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Ancestry DNA Activate

  • Account login is required to begin activation process
  • Step by step instructions are available to be reviewed
  • Video on how to submit a DNA sample is provided

Sheer curiosity alone is enough to make the average person wonder where on earth they come from every once in a while.  Fortunately, those who wish to get an in-depth answer to such a perplexing question (one that’s better than reciting one’s home zip code) can now do so with the help of a handy home test from Ancestry DNA.  The innovative testing service combines advanced DNA science with the world’s largest online family history resource to give curious individuals accurate information about their genetic ethnicity (sure beats knocking on the door of random relatives asking for a family tree!).  Those who have purchased a test and wish to put an end to their curiosity can begin by going to the Ancestry DNA Activate page to start the kit activation process.  Upon arrival at the page the process of activating the DNA kit can be initiated by logging with an email address or username and password.  It should be noted that those who have not yet registered for an Ancestry DNA account must do so prior to being able to complete the kit activation process (a brief online form can be completed at the Ancestry DNA Activate page to register).

Vital Information About the Testing Process 

  • Technology – The entire genome at over 700,000 locations is surveyed with a sample
  • Compatibility – Accurate for BOTH men and women unlike some Y-chromosome tests
  • Turn Around Time – Allow 6-8 weeks for test processing (things worth while take time)
  • Results – An email notification with a link to view results will be sent once they are ready
  • Interpretation – The test results can be interpreted with an easy to use ethnicity map

After logging into the Ancestry DNA Activate page the 15 digit activation code found on the collection tube must be entered to proceed with the kit activation process.  It is important to point out that the activation code links the sample to the user and is the ONLY way the sample can be identified (in other words it’s VERY important).  Those who wish to review step by step instructions on how to complete the activation can do so by clicking the See Instructions button posted at the Ancestry DNA Activate page.  Likewise, the Watch Video button can be clicked to view directions on how to submit the sample.  Many general questions regarding the test can likely be found by reviewing the information found under the Read FAQ link (sometimes the easiest and FASTEST way to find an answer)

Ancestry Inc. is the largest provider of family history and personal DNA testing with millions of paid subscribers across all of its family history websites.  The company was founded in 1983 and has headquarters located in Lehi, Utah.  Business-related questions for the company can be directed to Ancestry, Inc,. headquarters via phone or through mail correspondence.

Ancestry Inc. Headquarters Contact Information

  • 1300 West Traverse Parkway, Lehi, UT 84043
  • 801-705-7000