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Acceptance Now No Credit Shopping

  • Grab yourself some of the hottest furniture and electronics
  • Are you a retailer?  Learn about Acceptance Now retailer partnerships
  • Questions?  Customer service is available to help
  • Frequently Asked Questions are also available at www.acceptancenow.com

Have you had your eye on a shiny new piece of furniture?  What about some cutting-edge electronics to impress your visitors?  If your answer is an emphatic YES but you have something called a pesky little credit score that’s holding you back, it may be wise to consider Acceptance Now.  Let’s see what they have to offer!

Shopping at www.acceptancenow.com

If you’re shopping for furniture, start by clicking what room you need the item for.

Next, select the retail partner you wish to shop at and START BROWSING!

Meanwhile, an electronics shopper can click the See More button to bring up a shorter list of retailer partners (much shorter than the furniture partner list).

Once the list appears click which retailer you want to shop to bring up a new page.

NOTE:  You can also enter your zip code to find a location near you.

Once you find an item you desire, go ahead, and set up the delivery.  After that, Acceptance Now purchases the item for you and you pay them back.

Want to take your relationship with the item to the next level?  Breath easy knowing you can buy the item from Acceptance Now at any time (and say goodbye to those monthly installments!).

However, if you’d rather now own the item after leasing it, it’s up to you!  No long term commitments are required.

Acceptance Now Payment Terms

  • The cost of your item often determines how long your payment term is (the agent will go over your options)
  • Your lease renews as you make your payments
  • If you no longer want to make payments you can buy pout the agreement
  • Only a low monthly payment is required on the item you select

While many aspects of Acceptance Now have been covered in this guide, there’s sure to be some unanswered questions.  Good news! You can reach Acceptance Now customer service at 770-574-4224 between the hours of 8 AM and 7 PM CST Monday through Friday.


Send them a letter!

Here’s the mailing address.

Acceptance Now Mailing Address

  • 5501 Headquarters Dr.
  • Plano, TX 75024


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