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Helzberg Capital One Credit Card

  • Login info can be remembered for future access
  • Online login credential recovery is available
  • New users can set up an online account

Anyone who has ever signed into an online account (which would be an overwhelmingly large number of folks) likely knows how frustrating typing in the same credentials over and over and over again can be.  Fortunately this redundancy can be reduced drastically by taking an online account up on its offer to save login information for future access.  For example, those who require access to a Helzberg Capital One credit card can make sure the online account login process goes a little easier on future visits by checking the Remember Me box found beneath the username and password entry fields.  Once the box has been checked the login credentials can be entered before clicking the Sign In button to login to the account and have the computer being used remember the information for future use.  As a rule of thumb it’s usually a good idea to leave any Remember Me box left UNCHECKED when gaining access to an account on a public computer.

A Closer Look at the History of Helzberg Diamonds

  • Origins date back to 1915 when the first store was opened in Kansas City, Kansas
  • By the year 1929 the store had expanded to 3 different locations (the growth begins!)
  • Continued growth produces 15 physical locations and a mail order division by 1958
  • Expansion continues in the 1970’s including the opening of stores in regional malls
  • Currently has more than 200 locations and is part of the Berkshire Hathaway family

Helzberg Capital One credit card customers who have yet to sign up for online access can begin by clicking the Set Up My Account tab and entering a card number, date of birth, and Social Security Number.  The same information can be entered to begin the credential retrieval process for those who can’t get into an account due to a lost or forgotten username or password.  Cardholders can dial 866-435-7906 for immediate assistance in the unfortunate event of a Helzberg Capital One credit card being lost or stolen (a call that needs to be placed near the very top of the priorities list).

Capital One Payment Processing Contact Information

  • PO Box 71083, Charlotte, NC 28272-1083
  • 800-227-4825