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AETV Create Your Online Profile (Here’s How)

  • Users must select a device to begin the profile creation
  • The system requires users to enter an activation code
  • A&E support Frequently Asked Questions are available

Let’s face it, we all enjoy being able to stream our favorite channels at a moment’s notice.  However, just imagine being able to pick up watching exactly where you left off ANYTIME & ANYWHERE.  Believe it or not, A&E is now bestowing such an ability upon its viewers.  In order to get up and running, users must go to the profile creation page and select the type of device they are using (choose from Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, or Other).  Once the user selects a device, they can go ahead and enter the activation code to continue the profile creation (it’s somewhat similar to the AETV register a device process) .

AETV Create a Profile:  Reasons to Take the Plunge

  • Being called away from the TV at the best part of the show becomes far less annoying
  • Imagine being the first among your friends to harness the feature (bragging rights!)
  • It’s always good to be an early adopter of new technology rather than a LAGGARD

By the way, those with questions about video streaming can click the FAQs link posted at the bottom of the profile creation page.  Once the new page appears, the user can click the Video section to read more about online streaming (it never hurts to know as much as possible BEFORE running into any problems).

Stuff to Watch on A&E After Creating a Profile

  • Biography Presents – A riveting program that tells the story of fascinating folks
  • Barter Kings – Learn how to barter like only the Steve and Antonio know how
  • Billy the Exterminator – Watch and wonder as Billy takes care of business

In addition to the FAQs, users also have access to email updates, channel apps, and news directly from the profile creation page.  Meanwhile, those who prefer to get information over the phone can try calling the A&E corporate office in New York City.

A&E Corporate Office Contact Information

  • 235 East 45th St., New York, NY 10017
  • 212-210-1400


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