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Using the 2 Pay My Ticket Portal:  How to Begin

  • Users must enter a driver’s license or court case number
  • The portal provides a fee schedule for online payments
  • Users can receive over the phone technical support

While paying a traffic ticket is certainly never fun, it can at least be easy.  For example, drivers who need to take care of a ticket issued by Madison County can do so using the convenient 2 Pay My Ticket Portal.  In order to begin the online payment process, users must first enter either a driver’s license number or court case number.  Once one of the required numbers have been entered into the system the Search button can be clicked to find the ticket being paid (does not require a login like the Pay OLCC Portal).  By the way, users who want to find out how much the online payment fee will be before making a payment can do so by clicking the link posted at the bottom of the portal.

Things to Do After Settling Up at the 2 Pay My Ticket Portal

  • Cross yet another task off the “things to do list” (then begin fixing the busted mailbox flag)
  • Make sure your brake lights are in working order (the last thing we need is another ticket)
  • Celebrate by making a nice warm plate of Chicken Marsala complimented by a cold drink
  • Bask in the incredibly invigorating feeling of finally being out of Madison County’s pocket
  • Warning:  Any of the previous suggestions may cause extreme feelings of overall well-being

After clicking the fee schedule link, the user can find out exactly how much the fee will be based on the amount of their fine.  Once the driver finds the fine amount they can look to the right to see the corresponding fee (the fees starts off fairly small but really build up as the fines increase).

Finally, it should be pointed out that drivers will need to wait 10 days from the date of issue before making an online payment at the 2 Pay My Ticket Portal.  Users who need technical assistance can try calling toll-free for help.

2 Pay My Ticket Technical Assistance Phone Number

  • 866-511-2892


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