Time for Class Members to Take Action as T-Mobile and Asurion Agree to Settlement

Time for Class Members to Take Action as T-Mobile and Asurion Agree to Settlement

  • File claim through designated webpage
  • $4.2 million settlement agreed upon

T-mobile and Asurion have agreed to pay $4.2 million for settlement of the Wineesa Cole v. Asurion Corp., et al class action lawsuit.  This class action lawsuit was filed as a result of allegations made by the plaintiff that Asurion and T-Mobile offered and sold insurance for cellphones without sufficiently disclosing certain terms of the policy.  It should be noted that T-Mobile and Asurion deny the allegations that have been made by the plaintiff.

Those who may be interested in getting in on the action will first need to verify whether or not they qualify as class members. The settlement class for this matter includes all persons who purchased cell phone insurance from Asuirion through T-Mobile from August 1st, 2003 to April 2nd, 2008.  To be a class member the person who made the insurance purchase must have been residing in the State of California at the time of the purchase.  Those who believe they are class members and want a fair share of the settlement pie will need to jump on the internet and surf over to the settlement’s designated webpage to file a claim by the February 26th, 2016 deadline.

Upon arrival at the settlement page class members will see a link that can be clicked in order to file a claim online.  Class members that do not like filing claims online for whatever strange reason can print a personalized Claim Form to mail in as an alternative method to filing the claim online.  Class members that want proceed with the online filing of the claim will have to verify whether or not they have a claim number and then click the continue button to get started.



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