www.aamwelcome.com – Enter Access Code AAM Customer Portal

AAM Welcome 

  • Code found on welcome letter is needed to begin
  • Homeowner resources information is available
  • Customer service contact information is provided

The access code has become a fairly common method of relaying personalized information over the internet.  Typically, such a code allows customers to access and review information meant for their eyes only.  For instance, those who have recently purchased a property serviced by AAM can access new homeowner disclosure documents by going to the AAM Welcome page and entering the access code as shown on the welcome letter they received.  Once the code has been successfully entered into the blank field in the middle of the page the Submit button can be tapped to gain access to the documents.  Those who would like to review more information about the online resources offered by AAM can do so by clicking the Homeowner Resources link posted at the top right hand side of the AAM Welcome page (it never hurts to review any and all information that could potentially make one’s life a whole lot easier down the road).

A Closer Look at AAM

  • Manages hundreds of associations across the states of AZ, CA, MI, NC, NM, SC, and TX
  • Provides work to over 600 individuals (definitely making an impact in the communities!)
  • The company was established in 1990 and has headquarters located in Tempe, Arizona
  • Has been ranked one of the “Best Places to Work” by the Phoenix Business Journal
  • Regional offices can be found in each of the seven states AAM does business in

Association board members who want to learn more about what AAM has to offer can do so by reviewing the information found under the HOA/Community Management link posted at the top of the AAM Welcome page (good place to start for potential clients who are thinking about making the switch to AAM).  Questions regarding access to the AAM customer portal can be addressed by contacting the company’s customer service department via phone or through email correspondence.

AAM Customer Service Contact Information

  • aamcsrs@associatedasset.com
  • 866-516-7424