www.furnitureclaim.com – File Furniture Claim Online

Ready to file your furniture claim?

  • Have your protection plan number ready
  • Can’t find it?  Sample images are available!
  • Customer support is available by phone
  • You can also register your plan at www.furnitureclaim.com

The thrill of buying a fresh new piece of furniture can fade quickly if there’s something wrong with it.  Thankfully, there’s a little thing called PROTECTION PLANS.  For example, Montage Furniture Services offers plans on a variety of items such as mattresses, area rugs, billiards, and more.

How to file your claim at www.furnitureclaim.com

Step 1:  Go find your protection plan number!

Once you have the number, enter it into the blank space to submit your service request.

Not registered?  Call 800-686-5559 to register your protection plan by phone.

By the way, if you can’t find the protection plan number, try taking a look at the 2 sample images posted at the filing page.  The first image shows where to find the number on the folded version of the plan.  Meanwhile, the second image shows where the number is located on the 1 page version.

A Look at Montage Furniture Services

  • Offers protection plans that are insured by Virginia Surety Company
  • Plans can cover nuisances such as disgusting stains and other damages
  • Was launched in 2004 (that’s nearly 2 DECADES of experience)
  • Gives back to the community by working with charities

Finally, you can also check the status of your furniture claim after you submit it.  In order to do so, enter your protection plan number or claim number.  Once you enter one of these numbers (no need to enter both), enter you zip code to find out what’s going on with your claim.

Questions about your furniture claim?  Call Montage Furniture Services for help!

Here’s the info:

Montage Furniture Services Number and Address

  • 4035 Park East Court, Suite 300
  • Grand Rapids, MI 49546
  • 800-686-5559


On a leave of absence?

Check your claim status at Claim Lookup JPMC

www.sipshootscore.com – Win ACC Championship Game Tix!

The Sip Shoot Score from Dr.Pepper

  • Enter online to win tickets to the 2020 ACC Championship game
  • You can enter once per day (stay busy and keep entering!)
  • Register for the promotion with your name and email address
  • Sign up for communications from Bojangles is optional
  • Questions?  The Official Rules are provided at www.sipshootscore.com

The college basketball season is now in full swing (finally some conference play!).  Thus, it comes as no surprise to see the basketball-themed promotions begin to roll out.  For example, the new Sip Shoot Score promotion is now live and will be awarding tickets to the 2020 ACC Championship Game!  In order to enter, visit the registration page.

How to Register at www.sipshootscore.com

First, you’ll need to enter your name and a valid email, address (first and last name)

Next, check the OPTIONAL box if you want to stay in the loop and receive emails from  Bojangles (never hurts to be in the inner circle!).

After that check the REQUIRED box top confirm you are at least 18 and agree to the Official Rules

Once you’ve signed up you can enter again by coming back the next day and signing in with your email address (might as well max out your chances to win!).

By the way, there are not one but TWO Grand Prizes in this promotion.  Each of the prizes will include transportation, travel accommodations, and 2 tickets to the ACC Championship Game.

Finally, if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the Official Rules try clicking the FAQs at the bottom of entry page.  Once you click the link a box will appear with answers to some of the most common questions (there’s even a comment box if you want to take it a step further and ask a question!).

Sip Shot Score Sponsor Address

  • Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc. (yep these two iconic brands are related).
  • 5301 Legacy Drive Plano, TX 75024


Ready for Another Chance to Win?

The get off the couch and enter the What’s Your Stuf Promotion from Oreo!



www.zenacolor.com/ticket – Take Zenacolor Customer Survey

Take the Zenacolor Ticket Customer Survey!

  • There’s a free product in it for you (just for participating!)
  • Worried about time?  Don’t be – it’ll take less than 2 minutes
  • You’ll need to respond to a confirmation email to be included
  • So, what are you waiting for?? Your opinion is needed!

If you’ve recently purchased a product from Zenacolor, you may have been invited to take the online customer satisfaction survey found at www.zenacolor.com/ticket.  In order to launch the survey, first select a language to take it in.  Once you’ve confirmed your language you may continue to the front page of the survey.

What’ll you’ll need to provide at www.zenacolor.com/ticket

  • Personal information such as your name and email address
  • Want your free product?  Yep, you’ll need to provide your mailing address
  • Product you purchased.  Confirm the product with the drop down list
  • Your opinions!  It’s not really a survey without them

While on the topic of Zenacolor products, we should point out that the survey is only available for 12 products.  Once you’ve confirmed the product, click the Next button to begin the survey.

Products to Choose From at www.zenacolor.com/ticket

  • Colored Pencils – Say goodbye to those old crayons (not precise enough)
  • Sketch Pads – Hard to complete a decent sketch without a PAD!
  • Acrylic Paint – Comes in a variety of quantities (just pick the best fit!)
  • Watercolor Pencils – Hey, why not liven things up a bit??
  • Oil Markers – When it’s time to bring out your truly creative side

Finally, you’re gonna receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of completing the survey.  It’s VERY important you respond to this email as it will be used to verify your information.  Once you’ve confirmed the email all you need to do is sit back and wait for that FREE product to roll in.


Speaking of Surveys…

Here’s another! Take the foot Locker “FL Pulse” Survey

MORE free stuff – Get your free iPhone 11



www.fanbeat.com/golfchannel – Enter Today & Play to Win $1 MILLION!

Fan Beat Golf Channel $1 Million Challenge:  How to Play

  • Participants can play using the app or at the entry page
  • The contest requires an email address or Facebook profile
  • There are 4 Promotion Period Tournaments available

The sweepstakes game is getting SERIOUS.  Fresh off the heals of the recent release of the incredibly lucrative Shop Play Win promotion, Fan Beat has come to the table with a challenge that could award a $1 MILLION Grand Prize (please take a moment to wrap your mind around THAT).  In order to enter, participants can either download the Fan Beat app or go to the online entry page.  Once signed up, the participant can then begin answering questions.  For each question answered the participant will receive 1 entry to the Instant Win drawing (regardless of whether it’s right or wrong!).

Thanks, but let’s get back to the $1 Million please.

  • The participants must answer all questions correctly during a single enter period
  • Those who do will receive all (or a portion) of the $1 Million Grand Prize (BOOM!)
  • The total number of questions must be no fewer than 20 (it’s not gonna be easy!)
  • Whoever wins will receive the prize as a 40 year annuity (sorry no brief case of cash)
  • Alternatively, the winner may choose to receive the prize as a lump sum of $600k

By the way, there are many other prizes available in addition to the $1 Million.  For instance, some of the highlights include an Epic Flash Driver, an Apex full iron set, a Toulon Design Putter, and an Epic Flash Fairway Wood (just to name a few).

While on the topic of prizes, it should be mentioned that they must be claimed by the end of 2019.  Those who don’t claim their prize by the end of the year will forfeit their winnings (so don’t get caught snoozin!).  Additionally, the contest awards all prizes AS IS (no warranties or guarantees).

Operator of the Fan Beat Golf Channel $1 Million Challenge

  • FanBeat, Inc.
  • 2221 Peachtree Rd NW
  • Suite D-347, Atlanta, GA, 30309


Just because we know you’re hungry for more……


www.IntuitDataLitigation.com – Begin Easy Online Enrollment

Claiming Your Intuit Data Litigation Settlement

  • Class Members can enroll online or by mail
  • Frequently Asked Questions are available
  • The Administrator can help answer questions

The ongoing Intuit Data Litigation appears to be wrapping up as a settlement has been agreed upon by the two parties involved.  While the settlement does not provide cash,  it does allow class members to enroll for a free credit monitoring service.  In order to be eligible for the free service, Class Members must have had fraudulent tax returns filed in their name between tax years 2014 and 2016.   Those who believe they are eligible can enroll online at the settlement page.  Once at the page the Class Member can click the Enroll in Free Credit Monitoring Benefit link to begin with the online enrollment. 

Things to Remember About the Intuit Data Litigation

  • Class Members must enroll for the service prior to the January 22nd, 2019 deadline
  • The deadline for Class Members to request exclusion or object is January 7th, 2019
  • The settlement’s Final Approval hearing is currently scheduled for February 7th, 2019
  • The returns in question would have been filed in calendar years 2014, 2015, and 2016
  • Class Members who do not enroll or request an exclusion will receive nothing 

In addition to the easy online filing, the settlement also provides enrollment by mail.  In order to enroll this way Class Members must complete a claim form and mail it directly to the Settlement Administrator.  Furthermore, it should be emphasized that all mailed claim forms must be post-marked no later than the January 22nd, 2019 deadline.  

When it comes to finding more information on the Intuit Data Litigation one can reference the Class Notice they received by mail.  Additionally, the settlement also provides a copy of the notice online at the enrollment page.  Meanwhile, Class Members who are left with unanswered questions can try  reviewing the available FAQs or calling the Settlement Administrator for further assistance.

Intuit Data Litigation Settlement Administrator

  • PO Box 91348, Seattle, WA 98111
  • info@intuitlitigation.com
  • 833-288-5308


Another Open Class Action