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A to Z Amazon Work VET

Enter your Amazon login to enter A to Z.

Need to switch languages?  Use that drop down box located just below the login field.

Questions?  There’s a HUGE list of Frequently Asked Questions that can help with those.

ERC phone numbers are available for support.

FAQs posted at www.atoz.amazon.work/vet.

Need to get into Amazon A to Z?  Luckily for you, it’s EASY.  First just enter your Amazon ID into the blank field before clicking the Get Started button.  Once you have, follow the instructions and just like that, YOU’RE IN!  Confused about your Amazon Login?  Look down.  It’s on your badge ;).

From the FAQs at www.atoz.amazon.work/vet

  • Phone number not showing?  Only info you have registered will be there
  • Keep in  mind that your verification code will expire after 5 minutes
  • Expired code?  RELAX.  You can always request a new one! (phew)
  • Tired of always verifying?  You can opt to skip it for 30 days
  • Password reset available if you can’t login

Speaking of the password reset tool, you can initiate it by clicking the link at the login screen.  Next, check the email account you used to set up your account.  Look for the reset email and find the PIN which allows you to rest your password.  Keep in mind that it could take up to 2 hours for your new password to go into effect (so why not wait by cozying up with a good movie….GOONIES anyone??).

Finally, if you need to reach ERC, good news!  There’s a massive list of ERC phone numbers by country.  In order to access it, click the FAQs link at www.atoz.amazon.work/vet.  Once the FAQs are up, scroll to the very bottom to find the ERC numbers.

Speaking of ERC, here’s the number for United States employees:



Here’s the address for Amazon Headquarters in Seattle.

410 Terry Ave. N Seattle, WA 98109.


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