Double Dip on Cash Back with the Discover it Card

Double Dip on Cash Back with the Discover it Card

  • New cardholders will earn double the cash back for the first year
  • Earn 5% on categories that change each quarter
  • Earn 1% cash back on all other purchases
  • No annual fee
  • Use cash back instantly at Amazon checkout

New card holders of the Discover it card should be excited to know that they will receive twice the amount of cash back they have earned in the first year of membership.  It may sound crazy but Discover will go ahead and  match all of the cash back customers earn in the first year dollar for dollar once the year comes to an end.  This can be a very lucrative bonus indeed as even without the double dip on the cash back customers will be earning 5%  cash back on purchases from categories that change each quarter.  Customers will also receive an automatic 1% cash back on all purchases that fall outside of the 5% cash back categories.  By the time the first year comes to an end new customers could be seeing some serious dollars coming their way.  Customers worried about how long they have to redeem their cash back bonus do not have a thing to worry about as the cash back bonus never expires!

In addition to the cash back the Discover it card has several other distinct advantages that are hard to find in other credit cards.  Often cardholders are hit with an annoying annual fee just for being a card holder.  Cardholders of the Discover it card do not have to worry about being hit with any type of annual fee as none will apply.  Another perk of being a Discover it card holder comes in handy for customers who are also customers of Amazon.  This unique perk allows Discover it cardholders to use their cash back instantly at checkout.

Consumers that like the sound of the cash back double dip being offered for new card holders along with all of the other great perks the card has to offer should take a long and hard look at the Discover it card.



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