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AMC Activate

  • Activation code from device will be needed
  • AMC can be contacted by email with questions

Some would argue that the ability to stream movies and TV shows at the drop of a hat is  one of the most important breakthroughs to emerge from the technological era.  Those who would make such an argument will likely be interested in watching content directly from AMC with the help of a streaming device.  Viewers who would like to get started on what is sure to be many hours of quality entertainment can do so by visiting the AMC Activate page and entering the activation code shown on their device.  Once the code has been entered, users will need to log into their television provider to complete the activation process.  Those who are attempting to activate a Roku or Apple TV device can view a full list of supported providers after clicking the Need Help? link posted at the AMC Activate page.  Users who do not see their provider listed are encouraged to check back periodically as AMC is currently working to bring in new providers.

Must Watch Shows Available From AMC

  • Mad Men – Watch as protagonist Don Draper struggles to come to grips with the past while hesitatingly stepping into an ever-changing future
  • Into the Badlands – A whirlwind of exciting martial arts action is sure to be included in the 2nd season of this compelling new AMC series
  • Better Call Saul – Take a step back in time with this Breaking Bad spin-off to see how Jimmy McGill became the slippery attorney Saul Goodman
  • Humans – Nothing is ever as it seems when it comes to this fresh new show that takes a look at what happens when “Synths” gain consciousness

Users who can’t find the needed help through the link provided at the AMC Activate page can try sending an email over to info-amc@amc.com for further assistance.  Those who have more general questions can try contacting the network through the AMC customer service email address.

AMC Customer Service Email Address

  • amccustomerservice@amcnetworks.com