel.com/xfinitymobile – Enter Card Account

My Card Intel Xfinity Mobile

  • New customers can register the card in a few simple steps
  • Existing cardholders can login for account status and updates
  • The system provides easy to use account recovery options
  • Customer service is available to help you out of a jam
  • You can also activate your card at www.mycardintel.com/xfinitymobile

Ready to find out what’s going on with your card?  Or do you need to register an account first?  Either way, you’re in good shape.  In order to check your account, simply enter your username and password.  Meanwhile, you can click the link below the login fields to sign up (how’s that for service with a smile!).

Registration and Activation at www.mycardintel.com/xfinitymobile

New to the game?  Well get off the bench and register!  Here’s how:

See all those numbers on your card?  Yep, enter them into the form.

Next, proceed through the authentication procedures.

Finally, you’ll need to create your user info before completing the registration.

Need to activate your card?  The steps are very similar as registering an account.  Just be on the look out for step 3 as it’s not necessary if you were given a PIN by the card issuer (hey, it’s always nice to skip a step!).

Now let’s face it, we sometimes forget things (or OFTEN forget thing for some of us).  The good news is, there’s an easy work around!  In order to recover your username, simply enter the email address you registered your account with.  Meanwhile, you can recover your password by entering your email address AND username.  BOOM!

Time for a little “did you know?” sesh…. 


Did YOU KNOW that Xfinity is a subsidiary of Comcast?  Well ya do now!  Along with the likes of NBC, Sky limited, NBC Universal, and more.

Did you also know that Xfinity Mobile plans are available to folks who also have Xfinity internet?

Did you know Xfinity Mobile provides customer support by both chat and phone?

Here’s the phone number!

888-936-4968 (call if you get stuck trying to activate, register, or login to your Xfinity Mobile card).


Speaking of mobile….

Did you see the Sprint Add a Line promotion?


www.poptv.com/activate – Enter Pop TV Activation Code

Pop TV Activate Online Streaming

Want more Pop TV in you life?

Tired of watching the same old, same old?

Well there’s some good news!  Pop TV is now offering easy on the go online streaming.

In order to get started, just visit www.poptv.com/activate and enter the activation code shown on your screen.

Once you get all situated, you’ll need to shift gears and start thinking about what you actually want to watch.  Fortunately, there’s PLENTY of great programs to choose from.  So, let’s take a closer look!

What to Watching After You’re Finished at www.poptv.com/activate

  • Flack – Follow PR extraordinaire Robyn as she navigates her complicated life
  • One Day at a Time – Above all things, just get be prepared to LAUGH!
  • Grumpier Old Men – Yep, Pop TV also offers some awesome movies
  • Hunger Games – Have you seen this smash hit that took the world by storm?
  • Bridget Jones’ Baby – A sequel to that popular Bridget Jones Diary movie

By the way, if you’re thinking about switching providers, you may want to find out which ones carry Pop TV before you do so.  Luckily, you can do this directly from the activation page.  See that big Enter Zip Code tab?  Yep, type your zip code in there.  Once you type it in a list of providers in your area that carry Pop TV will appear.

Social Media Links at www.poptv.com/activate

Facebook – Check out Pop TVs Facebook page to get a better look at what the channel’s all about.

Twitter – Because you never know what exciting news POP TV is gonna tweet out next!

Instagram – What better way to show your support that by following on INSTA.

YouTube – Because the best way to learn about something is sometimes through video interaction.

So what will YOU decide to watch one you activate Pop TV??  So many choices, so little time!


Speaking of TV….

IFC Activate Online Streaming

www.canon.com/icpd – Download Canon Software/Manuals

Canon ICPD

  • Contains manuals and downloads for a variety of products
  • You’ll need to select your country to begin the search
  • Scroll to search or type in your model name
  • Need help?  Customer support is available
  • Self help options are also available at www.canon.com/icpd

What good is a brand-spanking new camera if you don’t have the right software?  And good luck trying to operate it without a manual.  Thankfully, Canon customers don’t have to worry about such things.

Downloading a Manual or Software at www.canon.com/icpd

First, select your country from the list (the list is sorted by region).

Next, grab a snack or a soft drink if you’re hungry and/or thirsty (OPTIONAL!).

Once the products for your country filter in, scroll through the list or complete a quick search.

Click on your product and you’ll see all the available downloads.

By the way, if you haven’t registered your Canon product you may see the option to do so when your looking up your download.  So keep your eyes open for the Register button after you click on your product.

Registering Your Product at www.canon.com/icpd

  • Your’e gonna need a Canon account o begin the registration
  • If you have an account click the Sign In button to enter and proceed
  • If you don’t have an account click the Create Account button to sign up for one
  • Once you’re logged in, follow the instructions to register your product
  • Hot Tip of the Day:  Registering a product is ALWAYS a good idea

Finally, if you’re having a hard time finding the download, STAY CALM.  Canon  support can help!  Simply call the number below between 9 AM and 9 PM ET Monday through Friday.  Meanwhile, weekend warriors can get help on Saturdays from 9 AM to 7 PM ET.

Canon Customer Support Phone Number

  • 800-OK-CANON (that’s 800-652-2666 for those who don’t feel like searching your keypad for the letter/number key)


More Tech News

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www.disneyplus.com/account/cancel-subscription – Cancel Now

Disney Plus Account Cancel-Subscription

  • If you’re tired of your account (or just need to cancel for another reason) there’s an easy online process to follow
  • You’ll need to login to your Disney Plus account to begin cancellation (using the email address you used to create the account)
  • Disney Plus support is available for questions
  • FAQs are available at www.disneyplus.com/account/cancel-subscription

Let’s face it, sometimes things need to be canceled.  Even with something as awesome as Disney Plus.  In order to cancel your account, simply login using your email address and password.  Once you’re inside, follow the instructions to end your Disney Plus service.

Reasons to Cancel at www.disneyplus.com/account/cancel-subscription

Money – The first reason is usually the most obvious.  Sometimes we just can’t afford to spend the extra cash on leisure services.

Time – We all get busy.  And when we do, TV time on the couch is one of the first things to go.  So get your work done, and come back!

Content – It’s hard to imagine this being a reason with all of the cool stuff Disney Plus has to offer.  BUT, weirder things have happened.

Competition – Maybe you found something you like better and had to make a tough choice (time and money are also intertwined in this one).

Health – A new year’s resolution to workout more could certainly take time away from a Disney Plus binge-sesh.

By the way, if you have questions about your Disney Plus account, trying clicking the Help link at the bottom of www.disneyplus.com/account/cancel-subscription.  Doing so will bring up a HUGE list of Frequently Asked Questions.  Inside the FAQs you’ll find a bevy of valuable information on just about every possible topic (connecting to the internet, problems watching, compatible platforms, you name it).

FAQs not solving your problem?

Call Disney Plus support at 888-905-7888.


More Account Information!

ATTN Lowe’s Credit Card Customers:  Learn how to access Lowe’s eService


www.yourspendingaccount.com/emd – Enter Spending Account

Your Spending Account EMD

  • Track your spending and manage your claims
  • You’ll need to enter with your account username and password
  • Never been?  Get registered as a first time user!
  • Forgot a username or password?  There’s help for that 🙂
  • You can also change your password at www.yourspendingaccount.com/emd

We all deserve to be reimbursed when warranted.  However, the process isn’t always a walk in the park (or even a dark and eerie forest for that matter).  Thankfully, there’s a thing called THE INTERNET.  For example, if you need it access your EMD spending account, all it takes is a cozy chair and an internet connection (cozy chair optional).

Accessing Your Spending Account at www.yourspendingaccount.com/emd 

Just enter your User ID and password before clicking the Log On button (yes, it’s that easy)

Don’rt have your User ID handy?  Enter the last 4 of your social and your birthday to recover it.

Don’t have your password?  It’s a good thing you just recovered your User ID because you’re gonna need it!

Additionally, you can alter an existing (worn out) password by clicking the Change password link

Now, it should be noted that none of these services will work if you haven’t created an account (hopefully that’s fairly obvious).  So, let;s find out how to register!  In order to get started, click the Register as a New User link.  Next, go ahead and enter your information to confirm your identity and follow the instructions to complete registration.

Finally, your experience works best when using the recommended browsers and software.  You can find out which are supported by clicking the link posted at the very bottom of the portal (a clunky experience is the last thing you need).

So, what are you waiting for?  Go get reimbursed!


More Employee Information

ATTN Walmart Employees:  Review the Computershare Walmart Portal


www.computershare.com/walmart – Walmart Employee Plans

Computer Share Walmart Shareholder Services

  • The online service provides access to 4 different plan types
  • Confused about cost basis?  Deep breaths – there’s a tool that can help!
  • You can access a plan in both English and French
  • Hung up?  Check out the Frequently Asked Questions
  • Still stuck??  Call toll-free for assistance!
  • www.computershare.com/walmart is also optimized for smart phones

Financial plans are incredibly important.  That means the ways we choose to manage them are also important.  Therefore, Walmart employees should pay close attention to their Computershare Walmart Shareholder Services accounts (as in book mark it on your computer level close attention).  Let’s dig a little deeper.

Types of Plans Available at www.computershare.com/walmart

Associate Stock Purchase Plans – Just as it sounds, plans that allow associates to purchase stock.

Colleague Plans – There’s a picture of an ASDA truck so that should give you a hint of who this is for.

Equity – Includes services such as stock options, RSR’s, and PSPs (does NOT stand for PlayStation Portable!).

Direct Stock Purchase Plan – Allows you to purchase stock DIRECTLY (an aptly named service).

Please note that the first 3 of the above plans will take you to the same screen when you’re logging in.  Meanwhile, the Direct stock Purchase Plan will take you to the Computershare Investor Center.

By the way, if you’re struggling to understand how cost basis applies to you, go ahead and click the tab at the right hand side of the portal for more information.

Finally, if you have questions about a Computershare Walmart plan, try clicking the Help link at the top of the page to bring up a quick list of Frequently Asked Questions.  Additionally, you can call 800-438-6278 to speak to a support representative (800-923-1515 if you’r in the United Kingdom).

Computershare Mailing Address

  • PO Box 43080
  • Providence RI 02940-4080


Ready for more benefit information?

Read up on Your Total Rewards (Solvay Employees)


www.outreachtime.com – Enter Medicaid Reimbursement Tool

Outreach Time Medicaid Reimbursement 

Simply enter your account email address and password to get into the portal.

Can’t remember? Use the online account recovery tool!

Over the phone help is available if you’re in need of assistance.

Note:  www.outreachtime.com will sign you out after 60 seconds of inactivity.

So pretty much EVERYTHING is easier done online nowadays.  Including getting your Medicaid reimbursement.  For example, those who use the Outreach Time portal from Embrace might find the process almost TOO easy.

More on Outreach Time

  • Enter the email address you signed up with if you forgot your password
  • Need help?  Pick up your phone and dial 618-654-6960
  • Need TOLL-FREE help?  In that case dial 888-437-9326
  • You can also send an email to success@embraceeducation.com for help
  • If you need to fax something go ahead and send it over to 618-882-6224

By the way, if you’re not yet a customer you can request a demo by clicking the link located at the top of www.outreachtime.com.  Additionally, you can reach the portal’s privacy policy by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

A Look at Embrace

  • Focuses on providing software for educators ( a VERY noble pursuit)
  • Been in the biz for nearly 20 years now (that’s 2 decades folks)
  • Worried about customer satisfaction?  They got a 99% client retention rate
  • The Medicaid reimbursement software is known as Embrace DS

Finally, Embrace provides software other than Medicaid reimbursement tools.  For instance, Embrace IEP allows educators to work from ANYWHERE (as long as they have an internet connected device).  Additionally, Embrace EVAL helps connects the educators to the evaluate (something we can all agree is a MUCH needed service these days).  And let’s not forget the 504 and MTSS tools which help with 504 plans and evaluations.

Embrace Address

  • 1000 Broadway #300
  • HighlandIL 62249


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