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AETV Register

  • Type of device must be selected to begin
  • Activation code is needed to create profile
  • Contact information for A&E is available

When seeing in old friend it’s always nice to pick things back up right where they were left off.  Believe it or not, many folks feel the exact same way about their television programming (which for some is kind of like an old friend).  Thankfully, A&E viewers can now fulfill this hankering thanks to the profile creation process found at the AETV Register page.  Upon arrival at the page the profile creation process can be initiated by first selecting the type of device that will be used to stream the A&E programming (the options of Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV are currently available).  Once the device has been selected an activation code must be entered into the blank field located in the center of the page before clicking the Continue button to proceed with the profile creation process.  Once the process has been completed the device will be synced and ready to provide viewers with the ability to start watching again from the point where they last stopped (ahhh time to get back to some sweet escapism!).

VERY cool.  Now what was it I was watching….

  • Flipping Vegas – Old homes are revitalized (kinda like an hour-long 80’s fix-it-up mantra)
  • Parking Wars – A look at the daily rounds of Philadelphia Parking Authority employees
  • Sell This House:  Extreme – It’s easy to see where the name came from after one episode
  • Wahlburgers – Watch as Paul Wahlburg runs a burger joint that uses the famous name
  • Storage Wars:  Miami – Eager bidders compete for treasure at two local auctioneers

Viewers who have already registered for an A&E profile can sign in by entering an email address and account password after clicking the Your Profile link posted at the top right hand side of the AETV Register page.  The Shows link at the top left hand side of the page can be clicked to view how many episodes for each show are currently available to be watched online (let’s just say it’s enough to keep even the most avid watcher busy for quite some time).  Those with general inquiries for A&E can try calling or writing to the network’s offices in Detroit, MI.

A&E Corporate Offices Contact Information

  • 201 West Big Beaver Rd., Suite 1010, Troy, MI 48084
  • 248-740-1300