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Are we making it great??  Let Pizza Hut know!

How was that last slice of pie?

Leave you wanting more?

Or did it leave you with a hankering for Dominos?

Either way, you can now let Pizza Hut know how your experience was by taking it’s online customer survey.

In order to begin, type in the survey code shown on your invitation.

Once it’s entered, click the Start button to begin the survey (Terms available at www.arewemakingitgreat.net).

By the way, as an incentive to provide feedback, Pizza Hut will give you the offer shown on your invitation upon completion!  Just look for the validation code once your done.

A few more things about taking the survey at www.arewemakingitgreat.net

  • It won’t take all day.  Like literally just a few minutes.  So yea.
  • Confused about the survey code?  Look for the sample receipt image!
  • In addition to the Terms, you can also review the survey’s Privacy Policy
  • Have FUN with it!  You’re getting a sweet offer so might as well!

Now that we know how to take Pizza Hut’s survey, let’s go over some of the chain’s BEST pizza options.  Hey, everyone likes a hot take on pizza, right??

Best Pizzas at Pizza Hut

Meat Lovers – The only option for the TRUE carnivores out there.  Just try not to take down a whole large by yourself!

Veggie – Whether you’re a vegetarian or not, you’re gonna love this savory combination.

Pepperoni – The classic of all classics.  C’mon, who DOESN’T like a good ole’ fashion pepperoni pie??

Supreme – Why not do a meat and veggie mash-up?  That’s basically what a supreme pizza is.

Got something else to say to Pizza Hut?  You can reach Pizza Hut Ireland by dialing 02890707616.


We’re not done yet!  Been to a Boots Pharmacy lately? Take the Talk to Boots IE survey!


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