www.apple.com/recover – Recover Apple ID or Reset Password

Apple Recover 

  • Apple ID online look up tool is available
  • FAQs provided for those with questions
  • Apple contact information is available

Everyone forgets an account password every once in a while (or every once in a 24 hour period for some).  Luckily, most providers supply an easy solution for resetting a password and recovering an account.  However, when one forgets the entire username or ID associated with the account it can be a little more difficult of a recovery process.  Not so for those who are locked out of an Apple account due to a lost or forgotten Apple ID.  The simple process of regaining access to an account can be initiated by going to the Apple Recover page and clicking the Look It Up link.  After clicking the link a first name, last name, and email address can be entered to continue with the recovery process.  After the recovery has been completed users can enter the ID into the blank field posted at the Apple Recover page to begin the process of resetting a password or unlocking an account.

Hot New Products from Apple 

  • iPhone X – Features a GINORMOUS 5.8″ Super Retina screen.  Welcome to the future!
  • iPhone 8 – Is it the camera or the glass design that makes it one of the hottest phones?
  • iPad Pro – More power than most PC laptops and available in a 10.5″ size? Yes please!
  • iPad 4 Mini – For those who value performance without an awkward or clunky design
  • Apple Watch – Good for those who prefer to leave the phone behind now and then

The Sign In link posted at the top of the Apple Recover page can be clicked to gain access to an account once the Apple ID has been recovered, the password has been reset, and/or the account has been unlocked.  Those with questions can likely find the answers they need by going through the FAQs posted at the top of the page (sometimes the best answers are the ones found without making a call).  Corporate-related inquiries for Apple can be directed to the company’s headquarters in CupertinoCA.

Apple Headquarters Address

  • One Infinite Loop, CupertinoCA 95014