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Activate S3 Card Online

  • The system allows you to both register and activate your card
  • Ready to get started?  Grab your card and hop on the internet
  • You’re gonna need your 17 digit card handy during the process
  • Solutran contact information is available

Let’s face it, a spending card is nothing but a little ole’ piece of plastic until it’s been activated.  Therefore, activating your card is of the upmost importance.  Fortunately, you can activate AND register your S3 card online in a few simple steps.  So let’s find out what those steps are, shall we??

Steps for Activating Your Card at www.activates3.com

  • Enter your card number (it’s 17 digits long and right under the barcode)
  • Type in your security code in the field beneath the card number
  • Hopefully you know your date of birth because you’ll need it for step 3
  • Finally, hit the Submit button to move forward with the card activation
  • Quick tip:  Always double check the information you entered is correct!

By the way, if you can’t find your card number or security code you can reference the sample image posted at www.activates3.com.  Activation not working??  Maybe you’re at the wrong place.  Be sure to confirm your card has that beautiful S3 logo printed on it!

What about www.activates3.com United Healthcare??

There seems to be some chatter about this topic?

Anyone from United Healthcare been issued one of these?

If so, let us know about your experience on activating your card.

Always helps to have some first hand knowledge of how smoothly it went.


Healthy Benefits Plus Anthem BCBS OTC

Speaking of spending cards……

Anthem offers a sweet deal where you can use its Healthy Benefits Plus card to purchase eligible items at participating stores!

All you need to do is register the card to get started.

Anyone know how the Healthy Benefits Plus spending card stacks up?  Hopefully the registration process is EASY.

Learn more about the Healthy Benefits Plus Anthem BCBC OTC card at www.healthybenefitsplus.com


Finally, you can check out the terms and privacy policy at the bottom of the card activation page (because we all have time for some extra reading, don’t we??).

Problems with the activation process at www.activates3.com??

Try giving Solutran a call for help!  Hey, that’s what they’re there for, right?? See below for contact information.

Solutran Contact Information

  • 13305 12th Ave. North
  • Minneapolis, MN 55441
  • 763-559-2225

Please note that the phone lines are open from 8 AM to 5 PM CST Monday through Friday (hopefully there’s something better to do on the weekends!).


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