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Activate the Card 7058

  • Card can be activated for 4 different products
  • Certain restrictions apply to the savings card
  • Sanofi corporate contact information is available

Let’s face it, prescription medications aren’t always the most affordable items on the planet.  However, some patients who have been prescribed a medication made by Sanofi may find their prescription costs a tad more affordable after activating their Rx Savings Card.  Those who have received a Savings Card for Toujeo, Lantus, Apidra, or Admelog can begin by going to the Activate the Card 7058 page and clicking on the logo of the specific medication for which they wish to activate a card.  After clicking the logo a new page will appear that is tailored specifically to the selected Rx brand.   Once at the new page, cardholders can then follow the instructions provided in order to complete the Savings Card  activation process.  It should be noted that the Toujeo and Lantus products Savings Cards are listed under the section for those who have commercial insurance while Admelog Savings Card is listed under the section for those who pay full retail price for prescriptions (the Lantus Savings Card is listed under both of the previous sections).

A Closer Look at Sanofi

  • The company is a global behemoth with over 100,000 employees worldwide
  • Has more than 14,000 employees contributing to the United States workforce
  • Sanofi has a presence in more than 100 different countries across the globe
  • The company has an goal to be a top 3 human healthcare company by 2025
  • United States headquarters are psychically located in Bridgewater, New Jersey

It is important to point out that certain restrictions do apply to the savings card offer (hard to find anything without restrictions nowadays).  Some of the restrictions can be reviewed by reading the information posted at the very bottom of the Activate the Card 7058 page.  Additional information about the offers can be reviewed by going over the information found under each specific brand logo.  Those with corporate-related questions for Sanofi can try reaching out to the company’s United States headquarters.

Sanofi United States Headquarters

  • 55 Corporate Dr., Bridgewater, NJ 08807
  • 800-981-2491