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DNA H&R Block Employee Portal

Need to view that paycheck?  It’s easy!  Just login and get started.

An SSO ID is needed to gain access to the portal.

Login credential recovery assistance is available if you get stuck.

Other helpful links are also posted at dna.hrblock.com.

When it comes to pay, nothing should be taken for granted.  Including how you view it online.  Safe to say, the DNA H&R Block portal is no afterthought.  In order to login, simply enter your SSO ID along with your password.  Once inside you’ll have access to a bevy of import info.  That includes paychecks AND W2’s, by the way.

Available features posted at dna.hrblock.com

  • The Tax Institute – A convenient link to H&R Block’s trusted source for all things tax related
  • You Tube – Say hello to the company’s very own YouTube channel (it’s more exciting that ya think!)
  • H&R Block – You’ll be instantly transported to the H&R Block homepage
  • Frequently Asked Questions – Look to the top right hand side of the page of you have questions about the DNA H&R Block portal

While on the topic of FAQs, it should be pointed out that this is where you can find information about what to do if you’re locked out of your account (hey’ we all have things slip our minds every now and then).  For instance, you’ll find loads of information about what to do if you can’t remember your SSO ID or password.

TIP:  Be a good sport and register a hint for your credentials!  Why??  The FAQs say that each help desk password reset costs between $10 and $25 (nobody wants to be responsible for such wasteful behavior!).

Did you know H&R Block is a publicly traded company?  Yep!  It’s on the NYSE under symbol HRB.  Additionally, the company was founded in 1955 and has headquarters tucked away in KC (the Missouri side).

H&R Block Headquarters Address:

1 H And R Block Way

Kansas City, MO 64105-1905


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