www.aetnavalidation.com – Validate Aetna Provider Information

Aetna Validation

  • Online form can be submitted to validate provider
  • Validation process can also be completed via fax
  • Aetna support contact information is available

When something needs to be validated, chances are its important enough to deserve a convenient online method to help ensure it gets done on time.  It’s a good thing participating providers who need to validate information with Aetna have access to such a method at the online Aetna validation page.  Providers who DO NOT have any changes to report can begin the validation process by entering a tax identification type (Employer ID Number or Social Security Number), Tax Identification Number, PIN prefix, PIN, and state.  Before moving on to the next section a box must be checked to confirm all the information has been entered correctly (probably a good idea to actually double-check the information instead of just blindly checking the box).  It should be noted that the tax identification type used to complete the Aenta validation should only be a Social Security Number if the provider does not have an Employer ID Number.

Aetna: A Look Back in Time

  • Dates back 1850 when Aetna Insurance Company produced an annuity fund
  • Got into the liability game in 1902 by forming an Accident and Liability division
  • 100 years is celebrated in 1953 with over 8,000 people attending the big party
  • In 1981 Aetna reorganized to realize a more market-oriented company stricture
  • Invests in its employees by increasing wages in 2015 (show me the MONEY!!!!!)

The Aetna validation process can be wrapped up by entering basic contact information including a submitter’s first and last name (save the nicknames for another day), submitter’s phone number, and the email address of the provider.  The process can also be completed by faxing all of the required information to the number provided in the letter received from Aetna.  Providers with questions for Aetna can try calling one of the company’s toll-free support phone numbers.

Aetna Provider Support

  • 800-624-0756 (Medicare Advantage and HMO plans)
  • 888-632-3862 (all other plans)