www.apple.com/go/gcb/us – Enter Apple Gift Card Account

Manage Your Apple Gift Card (www.apple.com/go/gbc/us)

  • Sign in with your Apple credentials to begin
  • A bit forgetful? No Problem!  Accountant recovery is available
  • Customer support stand ready to assist if you get stuck

There are oh so many things you can buy with a fresh Apple gift card.  However, exactly HOW much you can buy might be a little unclear.  UNLESS, you can find a way to know EXACTLY what your balance is.  That’s where the Apple gift card account management portal comes into play.  When it’s time to find out how much purchasing power you have left, simply visit the portal and login using your existing Apple credentials (the ones you use to enter the App Store, iCloud, and iTunes).

But what if I have trouble logging into www.apple.com/go/gbc/us?

First, click that forgot password link below the login fields.

Next, enter your Apple ID to begin the account recovery process.

From there just follow the instructions to restore your account.

Forgot your ID too?  Look it up by entering your name and email address 🙂

Of course, none of this will work if you never had an Apple ID to begin with.  If this is the case you can go ahead and create one by clicking the link at the bottom of the portal.  BOOM!  You just got yourself access to your gift card balance!

Wanna give an Apple gift card as a gift??

There’s 2 options for ya!

Apple Gift Cards Gifts Via Email or Regular Mail

  • Send one by email if you want the most convenient path
  • However, send one by mail if you’re one who likes to do things OLD SKOOL
  • Either way, you’ll be giving someone a present that is sure to be appreciated

Finally, if you have problems with getting your gift card balance you can always use the chat feature located at the bottom of the portal.  Alternatively, you can give Apple a call at the below number.

Apple Gift Card Account Help by Phone

  • 800-MY-APPLE (800-692-7753)


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